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chased for thee by the Sun' whom thou hast | may we ask, Who shall be saved? “There is *kissed,' and who thus addresses thee, 'Because not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and I live, thou shalt live also. “I have gone to my sinneth not. This is the unequivocal language Father, and to thy Father, to my God, and thy of revelation; and equally explicit is the declaraGod, and I will come again and receive thee tion of the same record, “The soul that sinneth, unto myself; that where I am, there thou mayest it shall die. There is no distinction between be also. Amen, and Amen.

Jew and Gentile. All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. The first point then to which the apostle called the attention of all,

whether they were the lost sheep of the house SEVENTH DAY.-MORNING.

of Israel,' or worshippers of. dumb idols' among * Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the the heathen, was ‘repentance toward God; and Greeks, repentance towards God, and faith to- need as ever to direct the thoughts of the flocks,

to this topic the ministers of Christ have as much wards our Lord Jesus Christ,' Acts xx. 21.

whose blood,' if they fail in their duty, will be It is from an attentive view of the whole law that required at their hand. If we think at all on we have the knowledge of sin. We must consider the subject; if we cast even the bastiest glance the character of the God who delivered it, and at the duties incumbent on us, and reflect on the each precept contained in it, so connected with manner in which we have performed them, can its every other enactment, 'that he who offends we, with any thing like common honesty, to say in one point is guilty of all.' It is in this way nothing of Christian sincerity, affirm that we have we are led to perceive that it is by the law thus walked in God's statutes and ordinances blameless? contemplated in all its extent, strictness, equity, If then iniquity has often prevailed against us; if and holiness, we can become sensible of the true we have frequently been guilty of secret faults,' nature, and when the Spirit works effectually, and even of "presumptuous sins,' can there be *the exceeding sinfulness of sin. What shall we any hope whatever of ascending the hill of the say then? God forbid ! Nay, so far is the law Lord with all our iinperfections, to speak as from being sinful, 'I had not known sin but by gently as we can, on our heads, with affections the law; for I had not known lust, strong evil bound to the world, and with passions which will desire, “to be sin, except the law had said, Thou allow no limits to their gratification, though we shalt not covet. But sin taking occasion by the know that God is the perpetual Inspector of their commandment, wrought in me all manner of con- every inovement, and that hell, if we die, and cupiscence, the strong desire of all things for- make no sign,' must be our abode through eterbidden, and thus discovered to me my natural nity. "What resource, then, have we in such depravity. "For without the law sin was dead,' alarming and dangerous circumstances? How shall in a dormant and inactive state, and I was alto- we be delivered from the body of this death? gether unconscious of my inherent corruption. Only by immediate, sincere, and complete repent* But when the commandment came' in its extent ance. “Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise and power to my conscience, and I beheld it in its perish, Repentance must not be delayed to a spirit as holy, and requiring holiness “in heart, more convenient season.' It must be instantly speech, and behaviour,' sin revived,” it was now begun. It must not be assumed to give a false understood and felt to be a real, living, and active peace to the soul, and to soothe the conscience principle of mischief, working in me all unrighte- with the belief that we are passed from death unto ousness, and rendering me, with all my fancied life. It must have its rise in the heart, and be as excellence, an object of the divine displeasure: entirely without partiality, and without hypo“And I died;' I saw myself spiritually dead, and crisy, as we shall wish it had been on that day was convinced, 'that by the deeds of the law no when the dead, small and great, shall stand man,' though like Paul himself, he had lived a before God. It must be rigid in condemning pharisee after the most strictest sect of his reli- every vice; uncompromising in its opposition to gion, could be justified.' The law provides no 'all appearance of evil,' and determined, in expardon; perfect obedience is its absolute condi- clusive reliance on the Spirit's agency-for his tion, and no grace to help; because in the very grace must commence, carry on, and complete terms of it, we undertake to do all that it de- the saving change—to draw water from the mands, on the ground that we are fully able, by wells of salvation. But the gospel “testifies also our own exertions, “to do justly, to love mercy, faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.' The conand walk humbly with our God. Well, then, I viction that we are sinners by nature and praotice, and that salvation is utterly unattainable by and no eye to pity him, “Live;' and adding gift to ourselves, leads to the conclusion, that a very gift, and grace to grace, till he is perfect through different scheme of restoration to the friendship my comeliness, which I have put upon him, saith of God must be sought and found by the anxious the Lord God. And now the natural expression inquirer before he can say, with any prospect of of his soul, renewed and sanctified, is love to God, a satisfactory answer, “What shall I do to be and love to all that bear his image.

