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topic of the day, the Maynooth En- attention of, your Committee, namely, dowment Bill. A Meeting was also a proposition to unite in one common held in May, for the purpose of peti- band with the County Association, tioning the House of Lords on that which, until now, has been separate Anti-Protestant Act, a Petition was and distinct in its operations. The adopted, numerously signed, and for- effect of such an union, they feel, would warded for presentation to that House. be to produce a concentration of acIn recording the assembling of the tion, which would more effectually Members of the Association in Octo- work out, both in the County and City, ber last, your Committee are assured the objects in which the Societies are that they express your unanimous mutually engaged. feeling, when they speak of the glad. In conclusion, your Committee would dening spirit and heartfelt happiness earnestly impress that the threatening which they experienced on once again aspect of the times urge strongly upon seeing the worthy and venerated pre- the Protestant to bear in mind the sident of the Society, John Cator, Esq., words of Holy Writ, “ Remove not the presiding in person, and they earnestly antient land-mark which thy father's trust his late visit may, in the provi- havé sct.” The constant propagation dence of God, be the presage of a of unbelief and factious principles carhappy repetition.

ried on by means of Popish, Infidel, The anniversary of the Papal Gun- and Radical publications, and the vast powder Plot was commemorated on increase of a population yearly outthe 5th of November last by a nume- stripping all the united efforts of the rously attended Meeting, and your Church of God to lead them to a Committee beg to tender to those knowledge of the Truth; and to conMembers and Friends of the Society, duct them in the ways of loyalty, who kindly addressed that Meeting, virtue, and morality, demand most their most grateful acknowledgments pressingly the support of the National for the manly, constitutional, and Church, with her powers unimpaired Scriptural sentiments propounded in and extended, and of those other Profavour of the principles espoused by testant Institutions which have not yet the Association

been wrested from the nation by the Your Committee also beg to express faithless hands of God-forgetting politheir deep sense of the service ren ticians. Let us be firm in our attachdered by those gentlemen who have ment to the Church of our fathers, delivered lectures to the Society during England's greatest barrier against the the past year.

encroachments of all enemies of Truth, Your Committee have also to re- liberty, and order. Let us be ardent gister the kind attention of the Com- in desire to see her, in the words of an mittee of the “ Prayer Book and eminent statesman, “great and powHomily Society" in making a most erful: to see her foundations laid low acceptable gift of Homilies and other and deep, that she may crush the giant Tracts to the Association.

powers of rebellious darkness : to have · The library of the Society has re- her head raised up to that Heaven to ceived an addition of many useful and which she conducts us: to have her entertaining works, from donors and open wide her hospitable gates, by a by purchase. *

noble and liberal comprehension, but . There is also one other subject which to have no breaches in her walls; tohas been presented to, and engaged the have her cherish all those who are

within, and pity all those who are

without; to have her a common bless* The formation of Protestant Libraries, and the introduction of standard

ing to the world, an example, if not and interesting works on Protestantism

an instructor, to those who have not into those libraries already formed, whe

the happiness to belong to her. To ther. Parochial and Lending Libraries,

have her give a lesson of peace to or those of Mechanics’ Institutes, is most mankind, that a vexed and wandering important. The Protestant Association generation may be taught to seek for have published a series of works adapted repose and toleration in the maternal to this object,-ED,

bosom of Christian Charity, and not in

the harlot lap of infidelity and indif- inquiries were proposed to me by some ference."

of our Class-Leaders respecting the Then rally around her, by dangers unaw'd,

claims of Popery; and they were saThe Church of our Fathers,

tisfied of its unscriptural character The Church of our God.

and ruinous tendency. Nor could the jesuitry of the priesthood divert these faithful men from their allegiance to

Christ, and their attachment to WesROMISH PRIESTS IN CANADA.

leyan Methodism. EXTRACT of a letter from Rev. Previously to the Popish display I W. Scott, Wesleyan Missionary, had given notice that on the same day dated St. Clair, Port Samia, Ja. I should deliver two discourses on the nuary 8th, 1845.

