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tracted.--4. Thanks and Approbation to Dr. It is therefore incumbent on the Catholi Dromgoole.

Board to speed, all business, and to prepar · 5. Thanks and Approbation to the Mino- | their different Petitions and Addresses; fo rity of Twelve, who lately voted for Counsel or else we much miscalculate, there will ne lor M'Donnell's Motion in the Catholic Board, be such a body as the Catholic Board in ei for rescinding the Vote of Censure upon Dr. istence by the middle of April.--Now, i Dromgoole's Speech.

Mr. Peele's hand is in, we should suggest, · Mr. Cassin pronounced a very handsome a corollary or component part of the Bill i and eloquent panegyric upon Mr. Magee.- question, that he would introduce a claus He regretted the absence of Mr. Bryan; but making the meeting of the Orangemen at lea hoped that the Catholics would concur with as penal as those of the Catholics. him in seeking consolation for the heavy loss, The High Sheriff and Grand Jur and they might hope to discover some other

ther of the county of Tyrone, assembled a man equally worthy. When Queen Anne lost her beloved husband (Prince George) her Par. | the present Lent assizes, have though liament condoled with her, and concluded proper to publish the following Reso their Address by expressing their hope, that lution: she would “ vouchsafe to manifest to her good That we have viewed with considerabl " People, her Christian resignation for the disgust the proceedings of a Body, styling it " woeful loss of one husband-by speedily | self “ The Catholic Board," whose dangerou “ taking another!”—[ A general laugh.)

doctrines are circulated through this Countr Mr. Fogarty's Motion of thanks and appro

with unwearied diligence, and we trust tha bation towards the respected and learned Dr.

the wisdom of the Legislature will make suc! Dromgoole, was seconded by the Rev.Mr.Car

alterations in the Laws (should it be foun roll, of Ballyragget; and supported by the

necessary) as will effectually put down al Rev. Mr. Connery, in an elaborate speech of Factious" Assemblies, without encroaching deep erudition and brilliant eloquence.

quence. I

It | called forth frequent bursts of applause, and

upon our invaluable Right of Petition.

f applause, and The Rev. Mr. R. P. of B , ha appeared to combine all the best ingredients of wit, learning, and classical composition.

been restored to his pastoral functions, Nothing could be more decornus, orderly, Mr. Plowden the barrister, and au. or mutually respectful, than the deportment thor of the History of Ireland, who was senof all the individuals of this great Assemblage. tenced to a penalty of 50001, for a libel, is, Even Mr. O'Gorman could not have discover- it is said, now in Paris. ed the shadow of an occasion for “ rising to The book, called The Statement of order-and all departed, filled with in- | the Penal Laxos, as they affect the Catholics of ward satisfaction, and congratulating each

Ireland, for the publishing of which Mr. Fitzother upon having thus achieved their libera

patrick is now in Newgate, Dublin, is likely tion from Leadership, and their escape from

to become more celebrated than even the At. opprobrium.

torney General of Ireland could make it.Mr. Ponsonby gave notice, in the

The work has been translated into the French House of Commons, on the 21st inst. and Spanish languages, by order of Buonathat Lord Morpeth would, on the first parte, and is now circulating with great in.

dustry through every part of the peninsula, cpen day after the Easter holidays,

as well as in France. submit to the consideration of the Some Irish recruits, at a military House a Motion on the Speech which depot in this country, previous to the the speaker had been pleased to deliver commencement of Lent, petitioned the at the bar of the House of Lords, at commanding officer for liberty to mess the end of the last Session of Parlia-) themselves during that season, as Ca. ment.

tholics were forbidden by their religion NEW CONVENTION Act.-We can to eat meat at that time. The request state (says The Dublin Evening Post), on an

was refused by their commander; and thority on which we have been in the habit of relying, that a Bill is in preparation, and when the meat was served out, the will be introduced early on the meeting of men preferred the loss of it, to the vio. Parliament by Mr. Peele, to amend the Con-lation of their consciences.- Is this & vention Act-by which any Meeting, wher

| full, free, and perfect religious tolera. ther in the present form, or what is called an Aggregate Meeting, will be declared to | tion ? constitute a misdemeanour. In short, it is | ERRATUM In page 93, col. 1. line 9, for intended to enact, that no Meeting, unless 1“ fair,” read fare: p. 95, col. 2, li. 23, 101

ne where the Sheriff of the Bailiwick, or a “ Mathew," read Matthew.
Magistrate presides, shall be deemed a legal
Assembly. Hence it is easy to infer, that | Printed by W. E. ANDREWS, Fenwick-cours
Public Meçtings will soon cease altogether.

