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Whilst you

elsewhere in Ireland, clearly demon- the priesthood of the apostate Church strate that Popery still seeks to of Rome !! quench the light which would expose Against the national guilt involved her errors,—to extinguish the flame in such a measure it is alike your duty of pure religion which you by your and your privilege to protest. pious labours would kindle,--and rob Whilst you are zealously collecting mankind of that blessed book,—the your pence, your shillings, or your Bible, his inalienable birth-right,- guineas to circulate Bibles in all his best companion from the cradle to languages, Parliament is granting the grave ?

thousands and tens of thousands and What, then, would we now call on is about to grant hundreds of you to do? To cease from your la- thousands of the public money, to bours because they are opposed? No; support the emissaries of the Church we would rather call upon you to in- of Rome, who will take away those crease them. But something more Bibles, whose office and endeavour it must be done than has yet been at- is to keep the people in spiritual tempted. You must so exert your darkness and bondage. selves that, by the Divine blessing

are sending forth on your efforts, you may no longer, faithful ministers and missionaries, by your representatives in Parliament, whether at home or abroad, the support measures, the effect of which Church of Rome is also sending out is to defeat your own exertions. her priests, whom the misapplied

Whilst you, whether amongst those bounty of this country is training at who adorn the higher walks of society, Maynooth, to counteract their efforts. or whose lot has been placed by Whilst you would aid in proclaiming Providence in a humbler sphere, are the glad tidings of salvation, through subscribing, collecting, or in other faith in Christ Jesus, the only, but ways contributing to aid in the glo- ALL-SUFFICIENT Saviour of sinners, rious work of proclaiming the truth of Parliament is granting money to inGod, Parliament, the representative culcate the doctrines of the Church of of the nation, is making grants, the Rome. effect of which is to counteract your

And what are the doctrines of that pious labours; and statesmen are not Church? Can anything be more oponly continuing the increased grant posed to the truth of the Gospel than to Maynooth, but proposing to endow the Romish doctrines of tradition

purgatory, indulgences, human his own house. Mr. Dyster, Mrs. Free

merits,—the sacrifice of the mass, and man, and their families, are living at the

the worship of the Virgin Mary,Consulate.

whom the late Pope did not hesitate “I purposely abstain from giving any to call the sole foundation of his of the very conflicting statements as to the hope ? * proceedings of Dr. Kalley and his friends in this island. These matters, as well as

The call, then, is now made upon the conduct of all the authorities, both

you, to manifest as far as means and British and Portuguese, will of course be opportunity allow, increased devotedmade the subject of a rigorous inquiry by both Governments. A letter, numerously * See Encyclical Letter of the late signed, has been presented to the Consul, Pope, where the following occurs :-—"Now requesting him to apply for a man-of-war that all these events may come to pass, to protect British persons and property in happily and successfully, let us lift up the island, during the present state of our eyes and hands to the Most Holy anarchy, and avowed powerlessness of the Virgin Mary, who alone has destroyed local Government. We can confidently all heresies, and is our greatest confiexpect security for ourselves from the

dence, even the whole foundation of our prompt assistance of the English Govern- hope. May she, by her patronage, in this ment, but I much fear that a long and trying situation of the Lord's Hock, imbitter persecution of the poor native fol- plore a prosperous result of our efforts, lowers of Dr. Kalley is commencing. I designs, and actions! Let us ask this, am, neither directly nor indirectly, a sup- with humble prayers, of Peter, the prince porter of Dr. Kalley as a religious teacher, of the apostles, and of his co-apostle, but naturally feel indignant at seeing a Paul: that you may all stand as a rampart countryman abandoned to the mercy of to prevent the laying of any other founda

tion than that which is laid.”

a mob.”



ness to the truth you love; and to

BARBARITY AND SUPERSTITION oppose, as far as your influence and

AT ANCONA. example may extend, the continued support of Maynooth, and the contemplated endowment of the Romish Priesthood.

