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has no part nor lot in the everlasting covenant ! | truth in our behalf—we look to the all-sufficient Ah! but what enemy can intermeddle with the merits and all-prevailing intercession of our Medipeace of him for whom Jesus died, for whom ator—we look to the gospel promises confirmed Jesus is interceding in heaven? As from the to us with an oath for ever—and we are “filled foot of the cross he looks to his crucified Re- with peace in believing.' No one may estimate deemer, and thence lifts his eye of faith to mount the value of that peace save they to whom it is Zion, this is the triumphal song he takes up, 0 given! It is a perpetual feast; it is the joy and death! where is thy sting? O grave! where is thy sunshine of the soul; it passeth all understandvictory? Thanks be unto God who hath given me ing; the world cannot give it nor take it away; the victory through my Lord Jesus Christ. My it is heaven upon earth begun. Without this soul, enter not thou into the secrets of those who thousands of silver and gold cannot buy content live and die without the consolations of the gos- —all the honours of time piled on the head canpel of the grace of God.

not charm disquietude away: with this, in the

worst privations of penury, in the face of the O may the grave become to me

world's scorn and the proud man's contumely, on The bed of peaceful rest, Whence I shall gladly rise at length,

the wasting bed of disease, amid the weariness Aud mingle with the blest!

and pain of dissolution, the believer is happy. Cheered by this hope, with patient mind I'll wait heaven's high decree,

With a reconciled Father in heaven, with an Till the appointed period come,

interceding Redeemer, with a witnessing Spirit, When death shall set me free.'

with an approving conscience, what has he to fear—who can intermeddle with his joy?

Now, satan is ever ready with all his arts to

obstruct us in the acquisition of such a blessing FOURTEENTH DAY.-EVENING.

as this, because it is utterly subversive of his

kingdom. He fills us with doubts and fears · And the God of peace shall bruise satan under he tries to disturb us with hard thoughts of God, your feet shortly,' Rom. xvi. 20.

and miserable forebodings of guilt-he tempts us One of the most beautiful titles of Jesus in the at times into dejection, and despondency, and scriptures is the · Prince of peace.' And well despair. But our consolation is, that through may he be so styled. At his birth the herald Christ Jesus, though he be our enemy, he is a angels sang, “Peace on earth, good-will to men;' conquered enemy. He cannot hurt us if we adhis ministers are ambassadors of peace;' his here stedfastly to our Saviour, and fail not to gospel is a “message of peace;' he makes peace implore the constant supply of his grace to direct through the blood of his cross ;' himself is the and strengthen us in the evil hour. Faith and 'peace' of the believer.

prayer are the weapons of proof which he cannot Let us consider the way in which this blessing stand. And yet strive as we may, we must not is secured, and of what value it is.

expect in this life to be complete victors: not Naturally we are enemies to God, fearing him, till death call us hence, will he be bruised utterly hating him—and, as enemies, he cannot suffer us under our feet. As long as we carry about with to live in quiet, “ There is no peace, saith my us a body of sin in an evil world, we have to God, to the wicked. But there is reconcilia- wage a keen and continual warfare with the tion with God through his Son! By grace he great enemy of souls; and the calm we do enjoy draws us nigh to him in the name of Jesus;-he is but an armed truce' maintained with the shows us the suitableness of the gospel salvation sword in our hands.

