Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts, Relating to Antiquity.., Volume 3

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Society of Antiquaries of London. Sold at the house of the Society [of Antiquaries], in Chancery-Lane; and by Messieurs Whiston, White, Robson Baker and Leigh, and Brown., 1786 - Archaeology

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Page 351 - And thou shalt set bounds unto the people round about, saying, Take heed to yourselves, that ye go not up into the mount, or touch the border of it : whosoever toucheth the mount shall be surely put to death...
Page 156 - Highness's privy chamber to keep secret every thing said or done ; leaving hearkening or inquiring where the King is or goes, be it early or late, without grudging, mumbling, or talking of the King's pastime, late or early, going to bed, or any other matter.
Page 280 - IN 1662 Cornwall was vifited by that great naturalift, Mr. Ray, who paid very particular attention to the language fpoken. in different parts of England, as appears by his having collected their peculiar words and proverbs. WE find accordingly in his Itineraries (published by Mr. Scott, FAS)
Page 155 - Master cooks shall not employ such scullions as go about naked, or lie all night on the ground, before the kitchen fire. No dogs to be kept in the court, but only a few spaniels for the ladies.
Page 143 - It ihould feem, that at firft cock-fighting was partly a religious and partly a political inftitution at Athens ; and was there continued for the purpofe of improving the feeds of valour in the minds of their youth ; but was afterwards abufed and perverted both here and in...
Page 421 - I speak it again, I here challenge all the whole society of the law upon a fair dispute to maintain, that the sending forth of writs and process, in the prelates own names, is against all law and justice, and intrencheth on the king's prerogative royal, and the subjects liberty.
Page 3 - Jefferies ; the horn itself being produced in court, and with universal admiration received, admitted, and proved to be the identical horn by which, as by a charter, Canute had conveyed the manor of Pusey seven hundred years...
Page 149 - ... aversion and detestation, to describe them in a few words. In the former an unlimited number of fowls are pitted; and when they have slaughtered one another for the diversion, dii boni!
Page 141 - Chalcis in Euboea, and the country of Media, were famous for their generous and magnanimous race of chickens.

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