The great zaved?' The plan so essential to our peace is objects of his wishes, and the things which he fully disclosed in the gospel, and this plan we longs for,' and prays for, and labours for, are must regard as 'worthy of all acceptation,' and glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, and feel to be indispensable to our everlasting well- good will to men.' He that believeth hath' being. We must consider it in its origin, indeed everlasting life.' Though it is to be emanating from the sovereign mercy of God the enjoyed fully only in the kingdom prepared for Father, and view it in its accomplishment as con- the Christian by his heavenly Father, the possesducting our Daysman' through humiliations sion of it is secured, and he receives an earnest of its which are incomprehensible, and through dangers being his as assuredly as if he were already there, which he only could overcome, till the cross on in the joy which the prospect of it imparts to his Calvary carried our sins bound up in our adorable mind, in all the difficulties, hardships, struggles, Substitute, and thenceforth became the emblem sicknesses and pains of his earthly pilgrimage. of redeeming grace to all them that believe. If such then be the spiritual triumphs, and even God forbid, then, that we should glory, save in the temporal advantages of faith in the Son of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. God forbid God as our Saviour, our shield, and our exceedthat we should go about to establish a righteous- ing great reward,' what must be the guilt and ness of our own, to the loss of our immortal the danger of unbelief, to which the human souls, and God forbid that we should continue heart is so prone, even after it has tasted of the a moment longer indifferent to the important heavenly gift and the power of the world to come?' truth, that if any man have not the spirit of The sinfulness of this principle consists in its Christ, he is none of his! "Now the Lord is making God a liar,' by denying the truth of that Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, what he has declared to be as certain as the prothere,' and there only, 'is liberty.'

positions that he is, and is the rewarder of all who diligently seek him, or that he is, and is the avenger of his own cause, on those who will not

receive his testimony, and perfer darkness to SEVENTH DAY.—EVENING.

light, their deeds being evil.' While unbelief · He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting demoralizing influences over the soul, every other

continues to spread its blinding, benumbing, and life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not sin remains there as in its strong hold, and of see life ; but the wrath of God abideth on him,'

course wrath also abideth on that soul; wrath John ïïi. 36.

originally incurred when man rebelled against his THERE is a blessedness in believing, which they only Maker, and dreadfully heightened and deepened know who have experienced its workings and its by the sinner's obduracy, and confirmed opposieffects in the soul. "A stranger’to the Redeemer's tion to whatever has for its object the destrucsaving power, “intermeddleth not’ with the Re- tion of Satan's dominion in the heart, and the deemer's communicated joy; a joy which gladdens establishment in its stead of that kingdom which the Christian's heart in the hour of sickness; a joy is love, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.' which cheers his spirit on the bed of death; a joy Hence we see, that the lives of unbelievers are which accompanies him to God's right hand; a in fearful consistency with their pernicious prinjoy which shall continue, nay, increase, through ciples. The word of God is to them a despised, eternity. And while such is his support in every and therefore ó sealed book,' a series of .cunningly change, of a changeable, because mortal scene, he devised fables,' beneath the attention, or even has the outward conduct to point to, as evidence notice of the independently thinking mind, and of his faith, “purifying the heart, overcoming the regarded as divine by those only who are the world, and working by love.' 'He knows in slaves of prejudice and superstition. And what whom he hath believed,' and on whom he rests, is the cause of their thus hating the gospel, and as his all in all. Love that passeth understand contemptuously spurning away from them its ing,' has done every thing for him, saying unto transcendant blessings? The love of sin. The him, when he was cast out in the open field,'' characteristic of “the scoffers who were to come in the last days,' is that they would walk after you have pierced,' by your sins, each of your their own lusts. The gospel levels with the sins—and 0 how many wounds must have been dust the natural pride of man. The gospel inflicted on such a Saviour!— and mourn. The declares goodness of heart, till it be “created anew door of mercy is still open, and your impenitence in Christ Jesus,' a fiction, and self-righteousness only can shut it. From his side' still issues 'a broken reed,' which will . pierce and kill the blood and water;' blood, without the shedding soul,' of him that • leans' on it. The gospel pro- of which there can be no remission,' and water, claims Jesus a perfect Saviour, and allows no by which, as typical of the washing of regeneramerit to be mixed up with his, in the sinner's tion and renewing of the Holy Ghost' you are salvation. The gospel lays restraint on every cleansed,' refreshed, strengthened, and enabled to passion, and pronounces the smallest deviation go on your journey, .faint' it may be at times, from the law, as a rule of life, a ground of God's yet'still“ pursuing. Every step you advance displeasure. And therefore the gospel, and its in your progress Zionward, will convince you doctrines, and duties, are disliked and hated by more and more, that wisdom's ways are ways the unbeliever. •He rejoices in his youth, his of pleasantness, and that all her paths are paths heart cheers him in the days of his youth. He of peace.' "My lips shall greatly rejoice, when walks in the ways of his heart, and in the sight I sing unto thee, and my soul which thou hast of his eyes, but' he will not 'know, that for all redeemed.' these things the Lord will bring him into judgment. •I have loved strangers, and after them will I go. Yet thou sayest, Because I am innocent, surely his anger shall turn from me. Behold

