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Page Eleventh Morning ---Prophecy fulfilled in Christ,

Luke xxiv. 44. 110 Evening - The fulrress of time,

Gal. iv. 4,5. 111 Twelfth Morning— God blessed for ever,'

Rom, ix. 5. 113 Evening - The Word made flesh,

John i, 14. 114 Thirteenth Morning—The mighty God,

Isa. ix. 6.

116 Evening -Christ worshipped by angels,

Heb. i. 6.

117 Fourteenth Morning—The great Prophet,

Deut. xviii. 15. 119 Evening --Danger of refusing him that speaketh, Heb. xii. 25. 120 Fifteenth Morning-Sudden appearance in the temple, Mal. iii. 1. 122 Evening. -Christ revealing God,

John i. 18. . 123 Sixteenth Morning—God glorified in mercy and judgment, 2 Cor. ii. 15, 16. 125

Evening - The Spirit testifying of Christ, John 26. 126 Seventeenth Morning-Prayer for divine light,

Ps. xliii. 3. 127 Evening — The word hid in the heart,

Ps. cxix. 11. 128 Eighteenth Morning-Treasure of wisdom and knowledge, Col. ii. 3.

129 Evening-Encouragement to ask wisdom of God, James i. 5. 131 Nineteenth Morning-Wisdom crieth at the gates,

Prov. viii. 3. 132 Evening -Danger of inconsideration,

Deut. xxxii. 29. 133 Twentieth. Morning-God reproving that sinners may give ear, Prov. i. 23. 134 Evening --Judgment to the refusers,

Prov. i. 2426. 136 Twenty-first Morning—Children diligently to be taught, Deut. vi. 6, 7. 137

Evening --Children capable of saving knowledge, 2 Tim. iii. 15. 138 Twenty-second Morning—The serpent cursed,

Gen. iii. 15. 140 Evening ---Christ's voluntary mission,

Ps. xl. 7,8. 142 Twenty-third Morning–Christ an offering for sin,

Isa. liii. 10. 143 Evening -Christ, holy and higher than the heavens, Heb. vii. 26. 144 Twenty-fourth Morning - The man of sorrows despised and rejected,

Isa. liii. 3. 145 Evening -Christ bearing our griefs,

Isa. liii. 4.

146 Twenty-fifth rning—The cross the Christian's glory, Gal. vi. 14. 148

Evening — The end for which the Saviour suffered, 1 Pet. iii. 18. 149 Twenty-sixth Morning-Saints in covenant with God by sacrifice, Ps. 1. 5.

150 Evening —Desires after God,

Ps. lxxiii. 25. 151 Twenty-seventh Morning-Without shedding of blood no remission

Heb. ix. 22. 152 Evening -Cleansing and atoning blood,

Ezek. xxxvi. 25. 154 Twenty-eighth Morning—God will by no means clear the guilty, Exod. xxxiv. 7. 155

Evening —Christ bearing the iniquities of his people, Isa. liii. 6. 156

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of sin,

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Morning-Christ our passover,

1 Cor. v. 7.
Evening -Christ declared by his resurrection, Rom. i. 4. .
Morning-God's love in the gift of his Son, 1 John iv. 10.
Evening - Love to God, .

1 John iv. 19.
Morning-Reconciled by the death of Christ,

10. Evening -A willing people in the day of power, Ps. cx. 3.

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Page Morning-The flesh warring against the Spirit, Rom. vii. 21. 165 Evening - clean heart,

Ps. li. 10.

167 Morning-Lord's prayer for his people,

John xvii. 24. 168 Evening —Advocate with the Father,

1 John ii. 1. 169 Morning—Ever living intercessor,

Heb. vii. 25. 171 Evening-Intercession limited by time,

Luke xiii. 8. 172 Morning—Drawing near with a true heart,

Heb. x. 21.

173 Evening-Prayer without fainting,

Luke xviii. 1. 174 Morning—The only name by which sinners can be saved,

Acts iv. 12.

176 Evening — The blessed trust,

Ps. ii. 12.

177 Morning— Travail of the Saviour's soul, Isa. liii. 11. 178 Evening — The Lamb in the midst of the throne, Rev. vii. 7. 179 Morning—The King of Zion,

Ps. ii. 6.