Holborn, London.

[blocks in formation]

Sr. Giles's CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. natives of Ireland. The liberal basis on

which this Institution is founded, will, it is SEVERAL communications upon hoped, secure the cordial patronage and sup

these novel establishments have port of all the friends of humanity and rebeen sent to me for insertion, but as

ligion of every description. Its fundamental

principle is, that no books whatever shall be they appeared to be more of a localthan

used for reading, besides the Bible without a general nature, I did not deem them note or comment, and a Spelling-book, withsufficiently interesting to the generality out Creed, Confession of Faith, or Catechism; of my readers, nor such as would

the Children also being at full liberty to at

tend what place of Worship their parents, justify their insertion. However, a

prefer. correspondent, who signs himself T. ." The Provisional Committee have the M. baving forwarded to me The Times | satisfaction to state, that a very observable

amendment has taken place in the morals of newspaper, of March 24, 1814, con

these destitute Children; and that they not taining an advertisement under the

only make a considerable progress in reading, above head, in which it is announced writing, arithmetic, &c. but likewise comthat the parties have in view the esta.

mit to memory whole chapters of the Scrip

tures. The good effects of these religious blishing similar schools in other parts

instructions are also witnessed among the of the metropolis and its vicinity, I can parents, some of whom take pleasure in hcarnot remain longer silent on the sub- ing the Sacred volume perused at home: so ject, but shall offer a few remarks

that there are many families now in St. Giles's

where the new Testament is daily read to upon the absurdity of the plan, and

them with serious attention. its evil tendency to undermine the “ There are at present two hundred and Catholic Religion, which, I trust, will | thirty Children of both sexes in the Schools. be sufficient to deter my poor but faith-|

The rooms, which have been recently engaged

and fitted up at a considerable expence, will ful Irish brethren from sending their accommodate about four hundred Children. children to these receptacles of Hypo- | An increase of Subscribers, however, is inCrisy, being nothing else than traps / dispensably necessary, to defray the expences to catch the unwary. But first I shall |

already incurred, and to realize the proposed

advantages of this establishment. Should the insert the head of the advertisement, | benevolence of the British public afford as I find it in the aforesaid paper :- sufficient funds, it is intended also to establish “ST. GILES'S CATHOLIC SCHOOLS,

similar schools in other parts of the metro

polis and its vicinity, where many of the fieorge-street, (within four doors of Great

Poor Irish Catholics reside. Russell-street), for the gratuitous instruction

N. B. Donations and Annual Subscr of Poor Irish Children, supported by volun.

tions will be received by the Joint Treasar po tary Contributions.

Sir Digby Mackworth, Bart. ; at the B ers, “ The neglected condition of the Poor ing-house of Praeds, Mackworth and Co

anko Irish Children of both sexes, in the metropo

189, Fleet-street; and Thomas Clarks

'), No. lis of this United Kingdom, demands the

No. 1, Bury-place, Bloomsbury-squ,

on “, Esq. ympathy and compassion of his Majesty's

No. 14, Skinner-street; of whom ti,

.are, or subjects. For the improvement of these of the present Subscribers and other Children in Education and Morals, the above

particu. Schools were opened on the 27th of June,

lars, may be obtained.

“ Committee Room, March 16, 1814 » 1813, and are under the superintendence of Thomas Augustine Finigan and his Wife, Here, reader, I think 'Ne have ORTHOD. JOUR. VOL. II.


se names

precious a morceau of sham liberality, | ings of these hunters after liberality, as was ever held out to tickle the Our Legislators therefore certainly palates of the subscribing generation / acted with great wisdom and prudence of our countrymen.--Upon looking when they passed a law to erect such over the list of subscribers affixed to spacious Lunatic Asylums as we now the advertisement, I find the names of see raised in every county in the king those gentlemen who conceived the dom.-At one time I thought it was happy project of making the poor incurring a needless expence; but i Irish Papists “ wise unto salvation,”! | this biblical phrenzy goes oil, we may by an indiscriminate circulation of the soon expect to see these buildm Bible, when they themselves stood in completely occupied. That their need, to use a well-known phrase, derstandings are weak and their i of being “ cut for the simples !-A tentions not sincere, cannot be, mot CATHOLIC School, the fundamental clearly demonstrated than by the principle of which is, that no books consistencies they are guilty of in WHATEVER shall be used for reading, I pursuit of their measures. Forg besides the Bible, without note or should be glad to know, if these se comment, and a Spelling book, with tlemen were desirous of establish OUT CREED, CONFESSION OF | a claim to LIBERALITY, why the FAITH, OR CATECHISM !!! And did not adopt the same method under the superintendence too of a

