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John Ludford Esq. of Ansley.

John Mordaunt Esq. The Rev. William Ludlum A. M. Fellow The Rev. Mr. Morrice of Wolourn, in Becho of St. John's College, Cambridge.

fordshire. William Lutwyche Esq. of Lutwyche in

Walter Munday Esq. Omaston.

James Mylton Esq.
Reginald Lyggon Esq.
William Lynch Esq.

The Honourable Mr. Lyon, of Pembroke
Hall, Cambridge.

Pendock Neale Esq.
Right honourable Lord Lyttleton, Baron

Mr. Roger Needham, of Dublin. of Frankley.

Henry Newcome L. L. D.

John Newcome D. D. Masler of St. M.

John's College, Cambridge.

Benjamin Newton A. M. Fellow of Jesus The Right honourable Lord Malpas. College Cambridge. The Rev. Mr. Mander, Fellow of Oriel Col The Rev. Mr Newton. lege Oxon.

Mr. Norbury, Asistant to Elon.
Thomas Maningham M. D.

Right Rev. the Bishop of Norwich.
Henry Maister Esq. of Hull.
His Grace the Duke of Marlborough.

John Martin Jun. Esq. of Overbury.
Roger Martyn L. L. B. of Trinity College,

Sir John Oglander Bart.
The Rev. C. Mason D. D. Trinity College

Sir John Ogleden Bart. Cambridge.

The Rev. William Oldham, A. M. Fellow Mr. Joseph Massie, London.

of St. Peter's College, Cambridge. The Rev. Mr. Robert Masters B. D. Fellow

Mr. Osborne Bookseller, Grays-Inn.

The Rev. Henry Owen D. D.
of C. C. C. C. and F. R. S.
Mr. Isaac Mazyck, of Charles-Town in South

Robert Godolphin Owen Esq.
The Right honourable Earl of Macclef-

field; President of the Royal Society.
The Rev. Mr. Meredith, Fellow of Trinity Sir John Packington Bart. Westwood
College, Cambridge.

Worcestershire. Mr. Merril Bookseller, Cambridge.

Capel Paine Esq. Inner Temple. George Montgomery Matham Esq. His most serene Highness the Elector Thomas Milner M. D. Physcian of St. Palatine. Thomas's Hospital.

W. Palgrave Pembroke Hall, Cambridge. Mr. Thomas Mist of Long-Acre London. Mr. Hugh Palmer Scholar of Trinity ColJohn Mitchel A. M. Fellow of Queen's Col lege, Cambridge. lege Cambridge.

The Rev. Francis Sawyer Paris D. D. John Monro M. D.

Master of Sidney, and Principal Librarian The Rev. Mr. Monro Fellow of Corpus to the University of Cambridge. Christi College, Oxon.

The Rev. Mr. Harry Parker B. D. Fellow Henron Monson, L. L. D.

of Trinity College, Oxon. Charles Monson Esq.

Mr. Francis Parrott Surgeon, Birmingham. Lord Montfort.

two Books. Mr. Morgan A. M. Fellow of Trinity College, Mr. Richard Parrott of Hawksbury. Cambridge.

Mr. Richard Perry B. D. Student of Chrijl Şir Charles Mordaunt Bart.

Church, Oxon. b


William Paston Esq.

Daniel Rich Esq.
The Rev. Mr. Edward Patteson A. B. of Mr. Thomas Richards.
Trinity College Oxford.

Jonathan Richardson Esq.
Mr. Hugh Pearson.

The Rev. Mr. Rider, Fellow of Emanuel Girton Peake Esq. Birmingham

College Cambridge. Mr. Christopher Pemberton A. M. Fellow Mr. William Rider A. B. late Scholar of of Catherine Hall, Cambridge.

Jesus College, Oxon. Mr. Thomas Pemberton, Jun. Birmingham. Mr. John Riland Commoner of Queen's Col Thomas Penn Esq.

lege, Oxford. Thomas Pennant Esq. of Downing in Flint The Rev. Mr. Nehemiah Ring A. B. of shire.

Merton College, Oxford. Mr. John Pennant Fellow Commoner of Roberts M. D. of Rofs. Trinity College, Cambridge.

George Robinson Esq. Fellow of Trinity Mr. Richard Pennant Fellow of Ditto. College, Cambridge. Richard Perfhouse Esq. Walfall.

John Robinson D. D. Warden of Mer7. L. Petit Queen's College Cambridge.

ton College, Oxon. The Public Library, Philadelphia.

The Rev. Mr. William Robinson. The Rev. Mr. Piercy A. M. of Bromsgrove. Mr. T. Robinson of Christ's College, Camb. Dr. Pinfold, of Doctors Commons.

