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the various Protestant denominations Samuel Hayman. They would press of the town and from the neighbour- ' the claims of the Protestant Relief ing parishes. The Society has also Society upon your kindest consideraby its deputations assisted at the Anti- tion, as a Society which extends aid Maynooth Conferences, and, although and relief to the poorer brethren “of no successful issue has as yet attended the household of faith; ” — and in their labours, they trust that God will conclusion would commend all the in his own good time answer the great interests of our national Proprayers of his faithful and devoted testantism to your continued sympaservants. Your Committee feel it thy, your warm and energetic support, their duty thus publicly to record their and your persevering and most fer-1 grateful sense of the extreme kindness vent prayers; and sincerely do they of the Right Hon. the Earl of Mount pray that the members of the various cashel, in having presided at their last Protestant Associations, throughout demonstration, to Richard Smyth, this mighty empire may, by the unEsq., J.P.D. L., as well as the clergy wavering of their allegiance to the and gentry, who also assisted and gave throne, by the godly sincerity and their weight and influence to the pro- consistency of their lives, by the ceedings, and especially to the Rev. purity and brightness of their example, Thomas Nolan, of Liverpool, for his by the salutary tendencies of their inpowerful and convincing appeal on dividual influence upon society, by their the same occasion. Your Committee unity in the bonds of love and peace, have been active at the registration of by their chastened yet quenchless zeal Parliamentary electors for the borough, for the welfare of their country, and, and feel pleasure in being enabled to the honour of their Saviour and their announce, that through their exertions God, by their prayerful activity in disa small majority of Protestants have seminating sound Christian principles been this year registered, but regret to in all their vital integrity, prove an add that many Protestants neglect to effectual instrument for reviving the avail themselves of their franchise, and Protestant energies of the country, and still decline to come forward in sup- pervade with all the vitality and spirit port of those principles which should of Protestant Christianity the entire be dear to every lover of the truth. mass of the British population. "The numbers of the Society have con

The reading of the Report was tinued to increase. Besides the more

received with continued cheers ; public lecture on the Progress of Literature and Civilization,” your

after which, the following ResoluCommittee have seen with much plea- tion was carried by acclamation : sure, that a series of most instructive

RESOLVED,—"That this Meet- , addresses have been delivered weekly ing feeling convinced that the by some members of the Society, constitution of the Youghall Pro'which they trust, will be continued; testant Operative. Association is feeling convinced that such efforts are eminently useful, pledges itself eminently calculated to give a taste to continue to it its warmest supfor right pursuits, promote study, and port." improve the mind. The subjects already treated on have been,

Matter and Motion,' " " The Development of


AT ROME IN THE PRESENT DAY. Industry, Self-Improvement,'

”?" Astronomy,” “The Improve- Those who have read Mr. Ciocci's ment of Time," “Gravitation,” “ Pro- book, entitled, “Narrative of Iniquitestant Truth," and the “Protestant ties-and Barbarities practised at Rome, Martyrs," &c. They desire to express in the nineteenth century,” will retheir sense of the continued kindness member that that gentleman escaped of the proprietors of the “Cork Con- from Rome with a passport in the stitution,” and also beg to thank those name of his servant, and in the guise persons who have so kindly con- of the character which he had as-, tributed books for the library, espe- sumed. Under the impression that cially Mrs. Leyoyne, and the Rev. the civil influence of the Papacy ex

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he is perse

tended beyond the Italian States, Mr. cruel and apostate system, at Rome, C. travelled as Francisco Cesanelli the seat of its power, the residence of (his servant's name) until he reached its head and its chief administrators, England. An Italian priest, at that where, if there is anything that is time resident in London, ascertained scriptural, merciful, and good in Poat the Custom House, that Mr. Ciocci pery, we surely might expect to had landed in this country under the behold their manifestation. But how name of

