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Gen. i. 1.

Evening - Communion with God,

Ps. lxxiii. 28.


Morning-Scripture given by inspiration, 2 Tim. iii. 16. .

Evening — The divine teacher,

John xiv. 26.


Morning-One God,

Deut. vi. 4.

Evening -Purity from idols,

Ezek. xxxvi. 25.


Morning—True Worshippers,

John iv. 24.

Evening God revealed in nature,

Rom. i. 20.


Morning—God all sceing,

Prov. xv. 3.

Evening -God unsearchable,

Rom. xi. 33.


Morning-Holiness of God,

Rev. xv. 4.

Evening —God the righteous judge,

Gen. xviii. 25.


Morning-Mercy and truth united,

Ps. lxxxix. 14.

Evening - Eternity of Jehovah,

Ps. xc. 2.

Eighth Morning-Divinity of Christ,

John i. 1.

Evening God manifest in the flesh,

1 Tim. iii. 16.


Morning—Divinity of the Holy Spirit,

1 Cor. ii. 10.

Evening-Spirit of adoption,

Gal. iv. 6.


Morning—Persons of Trinity equal in glory, 2 Cor. xiii. 14.

Evening - The temple of God,

1 Cor. iii. 16.

Eleventh Morning-Immutability of counsel,

Ps. xxxiii. 11.

Evening -Sovereignty of grace, ,

Rom. ix. 15, 16.

Twelfth Morning—Creator and preserver,

Neh. ix. 6.

Evening — Remember now thy Creator,' Eccl. xii. 1.

Thirteenth Morning-Righteousness of providence,

Ps. cxlv. 17.

Evening --Review of God's dealings,

Deut. viii. 2.

Fourteenth. Morning-Dependence on God,

Acts xvii. 28.

Evening —Steps directed,

Prov. xvi. 9..

Fifteenth Morning—Gratitude to the Supreme Ruler, Ps. xcii, 2.

Evening --Universal disposer of events,

Prov. xvi. 33.

Sixteenth : Morning-Vanity of human devices,

Prov. xix. 21.

Evening — All things work together for good,' Rom. viii. 28.

Seventeenth Morning—The omnipotent reigneth,

Rev. xix. 6.

Evening -Nothing too hard for God,

Jer. xxxiii. 27.

Eighteenth Morning-Daily bread,

Mat. vi. 11.

Evening -Not live by bread alone,

Mat. iv. 4.

Nineteenth Morning-Know not what shall be on the morrow, James iv. 13, 14.

Evening -Ought to say,If the Lord will, James iv. 15.

Twentieth Morning—Source of all perfection,

James i. 17.

Evening — Trust irr Providence,

Mat. vi. 26.

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Heb. ii. 17.




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Eleventh Morning-Prophecy fulfilled in Christ,

Luke xxiv. 44. 110

Evening — The fulness of time,

Gal. iv. 4,5. 111

Twelfth Morning— God blessed for ever,'

Rom. ix. 5. 113

Evening - The Word made flesh,

John i, 14.

Thirteenth Morning—The mighty God,

Isa. ix. 6.


Evening —Christ worshipped by angels,

Heb. i. 6.


Fourteenth Morning—The great Prophet,

Deut. xviii. 15. 119

Evening --Danger of refusing him that speaketh, Heb. xii. 25. 120

Fifteenth Morning-Sudden appearance in the temple,

Mal. iii. 1. 122

Evening -Christ revealing God,

John i. 18. 123

Sixteenth Morning-God glorified in mercy and judgment, 2 Cor. ii. 15, 16. 125

Evening - The Spirit testifying of Christ, John 26. 126

Seventeenth Morning-Prayer for divine light,

Ps. xliii. 3. 127

Evening — The word hid in the heart,

Ps. cxix. 11. 128

Eighteenth Morning-Treasure of wisdom and knowledge, Col. ii. 3.


Evening --Encouragement to ask wisdom of God, James i. 5. 131

Nineteenth Morning-Wisdom crieth at the gates,

Prov. viii. 3. 132

Evening -Danger of inconsideration,

Deut. xxxii. 29. 133

Twentieth. Morning—God reproving thatsinners may giveear, Prov. i. 23. 134

Evening --Judgment to the refusers,

Prov. i. 24-26. 136

Twenty-first Morning–Children diligently to be taught, Deut. vi. 6, 7. 137

Evening–Children capable of saving knowledge, 2 Tim. iii. 15. 138

Twenty-second Morning—The serpent cursed,

Gen. iii. 15. 140

Evening -Christ's voluntary mission,

Ps. xl. 7,8. 142

Twenty-third Morning–Christ an offering for sin,

Isa. liii. 10. 143

Evening -Christ, holy and higher than the heavens, Heb. vii. 26. 144

Twenty-fourth Morning — The man of sorrows despised and re-


Isa. liii. 3.


Evening -Christ bearing our griefs,

Isa. liii. 4.


Twenty-fifth Morning—The cross the Christian's glory, Gal. vi. 14. 148

Evening —The end for which the Saviour suffered, 1 Pet. iii. 18. 149

Twenty-sixth Morning-Saints in covenant with God by sacrifice, Ps. 1. 5.


