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boundaries, have ridden roughshod over all those cherished plots fostered and matured by the exemplary care of generations. Thus have compacts been set at nought, thus have institutions been desecrated, and thus have the forebodings of the Conservatives been fulfilled. Nor was this opinion confined to British Protestants, as appears from an excellent work on Austria lately published. “Prince Metternich,” says Mrs. Trollope, “has repeatedly expressed to me, with all the strength and clearness of his adamantine intellect, that any revolution, tending to change the spirit of our Constitution, would be equally destructive to the happiness and prosperity of Great Britain. 'I am a Catholic,' said he to me on one occasion, and I trust a good one, yet did I deeply deplore your Emancipation Bill ; for I saw that it must tend to loosen and shake the foundation upon which your well-timed and justly approved Constitution was founded.'”-[“ Vienna and the Austrians,” &c. By Frances Trollope. Vol. ii., p. 413.] Here we have the opinion of a statesman entitled to rank among the greatest who have ever. appeared. Of the perfect wisdom of that opinion no one can, with our present experience, doubt. - From "A Disclosure of the Principles, Designs, and Machinations of the Popish Revolutionary Faction in Ireland.By John Ryan, Esq.

THE CHALLENGE OF THE REV. Romish Church to have been ever

R. J. M‘GHEE TO THE ROMAN heard of as the creed of the Christian CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOPS OF Church, previous to the year 1564, THE FOUR PROVINCES OF IRE- but they took no notice of his letter, LAND.

and when he subsequently held In the early part of the present year, his great Meeting at the Rotunda, this devoted." faithful, and unwearied though the platform was divided into champion for the truth of Christ two equal sections, one with a chair against the errors of Antichrist, pub- and seats for the clergy of the Established a letter to Dr. Murray, Roman

lished Church, and the other with a Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, to the

chair and seats for the priests of the Roman Catholic parish priests of Dub

Church of Rome, yet none of the lin, and to the President and Theo

latter attended. logical Professors of the College of Mr. MʻGhee, however, proceeded Maynooth.

to deliver his lecture, which was most That letter appeared in the “ Dub- enthusiastically received, and has lin Evening Mail,” and was also sent since been published with some of round to each of the parties, accompa

the documents referred to, including nied with a tabular form, pointing out

ng out the creeds of the two Churches, in a the antiguity ofthe creed of the Protest. tabular form. * ant or Christian Church, and the no

To the whole is appended a letter, velty of the errors which are particu- thus introduced by Mr. M'Ghee, larly embodied in the creed of the p. 46:modern Church of Rome, and stamp

* " The following letter, addressed to on her the mark of apostasy.

the four Roman Catholic archbishops, They were also specially invited to is necessary to conclude the writer's meet him to discuss the points referred to in his letter, and Mr. M‘Ghee

* This has been published separately, offered to conform to the Church of

and is called “The Old Crecd of the

Christian Church, and the New Creed Rome, on the simple condition that of the Church of Rome.” It may be they could prove the creed of the had at No. 11, Exeter-hall, price Id.

testimony on this subject. Whenever of those who have departed from it to a Roman Catholic shall assert, in any retrace their steps, and return to the part of Ireland, that the creed of his faith of the Catholic Church. Church was heard of in Christendom, “If Protestants have departed from as a creed, before the year 1564 ;- it let them return. If Roman Catholet him go to his priest, bishop, or lics have departed let them return. archbishop, and ask, what is the Let us agree to meet in the unity of reason why the archbishop of the pro- the faith of the ancient holy Catholic vince has not received the writer of Church. The profession of faith in this letter into the Church of Rome, which the ancient Church was saved, on the simple condition of proving is one in which we may be saved, the fact?

yea, the only one in which we can be

saved—for if men do not hold it in “ THE ANCIENT CREED OF THE word or in principle, beyond all quesCHRISTIAN CHURCH.

tion they shall surely perish. To the Most Rev. the Archbishops “The Roman Catholics believe that

of the Church of Rome, in the Four Protestants have departed from this Provinces of Ireland, now assem- profession of faith of the ancient bled in Dublin.


