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IV B.-Medieval European History, 476-1453 A. D.
Books recommended—

GIBBON: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
BRYCE: Holy Roman Empire.

THATCHER and SCHWILL: Europe in the Middle Ages.
MAITLAND: Dark Ages.

J. COTTER MORISON: Life of St. Bernard.

The following also may be consulted:

MILMAN: Latin Christianity.

HALLAM: Middle Ages.

CHURCH: Beginning of the Middle Ages.

IV C.-Ancient Indian History—

Books recommended

VINCENT SMITH: The Early History of India from 600 B. C to the Muhammadan Conquest.


MCCRINDLE: Ancient India; Alexander's Invasion.

RHYS DAVID: Buddhist India.

V A.-Roman History to 476 A. D.—

Books recommended

MERIVALE: General History of Rome.

INNE: Early Rome.

BARING-GOULD: Tragedy of the Cæsars.

The following also may be consulted:

GIBBON Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (ed. Bury).

BURY: Later Roman Empire.

TACITUS: Annals and Histories (trans. Church and

WARD FOWLER: City State.

BECKER: Gallus.

Gow: Companion to School Classics.

V B.-Modern European History from 1453

Books recommended

LODGE: Modern Europe.

SEEBOHM: Protestant Revolution.
BRYCE: Holy Roman Empire.
SEELEY: Growth of British Policy.
MORSE-STEPHENS: Revolutionary Europe.

The following may also be consulted :-
FYFFE: Modern Europe.
SISMONDI: Italian Republics.
SYMONDS: Age of the Despots.
GARDINER: Thirty Years' War.

ROSE: Life of Napoleon.

V C.-Indian History; Mahomedan Period

Books recommended

ELPHINSTONE: History of India (Books V-XI).
KEENE: Fall of the Moghuls.

LANE-POOLE: Aurangzebe.

BERNIER Letters (Constable).

The following also may be consulted :—

ELLIOT Historians, Vol. III, pp. 73–268.


Vol. IV, pp. 218-287; pp. 304-433.
Vol. V, pp. 177 to end.

Vol. VII.

FERISHTAH. (Trans. Briggs.) Vol. I, p. 189 to end.

ERSKINE History of India under Baber and Huma-
yun, Vol. II.

GRAF VON NOER: Kaisar Akbar (trans. Beveridge). VI A.-Roman Provinces

Books recommended

MOMMSEN: The Roman Provinces.

ARNOLD Government of the Roman Provinces.
CICERO Verrine Orations (Bohn's Translation).
BRYCE Studies in History and Jurisprudence,
Vol. I, Essays i and ii.

VI B.-Modern European History

Books recommended

(As for VB.)

VI C.-Indian History; British Period

Books recommended

GRANT-DUFF: History of the Mahrattas.
LYALL: Rise of British Dominion in India.

FORREST: Administration of Warren Hastings.

KEENE: Madhava Rao Sindhia.

BOWRING: Hyder Ali.

INNES: Sepoy Revolt.

The following also may be consulted :—

HUNTER: History of British India.
KAYE: War in Afghanistan.
MALLESON: French in India.

ORME: Military Transactions in Indostan.
CUNNINGHAM: History of the Sikhs.

HOLMES History of the Indian Mutiny.

The following volumes in the Rulers of the India
Series: Dupleix, Wellesley, Marquess of Hastings.


(See under Master of Science.)


(See Regulations, Ch. XVI.)



As in the General Section prescribed for the B.A. There will be two papers and a Viva Voce Examination.

1st Paper: Unseen Passages from modern books, magazines or newspapers, on History, Biography, Travel, etc., with grammatical questions.

2nd Paper: An Essay on a subject of general in


Viva Voce: Conversational, based on unseen passages similar to those set in the 1st paper, with grammatical questions.


(Same as for the B.A. Examination.)


The Examination in Physics will comprise two papers and a practical examination.

The following syllabus is prescribed:

General Properties of Matter

Law of Gravitation, Elementary problems on attractions, e.g., attractions of a sphere and spherical shell on internal and external points, attraction of a disc and attraction of any closed surface on a point just outside. Definition of potential and its determination in simple cases. Definitions of Equipotential surface and lines of force, and elementary propositions connected therewith. Definition of Elasticity. HOOKE's law and determination of YOUNG'S Modulus. Definitions of Moments of Inertia and Radius of Gyration. Calculation of Moments of Inertia of a sphere about any axis, and of a

cylinder about_axis perpendicular to or parallel to axis of cylinder. BOYLE'S Law. Air-pump. Vibration of simple pendulum and simple harmonic motion.


Nature of sound waves. Determination of Velocity of sound and its connection with the elasticity and density of the medium. DOPPLER'S principle. Reflection and refraction of sound. Methods of determining the frequency and wave-lengths of notes. Interference of sound waves. Vibrations of strings and columns of air. Experimental methods of analysing complex sounds. LISSAJOU'S figures. Application of the equation y= a cos. (vt-x) to problems in interference.


Construction and theory of thermometers. Coefficients of expansion and their variation with temperature. Unit of heat and calorimetry. Specific heat. Latent heat. Vapour pressures and their determination. Radiant heat. Its reflection, refraction, absorption and emission. Conductivity. Determination of coefficients of conductivity. Indicator diagrams. CARNOT's heat engine. First and second laws of Thermo-dynamics. CARNOT'S function and THOMSON's scale of temperature. Determination of mechanical equivalent of heat.


Determination of the velocity of light. Elementary mathematical formulæ relating to the reflection and refraction of light. Mirrors. Lenses. Dispersion and spectrum analysis. The construction of achromatic lenses. Undulatory theory of light. Rectilineal propagation of light. Deduction of the laws of reflection and refraction. Interference of light. NEWTON's rings and colours of thin plates. Diffraction. Double refraction in uniaxal crystals. Plane, circularly and elliptically polarised light. Interference of polarised light. Rotation of plane of polarisation.

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