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Wiese Laboratory Furniture Co.

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THE DALTON, No. 2100
MAwith Wiese Laboratoriya Furnitures

CANY of the country's finest schools are equipped
Laboratories of the new Bay City (Michigan) High
School, which cost close to a million dollars, are being
equipped completely with Wiese Laboratory furniture.
Our engineering staff is at your service, at no cost to
you, for complete planning of or for constructive sug-
gestions on the scientific and economical layout of
your laboratories. Consult with us.

Ask for our new catalog, No. 24.

Keep it in your Files.

Wiese Laboratory
Furniture Company

Engineers and Builders.
Standard or Buill-to-Order Educational and Technical
Furniture for Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture, Biology,
Household Economics, and Manual Training.

FACTORY: Manitowoc, Wisconsin

14 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Illinois
1610 Bryan Street, Dallas, Texag,
806 Observatory Bldg.. Des Moines, Iowa
101 Market Street, Harrisburg, Pa.,
514 Kemper Bldg., Kansas City, Missouri
Louisville, Kentucky,


1238 Newton Ave. N., Minneapolis,

Otterbein, Indiana,
121 Chartres Street, New Orleans, La.,
48 Barrow Street, New York City, N. Y..
244 Third Street, Portland, Oregon,,
310 East Bridge Street, Streator, Illinois,


Please mention School Science and Mathematics when answering Advertisements.

XXVII and XXVIII), John Millis; “Twenty-Sixth Meeting of the Amer-
ican Astronomical Society," (continued); "With Fervent Heat,” Charles
N. Holmes.

Scientific Monthly, for December, Garrison, N. Y., $5.00 per year, 50
cents a copy. "The Inbred Descendants of Charlemange: A Glance at the
Scientific Side of Genealogy," Dr. David Starr Jordan; “Studies in Infant
Psychology,” Dr. John B. Watson and Rosalie Raner Watson; "An
Introduction to Scientific Vagaries,” Professor D. W. Hering; “The
Government Laboratory and Industrial Research,” Dr. George K. Bur-
gess; "America's First Agricultural School," Dr. Neil E. Stevens; “The
Researcher in Science,” Professor Michael F. Guyer; "Fearsomé Mon-
sters of Early Days," Dr. Leon Augustus Hausman.

School Review, for November, University of Chicago Press, $2.50 per
year, 25 cents a copy. "The Selective Principle in American Secondary
Education,” I, George S. Counts; “Junior-College Courses in 1920-21,
II, Leonard V. Koos; “Where Test Scores and Teachers' Marks Dis-
agree,” Mary D. Lindsay and Ruth S. Gamsby; "A Study of Current
Practice as to Parent-Teacher Associations,” R. B. Parsons; “Teaching
a Study-Habit,” I, Ralph E. Carter.

Analytical Geometry, by Charles N. Schmall, New York City. Pages
XI+338. 14 X20 cm. Cloth. 1921. D. Van Nostrand Company,
New York City.

The Elements of High School Mathematics, by John B. Hamilton,
University of Tennessee, Herbert E. Buchanan, Tulane University, and
George W. Myers, University of Chicago. 297 pages. 12x18 cm. Cloth.
1921. Scott, Foresman and Co., Chicago.

Elementary Algebraic Geometry, by George W. Myers, the University
of Chicago. Pages 111. 12x18 cm. Cloth. 1921. Scott, Forseman
and Co., Chicago.

Mathematics for Students of Agriculture, by Samuel E. Rasor, Ohio
State University. Pages VIII+290. 13x19 cm. Cloth. 1921. The
Macmillan Company, New York.

Biology, Charles Gramet, Stuyvesant High School, New York City.
96 pages. 15X21 cm. Paper. 1921. Globe Book Company, New York.

Loose Leaf Laboratory Manual, B. B. Bueling No. 1, 25 pages, .35
cents. No. 2, 50 pages, 45 cents. 21 X 27.5 cm. Paper. 1921. Bruce
Publishing Co., Milwaukee, W

Facilities for Foreign Students in American Colleges and Universities.
Bulletin, No. 39, 1920, by Samuel P. Copen. 269 pages. 15X23 cm.
Paper. Government Printing Office, Washington.

Loose Leaf Manuals, by B. B. Burling. No. 1 $.35, 25 pages. No. 2

$.45, 50 pages. Size, 21 x 27 cm Paper. Bruce Publishing Co.,

Milwaukee, Wis.
These books are unique in their detail. The first page of each sheet
is given to i he regulr data, such as name of experiemnts, name of student,
purpose, and references; there is a blank space being reserved for draw-
ings. Following is a table for the data. On the opposite page there is
usually a place for the descriptive work of the experiment. There are
scattered through the book many pages of cross section paper for graphs.
A place is reserved, too, for the instructors' check. The paper is good and
will ink finely. Instructors thinking of adopting a loose leaf manual
cannot do better than to get in touch with the publishers.

C. H. S.

Pioneer Designers and Manufacturers of

High Grade Laboratory Furniture

For Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Physiography, Domestic Science,

Domestic Art, and Manual Training.


Superior quality, strength, solidity, and durability are built right into our furniture. Every detail is well worked out. Our furniture has met with the approval of hundreds of educators thruout the United States, and Canada.

Send for a copy of our general catalog No. 11.