Ah! but there is nothing to our case as guilty and polluted sinners, and to hurt or destroy in all that holy mountain enables us with our whole heart to accept it;- whither death leads the weary pilgrim of faith; and then he enters into a covenant with us, say- the arrows of the tempter cannot reach him ing, ‘I will be no more wroth with thee, nor there. "O that I had wings like a dove-for rebuke thee;'—being justified by faith we have then would I flee away and be at rest.' peace with God. And to peace with God suc- There is another truth which very naturally sugceeds peace of conscience. Who shall lay any gests itself in connection with such reflections as thing to our charge? The demands of the law these. All they who have found peace with God in are satisfied in our stead—and the Judge is well- Christ delight to live in peace with one another: pleased. Who is he that condemneth? It is brotherly communion is one of the tests of their Christ that died, yea, rather that is risen again. discipleship. And why should not all be united We look to divine mercy leagued with divine together in heart and spirit as well as in name? They have one faith, one Lord, one baptism— nor his promise can ever fail. However hard they have the same hopes, and the same pro- and obdurate our hearts are, the word of the mises and privileges—they are devoted to the Lord is as “fire, and as the hammer that breaketh same cause, and subjects of the same gracious the rock in pieces ;' and we are melted and subgovernment—fellow-pilgrims are they in the dued before it. However haughty we be in our journey of life, and heirs together of one heaven. rebellion, the grace of Jesus is irresistible; it casts How blessed a thing it is for such as are down every imagination, every high thought that brethren to dwell together in unity! Ah, but exalteth itself against him; it constrains us to acsatan hates that unity! He rules by their strife knowledge him as absolute Lord, and with our and divisions—and therefore he ceases not day whole soul, and body, and spirit to become his nor night to foment them. And, alas! he has willing subjects. Now the way in which we are but too well succeeded. On which ever side we thus brought and kept under the complete obeturn, the eye cannot fail to witness and deplore dience of the gospel, is by having implanted within his triumphs. See how the poor church is torn, us, as a living, vital affection, the love of Jesus. and rent, and bleeding with a thousand wounds; Grace subdues us, and love holds us captive. O! see the professed followers of the Prince of peace there is no principle which exercises such sway hating each other, slandering each other, per- over the heart as this! It has led men to resecuting each other—the worldling's scoff, the nounce riches, and reputation, and honour as laughing-stock of the infidel!

dross for Christ's sake; it has led men to abanAnd yet the book of prophecy declares that don all the endearments of home and kindred, all these sad breaches shall assuredly be healed. and to go out to the land of the stranger and the The kingdom of satan shall totter and fall: the savage to preach Christ; it has led men to brave God of peace shall bruise satan shortly under the the dungeon gloom, and the rack, and the wheel, feet of his Son. The day is coming when the and the stake for the testimony of Christ;' it mountains shall bring peace to the people, and constrains men still by a sweet violence to dedithe little hills righteousness;' the day is coming cate every faculty and every possession, all they when the soldiers of the cross shall league to- have, and all they can do to the service of Christ. gether with lines unrent and confederate banner' | None but Christ, none but Christ,' is ever the against the common foe, and gather from the cry of fervent faith : 'I charge ye, daughters of north, and the south, and the east, and the west, Jerusalem, if ye find my Beloved, that ye tell and go forth to the help of the Lord, to the help him I am sick of love,' of the Lord against the mighty. Great God, in That we may form some estimate of its influthy great mercy let it come speedily! I will ence on the frame and tenor of a man's characpray for the peace of Jerusalem; they shall pros- ter, see how changed he is since he yielded himper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls, self to the love of his Saviour.' and prosperity within thy palaces. For my Once the sanctuary was a weariness to him, brethren and companions' sake, I will now say, now it is his joy and song, for Jesus is there. Once Peace be within thee.'

the sabbath was in his eye the dullest day in all the week; now he longs till it come round again, for it reminds him of the triumphs of Jesus. Once

his prayers were barren and heartless ; now his Fifteenth Day.-MORNING.

choicest moments are spent at the footstool of the

throne, because he pleads with his God in the * And bringing into captivity every thought to the name of Jesus. Once he preferred all other books obedience of Christ,' 2 Cor. x. 5.

to the bible; now he meditates in it day and Our greatest sorrow here as Christians arises night, and the oftener he reads, he likes it the from the body of sin we carry about with us— better, because it testifies of Jesus. Once he from the working of yet unsubdued corruption talked about any thing and every thing but re

• The flesh lusteth against the spirit, ligion ; now it is his pleasantest theme, for he and the spirit against the flesh, so that the good cannot cease speaking of Jesus. Once he chose we would we do not, and the evil which we his companions out of the gay, and the foolish, would not, that we do'— even when we mean and the frivolous; now his communion is with to do good, evil is present with us.

