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Ship, the faith of Man

Friends to be Tried

The ship must be the faith of man,
To launch into my Bible deep;
And then you'll see how all must sink,
That will not come this way by faith;
And mark my Bible what it saith.
But now my chosen they shall know,
Who by faith are launching so;
Though as gold they may be tried,
Yet my words are deep and wide;
Wide as the ocean doth appear,
Faith will find an anchor here
For to launch into this deep :
Know my Bible speaks of it,
How my angel must appear,
Blow the trumpet for men to hear,
While I stand on the bright cloud.
Hear the trumpet then aloud:
All your evils are at hand:
Let my choson people stand;
Because that I'll deliver them.
You see my angel now is come
'To call my chosen ones away;
Then the black cloud you there may see
Must all be trod beneath my feet.
The Vision there for all goes deep:
As I am calling them away,
'To leave the eloud and come to ME;
That is, to launch into the deep:
Now mark the other side, how bright,
And bright the end will be for all
That do obey this heavenly call;
Because my brightness shall appear
To tread down every cloud that's there.
For so the clouds I'll now tread down;
And then my chosen will be found
In all the brightness that is there.
The other side they must appear;
Because the clouds must pass away,
For perfect as this Vision lays,
I say the end will be to all.
'The clouds foretel the Devil's fall:
For I, the Moses, now am come,
To call my children all from him;
And so my chosen need not fear,
Because the other side is clear:
And full as clear, shall't be for man-
These Visions both are joined as one :
As to the tree the one is plac'd,
The Tree of Life for man to taste;
For so the trumpets do men call-
But mark this Vision, one and all,
How on the seas I came to man,
And how the ship I brought to land,
When they were frighted by the storm-


The shadows first you don't discern ;
But these are all outlines to man,
To shew you all, by sea and land
I did my wonders all perform;
And so I shall bring on the storm,
I tell you all, by Land and Sea,

But first my friends I'll call away;
Praugin For to the ship must many come
Lands To spread the TRUTH in Foreign Lands,

Before I make the final end,
And on the Rocky Hearts descend,
For to dismiss the Clouds for Man-
The Stone is white that there doth stand,
And yet that Stone it is but smalh,
Then now I tell you one and all,
In midst of darkness 'tis but few

That will believe this calling true,
caeknih Before my angels call eioud,
ovir the Lanó And men begin to see the clouds
in tilmih aw. To gather darkness o'er the Land;
April May

For first these clouds must come to man, beleven see

Before the Power of Hell I shake,
And then my fury fast shall break;
For, like the seas 'twill ait come on,
Wave after wave will fall on man,
I tell thee perfect like the seas;
And men must see these evil days,
That in the chapters do appear.
These prophecies for ail are near,
As to my chosen they have done,
I tell thee must turn back again;
But my beloved need not fear,
For now I'll fully answer here.
Perfect as man did then to me,

When I expir'd on Calvary;
Jutam deekso perfect now I'll do to them
Jame w X! That caus'd my Death to have

And that is Satan judg'd by thee,
Then so the end to him shall be;
For on the clouds I shall appear,
As perfect as you see me there

Dr yet the likeness that is plac'd, 119 Paalm 18 And from the Psalm judge thou the rest.

For wondrous things I now shall do,
And every soul will find it true,

That I in wonder shall appear, olt afeonys. And come with triumph in the air ; so he will slow Though there theu seest but one alone, sai Treipin A shadow understood by none,

How singly there alone I'm seen,
You know the Type I've said to men;
It was of Moses at the first,
For so the end to all must burst,
And know, to him I came alone,

Erodus /

chosen called Shaites

aussy like the

The light to him was seen and known;
But thou say'st Moses is not there;
I know thy thoughts, and answer here,
That close to me he did not come,
Although the bush to him was seen.
'Tis but the shadow of the first;
For perfect so the end shall burst;
As Pharoah's doom did come before,
I tell you all the end is near:
To shew you all the final end,
A likeness there was my intend.
As Israel then was called away,
Just so the end it now will be ;
My chosen I shall call to go,

