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The hidden mysteries to find out-
From their own words they cannot doubt
But 'tis their sins have brought it on,
Then let the cause be remov'd by man,
If that their Sovereign they will free
From all his suffering malady ;*
For still my WISDOM is bebind,
That thou another day wilt find;
And MY SALVATION all shall see,
That do obey like her and thee.
So Townley nothing has to fear,
If in her Faith she'll perseveres
Because more wisdom she will see,
That is conceal'd from her and the.
Because men's wisdom I'll confound,
And make them tremble at the sound
Betore that I have ended here,
They'll see my WISDOM shine more clear
Than by thy wisdom thou hast seen
Is shining, like the fervent Sun,
That shall in splendour soon appear
With light too strong for thee to bear,
Without a cloud to stand between :
My wondrous working will be seen.
Just like the judgment thou dost draw,
And that my foes shall see and know,
And therefore Townley bold may stand
For to support thy written hand;
And I'll support her from all harm:
Let no one fear the rising storm
That men can bring upon their friends,
They'll see MY POWER is in the end."

* Extract from the 5th page of the Prayers for the Fast.

Have mercy, we beseech thee, upon thy Servant our Sovereign, whom thou hast smitten for the transgressions of his people. We acknowledge that for our manifold sins, we are worthy of the severity of thy judgments, yet we beseech thee, incline thine ear to us, when, wilh penilent and contrite hearts, we turn unto thee, and remove from our Sovereign and from us this dreadful visitation.


Dear Miss TOWNLEY,

I Shall send you the Communication that was given me, in answer to the Prayer after the Prayer


great God and

for the whole state of Christ's Church, that was to NC follow, wherein are these words :

" And to all those that may be orduined to suffer for thy suke, impart, O merciful Lord, such plentiful succours of thy Holy Spirit, pour into their souls such contempt of pain and death, kindle in their hearts such love of thee, and zeal for thy truth, fill them with such animating hopes of immortality, that after the example of the blessed saints and martyrs of the primitive ages, they may so stedfastly confess thee before men, that having glorified thy name, by their sufferings here upon earth, they may obtain of thee an everlasting crown of glory. And grant to us all, such a denial of ungodliness and worldly affections, that we may look forward with hope to the consummatim of all things, and 10 the glorious appearance of the our Saviour, Jesus Christ.' Here is the Communication given in answer to it :

“ I now tell thee, it is those who are workers with ME to bring in my Kingdom of Peace, that are now suffering the reproach of man for my sake. Who else can they prove is suffering for my sake? Let them answer, who they are that are now suffering for my sake, but only those who are now persecuted for my sake? But I know the thoughts of thy heart: thou sayest, that men will say, those that are called to the war are suffering for my sake. But is thy judgment so weak, to believe it, that they are suffering for my sake, when they are going to a war to defend their own lives, and the lives of others; and my Honour nor my Kingdom is not in their thoughts? Then how can they be suffering for my sake, that have no love for me, nor any desire for my Kingdom approaching? Then how can they compare such men with my saints and martyrs? I tell thee, No: they cannot compare the soldiers with saints and martyrs ; neither are they looking for the glorious approaching of the great


God and Saviour, Jesus Christ. These things are not in their thoughts; but these things are in the thoughts of my people, that are now looking for my Coming:-For on your heads their Prayers shall rest ; for I will give a plentiful succour of my Holy Spirit, and pour it into your souls, that are now suffering for my sake

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For on your heads their prayers shall ever rest,
And as they pray'd, I say you shall be blest;
Because my Holy Spirit here is come,
And for to


rit I shall still go on;
For all their Prayers I'll turn a different way:
And let the learned now point out to ME
Who they can provę do suffer for my sake,
But only those my cause do undertake;
Just like the martyrs or the saints of old,
Like my disciples, Ishall now unfold,
Who suffer'd then my Gospel to bring in-
And now my Kingdom if you will it win,
I know, reproach you'll suffer first for me,
As Satan's fury in mankind will be:
And so my friends must suffer for my sake,
Because the raye of hell in man will break.
Therefore my friends will suffer now for ME,
And there my Spirit they with power shall see;
And so their prayers shall rest upon your heads,
For I will pour my Spirit as they pray'd.
No other sufferers are there in the land,
That for my sake they now can boldly stand.
To say they are saints, and suffering now for me.
Bring forth the soldiers, let them answer thee:
If to the battle they go for

