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KENNEDY, Thomas, minister at PERTH, General Assembly of 1618,
Lasswade, 416.

held at, 6.
Kirton, James, minister at Rotter. Presbyery established in the Church
dam, 484.

at the Revolution, 447.

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LANARK, the Covenant renewed at, QUAKERS, their delusions, 191, 192.

in 1666, 379.
Law, James, Archbishop of Glas.

gow, 6.
Livingston, John, minister at An.

crum, his testimony to the char- REFORMATion of religion sealed by
acter of William Guthrie, 8, 12, the blood of its martyrs, 485.

Renwick, James, 399, 400, 420.
Luther on the Galatians referred Rogers, John, minister of Dedham
to, 305.

in Essex, 65.
Rutherford, Samuel, Professor of

Divinity in the University of St
Andrews, 9, 35, 53, 64, 136.

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Nisbet, John, in Hardhill, relation

of his life and sufferings, 371-409;
his ancestry, 377, 378; swore the
Solemn League and Covenant at SHEPHERD'S “ Sound Believer,"
Scoon in 1650, 379; his zeal in 113, 139, 144, 157, 168 ; his
the cause of the Covenanters, ib.; " Sincere Convert," 115.
distinguished himself at the bat. Skinner, Lewis, minister at Brech-
tles of Pentland, Drumclog, and in, 49.
Bothwell, 380 ; family bereave Spotswood, Archbishop, 7.
ments, 381, 382 ; his wanderings Stevenson, John, his Comforting
and sufferings, 383–385 ; is taken Cordial for Christians,” 411-477;
prisoner, his examination before experiences in his pilgrimage,
the Council at Edinburgh, 385 416; discouragements he had to
388; sentence of death passed contend with, 419; he bewails
on him, 388 ; his last and dying the degeneracy of the times, 419,
testimony, 390-407 ; his behav 420; his deep sense of redeeming
iour on the scaffold, 407.409. love, and of man's recovery from

his lost estate, 421, 422 ; praise
to God for deliverance from
trouble, 423, 424 ; afflictions and

temptations, 424-435 ; remark-
Owen, Dr John, his character of able providences and returns of

Guthrie's “ Trial of a Saving prayer, 435 ; his preservation
Interest in Christ,” 55.

after the battle of Bothwell, 437 ;

providential deliverances from

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the rage of his persecutors, 438- don, his account of William 43; his journey to Craigdar Guthrie, 64-66. roch, and what befell him there, 43-47; remarkable dispensations, +37-461 ; meditations on texts of Scripture, 462-469 ; his last advices to his children, 469- Usher, Bishop, afterwards Arch477.

bishop, 8. Stewart, Mr, minister at Girvan,

432. Stewart, Lady, of Coltness ; see

W. Coltness, the Lady. Stewarton, revival and state of WARNER, Patrick, is imprisoned religion in the district of, 8. and banished, 40; settled minis

ter at Irvine, ib. Welsh, John, minister at Ayr, 7. Welsh, John, minister at Irongray,


Wodrow, Robert, his account of TRAILI, Robert, minister in Lon William Guthrie, 56-63.




12, South St David Street.

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