erintendence too of a obtain it which the late Dr. Law, native of Ireland, who is a Collector | Protestant bishop of Elphin, pursus for a PROTESTANT BIBLE Associa. | His Lordship, when he was apporter tion !!! What ridiculous the above bishopric, attempteu ties. Let not our misguided brethren convert his flock, consisting almos talk of the superstition and ignorance wholly of Irish Papists, to Protesta of the priest-ridden Papist, as we are ism. In this, however, the Prelaze sometimes opprobriously called ; for failed. He found them stedfast in I really should not wonder if it were faith of their fore-fathers : proposed to raise subscriptions for would not become apostates to establishing a CATHOLIC CHAPEL and his holy Church. Finding;! upon the express condition that neither to be the case, and that he courg the Mass, or the Sacraments should by any means make them prosely be performed in it, nor the Catechism to Protestantism, with a mind truly expounded, but that the Bible only liberal, and worthy his character should be read, and that too, not by a Protestant bishop, he resolved to m regular Catholic Clergyman, but by them good members of their. some gospel-inspired tinker or cobler, Church, and for this purpose he ci or a discipline of Johanna Southcote lated the works of a celebrated bd

if, I say, such a scheme as this were tholic author (the Rev. Mr. Gothe proposed, I have no doubt but it would amongst them. How opposite 18 u find supporters among the numerous | conduct of this dignitary of the fanatics in this “ land of Bibles.”_ tablished Church, to that pursued " For my part I cannot help smiling at the Bible-men of the nineteenth ce the conduct of these enlightened mor- tury! These gentlemen come 101 tals ; it is imposible to refrain from ward and announce their intention larghing at their folly, though at the establishing CATHOLIC School same time we must pity their under the fundamental plan of which is standings. Indeed, I am sometimes EXCLUDE every book which teni inclined to think that they are not in to convey an idea of the Catholic faili possession of their right faculties, in For as to the Bible, it is very we which opinion I am sure I shall be known that by reading in that alone

joined by many of my readers, if we the Catholic can no more be instructe - confine it to the religious understand. in the article of his faith, than 'tu

bliever in the established Church can and yet cherish such absurdities, in the 39 articles of his religion. 'I he Had, indeed, these men, pitying the scheme therefore, instead of being " neglected condition of the Poor worthy 6 the patronage and support “ Irish Children of both sexes in the " of all the friends of humanity and “ metropolis of this kingdom," and la

religion of every description,” is menting that the affluent of the Catholic deserving the reprobation of every | communion were more eager to exman of principle and integrity, because pend their money in expensive schemes

is basis is DECEIT, and it can only to obtain temporal privileges, than tje meant decoy the unsuspecting Irish they were to provide for the spiri,

Satholic, by holding out a FALSE tual welfare of the rising generation, - NAME for an establishment, which, came forward and assisted in forming - vere he made sensible of its evil ten- A School upon Catholic Principles, 3 lency, his soul would abhor. This then they would become the disciples I have no doubt the supporters of the of genuine liberality, because their - lan were sensible of, by their adopt-conduct, like that of the bishop of

ng a title for the scheme, which in all | Elphin, would be placed beyond suspi, other instances they fail not to vilify cion. Or had they even adopted the

band calumniate. But they knew the plan of their more consistent brethren, Ittachment of the Irish to every thing and have entitled it " A SCHOOL FOR zatholic—they knew there was no “ ALL," there would then have been wither way of getting the children to no deception in the case. But this E the school than by such a name-they did not fall within the compass of their se knew that neither taunts nor perse- pious intentions, and we are exultingly tez cation could withdraw the Irish from told " that a very observable amend. inf bis faith, and therefore to allure him ment has taken place in the morals Pre to send his children to be indirectly of these destitute children; and that the seduced by their establishment, they " they not only make a considerable les call it by a name to which it is no more “ progress in reading, writing, arith, 5: entitled, than a synagogue of the Jews. " metic, &c. but likewise commit to it If seduction from the Catholic Faith 6 memory whole chapters of the ScripI was not the ultimate hope of these "tures. The good effects of THESE 20 liberal gentlemen, why not admit the RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTIONS pa Catholic Catechism and other books 66 are also witnessed among the parents,

