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.esop 1

The Falcon And The Partridge (From the Arabian Nights) ... 6

Minerva And TnE Owl 7

The Sparrow And The Eagle (From the Arabian Nights) 8

The Old Man And Death 9

Infant Joy William Blake 10

The Baby George MacDonald 11

The Discontented Stonecutter (From the Japanese) 12

Discreet Hans Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm 15

The Poppyland Express St. Louis Star Sayings 21

Bluebeard 22

Lullaby 32

Rumpelstiltzkin Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm 33

The Mirror Of Matsuyana (From the Japanese) 36

A Contrast 42

The Golden Touch Nathaniel Haicihorne 43

The Child's World W. B. Rands 66

The Fir Tree Hans Christian Andersen 68

Hans Christian Andersen 81

Picture Books In Winter Robert Louis Stevenson 87

How The Wolf Was Bound Adapted by Anna McCaleb 91

The Death Of Balder Adapted by Anna McCaleb 99

The Punishment Of Loki Adapted by Anna McCaleb 111

Seven Times One Jean Ingelow 119

Shuffle-shoon And Amber-locks Eugene Field 121

Afterwhile James Whitcomb Riley 123

Windy Nights Robert Louis Stevenson 123

The Snow Queen Hans Christian Andersen 124

The Chimera Nathaniel HaiHhorne 173

A Visit From St. Nicholas Clement C. Moore 202

The Story Of Phaethon 206

The English Robin Harrison Weir 214

Tom, The Water Baby Charles Kingsky 215

The Milkmaid Jeffreys Taylor 374

Holger Danske Hans Christian Andersen 377

What The Old Man Does Is Always Right

Hans Christian Andersen 387

The Fairies Of C'aldon-low Mary Hotritt 395

Who Stole The Bird's Nest? L. Maria Child 399

The First Snowfall James Russell Lowell 403

The King Ok The Golden Rivek John Ruskin 405



Kay And Gerda At Play Among The Flowers (Color Plate)

Arthur Henderson Frontispiece

.ksop (Halftone) From Painting by Velasquez 4

The Owl Herbert N. Rudeen 7

The Sparrow And The Eagle Herbert N. Rudeen 8

Infant Joy . Lucille Enders 10

Japanese Gate Herbert N. Rudeen 12

The Stonecutter And His Silken Couch . . . Herbert N. Rudeen 13 Everything Rejoiced In A New Growth .. . Herbert N. Rudeen 14

