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JULY 1, 1904, TO JANUARY 1, 1906.

It is intended that the Bibliographical Record shall include publications that are either philological in character, in the broadest sense, or that deal with the educational aspects of the study of language and literature. The period covered is as indicated above.

ABBREVIATIONS. AHR - American Historical Review.

JBL- Journal of Biblical Literature. AJA — American Journal of Archaeology. JGP- Journal of Germanic Philology. AJP - American Journal of Philology. JHUC — Johns Hopkins University CircuAFSL - American Journal of Semitic Lan- lars. guages.

LL- Latin Leaflet. AJT - American Journal of Theology.

MLA Publications of the Modern Language Archiv

- Archiv für latein. Lexikographie, Association. Bookm. – The Bookman.

MLN – Modern Language Notes. C7 – Classical Journal.

MP – Modern Philology. CP-Classical Philology.

Nat. — The Nation. CR-Classical Review.

NW- The New World. CSCP - Cornell Studies in Classical Philology. PAPA - Proceedings of the American PhiloER - Educational Review.

logical Association. GWUB George Washington University PUB — Princeton University Bulletin. Bulletin.

SR - School Review. HSCP – Harvard Studies in Classical Philol- TAPA – Transactions of the American Philoogy.

logical Association. HSPL- Harvard Studies and Notes in Phil. UMS – University of Michigan Studies. ology and Literature.

UPB University of Pennsylvania Bulletin. IF– Indogermanische Forschungen.

WRUB – Western Reserve University BulJAOS – Journal of the American Oriental letin.


Lucian (selected writings), pp. xlii

+ 265, 1905 ; Ginn & Co. (col

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language ; 2 vols., pp. 576, 626; Berlin: Reuther & Reichard ; New York: Lemcke & Büchner,

1905. Šupar, (amél)šuparsak (a) (amél)sak.

šupp(bb)ar, and related terms ;

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(Assyrian) lexicographical notes ;

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King's Studies in eastern history;

Ib., xxi, 238–246.
Recent contributions on early Chris-

tian and Talmudic literature ;

AJT, ix, 178-185.
Recent books on patristic literature ;

Ib., 574-583.

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On Luke xv, 25, ovuowola = bag-

pipe; JBL, 1904.
The ballad of the demon lover ;

MLN, October, 1904.
Some traditional songs; American
Journal of Folklore, January-

March, 1905.
Traditional ballads in New England:

I, Ib., April-June, 1905; II, 16.,
July-September, 1905 ; III, 16.,

October-December, 1905.
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On the minor and problematic Indo-

European languages; PAPA, XXXV

(1904), xxvii-xxxiv. Cerberus, the dog of Hades, the his

tory of an idea ; pp. 41 ; Chicago :

The Open Court Publishing Co. Brahmanical riddles and the origin

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Veda; TAPA, xxxv (1904), 77–

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123. Rev. of Bernard P. Grenfell and

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Fragment of a treasure list found in

the acropolis wall of Athens;

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dialects; CR, xix, 242-250, 286. Isaac B. BURGESS. A tabulated statement of instances

in which a difference in the quantity of vowels indicates a difference in the meaning, rev. ed. 1905, pp. 4; Morgan Park (Ills.) Academy

Book Room. CURTIS C. BUSHNELL. For Christmas day and other verse

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Ixxx f.
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Old problems in Horace and Virgil :

(a) Horace, Carm. i, 3, 1-8;
(6) Virgil, Aeneid, i, 249 ;
(c) Virgil's use of the proper

names of the winds in
the Aeneid; PAPA, XXXV.
(1964), xcvi-xcvii.

The gospel of Saint John in West-

Saxon, edited from the manu-
scripts, with introduction and
notes, and with a glossary by
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D. C. Heath & Co., 1904.
The gospel of Saint Matthew in

West-Saxon, edited from the
manuscripts; Boston: D. C.

Heath & Co., 1904.
The gospel of Saint Mark in West-

Saxon, edited from the manu-
scripts; Boston: D. C. Heath &
Co., 1905.