holy Catholic Church. We say that “ Most Rev. Sirs,— It is to be sin- they have departed from it. Surely cerely hoped that any attempt, how this point can be settled. It is for ever humble, to promote peace and this purpose I take the liberty of concord in our unhappy country will addressing you. be received by you with complacence “I wish to bring this question to a if not with encouragement, and that conclusive issue, and so I venture to if you feel you can conscientiously co- address the four archbishops of the operate in any measure that has this Church of Rome, in the four provinces laudable object in view, you will be of Ireland, that the Roman Catholics anxious and ready to do so.

of every province may see how the “ There can be no doubt you will case stands, and how totally they admit the following principles as just have been deceived in supposing that and true :

the Church of England has departed “ First–The faith of Christ must from the faith of the ancient Catholic necessarily promote peace and love Church. I lay down these two facts amongst those who sincerely profess which I humbly submit to you, Most and follow it.

Rev. Sirs, as not to be contradicted. “ Secondly-It is a fact it did so “If any person desires to join himpromote these blessings in the days self to the Church of England, we of the apostles, and among the primi- propose to him to subscribe and abide tive Christians.

by our profession of faith; and this “ Thirdly—We must conclude that profession of faith is not only the when this happy effect is not produced, same which was propounded by the the cause does not exist; in other four first general councils, but it is words, that those who are not taught the same which the Council of Trent, by their religion to live in peace, and in her third session, February 4, 1546, love one another, have not the Apos- declared to be That summary in tolic faith in Christ, but must neces- which all who profess the faith of sarily have departed from it.

Christ necessarily agreed, and that “ Now, we do not love one another firm and only foundation against as we ought to do in Ireland. See which the gates of hell should never what contentions there are between prevail.' Protestants and Roman Catholics; “ If this be true, it must be clear therefore I conclude there must be as the sun that the Church of England somewhere a departure from the true has not departed from the pure faith profession of the primitive faith ; either of the ancient holy Catholic Church. the Church of Rome has departed from “Now, if a person desires to join it, or the Church of England has depart- himself to the Church of Rome, you ed from it, or both have departed from it. propose to him to subscribe your

Surely, then, it is the plain duty profession of faith, which is not only

not the same as ours—the same as clared to be the firm and only founthat which was set forth by the four dation against which the gates of first general councils—the same as hell should never prevail. that which the Council of Trent asserted “Now, most Rev. Sirs, I enclose to that it is the • Firm and only foun- you by this post, addressed to the care dation against which the gates of hell of Mr. Coyne, the document on this shall never prevail'--but you call him important subject which I have before to subscribe a profession of faith enclosed to the priests. You can which no Christian Church on earth answer whether I write truly or ever saw or heard of till the month of falsely. December, 1564, exactly 282 years “ If your creed be that of the ago.

ancient Christian Church, the ancient « Now I wish to place this one holy Catholic Church of Ireland, then simple fact prominently before your you can on my own offer, demand of own view, and that of all the Roman me publicly to join your Church by Catholics of Ireland; for I am quite subscribing it. certain that if they knew this one “But if not, then I entreat you to fact, it would not be very difficult to give up the novelties which the Bishop lead them to see that their brethren of Rome added to the ancient creed of of the Church of England are not Ireland and of Christendom; and for heretics, and that we could easily be Christ's sake and your own sake, let united in the ancient holy Catholic us all unite in honest Christian felFaith again. Then to borrow from lowship in subscribing the faith of your friend, (Mr. O'Connell,) Ireland the ancient holy Catholic Church of should be

Ireland. “Great, glorious, and free, “I write this with the hope that First flower of the earth, and first gem of all my reverend brethren in the four the sea.

provinces will follow my example“Now, Most Rev. Sirs, I beg while that they will call for the documents you are, as I understand, assembled on the creeds which I enclose to you; in Dublin, to propose to you all, as I and that they will then practically have already proposed to the most prove to our dear Roman Catholic Rev. Dr. Murray

countrymen that they may all yet, by “I propose that you should receive God's 'mercy, be brought to unite in me into your Church on one simple the ancient faith of our own old condition, namely, That when you Catholic Church of Ireland, and cast bring your ritual with you, and your away all novelties which our foreform for absolving heretics to me to fathers never knew.-I have the subscribe, you prove to me that the honour to be, Most Rev. Sirs, your creed which you call on me to adopt, Faithful Servant in the Old Faith, was ever known or heard of in the

“ R. J. M.GHEE. Christian Church by man, woman, or “ London, April 30, 1846." child, till the year 1564.

