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ease: and his feed shall in 2 Examine me, O Lord, herit the earth.

and prove me ; try my reins 14 The secret of the Lord and my heart. is with them that fear him : 3 For thy loving kindness and he will shew them his is before mine eyes : and I coyenant.

have walked in thy truth. 15 Mine eyes are ever 4 I have not sat with vain towards the Lord: for he persons, neither will I go

in shall pluck my feet out of with dissemblers. the net.

5 I have hated the con16 Turn thee unto me, gregation of evil doers : and and have mercy upon me : will not fit with the wicked. for I am desolate and af 6 I will wash mine hands flicted.

in innocency: so will I com17. The troubles of my pass thine altar, O Lord. heart are enlarged: O bring 7. That I may publish thou me out of my distresses with the voice of thanks

18 Look upon mine af- giving, and tell of all thy fliction, and my pain, and wondrous works. forgive all my sins.

8 Lord, I have loved the 19 Consider mine ene- habitation of thy house, and mies, for they are many, the place where thine hoand they hate me with cruel nour dwelleth. hatred.

9 Gather not my soul 20 O keep my soul, and with finners, nor my life deliver me : let me not be with bloody men: afhamed, for I put my trust Io In whose hands is mifin thee.

chief: and their right hand 21 Let integrity and up- is full of bribes. rightness preserve me : for I 11 But as for me, I will wait on thee.

walk in mine integrity : re22 Redeem Ifrael, O God, deem me, and be merciful out of all his troubles. unto me.

12 My foot ftandeth in PSALM XXVI.

an even place': in the conTUDGE me, O Lord, for gregations will I bless the

I have walked in mine Lord. integrity : I have trusted also in the Lord: therefore I lhall not flide.


answer me. PSALM XXVII.

8 When thou faidi, Seek HE Lord is my light, yé my face; my heart said


anger thou

Thall I fear the Lord is the will I seek.
Atrength of my life, of whom 9 Hide not thy face far
Ihall I be afraid ?

from me, put not thy ser2 When the wicked, even vant away

in mine enemies and my foes haft been my help, leave me came upon me, to eat up not, neither forsake


0 my desh, they stumbled and God of my falvation. fell.

10 When my father and 3 Though-an host should my mother forsake me, then encamp against me, my heart the Lord will take me up. shall not fear: though war

11 Teach me thy way, fhould rise against me, in O Lord, and lead me in a this will I be confident. plain path, because of mine

4 One thing have I de- enemies. fired of the Lord, that will 12 Deliver me not over I seek after : that I may unto the will of mine enedwell in the house of the mies : for false witnesses are Lord all the days of my life, risen up against me; and such to behold the beauty of the as breathe out cruelty. Lord, and to enquire in his 13 I had fainted, unless temple.

I had believed to see the 5 For in the time of trou- goodness of the Lord in the ble he shall hide me in his land of the living. pavilion : in the 'secret of 14 Wait on the Lord : his tabernacle Thall he hide be of good courage, and he me, he shall set me up upon Thall strengthen thine heart : a rock.

wait, I say, on the Lord. 6 And now shall mine head be lifted up above mine

PSALM XXVIII. enemies round about me : INTO thee will I cry; therefore will I offer in his O Lord my rock, be tabernacle facrifices of joy, not filent to me : left if thou I will fing, yea, I will fing be silent to me, I become like praises unto the Lord.

then that go down into the 7 Hear, O Lord, when I pit, cry with my voice: have

2 Hear the voice of my mercy also upon me, and supplications, when/crying


thee: when I lift up my hands strength. toward thy holy oracle. 2 Give unto the Lord the 3 Draw me not away

with glory due unto his name ; the wicked, and with the worship the Lord in the workers of iniquity : which beauty of holiness. speak peace to their neigh 3 The voice of the Lord bours, but mischief is in their is upon the waters: the God hearts,

of glory thundereth, the Lord 4 Give them according to is upon many waters. their deeds, and according to 4

The voice of the Lord the wickedness of their en-is powerful; the voice of the deavours : give them after Lord is full of majesty. the work of their hands, ren 5 The voice of the Lord der to them their defert. , breaketh the cedars ; yea,

5 Because they regard not the Lord breaketh the cedars the works of the Lord, nor of Lebanon. the operation of his hands, he 6 He maketh them also to fhall destroy them, and not skip like a calf: Lebanon, build them up.

and Sirion like a young uni6 Blessed be the Lord, be- corn. cause he hath heard the voice 7 The voice of the of my fupplications. Lord 'divideth the flames of

7 The Lord is my strength, fire : and my shield, my heart truft 8 The voice of the Lord ed in him, and I am helped : Thaketh the wilderness: the therefore my heart greatly re- Lord fhaketh the wilderness joiceth, and with my song of Kadesh. will I praise him.