“ Cesanelli,” and imme- opposed are all the circumstances diately transmitted the information to connected with this most cruel case to Rome. The servant who had so de- the spirit of the religion of Christ ! voted himself to his master's interests, Mr. Ciocci reads the word of God, was immediately arrested and placed the Spirit of the Lord opens the eyes in confinement. Mr. Ciocci had of his understanding, and he emcaused inquiries to be instituted at braces the truths of the Gospel; and Rome, respecting his fate; these al

at once, openly and boldly, with the though most minute, were unsuccess- free spirit of a man and a Christian, ful. The silence of the iniquitous declares the change which has taken and terrible Inquisition prevailed; place in his views. For this straighteven his wife and children were igno- forward, Christian course, rant of the fate of one so dear to cuted by wicked monks, priests, them. The family, after the sale of Jesuits, and cardinals, who thus manitheir few effects, were compelled to fest their hatred of the truth. At. betake themselves to a mendicant life length, wearied of persecution, and in the streets of Rome.

longing for the enjoyment of religious Suddenly, either because pity en- liberty, Ciocci flees from Rome and tered the stony heart of the Inquisi- Italy, which although the land of his tion, or else that his given term of birth, the home of his beloved relaimprisonment had expired, Cesanelli tives, and endeared to him by every was lately cast forth from his dun- social tie, was nevertheless to him a geon, and found a miserable beggar land of darkness, persecution, and in the streets of the idolatrous city. slavery. For simply aiding his master All shunned him; no one would em- in this act, in which every freeman ploy a man who had been visited with and every Christian must justify him, the displeasure of the Inquisition, and Cesanelli was cast into a loathsome who was under the surveillance of the dungeon, and underwent all the pripolice.

vations which we have narrated. The account Cesanelli gives of his These acts of persecution have confinement is, that he was placed in taken place with the knowledge and a dungeon under the castle of St.

concurrence of the chief rulers of Angelo, twenty feet beneath the sur- the Church of Rome. Where, then, face of the earth. In size it was are the signs of her change, about. about six feet square, with a soft, which we hear so much in the present muddy bottom. The only furniture day? Are not these facts a practical

à table for sleeping on. In comment on Rome's apostate articles this gloomy dungeon, worthy of the of faith and her most tyrannical depalmiest days of the Inquisition, fed crees? Review the darkest pages of on bread and water, with a small the anti-Christian dogmas of Popery, quantity of meagre soup three times glance back over the most cruel and in the week, without a change of linen blood-stained annals of her history, or clothes, not allowed the privilege and compare them with Popery in the of washing or shaving, his hair suf- nineteenth century; and, notwithfered to grow, not permitted to speak standing the hypocritical professions to any one, with an iron ring encircling of its partisans to the contrary, and his waist, and another his right leg, the foolish belief of half-informed and chained to the wall, in a condition Protestants, that the Romish hyena is worse than that of a savage beast, tamed, it must be acknowledged that Cesanelli was compelled to pass up Popery is Popery still! wards of two years.

Such are the tender mercies of this



runs thus :- Not a few persons disChrist left the cross and went to

tinguished for piety, have besought us glory, that you might take it and

with earnest prayers to grant permisfollow him.

sion for the solemn festival of a NoWait on the Lord, he will supply

vena (nine days' service) in the you; wait for the Lord, he will de

Church of the Jesuits, in order to liver

implore from Almighty God the wide you. In doing the Lord's work, we may

spread and happy increase of the

Catholic faith in England. The expect the Lord's smile. Charity to the soul, is the soul of

Holy Father has not only listened charity.

favourably to this pious request, but Conceit is the high road to shame.

furthermore has promised to all the

faithful who take an active part in the A professor who does not fear getting into debt is a very suspicious

ceremony, a partial indulgence of character, no matter how he may

300 days for every visit, and a pletalk.

nary indulgence to those who attend He that is unwilling to serve God

the Novena, five times at least, it in pain and patience, is unworthy so

being understood that at the same good a master.

time such persons are to approach the When God smiles and gives, it is

confessional and Lord's Supper. This easy to say, "I love the Lord;" but nine days ceremony is to begin at to say so when he frowns and smites, instant, in the church above-named.

eleven o'clock, A.M.,

on the 17th is another thing. Christ has enough for you, if all

Whether ye look, my

Christian beside turn their back on you.

brethren, at the great and noble aim

in behalf of which A little fruit proves the nature of

your public a tree; but abundance of fruit, its prayers are offered to the Almighty, fruitfulness.

