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The principles of this little work have met with much approbation from teachers and authorities of high standing. In the preparation of a new edition, therefore, a great effort has been made to carry out those principles fully, while providing for as small an expenditure of time and labour on the part of both pupil and teacher as will be effective. The book is now stereotyped, and hence teachers may use it with the assurance that it will meet with little or no alteration in future.

In reference to the changes which have been made, it may be noted that the extracts from the London University Matriculation papers have apparently disappeared. All the problems in them, however, which were new or otherwise important, have been absorbed into the “Papers for Revision.” Room was made for them by omitting some less useful questions, and by adding one new paper. In place of the portions of Matriculation papers referred to, those of the Science and Art Department have been brought up to date, and now form a most useful series of ten. In the body of the work, questions formerly occurred here and there which were found to be more or less vague, and therefore to invite guessing answers. Some of these have been amended, and others removed. Other questions, again, involved repetition carried somewhat to excess, and for that reason have been considered unnecessary.

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No. 2. Rectilineal Figures.
No. 3. Curves.
No. 4. Outlines of Familiar Objects.
No. 5. Shaded Figures.

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