9 The voice of the Lord 8 The Lordistheir trength, maketh the hinds to calve, and he is the saving strength and discovereth the foof his anointed.

rests: and in his temple 9 Save thy people, and doth every one speak of his bless chine inheritance: feed glory. them also, and lift them up

10 The Lord fitteth

upon the food : yea, the Lord fitPSALM XXIX.

teth King for ever.

II The Lord will give IVE unto the Lord, strength unto his people, the Oye mighty, give un- Lord will bless his people the Lord glory and with peace.


for ever.

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II Thou hast turned for PSALM XXX.

me my mourning into danWILL extol thee, Ocing: thou hast put off my

Lord, for thou hast lifted fackcloth, and girded me with me up, and haft not made my gladness: foes to rejoice over me. 12 To the end that my

2 O Lord my God, I cried glory may sing praise to thee, unto thee, and thou haft and not be silent: 0 Lord my healed me.

God, I will give thanks un, 3 O Lord, thou hast to thee for ever. brought up my soul from the

PSALM XXXI. grave: thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go

N thee, O Lord, do I put down to the pit.

my trust, let me never be 4 Sing unto the Lord, o alhamed: deliver me in thy ye faints of his, and give righteousness. thanks at the remembrance 2 Bow down thine ear to of his holiness.

me, deliver me speedily : be 5 For his anger endureth thou my strong rock, for an but a moment; in his favour house of defence to fave me. is life : weeping may endure

3 For thou art my rock, for a night, but joy cometh and my fortress: therefore for in the morning.

thy name's fake lead


and 6 And in my prosperity I guide me. said, I shall never be moved. 14 Pull me out of the net,

7 Lord, by thy favour thou that they have laid privily for haft made my mountain to me: for thou art my strength. stand ftrong : thou didst hide 5 Into thine hand I come thy face, and I was troubled. mit my fpirit: thou hast re

8 I cried to thee, O Lord: deemed me, O Lord God of and unto the Lord I made truth. supplication.

6 I have hated them that 9 What profit is there in regard lying vanities : but I my blood, when I go down truft in the Lord. to the pit ? shall the dust 7 I will be glad and rejoice praise thee? fhall it declare in thy mercy : for thou hast

confidered my trouble; thou 10 Hear, O Lord, and hast known my soul in adver.' have mercy upon me: Lord, fities; be thou my helper.

8 And haft not shut me

thy truth?

up into the hand of the

17 Let me not be afhaenemy: thou hast set my feet med, O Lord, for I have calin a large room.

led upon thee: let the wicked 9 Have mercy upon me, be ashamed, and let them be O Lord, for I am in trouble ; filent in the grave. mine eye

is consumed with 18 Let the lying lips be grief, yea, my soul and my put to silence : which speak belly.

grievous things proudly and 10 For my life is spent contemptuously againit the with grief, and my years righteous. with lighing: my strength 19 O how great is thy. faileth because of mine ini-goodness, which thou haft quity, and my bones are con- laid up for them that fear . fumed.

thee; which thou haftwrought 11 I was a reproach a- for them that truft in thee, mong all mine enemies, but before the sons of men ! especially among my neigh 20. Thou shalt hide them bours, and a fear to mine ac- in the secret of thy presence quaintance : they that did from the pride of man: thou see me without,' Aled from shaltl keep them secretly in a

pavilion from the strife of 12 I am forgetten as a tongues. dead man out of mind : I 21 Blessed. be the Lord: like a broken vessel.

for he hath Thewed me his 13 For I have heard the marvellous kindness in a flander of many, fear wason strong city, every fide, while they took 22 For I said in my hafte, counsel together against me, I am cut off from before they devised to take away thine eyes: nevertheless thou

heardest the voice of my 14 But I trusted in thee, supplications, when I cried O Lord: I said, Thou art unto thee.

23 O love the Lord, all

ye 15 My times are in thy his saints: for the Lord prehand: deliver me from the serveth the faithful, and plenhand of mine enemies, and tifully rewardeth the proud from them that persecute doer.

24 Be of good courage, 16 Make thy face to shine and he shall strengthen your upon thy servant: fave me heart, all ye that hope in the for thy mercy's fake. Lord.




my life.

my God.


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