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stated that they would sooner die is announced as having apostatized to than see Popery established in Ireland. the Church of Rome. He was re(Great cheers.) He (Mr. Gregg) was cently sent out to Columbo, as chapnot the man either to approve of lain; his Romanistic opinions were violence, or to advise it, and there well known previous to his departure was nothing that he should expect from England. less from than from the encounter of Amongst the topics of congratulabattalions in a religious war. But he tion connected with the resignation should have little hope for Ireland if of the Peel Administration, will be the he did not believe that there were removal, we trust, of the unprotestant thousands of Protestants who would staff accumulated at the Colonial take up the language of the men of Office, which we know has operated Fermanagh, and in the spirit of mar- most unfavourably in the appointments tyrs resolve to provoke death in the to the Colonial Church.—Church and most painful form, rather than tamely State Gazette. allow idolatry to be made the national CONVERSIONS FROM ROMANISM.religious profession of Ireland. (Ap- In St. Audeon's Church, last July 5, plause.) The Reverend Gentleman, four persons renounced the errors of at great length, urged his views upon Romanism, in the usual way, in that the

Meeting, and concluded by moving church, and signed the renunciation the adoption of the Resolution. It roll. One of the converts, Mr. Hugh was then passed unanimously. M•Clelland, had been a protege of the

SIMON ARMSTRONG, Esq., D.L. late Rev. Justin M‘Namara, Father J.P., was then called to the chair, Maguire's chairman in the Gregg disand the best thanks of the Meeting cussion, and was intended for the given to the Rev. Mr. Montgomery. priesthood in the Church of Rome; The whole assembly then joined in but he has now shaken off the yoke of singing the hymn, "Babylon is fallen,” Rome for ever, and embraced the and then quietly adjourned to their pure faith of the early Irish Church. homes.

The Rev. G. Trevennick, Rector of
Ballyshannon, read prayers on the

solemn occasion, and the Rev. ThoMISCELLANEOUS.

mas Scott administered the form of THE NEW POPE, AND DR. WOLFF.- abjuration to the converts, and afterDr. Wolff, in a letter to a friend, wards preached from the following says, “It is curious that the present words :-1 Chron. xxviii. 9, “ And Pope when only Conte Farretti was thou, Solomon, my son, know thou my fellow-pupil in the Collegio Ro- the God of thy father, and serve him mano at Rome, from the year 1816 with a perfect heart, and with a to 1817, when I went over to the willing mind, for the Lord searcheth Propaganda. He is an amiable, zeal

our hearts, and understandeth all the ous, talented, shrewd, pious, and imaginations of the thoughts: if thou liberal gentleman, and it is therefore seek him he will be found of thee; to be hoped that he has transferred but if thou forsake him he will cast these qualities from the simple Conte thee off for ever." Farretti to the throne of Pius IX." Our readers may judge the amount

Thus goes the world. One of two of scriptural information that some of students, on almost equal ground, the converts have who occasionally becomes a “Sovereign Pontiff,” the renounce Popery in that Church, by other, though filling the world with the following fact: Thomas Kerr, a his name, is the humble vicar of the parishioner of St. Audeon’s, educated small parish of Isle Brewers, in a in the schools of the parish, and a retired part of the county of Somerset, convert, obtained the first premium in where, however, he has the secret re- the highest class, at an examination ward of ministering to the spiritual held in St. Mary's Church, on the 17th wants of an attached congregation, ult., by the Society for promoting anxious to be taught.

“ the Christian Religion, and the SECESSION.—The Rev. J. G. Wen- Knowledge of the Gospel.”—Dublin ham, B.A., demy of Magdalen College, Statesman.

