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number of beneficed ministers who have quitted their parishes is about 100. A persecution has also begun on the part of the secular powers, by which it is possible many of the pasteurs will be driven to leave their country and seek refuge in France."


A Fraternal Address to the Pasteurs of the Canton de Vaud, Switzerland, condoling with them in their afflictions, and exhorting them to faithfulness, has been signed by many pious and influential clergymen.

“ Beloved Brethren and Fellow-labourers in the Lord,—We, the undersigned ministers of the United Church of England and Ireland, having heard of the persecution which you are now suffering for conscience sake, desire to express our Christian sympathy with you in your present distress, as members of the same mystical body: we have seen with deep regret your Christian liberty infringed by the secular power, and whilst we have been shocked at the oppressive exercise of authority in a country which boasts of its liberty, and emblazons the very word on its banners, we have been consoled in witnessing the power of the Gospel, and in seeing that there still exists in the Protestant Canton of Vaud, a noble army of confessors who are ready to suffer for righteousness' sake. We hope that by the act of resignation

your benefices, whereby upwards of one hundred pasteurs have left their homes, with their wives and their little ones, at the commencement of a winter which threatens more than the ordinary rigour, you may yet save your country and your Church from the invasion of that Rationalism and Infidelity which half a century ago deluged a neighbouring nation with blood. It is right to refuse to give up your pulpits where you preach the doctrine of a crucified Saviour, to be used for political purposes, and we fully agree with you in your respectful remonstrance that you have been condemned unjustly, having violated no law of your country; that you have been condemned in spite of the law of God, which absolves you; and that you have been condemned in the face of a unanimous decree of your classes, which pronounced you innocent. It is grievous to us to learn that since you resigned your parochial charges you have been prevented by the sectlar arm from continuing to feed the flocks over which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, and that you are at present suffering under a persecution which could not have been looked for in any Protestant country in the middle of the nineteenth century ; but we trust through the grace that has enabled you to endure hardship as good soldiers' for the Gospel's sake, you will continue to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ

, and whether you are scattered abroad on account of this persecution, or you remain in your native country to be subject to bonds and imprisonments, we will not cease to pray that the Lord may be

your shield and buckler, and vouchsafe to you all much of his gracious presence while you

suffer for the cause of his truth.” Amongst the signatures we find the names of Revs. Richard Burgess, E. Bickersteth, Baptist W. Noel, Francis Dollman, W. Saville Bourchier, William Green, James Sutterland, William Harrison, Edward Auriol, H. Montagu Villiers, Joseph Kelly, John Gorton, Robert Monro, George Pinhorn, Rupert James Rowton, Thomas Barton Hill, Charles Clayton, Henry Cole, Joseph Haslegrave, Gerard T. Noel, Edwin Sandys Lumsdaine, William Wilson, Richard Wilson Greaves, John Venn, William R. Fremantle, Charles Bridges, R. H. Green, Stephen Bridge, F. M. Cunningham, M.A., Thomas Tate, M. Causton, W. M. Shaw, R. R. Tatham, Josiah Pratt, Thomas Drew, D.D., Charles J. Hoare, W. S. Gilly, J. W. Cunningham, Bryant Burgess, Arthur Isham, Spencer Thornton, J. B. Marsden, F. E. Pegus, Charles Maunder, James Hearn, P. W. Copeman, M.A., G. C. Rolfe, &c. &c. ; and it is proposed to extend the list to four or five hundred signatures.


I HEARD it stated at a public Meeting, and therefore it is no secret, that Lord de Grey resigned the Viceroyalty of Ireland, in consequence of Government requiring that preferment in the Church should be confined to those of the clergy who were willing to adopt the National System of education, and that Lord Heytesbury is now acting in conformity to the wishes of Government in that respect.


YOUGHALL PROTESTANT OPE- hearty, fervent, and united prayers for RATIVE ASSOCIATION AND RE

his continued counsel, care, and direc

tion, seeking to realize his promise, FORMATION SOCIETY.