the household of faith, for on each member of it But the power of Christ as King is pledged he delights to trace the image of Jesus. And let to bring every thought into captivity to the us not suppose that the change he has thus underobedience of his gospel—and neither his power gone is a partial and a temporary change. If

within us.

any man be in Christ he is a new creature ; olding them down to death is lifted off, and they have things are passed away, behold all things are be found Jesus, and through Jesus, peace with their come new. He has new hopes and new fears, Father in heaven, and a heritage in their Father's new duties and new pursuits, new desires and house! There are none so happy, none in all the new aversions, new joys and new sorrows. The world so happy as they. They are beautified same things which he did before he does now in with salvation; the high praises of God are in a new way, and with new motives ; even his very their mouth; they sing aloud upon their beds; diligence in the business of life receives now a even though sorrowful they are always rejoicing. new direction, and springs from new motives. Their path is as the shining light, which shineth “To me to live is Christ;' he takes up the words ever brighter and brighter: their life is associated of Paul as emphatically expressive of the dedica- with the sweetest and softest imagery, smiling tion of his whole soul to the Lord: 'I am cruci- skies and green pastures, and quiet waters. And fied with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, hear how David speaks of them in the verse but Christ liveth in me.'

which is prefixed to his evening's meditation, Do we know any thing of this captivity to the 'Let the children of Zion be joyful in their King.' obedience of Jesus ?' We call ourselves by his *Children of Zion' is one of the scripture titles name. In avouching him to be our Lord are we of believers: their “King' is the Lord Jesus rendering him the unqualified homage of the Christ. And well indeed may they rejoice in heart and the life? Is he “in us, and are his him,-ever as they look on him in faith,—ir laws our songs in the house of our pilgrimage ?. whatever light they contemplate him. O Lord God, thou knowest. Blessed Jesus, I Let them rejoice in his person. He is th desire to be thine-thine now—thine wholly-image of the invisible God,—fairer than the chil thine for ever. Do thou help me to watch against dren of men,—the chiefest among ten thousand, every disloyal thought and deed. Teach me to Let them rejoice in his love. Many water order my steps in thy word, and let not any sin could not quench, nor floods drown it; it is th have dominion over me. Alas! even when I am burden henceforth through eternity of the hosan most diligent in self-examination, there is much nahs of paradise. evil within which I cannot feel nor see as I Let them rejoice in the righteousness which ! ought! Search me, O God, and know my heart; bas wrought out for his people. It has magnifit try me and know my thoughts, and see if there the law and made it honourable; it acquits a wicked


in me, and lead me in the absolves from the condemnation of sin; it furnish way everlasting

a right to the tree of life.

Let them rejoice in his salvation. It is ric and free, and full, -suited to all, -ready for a

-offered to all. FIFTEENTH DAY-EVENING.

Specially let them rejoice in his omnipotent a · Let the children of Zion be joyful in their King,' element of decay or dissolution in human empii

O there is no single conceival Psal. cxlix. 2.

which has any place in the government of Jest In the eye of the men of the world religion is Death wrests the sceptre from the best and brav continually associated with moroseness and gloom. on an earthly throne: but the mediator King They chase it away from their social circles as alive for evermore, and holds the keys of hell a the enemy of their peace; melancholy they regard of death. The rebel may usurp the rights of as merely another name for it. And yet never prince here, and the traitor may plot and betri could there be an idler nor more slanderous deceit. but the subjects of the King of Zion count The mariner rejoices when his little bark is rescued testimonies 'their songs,' and none that is i from the sucking whirlpools of ocean; the cap- faithful or covetous hath any inheritance w tive exults when he exchanges the dungeon gloom him. The impotence of an earthly monarch n for the sweet light of the sun, and the fetter for make him a prey to tumult and sedition, or freedom; the weary exile leaps with joy when he ignorance may tempt the crafty to ensnare } is restored again to the old faces and the pleasant into destruction, or neglect of his office may be home of his youth. But these are all faint and ominous complaints and murmurings among feeble emblems of the blessedness of penitent people, or his tyranny may arm them up agai sinners, when after many dark days and nights him to hurl him headlong from his throne. of tears, the light of gospel truth breaks in on their but our Lord knoweth all things, and his wisd souls, and the weight of wrath which was weigh- 1 is infinite, -his arm breaks in pieces the ener

be any

eternal sway.