doctrines, discipline, and fruits of Po

pery. Our Indian friends were de· The efforts of the Papacy, in various fighted with this announcement, and parts of the world, to destroy true Chris- made it a duty to invite all their friends tianity, and substitute its own direful to attend our services. The allureerrors and institutions, are now the ments of Popery were in vain. Our subject of cominon observation. Priests chapel was filled, and the Indians lis.. and Jesuits are almost everywhere tened with intelligent attention to the to be found, insinuating themselves discourses delivered in the morning amongst the people, and striving to and evening. Only a very few went promote the advancement of the Pa- to the Popish mass-house; and, though pal system. During the past year an their ceremonies were continued extraordinary effort was made among through the week, yet the Wesleyan the St. Clair Indians by them; but, by Indians were firm and unflinching. I the blessing of God, they have not know of only two exceptions—one succeeded. At one time three Priests woman and one man. You, my dear together made a sudden and unex- Sirs, need no information as to the dupected descent upon this fair portion plicity and vileness of Popish Priests; of the Lord's vineyard. One of these but it may be useful to state a few I had always seen at Manitoulin Is- facts which transpired here, and which land, when three several times I have are further illustrations of Romanism. visi ed that place; and he is now a The Priests, while here, were confluent speaker in the Ojibeway lan- tinually active, creeping into houses, guage, and therefore well adapted to both early and late. In one Indian's this mischievous undertaking. God, wigwam there was a sick child. The however, "taketh the wise in their own parents are pious and intelligent Wescraftiness, and disappointeth the hope leyans. The Priest sympathizes with of the hypocrite.”

their afflictions; and, acting upon deep On the arrival of these Priests of parental affection, proposes a remedy. Romanism, a temporary chapel, toward That remedy was baptism by a Romish the upper end of this Indian reserve, Priest. He had the effrontery to asnear to the village of Port Samia, was sure the mother that the child would erected, and pictures and crucifixes quickly recover, and would not again were hung all around it, in mimic be liable to sickness and disease. What grandeur and mock solemnity. The could be more easy? What more deFrench and Indian Roman Catholics sirable? “There could be no harm in who reside near this place were sent trying," thought the mother, almost for, and a great display was to be persuaded. Hearing of this Popish made on the approaching Sabbath. game, accompanied by my interpreter, The Priests visit the Indians on this I immediately repaired to the wigwam. reserve from house to house, and in- The wicked lies and deception of the vite them to attend; and other mes- Priest were unveiled, and the parents sengers are sent among the Indians, affectionately warned not thus to reusing every means to entice them nounce Christianity, deny the good " only to behold their superior way of providence of God, and be ensnared worship.” That there should be great by this mischievous scheme. They excitement was not surprising. Many were mercifully preserved, and saw

the design of the Priest. The child Another more recent event has had a was even then recovering; and, com- good effect on the Mission-an Indian mitting it to the care of God, the babe man renouncing Popery. He came to was restored, and Popery defeated. me with a sorrowful countenance,

One or two instances may also be having a crucifix suspended from his given, to show the manner in which neck, and deploring his condition. He the Priests were overcome by real said he had been deceived by repreChristianity. Dunickwenene, a Class- sentations of Popish superiority; he Leader, was visited by two Priests had lost his happiness, and among the They began to speak well of Method- Papists he found there was no love. ism, but represented their own religion He was sorry for having left his Me-' as vastly superior. It had come down thodist brethren, where he was always from the Apostles, and was the only happy, and wished to renounce Potrue religion. “Well," said the In- pery. He did so in the public congredian, “I wonder, I wonder: I know gation, and handed me his crucifix. I some Roman Catholic Indians, and took occasion to describe the enormisome Frenchmen too; they get drunk, ties and follies of Popery; and a happy they fight, they quarrel, they do not impression was produced. The Indian love one another. Now,” said he was threatened by the French Papists; “ look at me: I was the worst Indian but he is firm, and thankful for his on this reserve, drinking and fighting, deliverance from these enemies of vital and committing all manner of wicked- religion. ness. I heard the Gospel, turned from With heart-felt gratitude, therefore, my sins, have been a Christian some do I record the goodness of God in years, and have ceased to do evil. See preserving the St. Clair Mission from me~I am a new man. If your reli- the deadly influence of Popish supergion be so very superior, why does it stition. The visit of the Priests is only not produce better effects? I do not a matter of history: its effect is not believe you." This was an argument visible, except in attaching the Indians not to be gainsayed. The Priests be- more closely to our Wesleyan form of came angry, and left the Indian, feel. vital Christianity. We have not laing he was too strong for them. boured in vain; but the present posi