Eighth Day.-MORNING. I will plead with thee, because thou sayest, I have not sinned. For the Lord hath rejected

And I will pour upon the house of Darid, and thy confidences, and thou shalt not prosper in

upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of

grace and of supplications, and they shall look them. Will such scenes as these which thou art con

upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall templating, O hardened, presumptous sinner, con

mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only tinue to smile for ever? Will thy sun shine

son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one

that is in bitterness for his first-born,' Zech. always without a cloud ? Is there no danger of

xii. 10. his setting in everlasting darkness? Thou art not placed here in a garden of delights, where As the Jews are here represented to feel and act, the fruit is abundant and tempting, and thou when they are brought to a knowledge of their guilt mayest pluck when thou pleasest, and eat. Thou in having crucified the Lord of glory, so will be the art indeed only of yesterday, but to-morrow thou feelings and actings of every sinner who has been art not, even though death should lay his cold awakened to a just apprehension of his state, and hand upon thee, to cease to be for ever. Thou has had Jesus set before him in all his sufficiency art not then, thou pilgrim of a day, to enjoy the and willingness to save. The promise of his Spirit little sunshine as thou listest, and permit no is the plea which he uses in prayer for the fulfilflower of the spring to pass thee by. Eternity ment of it. Jehovah hath spoken, and pledged is not a mockery, and a future judgment is not his faithfulness to do as he hath said. No doubt the churchman's dream. Heaven and hell are remains to cloud the believer's mind, or to shake not the visions of fanatics to embitter the cup of his confidence in the divine veracity. He experihumanity. Conscience is the minister of God, ences what it is to have his heart enlarged, his when he arises to take vengeance on his adver- views more exclusively directed to heavenly saries; godliness is a reality, and Christian objects, and his desires more steadily, warmly, * virtue,' any thing but an empty name. Con- and reposingly fixed on the glory which is to be sider this, ye who forget God.' Stop in your revealed. The shadows and the vanities of headlong, sinful career. “Give glorý to the Lord time disappear, and the certainties of eternity are your God, before he cause darkness, and before brought before him with a vividness, and an overyour feet stumble on the dark mountains, and powering sense of their importance, which testify while ye look for light, he turn it into the shadow that the Spirit is triumphing gloriously,"detachof death, and make it gross darkness.' Remem- ing his thoughts from the earth, and the earth's ber who it is that hath said, He that believeth concerns, and making Jesus and his salvation all not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of that should engage the attention of a soul reGod abideth on him. “Look unto him whom deemed. But he rejoices with trembling. The promise realized leads to sorrowing over his sins. wrench to the nails which transfixed his hands They are now a burden difficult to be borne ; for and his feet, and as whetting to a sharper point, they rise up before him in all their multitude, and and causing a more deadly plunge to the spear with all their aggravations. Not one of them which penetrated his side, and forth with is left unnumbered—not one of them does he came thereout blood and water.' If this be attempt to explain away, or even to modify. the truth, and nothing but the truth, and if we They are set in order before his face,' and all of are convinced that it is so, the effect must be iheni tending to this conclusion as to a centre, that sin will appear to us in all its hatefulness, that he has crucified' the Lamb of God afresh, in every aspect in which it can be looked upon, and put him to an open shame. The lovely and an entirely new train of emotions will be awakenglorious Jesus has been wounded in the house ed within us, by the change which has taken of his friends,” and “ pierced” to the quick by one place in our moral perceptions, and estimate of a