Mr. Jacob Robinson Bookseller, London. George Pitt Esq.

John Roebuck, M. D. Birmingham. The Rev. Mr. Pixell of Edgbaston.

J. Ross D.D. St. John's College Camb. The Rev.-Plumptree D). D. Archdeacon The Rev. Mr. John Rotheram A. M. of of Ely.

Codrington College, Barbados. German Pole Esq.

Mr. Rudd, Trinity College Cambridge. Mr. Pote Bookseller, at Eton College : two Alexander Ruffel M. D. F. R. S. Books.

Mr. John Russel. John Polchill Esq. of Queen's College Cam. Joseph Rutherford M. D. and P. Edinb. Mr. Polehill of Queen's College Cambridge. The Rev. Mr. John Ryland Master of a Mr. Popham Fellow of All-Souls, Oxon. Boarding School, Warwick. Bielby Porteus Efq. 1. M. Fellow of Christ's College Cambridge.

S. Thomas Powis Esq. Berwick, Shropshire. The Rev. Mr. Pratchet, Hodnet in Shropsh. Mr. John Sadler, Liverpool. fix Books. Richard Parry Price Esq. of Briny-Piece,

Sir Thomas Salusbury Knt. Judge of the in Flintshire. Robert Price Esq. of Foxly, Herefordshire.

Admiralty, Doctors Commons. The Rev. Mr. Pritchet, Knightwick.

The Rev. Mr. Edwin Sandys Prebendary The Rev. Mr. Probat Salop.

of Worcester.
The honourable Mr. Sandys.

Mr. Thomas Saunderson A. M.

Sir George Saville.

Gervas Scroope Esq. Lincoln. Mr. Robert Raikes Jun. Gloucester. The Rev. Mr. Seddon of Warrington. Mr. Joseph Rann, A. B. of Trinity College Robert Shafts Esq. of Benwell in NorthumOxford.

berland, Rich. Rawlinson L. L. D. and F. R. S. and Jacob Shard Efq. Fellow Commoner of Queen's

of the Society of Antiquarians, London. College Cambridge. Samuel Ray M. D. Birmingham.

Mr. William Sharpe junior.
Mr. William Reeve Emanuel College, William Sheldon Esq. of Weslon.


Mr. Edward Sheircliff Merchant Bristol.

William Shenston Esq.
George Shelvocke Esq.
Captain George Sheyne.

The Honourable and Rev. Mr. George

Talbot. Dr. Shuckburgh, Warwick. James Shuttleworth Esq. Aston Street. Right Honourable Marquis of Tavistock. Mr. James Simmons.

Taylor M. D. Physician to his MaMr. Thomas Skipwith Fellow Commoner of

jesty. Trinity College Cambridge.

John Taylor L. L. D. Archdeacon of BuckMr. Sleech Alisant to Eton School.

inghamshire. The Rev. Mr. Smallbrook Archdeacon of The Rev. Mr. John Taylor Norwich. Litchfield.

The Rev. Mr. John Taylor of Colton in The Rev. Mr. Sam. Smallbrook A. M. Staffordshire. Canon of Litchfield,

Mr. Isaac Taylor Surveyor. Sir Edward Smith Bart. of Aclon Burnell Mr. Niels Thaarup Merchant in CopenShropshire.

hagen. Walter Smith Esq. Tongue Castle


A. Thistlewaite Esq. The Rev. Mr. Smith Rector of Stanmore,

The Rev. H. Thomas D. D. Vice Chan. Middlesex.

cellor and Master of Christ's College CamThe Rev. Thomas Smith D. D. Master of bridge.

Trinity College Camb. and F. R. S. Mr. Price Thomas Merchant, Birmingham. Ralph Sneid Esq. Aston, Staffordshire. Mr. William Henry Toms Engraver.

Mr. Leonard Thomson Fellow Commoner Stephen Soame Esq. Right honourable the Earl of Stamford. of Trinity College Cambridge. Philip Stanhope Esq.

Mr. Joseph Thorpe A. M. of Catherine Hall Charles Stanhope Esq.

Cambridge. Thomas Stanley Esq. of Afhenhurst


The Rev. Mr. Tottie Archdeacon of WorWilliam Stanley Efq.

celler. Mr. John Thomas Stanley Fellow Commo

Mr. Robert Tracy. ner of Trinity College, Cambridge.

The Rev. Mr. Robert Tracy A. M. of AllMr. Edward Stanley.

Souls College Oxon. Mr. Thomas Stephens London.

Mr. Sam. Trimer Bookseller, Derby. Gilbert Steuart M. D. Wolverhampton.

Trinity College Library. The Rev. Mr. W. Rich. Stock, St. Leo

Trinity Hall Library. nards Stanley, Gloucestershire.