(Extract of a Letter, dated Ancona, We would suggest that every one

August 1st.) should sign Petitions to each House If you have not already heard through of Parliament, and Addresses to the the public papers of a shocking crime Crown, deprecating such unscrip- that has been perpetrated in this tural, such anti-Protestant proceed- vicinity, it is my painful duty to comings.

municate the sad and atrocious deed. Ought not the Protestants of this Our mutual friend, the Chevalier empire to assist their representatives Abbé Stewart, was, on the 17th ult., by Protestant energies from without, most inhumanly and deliberately to oppose the Romish influence within murdered on the shore between this the House of Commons ? Why and Sinigaglia. Poor Stewart put up should not those who have votes in at Casabrugiate for a few days, for the returning. Members to Parliament benefit of sea-bathing, previous to write to their representatives without visiting the fair of Sinigaglia. On delay? Why should they not also the morning of the 17th he bathed at meet and address them, and earnestly a secluded part of the shore, when a entreat them to oppose any such peasant approached him and tendered measure when brought before Par- his services to hold an umbrella, liament? Remind them that Popery which he accepted, and remunerated is unchanged in its nature. Assure the man for his trouble, upon which them that you deem it a matter of the peasant inquired if Mr. Stewart vital importance, to have those as intended bathing again in the evenyour representatives in Parliament, ing. He replied, he should, but who will fully and fairly represent would not require his services. Howyour views on the questions affecting ever, the peasant dodged him to the the endowment of Popery. The Pro- shore between four and five o'clock in testants of the United Empire have the afternoon and waited his opportuonly to do this—instantly, —unani- nity for committing his premeditated mously,—respectfully,— but decided- crime, having prepared, and partly ly,—and they will be instrumental in manufactured, a long stiletto since the warding off from their country, an morning. He took advantage of the evil of far greater magnitude than moment that Stewart was passing his has for a long time threatened it. shirt over his head, and inflicted three

Statesmen are blamed for being stabs, which Stewart received on his mere men of expediency. Why do left arm, and at once faced his murnot you, by expressing your opinions, derer, without weapon or covering to constrain them to feel that it is expe. his body, and demanded his intendient that they should act on princi- tions. The wretch replied, “Plunple? However indifferent to Divine der.” Poor Stewart pointed to his truth, or favourable to the endow- clothes, watch, ring, and money, and ment of Popery, those who form the besought him to take everything and Administration of this country may decamp, and spare his life. The monbe, they may yet deem it wiser, ster hesitated for a moment, and then safer, and more expedient, to yield rushed again upon Stewart, and deference to the Protestant opinions stabbed him eight times more, two of of the united empire, than to quail which wounds extended to the whole before the turbulent agitation of the length of the stiletto. Stewart fell

, and the murderer made off with his things. Then poor Stewart rose to his feet, wrapped himself in a sheet, and proceeded nearly half a mile, to the nearest cottage, falling twice before he could accomplish the distance.

Romish party

Medical aid from Monte Marciano rushing in, By half-past nine o'clock soon reached him, but mortal aid was at night they succeeded in clearing of no avail ; about an hour after mid- the church, and removing the coffin. night he expired, praying fervently, Next morning the church was again and wonderfully composed to the last beset by crowds, who kissed and moment. Half an hour previous to adored the ground upon which the his last gasp, he took up a pen and coffin had been placed, and strewed wrote to his brother, who, I believe it with flowers and garlands. It is his heir, “Dearest George,-I am is said also that the ground has dying. T. Stewart.” By poor Stew- wrought miracles. It is also said art's description, the assassin was that the priests will endeavour to arrested within an hour of the bloody oppose the Consul when he claims deed. Though there is all necessary the body for shipment, as they hope proof of the identity of the culprit, the family will canonize their relative, yet I apprehend the extreme penalty and let them reap the advantages atof the law may not reach him, being tendant upon such ceremonies, leavunder age (nineteen,) according to ing the body with them. — Times, the laws of this country. I under- September 1, 1846. stand that cases of great atrocity the Pope can lend (as it is called here ) a few years to the criminal.