181 Evening -Christ's kingdom not of this world, John xviii. 36. 182 Morning-The title on the cross,

John xix. 19. 183 Evening — The Redeemer's throne in the heavens, Heb. i. 3. 185 Morning— The Lord, judge, lawgiver, and king, Isa. xxxiii. 22.

186 Evening -Christ the sole head of the church, Eph. i. 22.. 187 Morning- The sceptre of righteousness,

Heb. i. 8.

188 Evening -King of Zion dispensing grace,

Ezek. xxxvi. 21 189 Morning-Ransomed from the grave,

Hosea xiii. 14. 191 Evening -Satan bruised by the God of peace, Rom. xvi. 20. 192 Morning-Every thought brought under obedience, 2 Cor. x. 5. 193 Evening —Zion's children rejoicing in their King, Ps. cxlix. 2. 194 Morning-Divine teaching sought in prayer, Ps. lxxxvi. 11. 195 Evening —Vengeance to them that know not God, 2 Thes. i. 7, 8. 196

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Rev. J. Forbes, D.D., LL.D., Glasgow... ... ... ... January, 1 to
H. Cooke, D.D., LL.D., Belfast

N. Morren, A.M., Greenock.....

John Barr, D.D., Port-Glasgow.

.February 12
James Morgan, A.M., Belfast...

William Dunn, A.M., Cardross..

March 12
D. Landsborough, Stevenston,

R. M. M.Cheyne, A.M., Dundee ........ ..April 9
George Craig, Sprouston .......

23 J. M. M‘Culloch, D.D., Kelso,........ ...May 7 James Brewster, D.D., Craig,

21 M. Mackay, LL.D., Dunoon,

.....June 4 Thomas Brown, D.D., Glasgow,

18 James Foote, A.M., Aberdeen, ...July 2 J. G. Lorimer, Glasgow,...

16 Wm. Wilson, Carmylie,....

30 Archd. Bennie, Edinburgh,.

...August 13 Robert Jeffrey, Girthon,......

J. Julius Wood, Edinburgh,

Sept. 10
Robert Buchanan, D.D., Glasgow,

January 14.

28. February 11.

25. March 1).

25. April 8.

22. May 6.

20. June


17. July 1.


29. August 12.

26. September 9.

24 Walter Paterson, Kirkurd, ....... ... October, 8

23. October 7.






The doctrine of creation, in the proper sense FIRST DAY.-MORNING.

of the term, depends upon the testimony of in* In the beginning God created the hearens and spiration for its proof. Evidences of design so

copiously exhibited throughout all the departthe earth,' Gen. i. 1.

ments of the universe, unquestionably proclaim The work of creation, implying the produc- to every reflective mind the existence of God. tion of all things out of nothing, constitutes an But it was long a question, with some of the amazing operation of the power of God. And most eminent philosophers of antiquity, whether as the universe arose at his command, its con- matter was not essentially eternal; and whether tinued duration is absolutely dependent upon his God ought not to be viewed rather as the conwill. Nothing in heaven or on earth is indepen- triver of the universe out of elements already dent or self-existent; for this constitutes the existing, than in the strict and proper significaincommunicable excellence of him who alone tion of the term, its Creator, or absolute Author. hath immortality, who dwelleth in light which To the devout student of revelation there is no is inaccessible to mortal eye, and full of glory. longer any darkness resting upon this subject ; As to man he is of yesterday, and knows nothing. for through faith we understand that the worlds Tracing back the annals of time, we arrive at no were framed by the word of God; so that things very extended era at the foundation of the which are seen were not made of things which proudest monarchies, and the most venerated do appear.' institutions. Within a circle, somewhat more The design of this great work was to display enlarged, we embrace the origin of the globe it- the glory of its adorable Author; and how fully self, and of the surrounding heavens ; when the it was fitted to secure this end, we may even yet sun began to roll his earliest circuit, and the understand, notwithstanding the extent to which moon to measure forth her appointed revolu- it has been marred by the influence of sin. The tions. Beyond this, and within a range, how- wisdom, the power, and the majesty of God, ever, comparatively great, still finite, we reach every where appear in the astonishing magnifithe era when the angelic hosts were called into cence and sublimity of those vast and harmonious existence. But the years of the right hand of arrangements which constitute what have been the Most High who can number? He inhabiteth called the laws of the material universe. His eternity and its praises. Unereated, unlimited, goodness, liberality, and benevolence, together and independent, as there shall never arrive a with the all-comprehending and ceaseless assiduity period in the exhaustless flow of the cycles of of his providence, shine forth not less conspicufuturity when he shall cease to be; neither was ously in connection with the organization, the there ever a period, in all the remote tracts of preservation, and the enjoyments common to the past duration, when he began to exist.

endless variety of the tribes of animate creatures *I am the First, and I the Last;

which people the earth, the air, and the sea. It Time centres all in me;

has been justly observed, that though pain and Th’ Almighty God, who was, and is,

suffering are incident to the creation, it cannot And evermore shall be.'


