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Cam. Let us consider-
She's but a merchant's leavings.

Ves. Hatch'd i'the country,
And fledged i’ the city. Thus, then;
When I am absent, use the gentlest memory
Of my endowments, my unblemish'd services
To ladies' favours ; with what faith and secrecy
I live in her commands, whose special courtesies
Oblige me to particular engagements :
I'll do as much for thee.

Cam. With this addition, Camillo, best of fairs, a man so bashful, So simply harmless, and withal so constant, Yet resolute in all true rights of honour; That to deliver him in perfect character, Were to detract from such a solid virtue As reigns not in another soul; he isVes. The thing a mistress ought to wish her

servant. Ar we agreed?

Cam. Most readily. On t other side,
Unto the lord her husband, talk as coarsely
Of one another as we can.

Ves. I like it;
So shall we sift her love, and his opinion.

Enter Julio, FLAVIA, and FABRICIO.
Jul. Be thankful, fellow, to a noble mistress;
Two hundred ducats are no trifling sum,
Nor common alms.

Flav. You must not loiter lazily.
And speak about the town,' my friend, in taverns,
In gaming-houses; nor sneak after dinner
To public shows, to interludes, in riot,
To some lewd painted baggage, trick'd up gaudily,
Like one of us-oh, fy upon them giblets!

! And speak about the town, &c.] “Gaming-houses" were not much noted in Ford's days for the resort of “idle praters." I suspect that the poet's word was lurk.--GIFFORD.

I have been told they ride in coaches, flaunt it
In braveries, so rich, that 't is scarce possible
To distinguish one of these vile naughty packs
From true and arrant ladies; they 'll inveigle
Your substance and your body :-think on that,
I say, your body; look to 't. -
Is 't not sound counsel ?

[Turns to JUL. Jul. 'Tis more; 't is heavenly. Ves. What hope, Camillo, now, if this tune hold?

Cam. Hope fair enough, Vespucci, now as ever; Why any woman in her husband's presence Can say no less.

Ves. 'Tis true, and she hath leave here.

Fab. Madam, your care and charity at once
Have so new-moulded my resolves, that henceforth
Whene'er my mention falls into report,
It shall requite this bounty ; I am travelling
To a new world.

Jul. I like your undertakings.
Flav. New world! where's that I pray? good, if

you light on
A parrot or a monkey that has qualities
Of a new fashion, think on me.

Fab. Yes, lady, I shall think on you; and my devotions, Tender'd where they are due in single meekness, With purer flames will mount, with free increase Of plenty, honours, full contents, full blessings, Truth and affection 'twixt your lord and you. So with my humblest, best leave, I turn from you; Never, as now I am, to appear before you. All joys dwell here, and lasting !

[Exit. Flav. Prithee, sweetest, Hark in your ear,-beshrew't, the brim of your hat Struck in mine eye-dissemble honest tears, The griefs my heart does labour in-[Aside.)-it

smarts Unmeasurably. Jul. A chance, a chance ; 't will off, VOL. II.-24

Suddenly off-forbear; this handkerchief
But makes it worse.

Cam. Wink, madam, with that eye,
The pain will quickly pass.

Ves. Immediately;
I know it by experience.

Flav. Yes, I find it.
Jul. Spare us a little, gentlemen.

[Exeunt Cam. and VES. Speak freely; What wert thou saying, dearest?

Flav. Do you love me?
Answer in sober sadness; I'm your wife now.
I know my place and power.

Jul. What's this riddle ?
Thou hast thyself replied to thine own question,
In being married to me; a sure argument
Of more than protestation.

Flav. Such it should be
Were you as other husbands : it is granted,
A woman of my state may like good clothes,
Choice diet, many servants, change of metri-

All these I do enjoy; and wherefore not?
Great ladies should command their own delights:
And yet, for all this, I am used but homely,
But I'm serv'd even well enough.

Jul. My Flavia,
I understand not what thou wouldst.

Flav. Pray pardon me;
I do confess I'm foolish, very foolish;
Trust me, indeed I am; for I could cry
Mine eyes out, being in the weeping humour:
You know I have a brother,

Jul. Romanello,
An unkind brother.

Flav. Right, right : since you bosom’d
My latter youth, he never would vouchsafe
As much as to come near me. Oh, it mads. me,

Being but two, that we should live at distance,
As if I were a castaway ;-and you,
For your part, take no care on’t, nor attempt
To draw him hither.

Jul. Say the man be peevish,
Must I petition him ?

Flav. Yea, marry, must you, Or else you love not me: not see my brother! Yes I will see him; I will, will see him ;You hear't-oh my good lord, dear, gentle, pri

You sha'n't be angry ;-'las, I know, poor gentleman,
He bears a troubled mind; but let us meet
And talk a little ; we perhaps may chide
At first, shed some few tears, and then be quiet;
There's all.

Jul. Write to him and invite him hither,
Or go to him thyself. Come, no more sadness;
I'll do what thou canst wish.

Flav. And, in requital,
Believe I shall say something that may settle
A constaney of peace, for which you ’ll thank me.



A Room in ROMANELLO's House. Enter FLAVIA, followed by Camillo and VESPUCCI, who

stand apart. Flav. Brother, I come

Rom. Unlook'd for ;-I but sojourn
Myself; I keep nor house, nor entertainments,
French cooks composed,' Italian collations :-
Rich Persian surfeits, with a train of services,

-entertainments, French cooks composed,] i. e. perhaps, which French cooks composed, GITTORD,


Befitting exquisite ladies, such as you are,
Perfume not our low roofs ;-the way lies open ;
That, there.- [Points to the door. Good-day, great

Flav. Why d'ye slight me ?
For what one act of mine, even from my childhood,
Which may deliver my deserts inferior,
Or to our births or family, is nature
Become, in your contempt of me, a monster ?

Ves. What's this, Camillo ?
Cam. Not the strain in ordinary.
Rom. I'm out of tune to chop discourse-how-

You are a woman.

Flav. Pensive and unfortunate,
Wanting a brother's bosom to disburthen
More griefs than female weakness can keep league

Let worst of malice, voiced in loud report,
Spit what it dares invent against my actions ;
And it shall never find a power to blemish
My mention, other than beseems a patient:
I not repine at lowness; and the fortunes
Which I'attend on now, are, as I value them,
No new creation to a looser liberty ;
Your strangeness only may beget a change
In wild opinion.

Cam. Here's another tang
Of sense, Vespucci.

Ves. Listen, and observe.
Rom. Are not you, pray you-nay, we'll be con-

In presence of your ushers, once to prattle
Some idle minutes-are you not enthroned
The lady-regent, by whose special influence
Julio, the count of Camerine, is order'd ?

Flav. His wife, 't is known I am; and in that title
Obedient to a service; else of greatness
The quiet of my wish was ne'er ambitious.

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