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Genitals of the Sexes 153. The Nipples of the Paps to the

Mouth and Organs of Suction Ibid. The admirable Structure

of the Breasts or Paps, for the preparing and separating, the

containing and retaining of the Milk, that it doth not florp

out without Presure or Suition


Several Observations of Aristotle's, relating to the fitness of

the Parts to the Creatures Nature and Manner of Living, and

to their respective Uses

155, 156

Another remarkable Instance in proportioning the length of the

Neck to that of Legs in Animals 157, 158. Of the Aponeu-
rofis in the Neck, why given to most Quadrupeds, and not to

Man 157. That some Birds have but fort Legs, and yet
' long Necks, and why 158. That this Instance cannot be ac-
counted for by 6theists


The various kinds of Voices the same Animal uses on divers Oc-

- Cafions, and to divers Purposes argumentative of Providence

and Counsel, in conferring them upon it, being so extremely

useful and serviceable to the Creature

An Obje&tion against the Uses of several Bodies I have instanced

in, relating to Man, answered 160. A Discourse in the
Person of Almighty God to Man

161, 162, &c.
The incredible smalness and subtleness of some Animalcules, an
Argument and Proof of the admirable Art of the Creator

166, 167
Practical Inferences from the precedent Discourse, wherein it

is momon, That the World was in some Sence made for Man,
yet not so as to have no other end or use of its Creation, but
to serve him 169, 170, &c. The Contemplation and Confide-

ration of the Works of God, may probably be some part of our

; Employment in Heaven !

171, 172

The Sun, Moon, Stars, &c. are called upon to praise, which

they can do no otherwise, than by affording Man, and other

jitelligent Beings, Matter or Subje&t of praising him. And

therefore Men and Angels are called upon to consider those

Great Effects of the Divine Power, Wisdom and Goodness,

and to give God the Praise and Glory due to him for them,

178, 179, 180, &c. That God doth, and may justly in-

tend and design his own Glory. 182, 183, 184, 185.



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vance of the Body of Man, and other Animals, 241, 242

10. In the Nourishment of their bodies, making that Food

which is proper to preserve them in a healthfül State, grate.

ful to the Talte, and agreeable to the stomach. of the

gjeut uje of Puin.

243, 244

II. The

11. The variety of Lineaments and Disfimilitude of the Faces

of Men, as also of their Voices, and Hand-writings, all of
mighty Importance to Man

245, 246, 247.
of the particular Parts of the Body: And, 1. of the Head and

Hair 248. The reason of Baldness. 2. Of the Eye: Its Beauty
249. Its Humours and Tunicles transparent 250, &c. (1.)
For the Clearness. (2.) For the DistinEtness of Vision ibid.
The Parts of the Eye of a Figure most convenient for the Cole
leftion of the visual Rays, viz. Convex 252. The Uteous
Tunicle hath a Musculous Power for contrałting and dilating
of the Pupil ibid. Its Inside, and that of the Choroids, why
'blackned 253. The Figure of the Ege alterable, according
to the Exigency of the Object, in respect of Distance or Pro-
pinquity 254, 255. Why the Optick Nerve is not inserted
right behind the Eye ibid. Why though the Rays be de-
cusated in the Pupil of the Eye, the Obje&t is not seen invert-
ed 255. The use of the Aqueous Humor, and that it is

suddenly reparable 256. The Tnnica Cornea protuberant'
'above the white of the Eye, and woby 257. The use of the

Muscles of the Eye ibid. The Provision for the Defence and

Security of this precious Part 258. The uses of the Eye-lids,

and their frequent winking 259. That as Man wants, 19

he needs not the seventh or Suspensory Muscle, which is of

great use and necessity to Brutes 261. The need and use of

the ni&tating Membrane in Brutes, and that Man needs it not


Thirdly, of the Ear 262. The use of the Auricula 263. Of

the Tympanum of the Eur, its Bones, and their Muscles,

and of the use of the Ear-Wax, doc


Fourthly, of the Teeth, nine remarkable Observations concern-

ing their Situation, Structure, and Uses 264, 265,

266, &ća
Fifthly, of the Tongue, and its various Ves, for tasting

and gathering of Food, for managing. of Mastication, for

forming of Word's, &c. 268. Speaking proper to Man ibid.

of the Ductus Salivales, and of the great use of the Saliva or


Sixthly, of the Wind-pipe, its admirable Structure and Vés

Seventhly, of the Heart, the use and neceffity of its Pulse

for the Circulation of the Blood, and the admirable make and

contrivance of it for that Office 271, 272, dic. Of the

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