As I have said before;
And if I warn my people so,

The famine will be here.
For different ways, to thee I say,

The ship is plac'd for man;
When I've destroy'd the enemy,

They 'll see the promis'd Land;
And then the Vision will be plain,

I tell thee, seen by all ;
The promis’d Land for inan I'll gain,

And they shall know their call.
To distant Lands, I say to man,

My Chosen they must go,
Jerusalem's low walls to build,

And they will find it true,
That Light in Darkness will be seen

As it doth there appear;
And they that do the Light discern

Will to the Ship repair.
For I shall call them so away,

The promis'd Land to see ;
And as you see the perfect day,

So bright I say 'twill be.
Out of the darkness men I call,

And bring them to the light;
This Vision must be known to all;

I shews you every sight,
How on the other side 'tis seen,

And Jacob's Ladder see;
I tell thee it is a Type to men,

How all the end will be.
Bright as the other side appears,

So bright 'twill end for man, When 1 do come to make all clear,

And shew the promis'd Land.
Because my Land I say shall stand,

As it doth there appear,
When I my people have redeemd,

And darkness conquer'd here ;
That is his power for to tread down,
And down I say't shall come.


Ut with My angel's trumpet it shall sound,

And then behold the MAN, Jawwur

That now is ris'n above the clouds, to appear In brightness to appear :

Though on the Cross I once did hang

But now I tell thee here,
I'll come again and will be seen

In glory bright to shine;
And underneath my feet I'll tread

The darkness for mankind;
And then the Light they all will see,

As it doth there appear :
This Vision is a Type for all

To see the other clear;
Because I'm come, in this 'tis seen,

In brightness to appear,
The every darkness to tread down,

And shew my angel there,
To blow the trumpet then for all;

And there the ship you fee,
How men are placd to hear their call,

And Peter's Faith must be
To launch into the every deep,

That I have plac'd before,
And if my words you all do keep,

I'll bring you safe on shore.
For I am with you to the end,

And now the end you'll see,
If you will launch into the deep,

And boldly come to ME.
Deep is my Word that is on record,

And deep my promise stands,
And deep my Bible all is plaed,

If you can it command.
Then you'll not fear the waves are here,

I say the waves of men;
Because my Bible will you bear

With all for to contend :
That I must come again to man,

In glory bright to shine,
And claim the Heathens and all lands,

I tell you, to be mine.
For to the Seas I've plac'd my Word,

And there the depth you'll see;
For on it came your dying LORD

In wonders judy'd by he,
That is Peter there he did appear

To launch into the deep;
But when the waves began to flow,

Then Peter's faith did sink;
But then I came to him, 'twas known,

And sav'd him from all harm;
And now the ship to you is seen,

Then can you fear the storm

Because that there I do appear,

As on the waves at first;
And all shall find I'm coming near,

For so the end will burst.
So Peters here let all appear,

And launch into my Word,
That with the Seas I've now compar'd,

And then you'll find your Lord
Will so appear, my Word will bear

To keep you in the end ; Unfathornd deep my footsteps are

That no man out can find,
Unless you launch into the deep

Of all I've said before,
And then I say, you need not sink,

My Words will bear you here.
For on the Seas I say I'll come

To prove my every Word; Because that there my steps are hid,

And men know not their Lord.
For in my Bible all do sink,

As Peter did before;
But now you'll find me on the brink,

To bring you safe on shore.
So where is Faith you need not doubt

If you your LORD can see,
That in the depth of all my Words

I am coming now to ye;
For in the depth of all my Words

I now to man appear;
And if a Peter's Faith you've got,

And find a Peter's fear,
You all shall find me in the deep

To bring you safe on shore.
A Peter's l'aith shall never sink,

Though men may make him fear;
The boisterous waves may come in man,

Where Satan swells the tide; That is I mean the hearts of men,

For so 'tis here applied.

And Satan's rage doth swell
As furious as the boisterous waves,

The seas resemble hell,
When all his angry waves arisc,

For Satan is the same;
And therefore men must now grow wise,

If they will know my Name;
That on the Seas I must appear

For to fulfil my Word,
And tell believers not to fear,

For they sball find their LORD
Now in the storm to keep from harm, he 1992 Jul

For boisterous waves they'll see; in Man buause he
Because I know the rage of Hell
In man will surely be;

cannot aduce the Women
as he did he

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