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Arabic numerals indicate pages of the Transactions; Roman numerals indicate pages of the

Ablative of association: 64 ff.
Abstract deities in early Roman

gion: xxxiv f.


Diaeresis, bucolic: 111 ff.
reli- didascaliae, Terence: 125 ff.

Accent and elision in Latin verse: 82 ff.
Aeschylus, Prom. 435: xlv f.
Apperception in sentence structure: 32 ff.
Aratus and Theocritus: lxv.
Aristophanes, date of his death: xlvii f.
Artaxerxes II, inscription of: xxxii f.
Association, ablative of: 64 ff.; in sen-
tence structure: 32 ff.

Aurelius, M., comparisons and illustra- Facsimiles, bureau for Ms: lxiv f.

tions in xxix f.

autós, in Plato: lxviii.

Birds, in Ovid: lxvi f.

-bo futures, Hindu dialects: xi ff.
Brain, simplified nomenclature of: xiii ff.
brevis brevians: 176 f.; coalescens:
173 ff.

Bucolic diaeresis: 111 ff.

Caesar, B.G. vi, 30, 4, emended: xxv;
date of B.C.: 234 f.; date of B.G..
216 ff.; purpose of, in writing: 219 ff.;
title of his work: 211 ff.

Chronology, Roman: 6 ff.

Cicero, de Off., i. 7. 8: xxxvi f.; his Horace, alcaic strophe: lxvii f.; Carm.

villas: xxvii.

C.I.L. xiv. 309: liv.

commentarii, meaning of: 224 ff.

Conditional sentences, classification of ille, quantity of: 159 ff.

(Latin): xli ff.

Conservatism, aspects of Greek: xx ff.
Curiosum (and Notitia), date of : xxxv f.
cyma recta: xxiv f.

cyma reversa: ib.

Dative (Latin), with verbs of favcring, Logaoedic, ancient and modern views

helping, etc.: lxiii f.

Demonology in Faust: v f.

dies natalis, relation to inscriptions on
restored temples: 52 ff.

Donatus and the Terence didascaliae:
125 ff.

Ecbatana, inscription at: xxxii f.
Elision and accent in Latin verse: 82 ff.
Epigraphy, Greek, notes: lxii f.; Latin:
liv; 52 ff.

Euripides, Medea, 240: xxviii.

Filelfo, in his letters: vi ff.

Futures in bo in Hindu dialects: xi ff.
Galliambic rhythm: xxxviii ff.

German, advanced, criticism of texts
for: lx f.

Goethe, demonology in Faust: v f.
Greek conservatism, aspects of: xx ff.
Havelok Ms: liv.

Hiatus, correption in: lvii.
Hittite inscriptions and language: lxvi.
Homer, bucolic diaeresis in: 111 ff.;
Iliad, ii. 408, note on: xix f.; religion
in, study of: xlviii f.

i. 3. 1-8: lv ff.

Humanists, Filelfo: vi ff.
Iambic shortening: 173 ff.

Indirect object (Latin) with verbs of
favoring, helping, etc.: lxiii f.
Inscriptions on restored temples: 52 ff.
Lay of the Two Lovers, sources of: lxiv.
Livy, Oxyrhynchus epitome: 5 ff.

of: xlix ff.
lunula: lxi f.


Medea's Marriage Problem: xxviii.
Neo-Platonic demonology in Faust:
v f.

Seneca, style of: 45 ff.

Sentence structure, types of, Latin:
32 ff.

Nomenclature of brain, simplification of: Shoe, Roman, lunula on: lxi f.
xiii ff.
Sinope, ancient: xxv ff.

Notitia and Curiosum, date of: xxxv f. *so (sam, sos, etc.): 204 ff.

Ovid, birds in: lxvi f.

Oxyrhynchus epitome of Livy: 5 ff.
Pausanias, personality of: xxxi f.

Syllables of diminishing value: 164 ff.
Syncope, pretonic: 186 ff.

Synizesis, Plautine: 158 ff.; later: 199 ff.

Pause-elision, in Latin verse: 82 ff.; Tacitus, style of: 41 ff.

in Dante and Milton: 102 ff.
Plautus, notes on: xlvi f.; relation of
thought to verse: liii; synizesis in:
158 ff.; travel in: xlvii.
Possessive pronouns, synizesis of: 190 ff.
Quintilian, style of: 49 f.
Reinhold, lost chronicon: 5 ff.
Religion, Homeric, study of: xlviii f.;
early Roman, abstracts in: xxxiv f.
Roman de Galeran: Ixi.

Sapphic, minor, ancient and modern
views of xlix ff.

Terence, didascaliae, Donatus's version
of: 125 ff.; gemination in: xliv ;
notes on Adelphoe: xlvi f.; order of
plays: 151 f.; text tradition, new
evidence for: 157; travel in: xlvii.
Theocritus (and Aratus): lxv.
Time relations, errors in: xxxiii f.
Tragedy, French classic, mise en scène
in: liii.

Vergil, Ciris: lii; Aen. ii. 559-621:
lvii ff.; see also Accent.
Yokuts Indian language: lix f.


JULY 1, 1904, TO JANUARY 1, 1906.

It is intended that the Bibliographical Record shall include publications that are either philological in character, in the broadest sense, or that deal with the educational aspects of the study of language and literature. The period covered is as indicated above.

ABBREVIATIONS. AHR - American Historical Review.

JBL – Journal of Biblical Literature. AJA — American Journal of Archaeology. FGP- Journal of Germanic Philology. AJP - American Journal of Philology.

JHUC — Johns Hopkins University Circu. AJSL - American Journal of Semitic Lan

lars. guages.

LL- Latin Leaflet. AJT American Journal of Theology.

MLA - Publications of the Modern Language Archiv - Archiv für latein. Lexikographie, Association. Bookm. - The Bookman.

MLN- Modern Language Notes. cy- Classical Journal.

MP – Modern Philology. CP- Classical Philology,

Nat. - The Nation. CR-Classical Review,

NW - The New World. CSCP - Cornell Studies in Classical Philology. PAPA - Proceedings of the American PhiloER- Educational Review,

logical Association. GWUB - George Washington University PUB – Princeton University Bulletin. Bulletin.

SR - School Review. HSCP - Harvard Studies in Classical Philol- TAPA - Transactions of the American Philoogy

logical Association. HSPL- Harvard Studies and Notes in Phil- UMS – University of Michigan Studies. ology and Literature.

UPB – University of Pennsylvania Bulletin. IF- Indogermanische Forschungen.

WRUB – Western Reserve University BulJAOS – Journal of the American Oriental letin.


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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

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