" That where two or three are met toThe following is the Third Re- gether in his name, there will He be port of the Youghall Protestant in the midst of them.” Your ComOperative Association and Re- mittee feel it to be their duty again to formation Society, adopted at its the Society, that it may not be mis

set forth the principles and objects of third Annual Meeting, held in the interpreted or misunderstood. Those Lecture-room, on the evening of objects are the promotion and defence Thursday, the 9th day of January, of the truth. First, the promotion 1845; the Rev. PIERCE WM. of the truth, not by factiously opposing Drew in the Chair.

those who conscientiously differ from

us, nor by exciting the mistaken preAt the close of another eventful judices or angry passions of our year, your Committee in coming be- fellow-countrymen who may hold fore their fellow-Protestants to sur- opinions contrary to our own, but render their charge and submit a brief rather by endeavouring to draw with detail of the operations and progress the tender cords of love and of af: of the Society, feel no little pleasure fection, those who have the strongest in being enabled to announce that its claim upon our sympathies and kind, practical usefulness has continued to feelings, those who are our brethren advance, and that they may still and fellow-subjects, those who we feel claim on its behalf a share of the are with a hard and despotic rigour kept public confidence and support. Hum- from the enlightening influences of bly grateful to Almighty God for the : God's holy will and Word, and to many blessings and privileges re- whom we would say in accents of ceived and enjoyed heretofore, they honest and of faithful sincerity, "Cast would now desire to offer up their away from you the cunningly devised

fables of man, and learn with us the from the noblesse even to the humble simple story of the Gospel." Second, peasant, and bearing into private life the defence of the truth, by uniting the happy consciousness of having Protestants of every denomination, honestly performed their duties “to who hold the common faith, and serve their faith, their country, and their not tables, in closer bonds of fellow- Queen.” What, though, in our sister ship, by linking together Protestants country, the pernicious influences of of high and of low degree, who feel Tractarianism have been more fully that they have a common interest at manifested, many “have made shipstake, by supporting the weak-minded wreck of the faith," and have believed and arousing the apathetic, that with a lie, who should have been faithful concentrated effort, successful oppo- shepherds of the flock, still, a closer sition may be maintained against the bond of union has been effected befierce onslaughts which are, day by tween Christian men of every denomiday, more openly directed to break nation, many differences have been down the bulwarks of our most holy accommodated, and a bolder stand than faith, to overthrow our civil and re- ever may be expected from the unligious institutions, and above all to flinching advocates of truth. Almingle strange corruptions with the though the system which is the bane pure and simple truths of the Gospel. of our land has been cherished by our They would, therefore, seek renewed rulers, and, by a permanent endowand increased support from all who ment, has been grafted into the Conlove and who value their privileges, stitution of our Protestant State, still that they may “strengthen the things the right feeling of Britain has been which yet remain," and contend still excited; Protestant England has more earnestly for “the faith once aroused from her lethargy. The pedelivered to the saints." In review- titions of more than a million of her ing the political events of the past sons have spoken to the Senate in a year, your Committee feel, that while tone not to be subdued, and through on the one hand there is much to the length and through the breadth of alarm, dishearten, and dismay—on the our coasts the mighty voice has gone other, there is much also to cheer, forth, “that Popery shall have no doinspirit, and encourage. What, though, minion over us. Although "a giin high places, treachery and worldly gantic scheme of godless education expediency have stood opposed to prin- has been forced upon our country, and ciple and to honesty, and seemed to be the cause of Scriptural education has but too successful in the encounter, been again refused the countenance still, we are led thereby to lay this and support of a Government protruth more seriously to heart, that “it fessedly Protestant; still, the pastors is vain to put any confidence in man, of our faith, refusing alike the blandbut, that s in the Lord Jehovah there ishments of courtly favour, as well as is everlasting strength. ' What, undismayed by the cold frown of disthough, in our own land, the hand of couragement, have, as a body, refused power has strove to crush the comme- to connect themselves with any sysmoration of those victories which our tem of education, not based upon the forefathers achieved, winning for us records of eternal truth; and, acting the high and holy privileges we yet under their guidance, the Protestants enjoy, still, the attempt has but re- of Ireland have declared, that while coiled upon the heads of those who they seek for their little ones the great undertook so vain a task.