--he hears the sighing of the needy, and pleads | merits, and mediation of our Redeemer.' These the widow's cause,--in truth he judges the na- are his own words, and they cannot be miscontions, and his folk with equity. A rival may strued, 'I am the way, and the truth, and the start up against an earthly monarch and dispute life—no man cometh to the Father but by me.' his title and defy his power, or the fatigues of And who can fail to rejoice in Jesus as the mediunt government may wear him down, or disease may of intercourse between God and men-as the waste him, or old age may leave him helpless and means of communication between earth and defenceless to the invader. But who of the sons heaven? of the mighty can once be likened unto the King In this character, I cannot help connecting him of heaven; nothing is too vast for his superin- with that beautiful type of old, Jacob's ladier, tendence, or too minute for his concern; his eye hanging midway in the sky, and clustering with never sleeps, nor is his right hand ever weary; bright spirits! Down that pathway it is that with him a thousand years are as one day, and the angels come when they are commissioned to one day as a thousand years. Well then it be- minister to the heirs of salvation—and up it comes all the children of Zion to be joyful in their again they mount, to tell of another and another King. For the present blessings he dispenses let poor sinner repenting, and believing, and saved, them praise him; let them praise him for the fu- and to make heaven's arches ring with the news! ture hopes he inspires. What more effective Along that pathway it is that every redeemed barrier could there be to despondency from within soul, since time began, has climbed to paradise ; or from without than this, that Jesus reigneth! along it it is that every single prayer of faith The crowd may rage; but he it is that stilleth has ever reached the throne; ay, and down it the noise of the seas, the noise of their waves and alone come every grace and blessing from the the tumult of the people! Rulers may take coun- tabernacle on high which cheer and sustain men sel together and unite their lawless power against on the earth. his church: he shall break them with a rod of It is called the new' way: the former one, iron, he shall dash them in pieces like a potter's through the perfect obedience of Eden, has been vessel. And why should any be troubled in heart shut up utterly since the fall, and shall continue who have touched the golden sceptre which he shut for ever. It is called also the good old” has stretched out, and avouched Jesus to be their way: the blood of the Lamb by which it is conKing. Rejoice rather in the Lord always, and secrated was slain from the foundation of the again I say rejoice: cry out, and shout thou in- world. It is a plain way: the way-faring man, habitant of Zion, for great is the Holy One of though a fool, cannot err therein. It is a safe Israel in the midst of thee.

way: no faithful pilgrim has ever been hurt or lost who trode it. It is a pleasant way: the ransomed of the Lord return to Zion with songs

and everlasting joy on their heads. Ay, and SIXTEENTH DAY.-MORNING.

blessed be God, it is a free way: there is no

angel with flaming sword standing at its portal * Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in

—the poorest and meanest may enter it without thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name,' money and without price. Now, it is surely a Psal. lxxxvi. 11.

momentous question, “How is this way to be To avoid wandering in the dark, we are all very known? The answer is simple. The Lord, the ready to inquire our way when the shades of Lord alone, teacheth it. And how does he teach night are descending on the earth. O how much it? By bestowing on us his Holy Spirit. That need there is of far more anxious inquiry that Spirit is emphatically the Teacher. It is he who we may not be lost in the everlasting night which clears away every prejudice, every obstructing lies beyond the grave?

cloud, and guides us into the truth. It is he Here I am a pilgrim travelling towards eter- who opens up the word, and inspires us with a nity. Now, the bible declares that to a happy relish for it, and every day helps us to discover eternity, there is but one way. And what is in it something new. It is he who takes of the that one? Jesus Christ, and the truth as it is in things of Christ, and shows them to us in power, Jesus. There are many ways to hell—a thou- and conforms our hearts and lives unto his image. sand different tracks—and troops of travellers Without him we can neither know the Lord's may be found in each gaily and giddily dancing will, nor walk in his statutes, nor fear his name: or lazily toiling along. To heaven, however, the without Him we can do nothing. And how is single solitary way is through the blood, and this great gift of God to be brought down from

