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Henneberry Company, 1904 - 207 pages

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Page 47 - gainst his father's will, " His stripling choice : and he did make her his, " Before the spiritual court, by nuptial bonds, " And in his father's sight : from day to day " Then loved her more devoutly.
Page 81 - tis the hour of prayer ! Ave Maria ! 'tis the hour of love ! Ave Maria ! may our spirits dare Look up to thine and to thy Son's above ! Ave Maria ! oh, that face so fair ! Those downcast eyes beneath the Almighty Dove — What though 'tis but a pictured image strike — That painting is no idol, 'tis too like.
Page 63 - For all mine eyes have seen, I to thy power And goodness, virtue owe and grace. Of slave Thou hast to freedom brought me: and no means, For my deliverance apt, hast left untried. Thy liberal bounty still toward me keep: That, when my spirit, which thou madest whole, Is loosen'd from this body, it may find Favour with thee.
Page xvi - The elements and fragments of poetry were everywhere in the Church — in her ideas of life, in her rules and institutions for passing through it, in her preparation for death, in her offices, ceremonial, celebrations, usages, her consecration of domestic, literary, commercial, civic, military, political life, the meanings and ends she had given them, the religious seriousness with which the forms of each were dignified — in her doctrine, and her dogmatic system — her dependence on the unseen...
Page 32 - As more and more toward us came, more bright Appeared the bird of God, nor could the eye Endure his splendor near: I mine bent down. He drove ashore in a small bark so swift And light, that in its course no wave it drank. The heavenly steersman at the prow was seen, Visibly written Blessed in his looks. Within, a hundred spirits and more there sat. ' In Exitu Israel de Egypto,' All with one voice together sang, with what In the remainder of that hymn is writ.
Page 95 - I in one God believe; One sole eternal Godhead, of whose love All Heaven is moved, Himself unmoved the while. Nor demonstration physical alone, Or more intelligential and abstruse, Persuades me to this faith: but from that truth It cometh to me rather, which is shed Through Moses; the rapt Prophets; and the Psalms; The Gospel; and what ye yourselves did write, When ye were gifted of the Holy Ghost.
Page 39 - At the right wheel, came circling in smooth dance: The one so ruddy, that her form had scarce Been known within a furnace of clear flame; The next did look, as if the flesh and bones 120 Were emerald; snow new-fallen seem'd the third.
Page 188 - Why, there is gentleness in Dante beyond all gentleness, when he is tender. It is true that, treating of the Christian Hades, or Hell, there is not much scope or site for gentleness — but who but Dante could have introduced any
Page 143 - Twixt Arno and the Tiber, he from Christ Took the last signet, which his limbs two years Did carry. Then, the season come that he, Who to such good had destined him, was pleased To advance him to the meed, which he had earn'd By his self-humbling; to his brotherhood, As their just heritage, he gave in charge His dearest...
Page 34 - Run to the mountain to cast off those scales, That from your eyes the sight of God conceal." As a wild flock of pigeons, to their food Collected, blade or tares, without their pride...

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