advantages of secular education, they The memory of those glorious eras more earnestly desire to have them is engraven still more fixedly within taught the saving truths of that Gosthe breasts of the brave sons of the pel which is able to make them wise north, and those who were sought to into eternal life. Your Society, during be made the vietims of this undue and the year, has entered its strong prouncalled for exercise of authority test against the endowment to Maystand forth more honoured, respected, nooth, and it is with heartfelt pleasure and beloved, greeted with the ap- that your Committee have seen that plauses of their collected brethren, petitions have been forwarded from

the various Protestant denominations Samuel Hayman. They would press of the town and from the neighbour- ' the claims of the Protestant Relief ing parishes. The Society has also Society upon your kindest consideraby its deputations assisted at the Anti- tion, as a Society which extends aid Maynooth Conferences, and, although and relief to the poorer brethren “of. no successful issue has as yet attended the household of faith; " -- and in their labours, they trust that God will conclusion would commend all the in his own good time answer the great interests of our national Proprayers of his faithful and devoted testantism to your continued sympaservants. Your Committee feel it thy, your warm and energetic support, their duty thus publicly to record their and your persevering and most fer-1 grateful sense of the extreme kindness

vent prayers; and sincerely do they of the Right Hon. the Earl of Mount- pray that the members of the various cashel, in having presided at their last Protestant Associations, throughout demonstration, to Richard Smyth, this mighty empire may, by the unEsq., J.P.D. L., as well as the clergy wavering of their. allegiance to the and gentry, who also assisted and gave throne, by the godly sincerity and their weight and influence to the pro- consistency of their lives, by the ceedings, and especially to the Rev. purity and brightness of their example,

Thomas Nolan, of Liverpool, for his by the salutary tendencies of their inpowerful and convincing appeal on dividual influence upon society, by their the same occasion. Your Committee unity in the bonds of love and peace, have been active at the registration of by their chastened yet quenchless zeal Parliamentary electors for the borough, for the welfare of their country, and and feel pleasure in being enabled to the honour of their Saviour and their announce, that through their exertions God, by their prayerful activity in disa small majority of Protestants have seminating sound Christian principles been this year registered, but regret to in all their vital integrity, prove an add that many Protestants neglect to effectual instrument for reviving the avail themselves of their franchise, and Protestant energies of the country, and still decline to come forward in sup- pervade with all the vitality and spirit port of those principles which should of Protestant Christianity the entire be dear to every lover of the truth. mass of the British population. The numbers of the Society have con

The reading of the Report was tinued to increase. Besides the more

received with continued cheers ; public lecture on the “ Progress of Literature and Civilization,” your

after which, the following ResoluCommittee have seen with much plea- tion was carried by acclamation : sure, that a series of most instructive


46. That this Meetaddresses have been delivered weekly ing feeling convinced that the by some members of the Society, constitution of the Youghall Prowhich they trust, will be continued; testant Operative. Association is feeling convinced that such efforts are eminently useful, pledges itself eminently calculated to give a taste to continue to it its warmest supfor right pursuits, promote study, and

port." improve the mind. The subjects already treated on have been, “ Matter and Motion,' ”. “ The Development of CRUELTY OF THE INQUISITION

AT ROME IN THE PRESENT DAY. Talent, Industry,” “Self-Improvement,'