Instructor's Table No. 1205 Leonard Peterson & Co., Inc., 1222-34 Fullerton Ave., Chicago


Back numbers of School Science, School Mathematics, and School Science and Mathematics may be had for 30 cents a single copy. The Mathematical Supplements for 15 cents a copy.

In sets the prices are, postpaid: School Mathematics and Supplements, Vol. I, five numbers........$1.00 School Science, Vol. I, eight numbers...

6.00 School Science, Vols. II and III, each

6.00 School Science, Vol. IV, three numbers.

.75 School Science and Mathematics, Vols. V, VI, VII, VIII, IX X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI and XVII, each.

2.00 School Science and Mathematics, Vols. XVIII, XIX, XX and XXI, each...


Established in 1876
Standard for


This Machine Will Produce



For your 'laboratories, Domestic Science Department and for lighting.

In use in hundreds of educational institutions throughout the coun

· try. Write to us for a list of colleges and high schools using our machine.

Illustrated Catalogue Will be Sent on Request.



Plea se mention School Science and Mathematics when answering Advertisements.

Regents' Questions and Answers in Biology, by the Regents of the State of

New York. Pages 111. 13x17 cm. Paper. 1921. Regents Pub

lishing Co., 32 Union Square, N. Y, C. This book is a compilation of the regents' questions given to the academies and high schools of the State of New York for several years back. It is up-to-date in every particular. Each question is followed by the answer, the answers being brief and clearly stated. Where necessary, drawings accompany the questions. The questions are classified into groups and each group follows the natural development of the subject. The questions can be used for review and drill work as well as on final examinations. All biology teachers should possess themselves of a copy.

C. H. S. Wisconsin Reading Circle Annual. 67 pages. 15x23 cm. Paper.

1921. State Reading Circle Board, Madison, Wis. This is a splendid little book gotten out for the purpose of guiding boys and girls, as well as older folk, into the habit of reading good books. The pamphlet will “foster patriotism by promoting good reading." Teachers can make splendid use of the book. It really is a hand book in their possession for promoting good reading. The book contains lists of good books together with the address of the publishers. It contains the names of many good books together with the groups of people who should become familiar with them. All English teachers who have to deal with good reading should possess themselves of a copy.

C. H. S. Mechanical Drawing, First Year, by Ermeling, Fisher and Greene. Price,

$.45. The Bruce Publishing Co., Milwaukee. This book, by three of Chicago's better known drawing teachers, is a clear exposition of the subheads usually presented in the first year, that on isometric projection being especially good. This book is rich in material, thus allowing great latitude in choice of problems. R. W. W. University of Illinois Bulletin, Report of the High School Visitor, by H. A.

Hollister, University of Illinois. Pages 68; 15 X23 cm. Paper.

1921. University of Illinois Press, Urbana, Ill. This splendid report is gotten out by The High School Visitor and contains much valuable information. It discusses the financial side of the teaching profession very completely. Fine table of statistics being given from which valuable information can be secured. Much space is given to considering the ratio of boys to the total number of pupils enrolled in the high schools of Illinois. Complete statistics with reference to the accredited schools for the university of Illinois are given. A list of the accredited schools is also given. It is a book that should be in the hands of every high school teacher.

C. H: S. General Science, A Book of Projects by Edgar A. Bedford, Dewitt Clinton

High School, N. Y. C. Pages XXIII +387 +11. 1372x19 cm.

Cloth. 1921. Allyn & Bacon, Chicago. This is one of the best books of the kind which has come to the attention of the writer. No particular part of the sciences is treated more than the others. In fact, there is a fair division of the discussion among the various sciences treated. There has been an attempt made to cultivate a spirit of inquiry and open-mindedness. Also, to put the pupils in possession of certain fundamental truths which give an explanation of everyday life and to help the pupils learn a few of the forces and their effects which surround them. The projects have been selected largely

Equipment and Service When in

the Market for

PHYSICAL APPARATUS, described in our CATALOG_No. 3 (1920) on


described in CATALOG No. 4 (1921) MICROSCOPES

on “LABORATORY APPARATUS.” PROJECTION APPARATUS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES The FARWELL-STIFLER OPTICAL BENCH and "SUGGESTIONS FOR LABORATORY EXERCISES IN OPTICS," described in Bulletin 16, just off the press. The ZELENY OSCILLATING ELECTROSCOPE FOR MEASUREMENT OF IONIZATION AND RADIOACTIVITY, with important experiments illustrated and described in Bulletin 15. A new ELECTRIC DRIVEN TUNING FORK operating directly on 110 or 220 volt circuit, WHICH REQUIRES NO INTERRUPTING MECHANISM in contact with prongs, consequently highest precision of frequency is maintained. This is one of the most important improvements in instrument design that has been recorded for some time.

Manufacturers and Dealers

Cor. West 4th and Barrow Sts.






The Teaching Museum should include enlarged models of the different protozoa.

Accurate models of the typical laboratory forms will clear up much of the vagueness that confuses the student in his early dissections.

Models showing the embryological development of Amphioxus, Frog, etc., will enable the teacher to present the principles of animal growth and development in a vivid clean cut fashion.

Our New Model Catalogue is Just Off the Press

A card will bring it to you.


1177 East 55th St., Chicago, Ill.

Please mention School Science and Mathematics when answering Advertisements.

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