whom he loved, even unto the death. How Redeemer's love, and the language of our hearts deep the mourning! and how agonizing the groans be that of the keenest remorse for our having, by bursting from a heart that is now subdued, and our every transgression, increased the load of made susceptible of every good impression, when Messial's physical sufferings, and given greater the sinner, now a saint, recals the wonderful work poignancy to the mental anguish that wrung his which has been wrought in his soul, and dwells righteous soul, when for our sakes, and in our on the character and doings of that Saviour, stead, he • bowed his head and gave up the

whose arrows were sharp in him as an enemy, ghost. Such, O my soul, are the reflections before he displayed in his redemption the riches called forth by the Spirit of grace, and of supof his grace! No coldness or indifference on his plications poured on thee from on high, in causpart could quench, or even allay for a moment the ing thee to take into thy serious consideration Redeemer's love. As Jesus revealed himself to thy grievous guilt, when viewed in connection with those who surrounded him, when he hung on the the vicarious humiliations, sufferings, and death cross, and amidst the tortures of his dying hour, of the Son of God. It must be beheld in the prayed to his Father for pardon to the inflictors scenes which it produced in Gethsemane and on of his pains, so does he still manifest himself as Calvary, if thou wouldst see it in all its essential full of compassion and ready to forgive ; and in and unqualified wickedness, baseness, and maligthe unutterably benevolent and affecting petition nity. It must be regarded in the effect which it had which he then presented, the mourning believer on Him, “who knew no sin, that thou mightest sees and feels the source of his hopes, and of his be made the righteousness of God in him,' if thou * strong consolations. The very words, Father, wouldst feel the full force of the Lord's questions forgive them, for they know not what they do,' to the prophet Ezekiel, and through him to thee, are a balın to his wounded spirit. When he con- · Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Is it a templates such a scene as this, and listens to such light thing to the house of Judah, that they comexpressions as those, and is persuaded that he mit the abominations which they commit liere? was not only the cause of the Saviour's sorrows, Is it a small matter to weary men : but will ye but has an interest in this, the Saviour's prayer, weary my God also ?' Hast thou experienced which has been graciously answered in his indi- what it is to be agitated and disquieted with a vidual case, surely he will • look on Him whom sense of thy sins, even after thou hast received he has pierced' by his ingratitude, and mourn the remission of them ? flee more anxiously to for him, on account of what he has done by his Jesus, and cleave still more closely to him as thy sins, to repeat the Redeemer's ignominy and strength and thy Redeemer. Plead gospel proagony, as one that mourneth for an only son' in mises, and rest assured of gospel blessings. «Trust whom all his hopes were centered, as one that in the name of the Lord, and stay upon thy God.' is in bitterness for his first-born,' the excellency of dignity, and the excellency of power. The very identification of himself with the accusers and “murderers of the holy One and the Just,' is a