or whether ye calculate the gain of If God be your guide, he will be

the holy indulgences, by means of

which we may shorten the punishyour guard; he always protects whom he leads.

ment due to our sins-in either case I believe our souls would wither,

ye must in every way, to the best of if the rough wind did not arise to

your strength, interest yourselves in blow the dust from off our branches.

the matter, and take part in this Be always active in God's cause,

pious exercise, by praying the Giver and passive to his will.

of all good, and the Father of all As we exercise faith, it grows.

mercy, that he will pour out over that I see the commandment is exceed

realm and its inhabitants, his light ing broad, and this makes Christ ex

and those gifts of grace, for obtaining ceeding precious.

which alone our prayers will be effectual.'"-Times, Feb. 6.






APOCRYPHA. The following announcement of a At the meeting of the Society for proclamation for a solemn ceremony, Promoting Christian Knowledge, held as a thanksgiving for the happy spread in December, Mr. Blunt's motion to of Romish tenets in England, is taken circulate the Apocrypha with the from the Roman correspondence of a Bible, although people had been German paper, and will serve to show fetched (as was confessed in the dethat the Vatican is no careless spec- bate) more than one hundred miles to tator of the perversion now spreading vote for it, was negatived by 176 votes amongst the Tractarian party :- against 62. But even these numbers

“ Kome, Jan. 19. On the 14th do not give the full disproportion. inst., the Vicar-General of the Catholic The motion was met by the Standing Church, Card. Patrizzi, issued a procla- Committee in the manner usual with mation to the people of Rome, which Standing Committees—that is, in the

most quiet and placid way, by moving was rank poison. The Babylonish the previous question. The intention compound of Pope Pius's Creed is was simply to declare that it was a essentially Popery. To call it the motion which ought not to have Catholic religion is an offence to the been made, and so to put an end to a God of truth. As to its effects a few seemingly interminable discussion. facts will suffice. By means of the The warmest opponents of Mr. Blunt, Inquisition the Church of Rome had however, strongly deprecated this mode Spain to itself, where it might fully of getting rid of the question. They test its doctrines.-Has Popery made desired to put a direct and positive Spain great, glorious, and free? The negative upon Mr. Blunt's proposition, more decent kind of heathenism in express terms, and they therefore would blush at the deeds of her wished that Mr. Cotton (the Treasurer) people, and, also, at the awful spirit had not moved the previous question. in which they were enacted. Are even These feelings actuated a large pro- the Pope's territories distinguished by portion of those present, the greater peace, intelligence, industry, or whatpart of whom were by degrees pacified, ever else adorns a people? Ignorance and brought to vote with the Standing of God, impostures, robberies, assassiCommittee. But about twelve of the nations, idleness, and tumults are far most decided opponents repudiated any more prevalent there.

Has Popery quiet course, and divided with Mr. exalted any country under heaven? Blunt against “ the previous question,” I could scarcely hope for credit if I in order that they might thus go into related the monstrous state of things a discussion on the main subject, and which I saw and knew to exist everygive Mr. Blunt a more direct and po- where in the county Tipperary. My sitive defeat. The real strength, there- eyes often beheld the dwelling of the fore, of the Tractarian party, after all Sheals, within which a household of their trumpeting, was about 50 votes; eighteen persons were kept in on every and the nunber of those opposed to side by their deluded, pitiless fellowthem was about 190.- Morning He- creatures, until they were burned to rald.

death; and this is but a small portion The Poisonous LEAVEN OF POPERY. of what I could relate. Spain exceeded