With another Indian Class-Leader, tion of the Mission strikingly proves Jonas Coe, a Priest entered into con- that the good Spirit of God himself versation; and, seeing an Indian trans- produced the glorious change which lation of one of the Gospels, began to has been wrought among the Indians disparage its merits, and deny its cor- of the St. Clair River. rectness. “ The Missionaries put in what they please," said the Priest; but this Indian could read and understand English. He asked the Priest

MALTA PROTESTANT COLLEGE. to read a passage in Indian; and then, FIRST OCCASIONAL PAPER ISSUED BY taking down his English Testament,

THE COMMITTEE. turned to the same passage there; and, It is with feelings of heartfelt gratidesiring the Priest to read that also, tude to Almighty God that the Comasked if that was not a fair translation, mittee of the Malta Protestant College and both alike the word of God. The announce to their friends and subscriPriest acknowledged the truth, and bers the opening of the School which said they were right. “ Are you the is intended to form the groundwork of interpreter here?” said he. "No," their future College. said the Indian; “ but I have been T his may be considered as the actaught to read the word of God, and complishment of a very important part know that what our Missionary teaches of their undertaking, and in thus intiagrees therewith.” And so the Priest mating it, a brief statement of the again changed the conversation, and steps by which it has been attained soon left him. Ah! these Priests can may not be uninteresting. do but little mischief where the power the confidential communication of godliness is felt, ånd where they signed by their. Noble Chairman was daré not use coercion.

so liberally responded to by a large

number of those to whom it was ad- and as an Oriental scholar of the dressed, as to justify the Committee in highest standing. His mature judgdispatching an agent to Malta, about ment and devoted piety, added to his fifteen months ago, for the purpose of intimate knowledge of the Oriental purchasing a suitable site. This mis- and modern European languages, rension was executed to their entire sa der him a valuable acquisition to the tisfaction. With the assistance of a infant Institution. gentleman resident at Valetta (whose To the important situation of First services have been truly valuable), a Master your Committee have apdesirable property, with extensive pointed, provisionally, the Rev. John buildings already upon it, was pro- Hickman, M.A., of St. John's Colcured. It is situated at St. Julien's lege, Cambridge. Mr. Hickman was Bay, a delightful and salubrious spot, strongly recommended to them as a about two miles from Valetta, and it man of sound religious views, and one is pronounced by those who are ac- who has already had great experience quainted with the Island to be a most in tuition. eligible situation for an educational The only other appointment yet establishment, possessing unusual ad- made is that of Mr. Zeller to the office vantages for promoting the health and of Assistant Master, also provisionally. comfort of the students.

Mr. Zeller is a native of Switzerland, The buildings already upon the pro- the son of a very distinguished schoolperty are commodious, and the Com- master, and was warmly recommended mittee determined to take immediate by His Excellency the Chevalier steps to render them suitable for the Bunsen. reception of Fifty Pupils, with the ne- The Committee further intend to cessary accommodation for the Mas- select a pious and learned member of ters.

one of the English Universities for the In this part of their work the Com- important office of Principal, but this mittee have been greatly indebted to they have postponed for a few months. Mr. Scamp, the architect of the church Under the management of the lately erected at Malta by the muni- teachers already named, the Instituficence of the Queen-Dowager, under tion was opened on the 3d of February whose able direction a 'wing has been last, an account of which event has added to the original edifice, which just been received. The kind friend completes the arrangement.

at Valetta, to whom allusion has alThe cost of the original purchase ready been made, writes that the imwas 2,5001., and the addition has been pression made upon those who were made at an expense of about 5001. : present on this occasion was of the

During the progress of these works most pleasing character, and affords the Committee experienced consider much hope of future success. able anxiety lest, in consequence of a Your Committee have the gratificapeculiarity in the law of Malta, they tion to add, that the Lord Bishop of should be disturbed in the possession Gibraltar has, with much kindness of the property by some hostile party. and cordiality, accepted the office of