John Turton M. D. Birmingham. John Stone Esq. in the Island of Barbados.

Edward Turnour Esq. of Shillingley Park, Mr. Richard Stonehouse A. M. of St. Pe

Suffex. ter's College Cambridge.

Mr. Roger Twisden, Trinity College CamJohn Strange Esq.

Francis Stratford Esq. Merevale, Warwicksh.
Right honourable the Earl of Strathmore

V. U.
of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge.
Mr. William Sturrock.
Mr. Francis Stuart Wolverhampton. Wilmot Vaughan Esq.
Mr. Charles Stuart Birmingham.

Edward Vernon M. D. Birmingham.
The Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire. The Rev. Mr. Vyse, Rector of St. Philip's,
Mr. Sumner Asistant to Eton School. Birmingham.
Mr. John Symonds A. M. of St. Peter's Col Urmstone College.
lege Cambridge, Barrister at Law.



The Rev. Mr. Wilmott, Bromsgrove.
Mr. John Williams, Felix Hall, Eflex.

The Rev. Mr. Wilkinson Master of the Mr. Wade.

Free School Birmingham. The Rev. Richard Walker D. D. Vice

John Winder Esq. Clements Inn. Master of Trinity College Cambridge.

Lord Windsor.
John Rolle Walter Esq.

Mr John Windsor, Salop.
Mr. John Warburton, Somerset Herald at

Wingfield Esq. Gentleman ComThe Honourable John Ward.

moner of Merton College Oxon. The Rev. Mr. Ward Birmingham.

The Rev. Mr. Wingfield, All-Souls Oxon.

The Rev. Mr. Wolfe.
Mr. Gregory Watkins Kidderminster.
The Rev. Mr. Waugh A. B. Bromsgrove.

Sir Thomas Worsley Bart.
Mr. Samuel Webb A. B. Trinity College

Samuel Worthington M. D. Cirencester.

Mr. Wright junior, Coventry. Oxon. William Weddell Esq. Fellow of St. John's The Rev. Mr. Richard Wynne A. M. of

Mr. Charles Wylde, Merton College Oxon. College Cambridge. John Weddel Esq. dillo.

Frenegler in Cornwal. Thomas Western Esq. of Rivenhall, Essex.

William Wynyard Esq. of Abingdon Cam

bridgeshire. Thomas Western Esq. of Abingdon, Cam

The Rev. Mr. Whiffon Fellow of Trinity

College Cambridge.
Mr. Thomas White A. M.

Şir William Yonge Bart. Knight of the
Mr. Joseph White Surgeon Birmingham. Bath, P. C.
Mr. Richard Whitworth Fellow of Trinity The Rev. Mr. Young Asistant to Eton
College Cambridge.

School. two Books. The Rev. Mr. Wickins Fellow of Trinity The Rev. Mr Young, Castle Bromwich. College Cambridge.

Mr. Robert Young. Mr. James Willoby L. L. D.

The Honourable and Rev. Mr. York.

Names too late to be inserted Alphabetically.

Mr. Samuel Ambrose of Debtford.
The Right Honourable Lord Archer,

The Honourable and Rev. Dr. Aylmer.
Mr. John Bishop of Queen's College Oxon.


ECLOGA I. cui nomen TITERUS.



ITYRE, tu patulæ recubans sub tegmine fagi

Silvestrem tenui Musam meditaris avena:
Nos patriæ fines, et dulcia linquimus arva;

Nos patriam fugimus: tu, Tityre, lentus in umbra 5 Formosam resonare doces Amaryllida silvas.

T. O Melibee, Deus nobis hæc otia fecit:
Namque erit ille mihi semper Deus: illius aram
Sæpe tener noftris ab ovilibus imbuet agnus.

Ille meas errare boves, ut cernis, et ipsum 10 Ludere, quæ vellem, calamo permisit agresti.

M. Non equidem invideo; miror magis: undique totis
Ufque adeo turbatur agris. en ipse capellas
Protenus æger ago : hanc etiam vix, Tityre, duco:

Hic inter densas corylos modo namque gemellos, 15 Spem gregis, ah! silice in nuda connixa reliquit.

Sæpe malum hoc nobis, fi mens non læva fuisset,
De coelo tactas memini prædicere quercus:
Sæpe sinistra cava prædixit ab ilice cornix.
Sed tamen, iste Deus qui fit, da, Tityre, nobis.

T. Urbem, quam dicunt Romam, Melibce, putavi
Stultus ego huic noftræ fimilem, quo sæpe folemus
Pastores ovium teneros depellere foetus.
Sic canibus catulos similes, sic matribus hædos



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