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When Ifr'el freed from Pharaoh's Handh
We fing the deep, mysterious Plan
Why will ye lavish out your Years
When rifing from the Bed of Death
When we can read our Title clear
With Joy commemorate the Grace
When with my Mind devoutly preft
World adieu, thou real Cheat
When Faith and Love, which parted
When all thy Mercies, O my God
With peaceful Mind thy Race of Duty h 197
Wefing to thee whofe Wisdom form'd h 204
Weep no more, chriftian Friends,
h 207

h 210

h 216

h 250


h 268

What is more tender than a Mother's
When Abraham, with facred Awe
While Shepherds watch'd their Flocks h 238
We talk of Heav'n, we talk of Hell
What profits us, that we from Heav'n h
Warn'd of my Diffolution
What is Eternity? Can aught
Who fhall the Lord's Elect condemn
What is Glory but the Blaze of Fame h
When I was yet a Child, no childish h 291
What if God hath decreed that I fhall h
What e'er thy Eyes behold is dead
We foon fhall fee the Caufe

h 285 h 297


299 h 300

h 318

h 388

We have the Promife of eternal Truth h 347
When shall thy lovely Face be seen
What are these array'd in White
When quiet in my House I fit
When the fierce North Wind
What Joy fhall abound

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h 97

h 100

h 100

h 114

h 116

h 118

h 1801

h 3:5 h 340 h 497

1h 420

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YE Princes, that in Might excel P

18 Ye People all, with one Accord

P 34 Ye Saints and Servants of the Lord

р Ye boundless Realms of Joy

р P 74 Ye Servants of God, your Master h

14 Yes, the Redeemer rose


45 Ye flaming Pow'rs and winged Warriors h 38 Ye Tribes of Adam join

h 80
Ye Servants of the Lord
Ye heaveny Choir, assist us to fing
Ye Works of God, on him alone
Ye fimple Souls, that stray
Yes, Lord, I'll act the loyal Part
Ye virgin Souls, arise

ION, arise, thy Garments fhake h 10
Zeal withoutMeekness, like a Shiph 297

h 107 h 219 h 222 h 289 h 360 h 315


David ampio

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