Eighth Day.-EVENING. powerfully constraining motive to view every sin which he has committed as adding another thorn" For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive ; to the crown of mock royalty which lacerated his

and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call Saviour's sacred head, as putting another bitter

upon thee,' Psal. lxxxvi. 5. ingredient into the draught that was presented to JEHOVAH sits upon a throne, high and lifted up, bis parched lips, as giving another excruciating and his train filleth' universal nature as his appropriate “temple.' Above it stand the sera- 1 sentence of exclusion was executed. No creature, phim; “each one having six wings; with twain he how exalted soever in the scale of being, could covereth his face; with twain he covereth his open the everlasting doors of a better paradise, feet, and with twain he doth fly. And what are or effect our restoration to the rank from which their acclamations? One crieth unto another, guilt had displaced us, by reconciling us to that and saith, Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts; God, whom we had compelled to become our the whole earth is full of his glory.' A Being so enemy. But 0 the depth of the riches, both of unspeakably glorious and independent, is infinitely the wisdom and knowledge of God! “He who was happy in the possession, exercise, and enjoyment his Shepherd, and the Man that was his fellow, of his own incommunicable perfections. He has had voluntarily undertaken our cause, and when no need of us, or of our services. He would the time appointed for the deliverance of the have continued the same though man and angels condemned and bound prisoners waiting their had never been called into existence. Dwelling execution, had arrived, Emmanuel descended in unapproachable light, his uncreated splendour, from heaven, appeared on earth as our Substibecause the reflection of himself, would have tute-yes, 'great is the mystery of godliness." supplied the want of their songs of gratitude, and He who made the worlds, the Substitute of his of their anthems of praise, ‘for the Lord God revolted subjects, offered that atonement withomnipotent reigneth. But how much are our out which there could be no possibility of safety conceptions of the divine attributes enlarged, to the sinner, and by the shedding of his precious when we think on the condition to which we peace-speaking blood, commanded the everlastare reduced by the fall and our own folly? ing gates to be lifted up, that the King of glory,' “Shapen in iniquity, and conceived in sin; trans- with his ransomed millions, "might enter in.' gressors by imputation, and transgressors by "For by one offering he hath perfected for ever practice, the image of God has been effaced from them that are sanctified. Do we then entertain the soul. The seeds of all moral evil have been just ideas respecting him as the Author of etersown within us. The standard of rebellion has been nal salvation to his elect? Are we convinced of raised ; and by its inscription, as well as by our his omnipotence as the Lord our righteousness ? thoughts, words, and actions, we have proclaimed Do we really feel that without his atoning sacrifice ourselves traitors. The entire inner man is of himself, we can have no hopes of pardon, struck with the spiritual plague. The whole acceptance, and never-ending glory? And are head is sick, and the whole heart faint. “A sin- we resolved, in the strength of the Spirit, that ful generation, a people laden with iniquity, we his religion shall have a commanding influence have forsaken the Lord, we have gone away over our affections, life, and conversation? Are backward.' 'And yet though we have held fast these indeed our views, convictions, feelings, and deceit, and refused to return,' the Father, in determinations ? They should be so, if the truth terins of his covenant with the Son, 'is good and has been made known to us in its power by the ready to forgive. Though he hearkened and Sanctifier, and we have been led by him to eniheard, but we spake not aright; no man repented brace, and to act upon it. • Thon, Lord, art of his wickedness, saying, What have I done? good, and ready to forgive, and plenteous in every one turned to his course, as the horse mercy to all them that call upon thee.' But if rusheth into the battle, still the Lord is not it be otherwise with us, and we have yet to learn willing that any should perish. Yen, though wisdom, the highest kind of wisdom, · Why will the stork in the heavens knoweth her appointed we forsake our own mercies? Jesus, in all his times, and the turtle, the crane, and the swallow fulness, is freely offered to us who have so long observe the time of their coming, but we know and obstinately rejected liim. In him we have not, and will not know the judgment of the every thing which, as sinners, we require, and Lord,' still his language, by his own servant, is, which, if we receive not, we must die the death; * Let Israel hope in the Lord, for with the Lord a purifying fountain to wash away our guilt; there is mercy and plenteous redemption. This healing medicine to cure our festering deadly is indeed the Lord's doing, and it should be marvel- wounds; "beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for lous in our eyes. The seed of evil-doers, we had mourning, and the garments of praise for a spirit forfeited his favour, and incurred his displeasure. of heaviness, that we may be called trees of The gates of Eden were closed against Adam and righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he his lapsed posterity; "and the Lord God placed may be glorified. Why will we refuse, when he cherubims, and a flaming sword, that turned every opens his heart, his large, tender, compassionate way, to keep the way of the tree of life.' The heart, to admit us to the participation and enjoy

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