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The day to Wills will soon be known,

Then let him sce his wife,
That he carress'd and he so bless d,

In vice for to appear,
And of his own, when conscience gone,

Let him look back with fear,
And say, “ in hell must I now dwell,

** If I do not repent?
« Like a trembling jailor let me fall

“ Before the pit is shut
* To keep me in, in hell to burn

“ My back's not iron here,
* Nor yet of brass my sinews strong,

« In hell for to appear."
So now let him in grief begin,

If he will shun my dart:
And let his wife in sorrow mourn,

If she will shun the smart,
In hell to lie and there to cry,

When all do come too late.
I tell them hasty to repent,

Before the door is shut.
Their honour here they cannot clear;

'Tis well known they have none-
But as I sent thce to the house,

My mercies shall be shewn,
If they'll repent, and now relent,

Of all that they have done ;
But if they'll not I'll tell their lot,

Their ruin's hastening on.
So I'll end here, and say no more-

The Type of Wills does stand,
Just as your nation do appear,

For so is all your land."

Now I shall answer thee in plain words of Wills's pretended love to thee, or his real love to thee, as I know the heart of the inan. Once it was a real, and a true Christian love-Just so are thousands in the world professing their love to me, as Wills did to thee; some I know to be real, and some I know to be deceit. But now I am come to strike at the root of all evil, as thou goest to strike the branch in Sanderson ; there, their love is turned like Wills's. For they that pretend to love me iftost, now persecute me most; because they are stirred up by the devil, as Wills was by his wife; and they think they are bound in wedlock to remain with the world, the flesh, and the devil; and they are persecuting of

نريد نار بازیگر به کار

را بر ما در این

( 89 ) Me for putting that evil from them, as Wills persecuted thee for putting Sanderson from him, or telling his crimes that he might do it-So I compare Wills with the Christian world, that boast of the great love they have for me; but now I have put them to the trial of their love, they are persecuting ME, as Wills persecuted thee. The adulterous world that persecute thee, is perfectly like Wills's wife, that would sooner have Satan remain than sin to be destroyed : So now they may go with their inaster whom they so highly prize; for I shall now cut off both root and branch, and they may enjoy themselves together. If they think there is pleasure in sin, they shall go where there is nothing else but sin; and let them all own with shame and confusion of face, they have got their deserts. But, unto them that fear My NAME, and are longing for the KingDOM of CHRIST to be established, on them shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His WINGS ; and they shall grow up as calves in the stall ; and tread down the wicked as ashes under their feet : For now I say, with Jehu, “ Who is on my side? who? who is it?” These that fear the Lord speak often one to another, that the Lord listened and heard, and a book of remembrance was written

and they shall be mine in the day that I make up my jewels ; and I will spare them as a man spareth his own son, that serveth hiin; for these are they whom my Bible affirmetli to save : That shall say, what hath the Lord said, and what hath he spoken concerning us? These are the people that shall rejoice in the God of their salvation, and shall say with joy, “ This is the LORD, we have waited for him.” And their wailing shall not be in bain in the LORD.

Gur Ny Hand shall come to ettan. tee fooli allindero the Heard and runs with red enf:3*Booth jage 56

( 90 )


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The continuation of the explanation of the Vision of Thursday, the 2Ốth July, 1804.

Friday, July 27, 1804.
Now I'll appear to answer here

The Vision I began:
And now the dirt I mean to clear

The way I shall go on.
I'll raise thee from the mire and clay;

I'll raise thee from the pit;
Ill raise thee to the brightest day,

The way I now shall break.
For I'll go on in armour strong;

My armour they shall wear,
And by my hand I'll guide thee on,

There's none have room to fear,
Because the man in armour came

To guide thee safely through,
And firmly held thee by the hand,

No dangers thou didst know
Was in the way, to thee I say,

But heavenly joys thou'st feel,
And wishing then my face to see,

Which was beyond thy skill.
Twas but the hand thou didst discern

Was cloth'd in armour there:
And now my hand shall come to man,

My armour they shall wear;
For I'll put on my armour strong

Upon the sons of men;
And they shall know before 'tis long

Hell's rage is all in vain.
From Sanders see the Type of he ;

