The Trial of John Horne Tooke, for High Treason: At the Sessions House in the Old Bailey, on Monday the Seventeenth ... [through] Saturday the Twenty-second of November, 1794, Volume 2

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M. Gurney, 1795

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Page 239 - It is extended to every thing wilfully and deliberately done or attempted whereby his life may be endangered ; and therefore the entering into measures for deposing or imprisoning him, or to get his person into the power of the conspirators, these offences are overt acts of treason within this branch of the...
Page 43 - That liberty, or freedom, consists in having an actual share in the appointment of those who frame the laws, and who are to be the guardians of every man's life, property, and peace; for the all of one man is as dear to him as the all of another; and the poor man has an equal right, but more need, to have representatives in the Legislature than the rich. one.
Page 344 - While you enjoy the envied glory of being the unaided defenders of freedom, we fondly anticipate, in idea, the numerous blessings mankind will enjoy, if you succeed, as we ardently wish, the triple alliance (not of crowns, but) of the people of America, France, and Britain, will give freedom to Europe, and peace to the whole world.
Page 171 - When a man doth compafs, or imagine the death of our Lord the King, or of our Lady his Queen, or of their eldeft fon and heir.
Page 359 - ... for the event; for as it is natural to suppose that those who now prey on the public will not willingly yield up their enjoyments, nor re-possess us of our rights without a struggle...
Page 290 - ... principles and fafety of fociety, and alfo fubverfive of our known and acknowledged conftitutional liberties, do hereby declare, before God and the world, that we fhall follow...
Page 288 - England whole towns are re" formers; Sheffield a-nd its environs have 50,000. — " In Norwich there are 30 focieties in one. — If we could " get a convention of England and Scotland called, we " might reprefent fix or [even hundred thoufand males, " which is a majority of all the adults in the kingdom; " and miniftry would not dare to refufe us our rights.
Page 172 - ... that many other like cases of treason may happen in time to come, which a man cannot think nor declare at this present time, it is accorded, that if any other case supposed treason, which is not above specified, doth happen before any justices, the justices shall tarry without any going to judgment of the treason, till the cause be...
Page 77 - That this meeting does most cordially rejoice in the establishment and confirmation of liberty in France, and that it beholds, with peculiar satisfaction, the sentiments of amity and good-will which appear to pervade the people of that country towards this, especially at a time when it is the manifest interest...
Page 344 - With unconcern, therefore, we view the elector of Hanover join his troops to traitors and robbers; but the king of Great Britain will do well to remember, that this country is not Hanover. — Should he forget this distinction, we will not.

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