Bluebeard Herbert N. Rudeen 22

The Pass Key . . . 24

She Supped Silently Away Herbert N. Rudeen 25

Sister Ann Watching From The Tower . . . Herbert N. Rudeen 29

Rumpelbtiltzkin Herbert N. Rudeen 34

Awaiting The Return Of The Father .... Herbert N. Rudeen 37

Japanese Lantern Herbert N. Rudeen 39

Her Greatest Pleasure Was To Look Into The Mirror

Herbert N. Rudeen 40

Yearning Love Lucille Enders 42

The Figure Of A Stranger In The Sunbeam . . Arthur Henderson 46

Marygold Was A Golden Statue Arthur Henderson 61

The Child's World Marion Miller 67

The Swallows And The Stork Came Herbert N. Rudeen 69

The Fat Man Told About Klumpey-dumpey . Herbert N. Rudeen 76

Hans Christian Andersen (Halftone) 82

Picture Books In Winter Iris Weddell White 87

The Gods Were Amazed A. H. Winkler 96

Hoder Hurled The Dart Herbert N. Rudeen 104

Strange Opal Lights Filtered Through The Water

A. H. Winkler 111

TnoR's Hand Gbipped Him W.O. Reese 117

Shuffle-shoon And Amber-locks Lucille Enders 121

Hollyhocks Donn P. Crane 123

The Goblin And The Mirror Herbert N. Rudeen 124

The Snow-flake At Last Became A Maiden Herbert N. Rudeen 128

They Flew Over Woods And Lakes Herbert N. Rudeen 136

"he Is Blowing Bubbles" Herbert N. Rudeen 141

The Crow Stopped To Look At Her Herbert N. Rudeen 145

The Reindeer Ran As Fast As It Could Go Herbert N. Rudeen 157

The Snow Queen's Castle Herbert N; Rudeen 164

Pegasus At The Fountain Herbert iV. Rudeen 176


Pegascb Darted Down Aslant Herbert .V. Rudeen 195

St. Nicholas Herbert JV. Rudeen 202

In Vain Phaethon Pilled At The Reins Donn P. Crane 210

There Was A Little Chimney Sweep, And His Name Was Tom

Donn P. Crane 217

They Came Up With A Poor Irish Woman- .... Donn P. Crane 221

Bees And Hives Donn P. Crane 226

Harthover Place Donn P. Crane 228

All Ran After Tom Donn P. Crane 234

Tom Looked Down The Cliff Donn P. Crane 239

The Old Dame Looked At Tom Donn P. Crane 244

Tom Looked Into The Clear Water Donn P. Crane 247

Sir John Searching For Tom Donn P. Crane 253

Tom Was Now A Water Baby Donn P. Crane 258

"oh, You Beautiful Creature!" Said Tom .... Donn P. Crane 264

Tom Escaped The Otter Donn P. Crane 271

The Salmon, King Of All The Fish Donn P. Crane 278

Tom On The Buoy Donn P. Crane 288

Porpoises Donn P. Crane 291

A Ixibster Donn P. Crane 293

Ellie And The Professor Donn P. Crane 298

Mrs. Bedonebyasyoudid Donn P. Crane 308

She Took Tom In Her Arms Donn P. Crane 318

Tom Found The Cabinet Donn P. Crane 321

The Last Of The Gairfowl Donn P. Crane 339

And Behold, It Was Ellie Donn P. Crane 369

Holger Danske Arthur Henderson 380

The Figurehead Arthur Henderson 384

"My Dear Good Husband" Herbert N. Rudeen 393

TnE Fairies Of Caldon-low Iris Weddell White 396

Who Stole The Bird's Nest?. Herbert N. Rudeen 400

"father, Who Makes It Snow?" Iris Weddell White 404

"hello! I'm Wet, Let Me In" Donn P. Crane 409

"sorry To Incommode You" Donn P. Crane 417

"pray Sir, Were You My Mug?" Donn P. Crane 424

"thou Hast Had Thy Share Of Life" .' Donn P. Crane 431

He Cast The Flask Into The Stream Donn P. Crane 434

The Dwarf Shook The Drops Into The Flask . . Donn P. Crane 439

Mordecai In The King's Gate Arthur Henderson 452

He Put On Sackcloth And Ashes Arthur Henderson 455

Then Haman Was Afraid Arthur Henderson 461

Plvto Seized Proserpina Arthur Henderson 470

In Time's Swing Herbert N. Rudeen 482

So The Bargain Was Made Mildred Lyon 486

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^#;wyy,ci»J^ AN Y centuries ago, more than six'hun■~TM■. rrw- (Jrej years before Christ was born, there lived in Greece a man by the name of iEsop. We do not know very much about him, and no one can tell exactly what he wrote, or even that he ever wrote anything. We know he was a slave and much wiser than his masters, but whether he was a fine, shapely man or a hunchback and a cripple we cannot be sure, for different people have written very differently about him.

No matter what he was or how he lived, many, many stories are still told about him, and the greater part of the fables we all like to read are said to have been written or told by him, and everybody still calls them iEsop's fables.

Some of the stories told about him are curious indeed. Here are a few of them.

In those days men were sold as slaves in the market, as cattle are sold now. One day iEsop and two other men were put up at auction. Xanthus, a wealthy man, wanted a slave, and he said to the men: "What can you do?"

The two men bragged large about the things they could do, for both wanted a rich master like Xanthus.

"But what can you do?" said Xanthus, turning to iEsop.

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