Evening-Desires after God,

Ps. lxxiii. 25. 151

Twenty-seventh Morning-Without shedding of blood no remission

of sin,

Heb. ix. 22. 152

Evening --Cleansing and atoning blood,

Ezek. xxxvi. 25. 154

Twenty-eighth Morning—God will by no means clear the guilty, Exod. xxxiv. 7. 155

Evening -Christ bearing the iniquities of his people, Isa. liii. 6. 156

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Morning—The flesh warring against the Spirit, Rom. vii. 21. 165

Evening -A clean heart,

Ps. li. 10.


Morning-Lord's prayer for his people,

John xvii. 24. 168

Evening - Advocate with the Father,

1 John ii. 1. 169

Morning—Ever living intercessor,

Heb. vii. 25. 171

Evening - Intercession limited by time,

Luke xiii. 8. 172

Morning-Drawing near with a true heart, Heb. x. 21. 173

Evening Prayer without fainting,

Luke xviii. 1. 174

Morning—The only name by which sinners can

be saved,

Acts iv. 12. 176

Evening - The blessed trust,

Ps. ii. 12.


Morning-Travail of the Saviour's soul,

Isa. liii. 11. 178

Evening — The Lamb in the midst of the throne, Rev. vii. 7. . 179

Morning—The King of Zion,

Ps. ii. 6.


Evening -Christ's kingdom not of this world, John xviii. 36. 182

Morning—The title on the cross,

John xix. 19. 183

Evening - The Redeemer's throne in the heavens, Heb. i. 3. 185

Morning—The Lord, judge, lawgiver, and king, Isa. xxxiii. 22. 186

Evening -Christ the sole head of the church,

Eph. i. 22.


Morning—The sceptre of righteousness,

Heb. i. 8.


Evening –King of Zion dispensing grace, Ezek. xxxvi. 27 189

Morning-Ransomed from the grave,

Hosea xiii. 14. 191

Evening -Satan bruised by the God of


Rom. xvi. 20. 192

Morning-Every thought brought under obedience, 2 Cor. x. 5. 193

Evening —Zion's children rejoicing in their King, Ps. cxlix. 2. 194

Morning-Divine teaching sought in prayer,

Ps. lxxxvi. 11. 195

Evening — Vengeance to them that know not God, 2 Thes. i. 7, 8. 196

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The doctrine of creation, in the proper sense First Day.- MORNING.

of the term, depends upon the testimony of in

spiration for its proof. Evidences of design so *In the beginning God created the hearens and copiously exhibited throughout all the departthe earth,' Gen. i. 1.

ments of the universe, unquestionably proclaim The work of creation, implying the produc- to every reflective mind the existence of God. tion of all things out of nothing, constitutes an But it was long a question, with some of the anazing operation of the power of God. And most eminent philosophers of antiquity, whether as the universe arose at his command, its con- matter was not essentially eternal; and whether tinued duration is absolutely dependent upon his God ought not to be viewed rather as the conwill. Nothing in heaven or on earth is indepen- triver of the universe out of elements already dent or self-existent; for this constitutes the existing, than in the strict and proper significaincommunicable excellence of him who alone tion of the term, its Creator, or absolute Author. hath immortality, who dwelleth in light which To the devout student of revelation there is no Is inaccessible to mortal eye, and full of glory. longer any darkness resting upon this subject; As to man he is of yesterday, and knows nothing. for “through faith we understand that the worlds Tracing back the annals of time, we arrive at no were framed by the word of God; so that things Fary extended era at the foundation of the which are seen were not made of things which itsadest monarchies, and the most venerated do appear.' it-titutions. Within a circle, somewhat more The design of this great work was to display ez Lirged, we embrace the origin of the globe it- the glory of its adorable Author; and how fully zelf, and of the surrounding heavens ; when the it was fitted to secure this end, we may even yet s began to roll his earliest circuit, and the understand, notwithstanding the extent to which un to measure forth her appointed revolu- it has been marred by the influence of sin. The tuns. Beyond this, and within a range, how- wisdom, the power, and the majesty of God, Prer, comparatively great, still finite, we reach every where appear in the astonishing magnifise era when the angelic hosts were called into cence and sublimity of those vast and harmonious 22tence. But the years of the right hand of arrangements which constitute what have been

Most High who can number? He inhabiteth called the laws of the material universe. His amity and its praises. Uncreated, unlimited, goodness, liberality, and benevolence, together and independent, as there shall never arrive a with the all-comprehending and ceaseless assiduity period in the exhaustless flow of the cycles of of his providence, shine forth not less conspicufuturity when he shall cease to be; neither was ously in connection with the organization, the torte eter a period, in all the remote tracts of preservation, and the enjoyments common to the at duration, when he began to exist.

endless variety of the tribes of animate creatures I am the First, and I the Last;

which people the earth, the air, and the sea. It Time centres all in me;

has been justly observed, that though pain and TH' Almighty God, who was, and is,

suffering are incident to the creation, it cannot And evermore shall be.'


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