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BRIDPORT.--REVIVAL OF POPERY. into their minds. Parents, guardians,

On Thursday last the Romish and teachers of youth, among ProChapel, situate at the back of the testants of all denominations, cannot town, in the parish of Bradpole, was be too circumspect and vigilant over opened for public worship with all the those intrusted to their care in this gorgeous paraphernalia and pomp- respect. ous ceremony characteristic of the ROME IDOLATROUS. It is not the apostate Church of Rome. “High private opinion only of some parmass

was of course performed on ticular and forward men in their zeal the occasion, in Latin, the (sham) and heat against Popery, thus to acbishop of the diocese or district, in cuse it of idolatry; but it is the defull canonicals

, being assisted therein liberate, and sober, and downright by several Popish priests from Devon, charge of the Church of England, of Somerset, and different parts of this which no honest man can be a memcounty. The sermon (in English) ber and a minister who does not was preached by the aforesaid bishop, make and believe it.— Archbishop from the text_Thou shalt love the Wake, in Gibson, vol. ii., p. 339. Lord thy God with all thy heart, and CHURCH EXTENSION. THE with all thy soul, and with all thy CHURCH ROME'S RUMOURED mind—and thy neighbour as thyself.” DESIGNS.--Among the rumours reThis was rather bold for one of the specting the spiritual measures now heads of a Church whose fundamental in contemplation, is one that the article is, that “out of its own pale English hierarchy, in connexion with there is no salvation.” The chapel the Church of Rome, is to be increased was densely crowded in every part, from its present number of six bishops chiefly by Protestants (!) of Bridport to the full complement of two archand its neighbourhood ; several of bishops and twenty-two bishops. whom, not being incense proof” The object of this provident scheme were obliged to leave for a purer is, to make suitable berths for the atmosphere before the “mass members of Mr. Newman's party, ended, notwithstanding a plentiful who have already forsaken the Anglisupply of "holy water” was at hand. can schism, and for those who are The mariolatry” of this church, expected to follow their example. image-worship, &c., was prudently England is also to be favoured in kept for another opportunity by the the next distribution of cardinal's preacher, whose sermon seemed to hats. Lord Clifford, son-in-law of have pleased his Protestant hearers; the late Cardinal Weld, is about, we they having, as is reported, contri- believe, to be raised to that dignity. buted very liberally on the occasion! As his Lordship is a Peer of the Vespers were chanted in the even- realm, a curious question in Parliaing, and a Romish priest, from Bir- mentary etiquette may possibly arise mingham (it is said), addressed a out of his elevation, viz,, is his Emicrowded audience of the same de- nence, the Lord Cardinal Clifford, to scription as that of the morning, and to take precedence of his Grace the with the like success! No new con- Lord Archbishop of Canterbury ? verts (or rather perverts) from Pro- The Lords, we know, are guided in testantism have as yet been publicly the internal arrangements of their announced; whilst the novelty of the House by their own precedents. The services on the one hand, and the last Cardinal who sat in the House want of sufficient accommodation for was Cardinal Pole ; and should no the parishioners at the Established rule to the contrary appear in their Church on the other (so frequently Lordships' Journals, Cardinal Clifadverted to in our columns), will, it ford's position in the House, will, in is to be feared, ultimately induce the ordinary course of Parliament, be some inconsiderate and lukewarm the same as that occupied by his preProtestants to spend a portion of decessor in the reign of Queen Mary. their Sundays, at least, in a place -Atlas. where the poison of Popery will be POPERY PRODUCTIVE OF INFIDEcautiously though insidiously instilled LITY, “Having,” says the Rev.


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flowed ;


Blanco White, “to preach, in the
execution of my office, to the Royal ON THE DEATH OF CHARLOTTE
Brigade of Carabiniers who came to

worship the body of St. Ferdinand, FRIENDS of the truth, daughters of
preserved in the King's Chapel (sic!),

Britain weep, I chose the subject of Infidelity, on For one who loved you lies in death's which I delivered an elaborate dis- cold sleep;

But the fatal crisis was at No more the lifeless clay feels joy or hand. At the end of a year from the pain, preaching of this sermon, I was bor- Nor shall the feeble pulse ere throb dering on Atheism. If my case were again. singular ; if my knowledge of the Cold is that heart which late so most enlightened classes of Spain did warmly glow'd, not furnish me with a multitude of Silent that pen which late so freely sudden transitions, from sincere faith and piety, to the most outrageous Yes, mourn, a friend, a faithful sister Infidelity, I would submit to the

dead, humbling conviction, that either Yet joy to think her ransom'd soul has weakness of judgment or fickleness fled of character had been the only source To that bright world where joys of my errors. But, though I am not perennial flow, at liberty to mention individual cases, Beyond the reach of sin, dark source I do attest, from the most certain

