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IS MAJESTY'S ROMAN CATHOLIC Subjects flattered themselves, that

the Declarations they had already made of the integrity of their Religious and Civil Tenets, —the Oaths they had taken to his Majesty's Person, Family, and Government,—the heroic exertions of a considerable proportion of them in his Majesty's Fleets and Armies,—the repeated instances in which they have come forward in their country's Cause, —their irreproachable demeanor in the general relations of Life, and above all, the several Acts of Parliament past for their relief, avowedly in consequence of, and explicitly recognising their meritorious conduct --would have been a Bond, to secure to them for ever, the affection and confidence of all their fellow subjects, and to make any further declaration of their principles wholly unnecessary :

But, with astonishment and concern, they observe, that this is not altogether the case :—they are again publicly traduced; and attempts are again made to prejudice the public mind against them :

This absolutely compels them to address their Fellow Subjects once more :

WE, therefore, whose names are hereunder written, Roman Catholics of England, beg leave again to solicit the attention of our Countrymen, and to lay before them the following unanswered and unanswerable Documents of the Purity and Integrity if the Religious and Civil Principles of ALL His Majesty's Roman Catholic Subjects. in respect to their King and their Country.

We entreat you to peruse them ;-and when you have perused them, to declare, --" Whether His Majesty's Roman Catholic Subjects maintain a single Tenet, “ inconsistent with the purest Loyalty; or interfering, in the slightest degree, with any one Duty, which an Englishman owes His God, His King, or His Country?”

Luke Hansard & Sons, near Lincoln's-Inu Fields, London.--1813.

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