“I invite you, on the other hand, to bring your own edition of General Councils, by Mansi, printed at Rome, FINAL MEETING OF CENTRAL and I will undertake to show you, ANTI-MAYNOOTH COMMITTEE. that if the Council of Ephesus be true, At a numerously attended Meeting a bishop, by the very act of proposing of the Committee, held at Exeter such a creed to a man wishing to join Hall, on Friday, June 12th, 1846, Sir his church, incurs the sentence of Culling Eardley Smith, Bart., in the being deposed from his office; and Chair. The Treasurer produced the also, that by the testimony of the Balance-sheet of receipts and payCouncil of Trent, you propose to me ments; showing the following totals :to depart from “ The summary of faith RECEIVED. in which all who professed the faith 28541. 18s. 3d. 1 28541. 188. 3. of Christ up to the year 1546 neces- After which it was sarily agreed'--you call me to leave “1.-Resolved, that the account that which the Council of Trent de- now produced be approved ; and that


cannot be proved to him it is im R. But what does St. Paul say to possible these people do not believe the Hebrews ? Does he not say, anything I 74 uni

That Jesus Christ is Priest for ever; R. I beg your pardon, Sir. For that his priesthood cannot be inherited instance, if you would just show me by others ; that He is sitting at the in the Gospel something like “Con- right hand of God, his father, able to fess your sins to a priest,” I should save those that approach God through confess immediately -; isi

him, being ever alive to intercede for Priest (to the father).See what them; and that having offered himself he asks now! When they have once once in sacrifice, he has consecrated, listened to that they stick to it, and for ever, such as are sanctified.” they will not desist. Tradition is Priest. You are in existence only necessary to prove them that, for the a few days, and yet you speak of the Gospel is not complete? Ti I “ sacrifice of Jesus Christ .." R. That is not true. .-* or a

R. We are in existence only a few u Priest. Do not insult me... 1+ days! But you said, yourself, that *5 R. No, Sir, I did not come either the same things are told us for 1800 to insult you or to be insulted; I only years, and that we will not believe. wish that you should prove to me, There is a contradiction in your statefrom the Gospel, what I have asked ment, Sir. you'*:"71, inimi!! I 1735+Y! Priest. You see they will not 1. Priesto-The Gospel ! Nobody can believe anything (trying to take the understand it, or rather it could not father away). be understood until the Fathers had R.—But until now you have not explained it. bit of polimo i ont said anything I could possibly believe. JURYou say that we need--the Priest. You will believe nothing fathers and the theologians ?-n' but the Gospel"; how can I demondr Priest.-No doubt. S on strate you the truth?. .. DR Well, show me in the Gospel HR. But is not the Gospel the word that we need the theologians ? ic 1. of God

P r esse en plein aina -&Priest (to the father). I told you ---Priest.-Go away, as I told you these people will not believe anything. already. (To the father) They are a Do you believe that the Church has set of ignorant people that do not received the power to forgive sins ? understand anything. You ought 99RYes, in the same way in which not to admit your son into your house. Peter and the other apostles could R...I see what a successor of an forgive, which is "If thou believest apostle you are, Sir... yani thou shalt be saved," and not if thou Priest. What do you say? What confess thyself, &c. m np 1, a successor of the apostles I am. .'