Or like the saints my Cause do undertake;
Just like the martyrs that did die before.
I ask what oaths or curses, then were there,
When in the flames in love for me they stood?
Then how canst thou so vainly this allude
Unto the soldiers, that do so boldly swear?
Hast thou not trembled oft their words to hear?
Then where the saints or martyrs thou canst see
In any soldiers suffering no'v for ME?
And from thy heart I know thou answerest, none;
Then unto them that Prayer can never come;
For well I know they suffer not for ME,
Nor yet my Kingdom do they wish to see.
Therefore 'tis judgments that be in the war:
And with the martyrs wilt thou this compare ?
No, no: I tell thee, they're no martyrs there;
Nor for my sake their sufferings do appear.


And fiom their conscience they must own it true;
For praise and victory is all that's in their view:
And in thy heart thou say'st the words are true
They are not soldiers suffering for my sake;
Nor will they answer that their life's at stake
For any love that they have got for ME;
And with the shepherds this cannot agree,
With saints and martyrs over to compare;
Because the praise of men is all their care;
And nothing now they 're sutlering here for ME.
Because iny Honour I do plainly see
Is not regarded by the shepherds there,
If they judge blasphemy in thee appear,
And not come hasty all for to prevent:
They must in silence say with one consent,
No, 'tis our Honour we come to maintain.
If thou from Exeter hear first from men,
Then for my sake must every man stand mute
While I with reason boldly will dispute
It's not my Honour you sought to maintain:
No! no! I tell you 'tis the pride of man;
Because your Honour you were afraid would fall-
And this shall be my answer to them all,
If they in London do not first appear;
Because the Warning and the News came there*:
Unto that City, I do tell thee, first,
And their Society must now be cast;
If they can prove the Book in vice appear,
And do not hasty come, to see it clear;
For I permitted it there to come at first,
To try and prove them how they now will burst.
So if they do not come for to condemn,
They must appear to justify thy hand,
Or else no love they can have for me.
"Tis but seditious books, I now tell thice,
That their Society do now suppress,
If they are silent now to answer this ;-
Then where's the love that men express for ME?
No, all my suffering friends I now do sec
Are only those that wish my Kingdom here;
And they alone men's ridicule do bear.
For this I know they suffer for my sake;
And here with power shall my Spirit break:
And so their Prayers shall rest upon your beads;
For here I'll prove my Spirit strong doth lead,
To shew my Coming unto all is near;
For so my suffering friends do now appear
To suffer shame and all reproach for Me:
No other sufferers in this land I see,
That now can prove they sutter for my sake;'

* See the advertisement in the papers, addressed to the Society

for the Suppression of Vice.

And here my Spirit shall with power break
For with my suffering friends i'll now go on,
Until their sufferings all for ME are gone;
And then to joy their sufferings I will turn,
And those that cause their sufferings then shall mourr
For in the end my suffering friends they'll see
To come in triuinph every one with me,
Enthron'd in glory, or, I say, below."
My suffering friends for me I then shall shew
That they in me shall find their full reward;
For all their love I faithfully regard.
So now, my suffering friends, let all appear,
And speak from conscience if they sutter here
For any love that they have got for me,
Only my friends that now are join'd with thee;
And then to man l'll answer here again ;
But well I know it cannot be prov'd by men.
Therefore the Prayer they then made for the Fast,
I say, upon your heads that Prayer shall burst.



IN THE CREATION. Dear Miss TowNLEY, May 21, 1804.

I had a wonderful communication given me this morning that astonished me, when I came up to my writing, and prayed for directions. It is thus :

“I have brought thee hither with these two : (Miss Townley and her Maid,] who I call my Mother and my Sister; for I said they that did my will, the same were my mother and my sister; and by them my will is done. Now I shall give directions to thee, and tell thee what is meant by my mother and my sister. . As a mother wishes to support the honour of her son, and the happiness of a son, so does she wish to spend her time, and money like a mother, for my honour and glory, and for the good of my brethren ; and as a sister that loveth her brother joins with her mother, just so is her servant now joined with her mistress ; here is the shadow of my Bible fulfilled ; as it is with the mistress, so with the maid ; as it is with the borrower, so with the lender. Let my brethren weigh this deep, and know, I called these two women my mother

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