of woe. knowledge, that the history of my Rejoice to think on those blest words, own mind is, with little variation, that 66 Well done!” of A GREAT PORTION OF THE SPANISH With which her Master calls her CLERGY. The FACT is certain. I

spirit home. make no individual charge. Every Thrice blessed hope! thrice blessed one who comes within this general Gospel, hail! description may still wear the mask, The peace thou giv'st not ev'n in which no Spaniard can throw off death shall fail. without bidding an eternal farewell How bright thy light which cheers to his country.”-Practical and Intern. Evid. against Cathol. pp. 7, 8. How great the love of Him who died

to save ;

And oh! how dark, how blighting

falls the sound,
FAITH AND LOVE. — Nothing is Which, like the whírlwind, scatters on
better than peace, whereby all war is

the silent grave,

the ground destroyed, both of things in heaven The hope that sweetly dries the and things on earth. Nothing of this mourner's tear, is hid from you if ye have perfect And calms to silence every throbbing faith in Jesus Christ, and love, which fear,— are the beginning and the end of life. That ere the much-loved form in Faith is the beginning, love the end; death grows cold, and both being joined in one are of Its spirit shall the Saviour's face God. All other things pertaining to

behold. perfect holiness follow: for no man How dread the sound of that abode that hath faith sinneth, and none that

of gloom, hath love hateth any man.-St. Ig- More dark, more dismal, than the natius.

silent tomb: JOY AND SORROW.-Sorrows, by Where ransom'd souls must penal fires being communicated, become less, and endure, joys greater; sorrow, like a stream, And thus be made from sin's polluloses itself in many channels, and joy, like a ray of the sun, reflects with a Did Jesus die that those who love his greater ardour and quickness when it rebounds upon a man from the breast Should burn and writhe in Purof his friend.South.

gatorial flame?

tion pure.


peace she drew.



The very

Ah! no; His death a full atonement clouded by religion, will be sanctified, made

hallowed, and improved by it. His blood the price for every sin has

Intellect, unsanctified by religion, paid.

is one characteristic of the lost spirits. And she we mourn this precious truth Intellect, pervaded by the hallowed well knew,

influences of a pure religion, conduces From God's own Word this source of at once to the utility and happiness of

He can then best render to O Rome! apostate Rome! Thy chil- his Maker a reasonable service. dren die

The lectures before us invite, and Uncheered, unblest with wisdom from will receive, attention, as all the proon high.

ductions of Dr. M.Caul must do. The sacred volume of Eternal Truth, It is, however, to the last two that That staff of age, that guide of erring our attention has been more youth,

pecially given, because they treat on That precious word thou cruelly dost à subject which has ever occupied hide,

our earnest thoughts. And wrest its pages to support thy The subject of these two lectures pride.

is, the fulfilment of the New Testa-
ment prophecies in the history of the

Roman Church.

In Lecture VI. the following imHidden Works of Darkness; or the

portant passages occur. Doings of the Jesuits.-By W. Os

words marked out by the apostles :BURN, 8vo., pp. 214.

London :

• Mother of harlots' is that which published for the Protestant Asso- Rome adopts as her distinctive title-ciation by W. H. Dalton, 28, Cock

a title necessarily distinctive ; for spur-street, 1846.

there cannot be many mothers. One This is a very interesting work; and

Church, and one Church alone, can as cheapness is the order of the day, we can recommend it also on that account. lay claim to maternity. The Church

of Rome declares she is that one, The chapters into which the work the only Church that ever pretended is divided are

to be the universal mother. O just 1. Foundation of the order of the

and righteous judgment of God priests. II. The Jesuits in France.

upon her presumption ! O merci

ful dispensation of an all-wise ProIII. The Puritan Jesuits.

vidence! O marvellous and judicial IV. The Anglican Jesuits.

blindness of usurping Rome, that V. Seminary priests.

led her to adopt not only the characVI. and VII. The Laudians.