any lack

heaven? O we rejoice to believe that it is pro- and however they may escape on earth, deriding mised to the fervent prayer of faith! Come, then, the threats of the law, the condemnation that and let us cry together at the footstool of the awaits them is as sure as God's truth is sure. throne of grace, “ Teach me thy ways, O Lord- And on whom is he to take vengeance ? On unite my heart to fear thy name.' Come and them that know not God, and that obey not the let us plead with God in the name of Him whom gospel.' Some, indeed, on the earth have but slenhe loveth and heareth always, “For Christ's der means of attaining to the true knowledge of sake, lift on us the light of thy countenance their Creator: to many the glad tidings of salvation take not thy Holy Spirit from us.' And with have never come. With all such the just Judge prayer let us join firm and resolute purpose of will deal justly. "They that have sinned without heart. “I will meditate, O Lord, in thy fear, law shall be punished without law and they that and follow on to know thy ways- I will delight have sinned in the law shall be judged by the myself in thy statutes—I will not forget thy law. The persons referred to here are such as word-0 Lord, I will walk in thy truth.' are wilfully ignorant-such as are impenitent and

disobedient in the midst of much long-suffering and many, many, gracious invitations and precious

privileges. To them ‘much has been given,' and SIXTEENTH DAY.-EVENING.

“much will be required' at their hand.

And let no one think that there can be The Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, in flaming fire, taking Lord when he is revealed in glory. Lack of evi

of evidence to condemn the sinner at the bar of the vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus

dence! The messengers of Christ whose admoChrist,' 2 Thess. i. 7,

nitions, sabbath after sabbath, for years, he disre8.

garded, shall testify against him; the blessed The day of judgment will be a great and terrible example, and advices, and prayers, and tears of the day. And there is no doubt that its terrors godly around his dwelling-place, shall testify must be enhanced by the outward sublimity of against him; the godless companion who lured, the scene.

The trumpet will peal—the dead or laughed, or jibed him into sin, shall testify will gather from the sea, and the grave, and hell against him, unvailing mutual shame and secret at the sound—the Judge will descend in the air abominations; the Holy Spirit of God shall testify with his chariot of flame, and its wheels as fire-against him, telling of vexings, and grievings, and myriads of angels will wheel their glittering hosts idle strivings, of grace resisted, of remonstrances around him as he descends—on a great white stifled, of invitations spurned! His own heart, throne erected will he sit with the beam of jus- his own conscience will convict him: self-contice in his hand, and the assembled universe at victed, self-condemned, he will blench from the his feet!

tribunal, and try to hide in dens and caves from All this must constitute an august spectacle. the wrath of the avenger. And yet I believe that the chief terrors of the God only knows when the day of vengeance last day will not be outward but spiritual terrors. shall come. He has not revealed the date of Far more intensely than by all that is around it to any; no good purpose would have been him will the poor sinner be awed by the conscious- served by the revelation. But this we know asness of guilt within, by the burning conviction suredly that as men die so they shall be judged. that surely, surely, his iniquity will find him out. To every man the day of his death may be Amid the countless thousands around the throne, regarded as just the day of judgment. When each soul shall stand apart—in fearful solitari- once the dark valley is trodden, the fate of his ness—because according to what each has thought, eternity is sealed; beyond it the blood of the and said, and done, will the issues of the great everlasting covenant is powerless to save. Ah! day to it be rendered. O! that is a solemn ad- with what burning earnestness might the castmonition in the word, enforced by a most weighty away spirit cry in hell—if it could cry in hope, argument, 'let

every man prove his own work—'Lord, try me yet again. As the tree falleth so for every man shall bear his own burden !' shall it lie.' He that is unjust shall be unjust * The Lord Jesus shall be revealed from hea- still

, and he that is filthy shall be filthy still, and ven with his mighty angels in flaming fire.' For he that is righteous shall be righteous still, and what purpose ? To take vengeance. Ah! how he that is holy shall be holy still. O then how little do wicked men dream of retribution be- doth it become me every day to practise secret

*- do not believe, but they shall see and searching self-examination ! Am I ready to

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