Priest.-Go awayer', * Din R. Yes, Sir. Have the apostles STR But that will not prove that taught the fathers to turn their chil. we ought to confess to a priest. There dren out of their houses ? is no other confession but that of St. Priest.Go away; leave this place. Peter. 3

wr on" · The Priest went to open the door. u Priest - Leave there your St. Peter! While the young man was going out, (Turning himself towards the father) he addressed him in these words, It is 1800 years since ve told them “Remember, Sir, that at the day of the same thing, and they will not judgment, you will have to give acbelieve any thing. Protestantism is count before God for your contempt no y religion, Every religion must of his Holy Word." - oma have a priesthood and a sacrifice, and When the father came to the church you have neither priesthood nor with his son, the Canadians that saw sacrifice ?, mas as ' n

them exclaimed, he takes his son to R.-What! do you think that the confession, and came eagerly to witness priesthood of Jesus Christ and his it. Many heard the discussion. The sacrifice is nothing? r

father, especially, was very much Priest. It is 1800 years since this astonished, that the priest he had sacrifice is over. ;

thought so much of had not been

able to convince his son, hardly more deny her that privilege which in than a boy, of the truth of the Roman England every dissenting seet enjoys; religion. He went all through the and impose upon her assembled princes market, and told the people of the a despotism which it was yainly sought embarrassment of the priest, and of to inflict upon Ireland, and which the victorious assurance of his son, Ireland would not have endured even whom he believed to possess the true if rebellion had been the consequence religion.

of her refusal-- we mean the Veto. The next day, Sabbath, the priest What makes this Veto, perhaps, preached, spoke of the Bible, which less dangerous in practice makes it, he compared to a book of medicine, however, more dishonourable in apthat people cannot understand ; and pearance. Four states have nominally as it is dangerous to compose remedies the power of insulting the Church, by and help one's self from the directions interposing their sacrilegious hands of such a book, so it is dangerous to upon the free exercise of its lawful read the Scriptures, to make 'one's prerogative--Austria, France, Spain, creed out of them, and to conform and Portugal. : We ask, why do they one's life to their directions. How not add Russia and England? Shortly, ever, added he, alluding to Protest- we suppose, there will be war in ants, they are good people, but you Europe, or threats of war, to determust not hear them when they talk mine whether this Protectorate of the religion. - '


* Church shall receive the extension }

we microstica
we suggesti 1 Of these four powers,

Spain is not in the enjoyment of inDEATH OF POPE GREGORY XVI. tercourse with the Holy See, and so (From the Tablet.")

blessedly forfeits rits vwrongful right. AND yet how weak is the faith of man; Portugal, it is thought, is too weak to or rather, how weak is our faith. For presume upon the right. Through with all the encouragements to hope France, ruled by Deists and Heretics presented by the events of the last of all kinds, the Devil exercises one fifteen-or, say, of the last fifty veto upon the choice of God's Vicar. years, we cannot strain our eyes into Through Austria- which has enslaved the darkness of the time to come the Church after her own fashion, without trembling for the result. The basely plays the part of minion to the stake is so great, the human instru: Northern Antichrist, and keeps the ments so feeble ; the danger so im- victims of his devilish tyranny in mediate and so pressing. 7 . prison, lest their loud words should

On Thursday-the great Feast of help still further to blast the cha the Body of our Lord the Conclave racter of the tyrant--the Devil exerof Cardinals was to meet in order to cises a second veto. choose a successor to the defunct Let the Catholics of this empire, Pontiff. Let us hope that the as those of America, and of all the world, sembling on this day is something know that the Church, in the election more than a happy omen or a fan of their Spiritual Ruler, is the vassal tastic anticipation. Around this Con. of Austria and France that they, in clave swells and surges a huge ocean this particular, are the vassals of of temporal intrigue. Now, at this Austria and France ! How long shall moment, the Church is (as it were) this disgraceful anomaly continue ? in the hands of those very men who Is it said to be part of the Law of carried off Christ bound to Pilate. Nations ? We know not the exact

Temporal sovereignty oppresses her. ground upon which the abusive prac. The power of civil despotism holds tice is based, but we think that before her in chains. At this solemn crisis long the Law of Nations will have to we feel bitterly that the Church is not be altered in this particular. The free : that her hands are in manacles; freedom of the Church is a higher that she has fallen into the grasp of thing than any pretended sections of cruel harpies who are her enemies. a law which force has imposed upon Even now they hover about her; ob- her. It must, and, please God, will, struct the freedom of her action; be altered and repealed.

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