Rev. of Roman historical sources

and institutions, UMS, humanistic series, i; Michigan Alumnus, xi,

301-303. A pilgrimage to Delphi and Mt. Par

nassus; Normal College News,

iii, 105-115. EDWARD BULL CLAPP. A quantitive difficulty in the new

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in productive scholarship; Uni

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A new head of the so-called Scipio

type ; an attempt at its identifica.

tion; AJA, ix, 11-43. The latest excavations in the Roman

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tionary; PAPA, XXXV (1904),

xxxiv-xxxvii. The metrical reading of Latin poe

try, an address before the fourteenth meeting of the New York

Latin Club; LL, May 8, 1905.
A note on Horace' Sat. I, 6, 126;

CR, xix, 400-401.
On Aristophanes' Peace, 990; Ib.,

d. xiii. internat. Oriental-K'on. gresses (Leiden, 1904), 107–108. Das Analogiegesetz der westgerman

ischen Ablautsreihen; MLN, xx,

65-68. Dürfen and its cognates (note on

F. A. Wood's article); MLN, xx,

105. Zum vokalischen Auslautsgesetze der

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Die Herkunft der a-Deklination;

Beiträge zur Kunde der indogerm.

Sprachen, xxix, 81–114.
Greece in 1904 ; Boston Evening

Transcript, October, 1904.
The life of Goethe, vol. i, 1749–1788,

pp. xvi + 439, illustrated ; New
York and London: G. P. Put-
nam's Sons. [First part of author-
ized translation of Bielschowsky's
Goethe, sein Leben und seine

A visit to the battlefields of Caesar;

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(1904), xcii-xciii. ARTHUR FAIRBANKS. Archaeology an instrument of anthro

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Editor; C), 1905.

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-cinia-; II, -cinium, “calling,” a
partially developed Latin suffix ;
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16; Chicago: The University of

Chicago Press, 1904.
Plutarch as a source of information

on the Greek theater, pp. 64,
Chicago : the University of Chi-

cago Press, 1904. HAROLD NORTH FOWLER. The bronze chariot in the Metropoli

tan Museum ; Chautauquan, 1905,

Editorial work in AJA.
Editorial and other contributions ;

A syntactician among the psycholo-

gists; Journal of Philosophy, Psy-
chology, and Scientific Methods, ii

(1905), 92-97. CLARENCE WILLARD GLEASON. Greek prose composition for schools,

based upon Xenophon's Anabasis, 1, i-viii, pp. 155; in Greek series for colleges and schools, ed. by H. W. Smyth ; New York: Ameri

can Book Co., 905. JOHN GREENE. Notes on the emphatic neuter; CR,

xviii, 448–450.

Articles in vol. i of the Thesaurus

Linguae Latinae : ambulabilis,
ambulacrum, ambulatilis, ambula-
tio, ambulativa, ambulatiuncula,
ambulator, ambulatrix, ambulato-
rium, ambulatura, ambulatus, am-
bulo (pp. 1868–1877), amicimen,
amicio (pp. 1890–1891), amicto,
amictorius, amictum, amictus,
amiculatus, amiculum (pp. 1899–
1902), amnicola, amniculus, am-
nicus, amnigenus, amnis (pp. 1941-
1951), amplectibilis, amplector,
amplexabundus, amplexatio, am-
plexio, ampleror, amplexus, am-
pliatio, ampliator, amplificatio,
amplificator, amplifico, amplificus,
amplio, amplitudo, ampliusculus,
amplo, amplus, ample, ampliter,
amplius, amplissime (pp. 1989–

2017). GEORGE DEPUE HADZSITS. A commentary on materials essential

to the teaching of Roman history;

University of Cincinnati Press.
Horace as a nature poet; PAPA,

XXXV (1904), v-vii.
The topography of Cicero's boyhood

home; AJA, ix (1905), 85. J. E. Harry. Edition of Aeschylus, Prometheus ;

American Book Co., 1905.
A misinterpreted Greek optative ;

PAPA, xxxv (1904), iv.
The same in full ; CR, April, 1905.
The perfect subjunctive, optative,

and imperative in Greek; PAPA,

Xxxv (1904), xxiv.
The same in full; CR, October,

L'Omission d'elvai, avec étoluos;

Revue de Philologie, Avril, 1904. W. A. HEIDEL. Rev. of Döring, Geschichte der

griechischen Philosophie; Philosophical Review, xiv, 64-72.

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