They are thankful, however, to state Visitor; the venerable Bishop of Calthat the year of redemption has ex- cutta has extended his patronage to pired without any such attempt having the Institution; and his Excellency been made.

the Chevalier Bunsen, Ambassador The next point which occupied the from his Majesty the King of Prussia, attention of the Committee was the has allowed his name to be placed on appointment of officers for the Insti the list of the Provisional Committee. tution, and in this part of their work To these sources of encouragement the it is difficult for them to express how Committee feel bound to add the very deeply they have felt its importance, gratifying letters which they have reand their need of Divine guidance. ceived from many of the principal

For the office of Vice-Principal they merchants and bankers in the Medihave selected the Rev. Samuel Gobat, terranean. , a gentleman already well known as the Guided and prospered thus far in indefatigable Missionary to Abyssinia, their undertaking, your Committee humbly trust that, by the blessing of The wretched man was executed, as Almighty God, they will be permitted, our readers are aware, for attempting without delay, to carry out their ori- to murder Sir FRANCIS HOPKINS. He ginal plan to its full extent. For this pleaded not guilty to the charge, and a sum of 15,0001. (including 5,0001. even on the scaffold protested, in the already collected), will be required, most positive maoner, that he had no and the Committee earnestly appeal part nor hand in the crime. He was to those kind friends who came so a member of the Church of Rome, and generously forward at the commence- so powerfully were enlisted on his bement of the undertaking to aid them half the sympathies of that Church, now in securing its completion. that a Petition, numerously signed by

The work is of the most urgent im- its priests, was presented to the Lordportance. Its object is nothing less Lieutenant on his behalf, and a Roman than to spread the pure light of revealed Catholic Prelate publicly expressed religion, with the blessings of moral his conviction that he was an innocent and intellectual cultivation, amongst and an injured man; but the evidence nations now sunk in the lowest state of his guilt was so clear and conof degradation.

vincing that the representative of our It is to raise up from amongst them- gracious Queen, with the concurrence selves Missionaries, whose feet shall of the judge who tried the case, was be beautiful upon the mountains, who constrained to come to the determishall publish the Gospel of Peace, nation that the law should take its who, through Divine mercy, shall re- course. * We express no opinion upon call the members of the fallen Asiatic this particular case; we merely state Churches to their first love, and be the facts as they have come before the instrumental in leading even the dark public, and we take advantage of the ened sons of Africa to stretch forth excitement which these facts have protheir hands unto God.

duced to show that it is possible that It is, as an important, though sub- a consistent and devoted Romanist, ordinate, end, to spread far and wide such as BRIAN SEERY was, could prothe light of literature and of science, test in the dying hour that he was inand, if God permit, to sow the seed nocent of a crime laid to his charge, which, in due time, may yield for these and which he had actually committed; lands a goodly band of men qualified and moreover, that he could call that to promote the best interests of society, God, before whom he was shortly to in the learned professions, or in the appear, to witness his protestation. various departments of commerce. We most emphatically and distinctly

In venturing to anticipate these re- assert that this is possible; and while sults, your Committee humbly com- we do not pronounce upon the case of mend their Infant Establishment to Seery, we most unequivocally maintain Almighty God, with the earnest prayer, that the Church of Rome has sanethat it may now and at all times be tioned and authorized such moral prinso conducted as to promote his glory, ciples as would justify the culprit in and to diffuse those blessings which denying his guilt as solemnly and earHe is pleased in His unerring Word nestly as he did even in a dying hour! to connect with the honour of His We proceed at once to evidence of name, viz. “ peace on earth, and good an indisputable character-" The Mowill towards men.”

ral Theology of Saint Alphonsus LiLondon, March 14, 1846.

guori.” It will be necessary to point out the authority of the work on which

we ground this most weighty accusaCRIMINALS AND THE CONFES

tion. SIONAL,

1st. The author was canonized in BRIAN Seery is no more. He has the year 1839, only seven years ago. paid the uttermost penalty of the law, * Two men, who were since tried and and now in the eternal world he must found guilty of the crime of murder at render an account to Him,.“ to whom the assizes of Longford, declared themall hearts are open, all desires known, selves innocent as vehemently and soand from whom no secrets are hid." lemnly as Seery.

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