“ The Church of Rome, in the Great Britain in prosperity at the time Creed of Pope Pius, adds twelve of the Reformation, and we may be heathenish, or worse than heathenish, assured that if the same causes be tenets to the ancient faith or creed of permitted to prevail in England or the Christian Church. This is exactly Scotland, they will, ere long, become as if an equal weight of poison were as Spain or Tipperary." - Rev. A. added to wholesome food or medicine. Sillitto. The whole compound becomes de- Sayings of the Rev. R. CECIL.structive of health or life. These new Riding one windy day, with a friend, tenets are very gainful to the priests, the dust being very troublesome, his but degrade both them and their companion wished he could ride in the flocks, keeping them fast bound in the fields, where they could be free from chains of ignorance and superstition, dust; and this wish he more than Therefore, to endeavour to promote the once repeated. At length they peace, and intelligence, and prosperity reached the fields, when the flies so of a country by encouraging the spread teased his friend's horse, that he of Romish superstition and idolatry, could scarcely keep his seat on the and of that ignorance of the Scriptures saddle. "Ah! Sir," said Mr. Cecil, which is the invariable concomitant of “when you were in the road the dust Romanism, is arrant, hopeless, politi- was your only trouble, and all your cal quackery. It would be as philosophic anxiety was to get into the fields ; you or rational to expect that patients in an forgot that the fly was there! Now hospital could be restored to health by this is a true picture of human life a medical treatment directly opposed and you will find it so in all the to the laws of nature, or the vigour of changes you make in future. We a population promoted by encouraging know the trial of our present situathem to live on food, the half of which tion; but the next will have trials, and perhaps worse, though they may be fulness. Oh, for that faith which led of a different kind. At another one of old to say, Though He slay time, the same friend told him he me yet will I trust in Him, and led should esteem it a favour, if he would Habakkuk to sing the song of praise tell him of anything which he might amidst blighted fields and deserted in future see in his conduct which he stalls. God can bring to nought the thought improper. “ Well, Sir,” he counsel of the wise. He can bring said, “many a

man has told the down the strength of the mighty. He watchman to call him early in the is infinite in wisdom, strong in power, morning, and has then appeared very and so vigilant that the eye which anxious for his coming early; but the keeps Israel neither slumbers nor watchman has come before he has sleeps, and that wisdom and power been ready for him! I have seen and might are all engaged on our bemany people very desirous of being half. Let us, then, trust, and not be told their faults, but I have seen very afraid. Let us not have recourse to few who were pleased when they had questionable means. Let us tread received the information. However,

the path of duty, wait the Lord's I like to receive an invitation, I have time, and submit to his appointment. no reason to suppose that you will be Let us leave ourselves in the Lord's displeased till I see it so; I shall hand, and leave him to do with us therefore remember that you have what is best in his sight. asked for it."

THE Evils Of PRIDE.As thou desirest the love of God and man, THE PROTESTANT RALLYING beware of pride; it is a tumour in

HYMN. thy mind that breaks and poisons all thy actions; it is a worm in thy

[ADAPTED.] treasure which eats and ruins thy Ye who glow with holy flame, estate. It loves no man 14is beloved

Ye who love old England's fame, of no man. It disparages virtue in another by detraction; it disrewards

Ye who scorn Rome's banded might, goodness itself by vain glory. The

The Come, in Truth's own cause unite; friend of the flatterer, the mother of

Protestants, rise. envy, the nurse of fury, the bond of Come! the conflict needs the brave, luxury, the sin of devils, and the devil Haste! your conscience-rights to save: in mankind, it hates superiors, it

Ours the hope of heaven's renown, scorns inferiors, it owns no equals; in Ours a never-fading crown, short, till thou hate it, God hates A glorious prize. thee.

High the red-cross banner wave
O'er fallen Antichrist's dark grave;

Spirits of our martyred sires,

Lo, your sons with kindred fires

For Truth's sake glow. Christians strive to see the hand of God still nerves the outstretch'd hand, God in all events; it will sweeten the Quells the false and hostile band, bitterness of unkind treatment, it will Fills our hearts with ardour warm, allay the apprehension of danger, it And with his all-pow'rful arm will check the suggestions of despon

Prostrates the foe. dency, and animate afresh the failing By a Cranmer’s deathless name, hope. We are far too prone to look to second causes; we think of the By a Ridley's spotless fame, faithlessness of a friend, the bitterness By a Latimer's hoar head, of an enemy, and forget that they are

By each martyred saint that bled

In by-gone days; the instruments in the hand of God the sword he wields, the means he em- Britons, now with all your might, ploys to chasten and rebuke, and try Scatter error's wide-spread night; and purify, and then we seize upon

The Bible's voice speaks loud and plain; the first refuge we can lay hold of in- Angel-bards in lofty strain stead of trusting in his love and faith- Shall sing your praise.


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