of instruction to be used ? Why 1 “ some of whom take pleasure in a not place the school under the super “ hearing the Sacred volume perused wall intendence of the Catholic clergy, who 66 at home : so that there are many I alone are the most competent to in. 15 families now in St. Giles's where

struct the tender minds of youth in the new Testament is daily read to the paths of morality and their re “ them with serious attention.” What ligion ? Have not these Bible-readers consistent gentlemen these are ! In seen in the Book of Proverbs, that if | the first paragraph of this advertisewe train " a young man according to ment we are told that 6 the funda. "his way, even when he is old he will mental principle is, that no books "not depart from it?” But how can " whatever shall be used for reading, we be said to train a young man ac- “ besides the Bible without note or cording to his way-how can we instil | “comment, and a Spelling-book, with into the minds of youth the seeds of “ out Creed, Confession of Faith, or religion, if we prevent the use of ca- « Catechism ;" which of course can techisms and books of religious in- have no other meaning than that REstruction ? The thing is so contrary LIGIOUS INSTRUCTION IS NOT to common-sense, so preposterous in ALLOWED ; and yet in the very next itself, that it is truly astonishing how sentence we are informed that THESE men can call themselves enlightened | Religious Instructions have had not only the happiest effect upon the and CHARITIES, and to convert it to children but upon the Parents also the purposes of PROTESTANT ChariWhat wretched what miserable in- ties and Schools. Consequently the consistency!! What errors do those very collections obtained at Charity men fall into, who attempt to prop up Sermons may be swept away by any a cause, which has not Truth for its informer, under the Law, did not chief corner stone. The above as shame and the dread of being execrat. sertion I have no doubt was made to ed by mankind deter him from it. keep up the delusion of our Protest. It is a maxim that we ought to be just ant brethren, that Catholics entertain before we are generous : let these án aversion to the perusal of the Holy would-be liberal gentlemen then folScriptures; than which nothing can low it. Let them exert themselves to be more false.--'Tis true, we have a procure a repeal of those laws which dislike to the Protestant translation ; | prevent CATHOLICS from establishing but then it arises from our conviction Charitable Institutions in favour of that this translation is a FALSE their religion; and I will answer for ONE, and consequently cannot be it you will not find us backward in what it is called, the Word of God, founding them. Place the Catholic because God is Truth itself, and can upon the same equality as your. neither deceive nor be deceived. But selves, and if you then come forward a false translation must deceive, and to support Catholic charities, you will therefore it is a duty incumbent upon undoubtedly merit the title of being every man to avoid it, and to deter | LIBERAL, and your conduct will be others from falling into the same snare. I that of good Christians. But while In the list of subscribers attached to such laws as these exist against your this advertisement, I find the names Catholic neighbour, without any comof five distinguished members of the plaint on your side, talk you not of House of Commons ;-men who claim liberality, nor boast of your superior a title to liberality of principle. But enlightenedness. Can it be a matter would not these gentlemen have a of surprize that a Catholic should regreater right to this claim, if, instead / main ignorant when the Law forbids of giving their two pounds two shil. him to expend his money to enable lings to support an hypocritical esta. him to gain a Catholic education ? blishment, they were to exert them. And yet with all his ignorance, he is selves in their legislative capacity, to superior in point of religious knowprocure for their Catholic brethren the ledge, at least, to the English Protestsame equality of right to support ant. My correspondent T. M. sus. CHARITY Schools for the indigent pects the above schools are receiving of their religion as is enjoyed by the support from some of the affluent of Protestant. As the Law now stands, the Catholic communion ; in this I am Catholics cannot found any School, | happy to think he is mistaken. Nevernor establish any Charity, for CA theless, I hope and trust his obser. THOLICS-Catholic Schools and Catho-vations will not be lost upon them; but lic Charities are FORBIDDEN by Law. as they must now be convinced of the In Ireland, the Law is much worse. activity of our pretended friends who A Commission is established there, are also our open enemies (for camelion consisting principally of Protestant like, they can assume any shape to suit Bishops, whose duty it is to search / their purpose) to undermine our sacred for illegal, that is, Catholic, Charities, religion, they will come forward and li. and to employ an attorney, who is to berally support the charitable institube paid out of the charitable fund tions already formed for the instruction attacked. It is a duty also of these of our youth, and enable the managers Commissioners to lay hold or ALL of them to extend the benefits equal PROPERTY destined for Catholic Schools to the wants. In the mean time I

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