"“ Astronomy,” “The Improve- Those who have read Mr. Ciocci's ment of Time," " Gravitation,” “ Pro- book, entitled, “Narrative of Iniquitestant Truth," and the “ Protestant ties and Barbarities practised at Rome, Martyrs,” &c. They desire to express in the nineteenth century,” will retheir sense of the continued kindness member that that gentleman escaped of the proprietors of the “Cork Con- from Rome with a passport in the stitution,” and also beg to thank those name of his servant, and in the guise persons who have so kindly con- of the character which he had as-, tributed books for the library, espe- sumed. Under the impression that cially Mrs. Levoyne, and the Rev. the civil influence of the Papacy ex



tended beyond the Italian States, Mr. cruel and apostate system, at Rome, C. travelled as Francisco Cesanelli the seat of its power, the residence of (his servant's name) until he reached its head and its chief administrators, England. An Italian priest, at that where, if there is anything that is time resident in London, ascertained scriptural, merciful, and good in Poat the Custom House, that Mr. Ciocci pery, we surely might expect to had landed in this country under the behold their manifestation. But how name of

“ Cesanelli,” and imme- opposed are all the circumstances diately transmitted the information to connected with this most cruel case to Rome. The servant who had so de- the spirit of the religion of Christ ! voted himself to his master's interests, Mr. Ciocci reads the word of God, was immediately arrested and placed the Spirit of the Lord opens


eyes in confinement. Mr. Ciocci had of his understanding, and he emcaused inquiries to be instituted at braces the truths of the Gospel; and Rome, respecting his fate; these al- at once, openly and boldly, with the though most minute, were unsuccess- free spirit of a man and a Christian, ful. The silence of the iniquitous declares the change which has taken and terrible Inquisition prevailed; place in his views. For this straighteven his wife and children were igno- forward, Christian course, he is perserant of the fate of one so dear to cuted by wicked monks, priests, them. The family, after the sale of Jesuits, and cardinals, who thus manitheir few effects, were compelled to fest their hatred of the truth. At betake themselves to a mendicant life length, wearied of persecution, and in the streets of Rome.

longing for the enjoyment of religious Suddenly, either because pity en- liberty, Ciocci flees from Rome and tered the stony heart of the Inquisi- Italy, which although the land of his. tion, or else that his given term of birth, the home of his beloved relaimprisonment had expired, Cesanelli tives, and endeared to him by every was lately cast forth from his dun- social tie, was nevertheless to him a geon, and found a miserable beggar land of darkness, persecution, and in the streets of the idolatrous city. slavery. For simply aiding his master All shunned him; no one would em- in this act, in which every freeman ploy a man who had been visited with and every Christian must justify him, the displeasure of the Inquisition, and Cesanelli was cast into a loathsome who was under the surveillance of the dungeon, and underwent all the pripolice.

vations which we have narrated. The account Cesanelli gives of his These acts of persecution have confinement is, that he was placed in taken place with the knowledge and a dungeon under the castle of St.

concurrence of the chief rulers of Angelo, twenty feet beneath the sur- the Church of Rome. Where, then, face of the earth. In size it was are the signs of her change, about. about six feet square, with a soft, which we hear so much in the present muddy bottom. The only furniture day? Are not these facts a practical

a table for sleeping on. In comment on Rome's apostate articles this gloomy dungeon, worthy of the of faith and her most tyrannical depalmiest days of the Inquisition, fed crees? Review the darkest pages of on bread and water, with a small the anti-Christian dogmas of Popery, quantity of meagre soup three times glance back over the most cruel and in the week, without a change of linen blood-stained annals of her history, or clothes, not allowed the privilege and compare them with Popery in the of washing or shaving, his hair suf- nineteenth century; and, notwithfered to grow, not permitted to speak standing the hypocritical professions to any one, with an iron ring encircling of its partisans to the contrary, and his waist, and another his right legthe foolish belief of half-informed and chained to the wall, in a condition Protestants, that the Romish hyena is worse than that of a savage beast, tamed, it must be acknowledged that Cesanelli was compelled to pass up- Popery is Popery still! wards of two years.

Such are the tender mercies of this


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