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The purpose of this book is to bring together passages from Latin and Greek authors for the lovers of Italy and the classics, whether those who stand in the actual presence of landscape and monument, or those who contemplate them in memory or imagination. Such persons will need neither introduction to the pages that follow nor instruction in the manner of their use.

It is not the author's intention either to be exhaustive in the matter of citations or to make a critical edition of the text. Economy, if not regard for the reader, forbids the admission of passages not of principal importance; and to reduce to absolute uniformity a text of such extent and such variety of authorship and assembled perforce from so many different editions, has seemed, in view of the purpose of the volume, an unnecessary and an uncalledfor labor. For occasional instances where the text is not followed accurately by the translation, the author asks the reader's indulgence; she has not felt at liberty to make changes in versions not her own except as the interests of English idiom made them essential.

The author wishes to express her sincere thanks to the authors and publishers listed below for permission to quote from the translations indicated: American Book Company, New York: Selected Orations of Cicero, by

C. D. Yonge.
Badger (Richard) Boston: Tibullus, by Theodore Chickering Williams.
Bell (George) and Sons, London:
From the Bohn Library:

Ammianus Marcellinus, by C. D. Yonge.
Athenaeus, by C. D. Yonge.
Cicero's Orations, by C. D. Yonge.
Cicero's Letters, by Evelyn Shuckburgh.
Florus, by J. S. Watson.
Gellius, by Beloe.
Horace, Satires and Epistles, by John Conington.
Juvenal, by William Gifford.
Martial (author not given).
Ovid, Fasti and Tristia, by H. T. Riley.
Paterculus, by J. S. Watson.
Persius, by William Gifford.

Pliny, Natural History, by Bostock and Riley.
Rutilius, by G. F. Savage-Armstrong.
Sallust, Catiline, by J. S. Watson.
Strabo, by H. C. Hamilton.
Tacitus, Histories, by Alfred Church and William Brodribb.
Horace, by Charles Stuart Calverley (in Verses and Transla-

tions). Blackwood and Sons, Lo lon: Horace, by Sir Theodore Martin. Century Publishing Company, Vew York: Horace (certain selections), by

Sir Stephen E. de Vere. Clarendon Press, Oxford:

Cassiodorus, Letters, by Thomas Hodgkin.

Statius, by D. A. Sliter.
Dullon (E. P.), New York:

Tacitus, Annals and Histories, by Arthur Murphy.
Tacitus, Annals, by G. G. Ramsay.
Plutarch, Everyman's Library, Dryden's Translation as revised by

A. H. Clough.
Ilarvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass.:

Virgil, Eclogues and Georgics, by Theodore Chickering Williams.
Houghton and Mifsiin, Bos!on:
Catullus, Ode xxxi, by Leigh Hunt (in Laing's Masterpieces of

Latin Literature).
Homer, Odyssey, by Herbert Palmer.
Selections from Lucan, Rutilius, and Statius, as given in Long-

fellow's Poems of Places.
Virgil, Aeneid, by Theodore Chickering Williams.
Kegan Paul, Trench, and Co., London:

Horace (certain selections), by Aubrey de l'ere.
Macmillan and Company, New York:

Dio Cassius, by Herbert B. Foster.
Homer, O lyssey, by S. H. Butcher and Indrew Lang.
Juvenal, by J. D. Lewis.
Seneca, Natural Questions, by J. Clarke.

Tacitus, Annals and Histories, by Church and Brodribb.
McKay (David), Philadelphia:

Virgil, Aeneid, by John Conington (revised by J. A. Symonds). Page and Company, Boston:

Frontinus, by Clemens Herschel.
Princeton University Press, Princeton:

Jordanes, Gothic History, by C. C. Mierow.
Putnam's (G. P.) Sons, New York:
From the Loeb Classical Library Series:

Appian, Roman History, by Horace White.
Augustine's (Saint) Confessions, by W. Watts.
Ausonius, by H. G. Evelyn-White.
Caesar, Civil War, by A. G. Peskett.
Catullus, by F. W. Cornish.
Cicero, Letters to Atticus, by E. O. Winstedt.
Dio Cassius, Roman History, by E. Cary.
Horace, Odes and Epodes, by C. E. Bennett.
Juvenal, by G. G. Ramsay.

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