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be said, that there is to be found any where an displayed; when mortal shall put on immortality, arrangement, or an object, having no beneficial and corruption incorruption, and death shall be use, and whose sole and ultimate end is to pro- swallowed up of victory; and the saints of God duce misery. Whence then has evil been derived, set free, shall rise and reign in the kingdom of wherefore has it been permitted to enter ? This is the Father for ever and ever. a mystery which the scriptures explain in the most explicit manner. “By one man's disobedience sin entered into the world, and death by sin, and so death hath come upon all men in that all have

FIRST DAY.-EVENING. sinned.' But the visible creation forms as it were only

'It is good for me to draw near to God, Ps.

lxxiii. 28. a platform for the exhibition of a still more glorious work, the work of redemption. In it The benefits of religion are incalculably great the perfections of God as the Saviour, as well as and precious. It constitutes the safety, the the Creator of man, are revealed. The purest blessedness, and the ornament of our nature, to justice blends with the richest mercy; and the cherish its spirit, to taste of its joys, and to folholiness of the lawgiver is seen in unison with the low its counsels. Of all religious duties, “to tender compassion of our Father in heaven. "The draw near to God’ is the most sacred ; and whengift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our ever it is rightly engaged in, it cannot fail to be Lord. At first man was made to be as it were accompanied with benefits which will enable the the priest of the glorious temple of creation ; and sincere worshipper to join in the auspicious acwith rational soul, articulate speech, and spiritual knowledgment of David, it is good for me to service, the duty belonged to him of celebrating draw near to God. It is eminently a spiritual the worship and praise of the great Author and duty; and consists in realizing with more than Governor of all things. But what, alas, has man usual solemnity and awe the divine presence; in become, and what does he continue to be, until resting with vigorous faith and confidence in the washed from his sin in the blood of Jesus, and divine word; in feeling and confessing our deep renewed in the spirit of his mind after the image unworthiness and guilt before him who is of of him who created him ? He is an apostate purer eyes than to behold iniquity; in laying hold from the kingdom of righteousness, an alien from of the righteousness of Christ, and confiding God, a slave of sin and Satan, and the devoted in his all-prevailing intercession and infinite victim of condemnation and death. And how merits; in exercising the privilege of transacting wonderful the interposition of sovereign grace; with God in prayer, and praise, and other reliwhether we regard the state in which it finds us, gious duties; and in drawing from his excellencies or the rank and the honour to which it designs and perfections motives for love, for hope, and for to raise us. The work of God, in reconciling a joy in God. guilty world to himself, not imputing to men their When compared with any of the other pretrespasses, stands forth to every reflective mind vailing employments of life, what an enhancement who devoutly regards it under an aspect as pecu- is conferred upon that which is here commended liarly divine, as the astonishing operation by which to our adoption, whether we consider its nahe formed all things out of nothing. To educe ture or effects. There is a social principle in from a state of moral evil, such as this world pre-human nature, and rightly exercised it may be sents, those glorious results which the gospel con- productive of much good; but how often does templates, to convert rebels into sons; to give man employ it to evil. What baneful lessons them the victory over sin, and Satan, and death; may be learned in the society which is most conto advance them to the enjoyment of a glorious genial to the ungodly mind; and how injurious are immortality, and to set them at his own right the effects produced by an indiscriminate mixture hand in heavenly places, manifests an infinitude of with the world. But wisdom, grace, and holilove and mercy, of unparalleled grandeur, such ness, the blessing which addeth no sorrow, the as no created mind could have conceived, until it joy unspeakable and full of glory, and which was actually revealed. When the heavens and the maketh not ashamed, form the portion of those who earth were made, the morning stars sang together, habituate themselves to wait upon God, and who and the sons of God shouted aloud for joy; but seek his face in spirit and in truth. Like Moses what higher and intenser acclamations of delight on descending from the mount, who bore upon his and praise shall distinguish that day, when all countenance and his person the indication of that the glory of the work of redemption shall stand glorious presence in which he had stood, they will