ter, but the very word specified by the The work will amply repay the at- Holy Spirit as the characteristic of tention of the reader, and we hope more the false and faithless Church, the fully to notice it in our next number. pretender to catholicity. In her

most solemn, her peculiar profession Lectures on the Prophecies, proving of faith, she calls herself the Mother

the Divine Origin of Christianity: of Churches, and their boasted unidelivered in the Chapel of the Honformity of faith, and uniformity of Society of Lincoln's Inn, on the worship, proclaims them to be harlots Foundation of the late Bishop War- like herself. She is mother of harlots, burton.-By ALEXANDER M'Caul, and mother of their abominations. D.D., Professor of Divinity in She claims to be, and they acknowKing's College, and Prebendary of ledge her, as the centre of their unity, St. Paul's. London: 1846, pp. 171. and the source of their doctrine.

John W. Parker, West Strand. Thus far, then, the pseudo-catholicity THESE are lectures on a portion of Holy of Rome proves that St. John was a Writ which it appears to us is not suffi- true prophet. All that he has preciently brought forward in these days. dicted concerning her idolatry and

her Science may delight the intellectual, diffusiveness has been fulfilled. We but intellect, whilst it will not be can compare what we now see with what the prophet wrote, and the evi- the diplomatic corps was to be present, dence of our senses will prove the and had recommended him to avoid Divine inspiration of the prediction. everything that could give offence, But there is another feature still so but being confined at the time to his dreadful, so revolting, so unlike Chris- bed by indisposition, the Nuncio had tianity, as to cause some hesitation, or not ascertained what the Bishop ineven to raise a doubt of the correct tended to say. The orator, after his ness of the prophetic picture, or, at exordium, which embraced the whole least, of the propriety of the application. universe, exposed the plan of his ad

"St. John goes on to say, "I saw the dress. He commenced with France, woman drunken with the blood of the and spoke of the commotions to which saints, and with the blood of the mar- she had been exposed ; deplored the tyrs of Jesus.' Is it possible that any scandal caused by the Eglise Francommunity, calling itself Christian, çaise of the Abbé Châtel, and the and professing faith in the meek and errors of the Abbé Lamennais; and merciful Jesus, should be found im- spoke of the support which, after so bruing its hands in the blood even of many trials, the Pope had found in idolaters or persecutors ?. Is it con- the religious sentiments of the counceivable that any Church, even of try, and in the virtues and piety of heretics, not to speak of that society the King. He then proceeded to which calls itself the Church, the true speak of Prussia, and alluded to the Church, the only spouse and bride of persecution of the Bishop of Cologne, Christ, should have to answer for the and, in the presence of the Minister blood of the saints, and of the martyrs of Prussia, he declared that the late of Jesus. The wildest imagination King had been punished by God; could never have fancied anything he concluded, however, by an eulogium more abhorrent from the spirit of on the present King. Russia came Christianity. The feverish dreams of next. He commenced by calling the the wicked could hardly produce an Emperor the modern Tamerlane ; image more unworthy of the Gospel. stigmatized with great energy, the And yet it has been pourtrayed by persecution of the Catholics and the the pencil of inspiration. St. John Poles : and then alluding to the inpresents the picture of an idolatrous terview between the northern despot and pseudo-Catholic Church glutted and the late Pope, called Gregory XIV., with the blood of true and faithful another St. Leo, arresting in his nefaChristians, and history bears witness rious designs the new Attila; and all that it is no phantom of a diseased ima- this in presence of the Russian Minisgination, but sober and dreadful truth.” ter! Spain, Portugal, and England

were treated with the same consideraINTELLIGENCE.

tion; but what was strange is, that NAPLES.— Funeral Oration

not a word was said relative to Austhe late Pope. - The Débats publishes tria; Prussia and Russia had all the the following letter om Naples of the honours of his attack. It is said that 7th of July :—"The honours paid the Ministers of these two Powers here to the memory of the late Pope demanded explanations from the were marked by an incident which is Nuncio, and received an assurance much spoken of. The duty of de- that he had no previous knowledge livering the funeral oration had been of the address. However, it is certain confided to Monsignor Luca, Bishop that this grave attack from a man so of Aversa, a man of great talent. high in the Church has caused a great The Nuncio had sent him word that sensation.”


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