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Priests Linen Garments not from Ægypt. p. 300

Nor the Cberubim. .
Nor the Ark. -
Feafts of the New Moons, not Ægyptian

Nor Washings.

Nor the Temple.

Other Nations have Custóms like the Jewish.
Jews far from being Anthropomorphites.
Hebrew Language as well expresses the Nature of God, as
the Scholaftical. :


Expiation consistent with the Mercy of God.

T be Origin of Sacrifices from antieht Revelations. 319

God's Honour to be considered in the Mediatorship. 321

Wbat is meant by Satisfa£tion.

A vicarious Punishment not unjust.

Cbrift, tho' God, might suffer.

No Incongruity in the Do&trine of Chriff's Interceffion. 327

para mayor

Third PART.
TEXTS quoted by Way of Accommodation,

In a secondary or mystical Sense.

Gen. iii. 15. A Prophesy of Christ.


Scepter of Judah, Gen. xlix. 10. Propbehy of Christ. 350

The whole Nation of the Jews properly understood by Judah,


Wby this Propbefy not quoted in the New Testament. 355

How the ancient Fathers interpreted this Prophef. 356

Balaam's Star, Numb. xxiv. 17. a Propbesy of Chrift. 358

A Virgin shall conceive, &c. Isa. vii. 14. a Propbefy of



The Jewish Way of Exposition of Scripture, a Confirmation

of Christianity.


The Prophetick Exer frons explained,


2d Pfalm,

2d Psalm, a Propbehy of Christ.

P: 371 72d Pfalm, a Prophefy of Christ.

374 Iloth Psalm, a Propbehy of Christ. '

375 Prophesy of the Call of the Gentiles verified in Chrift. 378 Call of the Gentiles, no random Guess of the Prophets. 382. Glory of the second Temple, Hag. ii. 7. a Prophesy of Christ.

ibo The 52 and 53d Chapters of Isaiah, a Propbehy of Christ.

386 The Monarchies and Weeks in Daniel's Propbefies of Christ.




Reason why Prophesies are something obscure.
The Birth of Christ vindicated.

402 The Blasphemy of Celsus and Julian confuted. 404 Christ more glorious and great than Romulus, &c. - 407 Vindication of Christ's Anger. Christ a Pattern of the greateft Patience.

410 Christ's speaking in Parables vindicated.

413 Our Saviour's Discourses agreeable to the Eastern Way of Reasoning.

414 By making Use of the Greek Philofopby and Eloquence, be

would not have been understood by People. 415 He avoided by this Prolixity. Cbrist does not speak Parables in bis Legislations, nor gene rally difficult.

417 Christ's riding upon an Ass not ridiculous.

418. A Token of his Humiliry, and Nature of bis Kingdom. ib. To lhew him to be a King as well as a Prophet, &c. 419 Jews interpret this of the Messias. Christ a good Man, and therefore no Impostor. 421 Because bis Miracles done so often and before so many. 422 Not capable of Collufon.

423 No Cheat, because he could get nothing by it. Because of the great Penalty on Impostors.

425 Such Numbers could not conceal a Cbeat.

ib. All Christ's Enemies ownd bis Miracles.

427 Reason




Reafon why Christ did so fere Miracles in his own Constrj.

p. 438 Poor better qualified to receive the Gofpel tban Ricb 429 The Ignorant than the Learned. This Choice made the Progress of the Gospe more mir 30 laus.

ib. Why Clyrist required Faith in bis Disciples.

431 Mean Man as good Fudges of Miracles as at bers. 432 Heathen Philofopbers not more patient or courageous than Chrift. .

433 Reason of our Saviour's praying, that the Cup, &c. 434 Christ really dead. Infances of Aristeas, C. confuted. Testimony of Chrift's rifmg from the Dead, unexceptionsble.

438 Philoftratus set on to forge his History. Forged it in Imitation of the Gospel Miracles. 449 Apollonius no good Man.

450 Apostles more credible than Philostratus, because unlearn

436 437





Story of Abaris ridiculous.
The Apostles not counterfeits.
Because good Men.
Because they knew the Mattors they related.
Because not cunning enough to carry on such a Cbeat.
Because all witnessed the same.

ib. Becaufe they got nothing by it. Because the Truth of what they said was eajily examined.

ib. Because they. fuffered and died for their Doctrine. Apoftles ventured tbeir Lives and Liberties. And did not preach for Vain-glory or Applanfe. Had nothing by the Collections. Kerfecuted by Gentiles, as well as by Jews. Preached against the Heathen Idolatry.

ib. False Brethren not. Informers.



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