carry with them unto the duties, the labours, and It is also good to draw near to God, as your the trials of life, a sacred influence which will at Preserver; to celebrate his goodness every mornonce dignify their characters, and strengthen, and ing, and his faithfulness every night. He is the comfort their minds. For whether it be to temper strength of our lives, and the length of our the gaiety of youth with discretion, to abate the days; he compasseth our path and our lying pride and presumption of a fleeting prosperity, to down, and is acquainted with all our ways. "The check the repining murmurs of a state of distress, Lord reigneth, let the earth be glad, and the to soothe the sorrows of bereavement and desola- multitude of the isles rejoice. What contenttion, or to cheer the bed of affliction and of death ; ment, security, gratitude, and resignation, would how good is it to draw near to God.

it not inspire, to cast all our care upon God, and But farther, as a sacred duty, how appropriate to acknowledge the righteousness, the faithfulness, and just is the acknowledgment, here made, in and the mercy with which he governs all his regard to drawing near to God. There is a con- creatures, and makes all things work together for scious enjoyment in following the dictates of truth his own glory and the best interests of those who and righteousness; and in acting in unison with the love him. principles of an enlightened conscience; whilst, on It is good to draw near to God as your Rethe other hand, there is a sense of bitterness and deemer ; to supplicate the aids of his grace, to self-reproach attendant on the neglect of known treasure up the promises and consolations of his duties, and the violation of sacred and acknow- faithfulness and loving-kindness, to meditate upon ledged obligations. We cannot, and we ought not, y all the excellence of his character, all the riches indeed, to draw near to God, to minister to a self- of his grace, and all the glory of his kingdom. righteous and self-complacent spirit. We need for- In fine, it is good to draw near to God as your giveness, even for our best duties; and our devo- Judge; to examine yourselves by his holy word, to tional services, no less than our ordinary actions, can implore, in the spirit of unfeigned penitence, the only find acceptance with an infinitely holy God forgiveness of sin, and an interest in his grace; to through the merits of the Saviour. At the same beseech the sacred guidance of his wisdom and the time, “to draw near to God' with a sincere and powerful efficacy of his Spirit amidst the snares humble desire to serve him acceptably, through and temptations of life ; and to devote yourselves, Jesus Christ, cannot fail to be accompanied with both soul, and body, and spirit, to his holy and comfort and joy; for it shows to the extent that blessed service. Now unto him that is able to we are enabled to do so, that our hearts are im- keep you from falling, and to present you faultless pressed by divine grace, that we are alive to a before the presence of his glory, with exceeding sense of our spiritual duty, and that we have be- joy, to the only wise God our Saviour, be glory come reconciled to God through the blood of the and majesty, dominion and power, both now and

A knowledge of this should dictate the ever. Amen.' earnest and habitual prayer that God would quicken us by the Holy Spirit to love and serve him; that he would draw us, by the cords of love, into a state of closer and more spiritual com

SECOND DAY.—MORNING. munion, and that he would increase in us that faith without which it is impossible to please God. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, 2

Tim. iii. 16. It is good to draw near to God as your Creator; to realize your dependence upon him, How endlessly diversified, and even opposite, have to reverence his high and glorious perfections, and been the views and sentiments of those reputed to stir up your minds to gratitude, adoration, and the wisest men by the world, upon subjects of thanksgiving, towards him, as the supreme source the highest and most sacred importance. What a of all being, and of all blessing. How delightful labyrinth the history of the schools and sects which to be able to see God in all his works, and to from time to time have risen, flourished, and then find incentives to praise him in the glory of the passed into oblivion. We need not wonder, alheavens, and in all the fullness of the world.' though a mind perplexed and bewildered with the The inspired psalmist exhibits, in many interest- endless mass of incongruous tenets which have ing passages, how the pious mind may hold con- been promulgated, should almost sink into despair verse with God, through the medium of his about the possibility of ever finding truth. But works, and offer up the tribute of an intelligent the gracious Author of our being, he who gave praise in behalf of universal nature, to its Creator man understanding, has mercifully interposed to and its King

remedy this great and sore evil, and has placed


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