DESCRIPTION OF POPERY. The British Consul has represented this case to Rome, as one requiring THE following masterly description the exertion of this power, and awaits of Popery is from the pen of Sir Edthe decision. The Consul has had ward Sandys, in 1632 :“This being poor Stewart's body embalmed, and the main ground-work of their policy, placed in the church of Santa Maria, and the general means to build and preparatory to embarkation for Eng- establish it in the minds of all men : land. Now comes the extraordinary the particular ways they hold to and almost incredible sequel to this ravish all affections, and to fit each most melancholy and dreadful deed. humour (which, their jurisdiction and The priests (I presume) having learnt power being but persuasive and vothat the deceased belonged to a rich Iuntary, they principally regard), are family, began as usual, to speculate well-nigh infinite ; there being not upon what might turn up most to anything either sacred or profane, their advantage. All at once, a child, no yirtue nor vice almost, a cripple from its birth, was cured by things of how contrary condition socrawling over the coffin, and left his ever, which they make not in some crutches there. The fame of this sort to serve that turn ; that each miracle spread throughout the town fancy may be satisfied, and each appeand neighbourhood, and the lame and tite find what to feed on. Whatsohalt flocked in from all sides. Nu- ever either wealth can sway with the merous other miracles are said to have lovers, or the voluntary poverty with been performed, — offerings of wax the despisers of the world ; what began to drop in to the Church,- honour with the ambitious; what scores of children were brought in to obedience with the humble; what be cured of all kinds of diseases. At great employment with stirring and length the crowds of deluded beings mettled spirits; what perpetual quiet reached such an extent that the with heavy and restive bodies; what British Consul feared they would de- content the pleasant nature can take stroy the coffin, and accordingly, or- in pastimes and jollity; what condered it to be removed out of the trariwise the austere mind in discibody of the church to a vault; but pline and rigour; what love either this was an undertaking of some diffi- chastity can raise in the pure, or voculty, and he was obliged to call in luptuousness in the dissolute; what the aid of the gendarmes to close the allurements are in knowledge to draw chief entrance to the church, and get the contemplative, or in actions of the crowd out by a back way, and state to possess the practical disposiprevent the populace outside from tions; what, with the hopeful pre


rogative of reward can work; what humility greater than his, shriving errors, doubts, and dangers with the himself daily on his knees to an orfearful; what change of vows with the dinary priest? Who difficulter in rash, of estate with the inconstant; despatch of causes to the greatest? what pardons with the faulty, or sup- Who easier in giving audience to the plies with the defective; what miracles meanest? Where greater rigour in with the credulous; what visions with the world, in exacting the observation the fantastical; what gorgeousness and of the church laws ?

Where less care shows with the vulgar and simple, or conscience of commandments of what multitude of ceremonies with God? To taste flesh on a Friday, the superstitious and ignorant; what where suspicion might fasten, were a prayer with the devout; what with matter for the Inquisition, whereas, the charitable works of piety; what on the other side, the Sunday is one rules of higher perfection with ele- of their greatest market-days. To vated affections; what dispensing with conclude: never state-never governbreach of rules with men of lawless ment in the world, so strangely comconditions ; turn, what thing soever pacted of infinite contrarieties, all can prevail with any man, either for tending to entertain the several himself to pursue, or at least wise to humours of all men, and to work love, reverence, or honour, in another what kind of effects soever they may (for even therein also man's nature desire; where rigour and remissness, receives the great satisfaction); the cruelty and lenity are combined, that same is found with them, not as in with neglect to the Church to stir other places of the world, by casualty, aught, is a sin unpardonable; whereas, blended without order, and of neces- with duty towards the Church, and by sity, but sorted in great part into intercession for allowance, with reseveral professions, countenanced with spective attendance

of her pleasure, reputation, honoured with preroga- no law, almost of God or nature so tives, facilitated with provisions and sacred which, one way or other, they yearly maintenance, and either (as the find not means to dispense with, or better things) advanced with expec- at leastwise, prevent the breach of, tation of reward, or borne with, how by connivance and without disturbbad soever, with sweet and silent per- ance." mission. What pomp—what riot, to that of their carnival ? What severity of life comparable to that of RELIGIOUS KNOWLEDGE AMONG their hermits and capuchins ? Who