He did not long stay there,
But from the city he did fleem

And Satan, now take care!
For just the same to thee shall come,

Though mischief thou'st work'd great;
But I have told thy final doom,

And now I'll it complete.
My friends are here, in grief appear,

În cursed arts from thee;
But now, like Sanders, thee I'll clear,

And thou like him shall flee.
Because MY LOVE they now.shall prove,

To guide them safely through;
The armour'strong I'll put on man;

My Spirit they shall know
Shall come on man for armour strong

And let my coat appear
All stain'd with red, and dipt in blood,

This armour they must wear:

پیر محمد اکرم اور مر دوری لار ده


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That is to see the LOVE of ME,

And point it out to men,
And ask them how they can agree

To say I died for them,
And pc'er redeem from hell and sin?

Then sure I died in vain!
This is the armour they must wear,

With all men to contend;
And say, “ her hand we'll hold it strong,

“ And hold her to her word.
" She says her LORD is surely cone

“ For to avenge his BLOOD
« On Satan's head, as she hath said;

“ So now we'll hold her there.
« The Woman's Promise is her plead,

“ Then what have we to fear?
Weknow at first, the words were plac'd

“ God's Promise he'll fulfil;
“ And if her hand do this command,

“ By her obedience still,
« Well hold her so, she shall not go

“ From us ro other way.
“ It is the armour of our God,

“ Our Bibles so do lay;
“ So we'll go on in armour strong,

“ And trust upon the word.
« We know, froin her it never came

“ No: all is from the LORD,
“ Whose armour strong did carry on

“ The WOMAN to this day;
“ And now to join her we are come;

“ 'Tis God we now obey.
“ Because from hell, where darkness dwells,

“ No likeness we do see;
“ And as to judge it from herself

Impossiðle to be!
« For to bring round in every

“ The wisdom here is plac'd,
“ The learned world for to confound,

“ And batfle all the rest
“That now stand out so full of doubt.

“ In Wills we see them stand,
“ A mystery man could not find out,

Why God should this command,
“ To make her go in grief and woe;

“ Love she despisid to hear :
“ But now the world, we see them so,

“ Like Wills they do appear.
“When she did come for to condemn

“ The man that was his foe,
“ His love to anger he did turn:

“ We know the world is so."-
For thousands here do so appear,

Profess they love their God:

But now I'm come the whole to clear,

They'd sooner bring the rod
Upon their beads, a: Wulis did lead-

For there the Type goes deep
To screen the man he did become!

At first to make thee weep;
But sure the next on bim is fix'd,

For he must wecp more sore,
Or else in i ell, where Satan dwells,

he'll feel his grief much more Than he can bear, 1 çell him here,

If he do not repent.
This with the nation I compare:

Like him their hearts aie bent
The foe to free, as well as he,

They blame that I am come
To publish Satan's infamy

And then to cast him down.
So Wills's here do strong appear,

I say throughout the land;
Pretended lovers i'll not clear,

That now like Wilts do stand;
In anger turn, 'in rage to burn,

That Satan I shall cast:
And here's a likeness of the man

In Pomeroy strong did burst.
So I ll go on froin man to man,

And all with Wis compare, That now refuse thy written hand,

And Wills's grief they'll share.
The TRIAL strong is coming on,

And that they all will find;
My counsellors shall then be known,

And jury fast shall biod.
Thy every foe they then shall know;

My armour they shall wear;
And by thy hand I'll hold thee so

That thou hast nought to fear. No dangers see shall come to thee;

My friends I'll all protect; The enemies I'll make them flee,

Though they may first deject The heart of thine. when near the time,

But I've an arm that's strong,
And all thy foes I'll so confine,

To bring thy Trial on,
Till on their head it shall be laid,

As Wills's fell that day.
My jury cannot be betray'd;

And so like them they'll say,
That thou art clear, I tell thee there,

The world they'll all condemn,
And say they see the mystery,

For just like Wills they have done,

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