Reports of Cases Decided in the Court of Chancery, the Prerogative Court, And, on Appeal, in the Court of Errors and Appeals of the State of New Jersey, Volume 9

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MacCrellish & Quigley, 1883 - Equity

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Page 278 - ... in order to set aside the will of a person of sound mind,' observes Lord Cranworth, 'it is not sufficient to show that the circumstances attending its execution are consistent with the hypothesis of its having been obtained by undue influence; it must be shown that they are inconsistent with a contrary hypothesis.
Page 465 - Perhaps the cases may all be reconciled on the general principle, that the exercise of this power is to be regulated by sound discretion, as the circumstances of the individual case may dictate ; and that the resort to equity, to be sustained, must be expedient, either because the instrument is liable to abuse from its negotiable nature, or because the defense not...
Page 332 - Words in a statute ought not to have a retrospective operation, unless they are so clear, strong, and imperative, that no other meaning can be annexed to them, or unless the intention of the legislature cannot be otherwise satisfied.
Page 367 - ... or which violates the manifest intention of the parties to the agreement, equity will correct the mistake, so as to produce a conformity' of the instrument to the agreement.
Page 637 - ... in any employment, occupation or trade in which she is employed, and which she carries on separately from her husband, and all investments of such wages, earnings, money or property, shall be her sole and separate property, as though she were a single woman.
Page 15 - Or where the majority of shareholders themselves are oppressively and illegally pursuing a course in the name of the corporation, which is in violation of the rights of the other shareholders, and which can only be restrained by the aid of a court of equity.
Page 562 - Finding that the authority might be made complete by a resolution, he would have a right to infer the fact of a resolution authorizing that which on the face of the document appeared to be legitimately done.
Page 36 - Bill of review for new-discovered evidence is not a matter of right ; but rests in the sound discretion of the Court.
Page 189 - Did the person whose act is challenged possess sufficient mind to understand in a reasonable manner the nature and effect of the act he was doing, or the business he was transacting?" — or, as Lord HALE would have put it, "Did she know what she was about?
Page 563 - ... holders for value. A person, who takes such a security with knowledge that the conditions on which alone the security was authorized were not fulfilled, is not protected, and in his hands the security is invalid, though the imperfection is in some matter relating to the internal affairs of the corporation, which would be unavailable against a bonafide holder of the same security.

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