THE CANADIANS. wealthier than their prelates? Who The following conversation took place poorer, by vow and profession, than between one of the Missionaries' their mendicants ? On the one side wives and a Canadian woman:of the street a cloister of virgins--on Missionary.Do you think of the the other, a sty of courtezans, with welfare of your soul amidst your care public toleration : this day, all in for the body? masks, with looseness and foolery- Romanist.--Oh, yes; I say my to-morrow, allin processions, whipping chapelet (beads) every day, and I love themselves till the blood follow; on God with all my heart, and my neighone door, an excommunication, throw- bour as myself. ing to hell all transgressors - on Missionary.Then you are a saint, another, a jubilee, or full discharge and without sin ? from all transgressions. Who learn- Romanist.-No. I have sinned. eder in all kind of sciences than their Missionary.-But you know a single Jesuits? What thing more ignorant sin deserves hell. How do


who than their ordinary Mass priests? confess yourself a sinner hope to be What prince so able to prefer his ser- saved ? vants and followers as the Pope, and Romanist.-I tell you I say my in so great multitude ? Who able to chapelet every day.. I wear the take deeper or readier revenge on his medal of the Holy Virgin, and I go enemies? What pride equal to his regularly to confession. What more making kings kiss his pantufle? What can one do?



Missionary.—But there is nothing taches; and it is in order to acquit of Jesus Christ in all this; and the yourselves rightly in the discharge of Word of God says that he is the only that responsibility, that you have asSaviour ?

sembled. In a free country, like our Romanist.— I confess my sins to the own, the people, to a very great Priest, and he forgives them. I need extent, make their own laws; for nothing more.

they make the law-makers. They Missionary.But do you think the have, therefore, themselves to blame Priest can answer for you at the for the existence and continuance of judgment? You are putting a man bad and wicked laws. Have we none in the place of Christ, who is the only such upon our statute-book ? Yes, Mediator spoken of in the Scriptures. yes, too many. How came they I could not take a Priest for my there? How came those laws which Saviour.

patronize the idolatry against which Romanist (going away in a rage). you

protest, to be registered where they - May the Holy Virgin give you her are? How! but by yourown connivance blessing!

and neglect. Why do they continue there? Why! only because you do

not resolve on removing them. SOUTHWARK ELECTION. Romish agitation placed them there,

-Protestant agitation must remove

them. I speak but the solemn, deliLORD, ESQ., ON THE DUTIES OF PRO

berate conviction of my own mind,

when I say it, that if the majesty of SHORTLY after the anti-Maynooth the British Constitution continues to agitation, last year, was over, a va- bow before Popery, it will bow to rise cancy occurred in the representation

The questions at issue are of Southwark. It was deemed im- those which most deeply concern the portant to bring forward a Protestant best and dearest interests of our candidate, in opposition to others, who country, the spread and purity of our were in favour of Popery.

no more,

faith, the existence of our liberties, Mr. Pilcher, who avowed himself the glory of our nation, and the safety friendly to the Protestant interests, of our souls. Man, rightly contemwas desirous of securing the votes of plated, must be regarded not only as the members of the Protestant Asso- a citizen of this world, but as a canciation.

didate for citizenship in a better A Meeting of the Southwark As- country, even a heavenly one, How sociation therefore took place on the shall we get there? The Almighty 2d of September, at which Mr. Pil- himself has made this clear. Christ cher was present. Having been asked is the way, the truth, and the life. several questions, which he answered Where shall we gain the needful to the satisfaction of the Meeting, knowledge ? Search the Scripture, Mr. Lord, who had been invited to is the precept of inspiration, and the take a part in the proceedings, was blessedness of true religion is, that it called on to address the Meeting. best qualifies and prepares men for He spoke as follows. We insert his this world and that which is to come. observations, though after some lapse Now Popery is the reverse of this. of time, because they seem to embody Popery is a false religion. Popery the principles on which Protestants would stop up the only way by which ought to act at the forthcoming elec- sinful man can have access to a throne tion:

of grace-puts in so many saints, Mr. Chairman and Protestant relics, and mediators, that the Saviour Friends,,We have met here to deli- can hardly be got at through them ; berate this evening as to the exercise and then, having thus purposely misof a power and privilege which forms led, she puts out the light, takes away the peculiar glory of a free and en- or obscures the Bible, lest her errors lightened country. To the exercise should be detected, and leaves man of this power, as to the exercise of in darkness, to grope his way to ruin. every other talent, responsibility at- On these grounds, and upon these

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