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The annually published "Proceedings" of the American Philological Association contain an account of the doings at the annual meeting, brief abstracts of the papers read, reports upon the progress of the Association, and lists of its officers and members.

The annually published “Transactions" give the full text of such articles as the Executive Committee decides to publish. The Proceedings are bound with them as an Appendix.

For the contents of Volumes I-XXXI inclusive, see Volume XXXIV,

pp. cxliii ff.

The contents of the last five volumes are as follows:

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1901.- Volume XXXII.

Wheeler, B. I.: The causes of uniformity in phonetic change.
Clapp, E. B. : Pindar's accusative constructions.
Merrill, E. T.: Some observations on the Arch of Trajan at Beneventum.
Harry, J. E.: A misunderstood passage in Aeschylus (Prom. 119).
Franklin, S. B.: Public appropriations for individual offerings and sacrifices in

Morgan, M. H.: Rain-gods and rain-charms.
Warren, M.: Some ancient and modern etymologies.
Adams, C. D.: The Harpalos case.
Steele R. B.: Anaphora and chiasmus in Livy.
Hempl, G.: The variant runes on the Franks casket.
Bill, C. P.: Notes on the Greek Oewpós and Oewpla.
Elmer, H. C.: On the subjunctive with Forsitan.
Proceedings of the special session, Philadelphia, 1900.
Proceedings of the Philological Association of the Pacific Coast, San Francisco,

1900. Proceedings of the thirty-third annual session, Cambridge, 1901.

1902. — Volume XXXIII.

Earle, M. L. : Studies in Sophocles's Trachinians.
Morgan, M. H.: Remarks on the water supply of ancient Rome.
Richardson, L. J.: On certain sound properties of the Sapphic strophe as em-

ployed by Horace.


Shipley, F. W.: Numeral corruptions in a ninth century Ms. of Livy.
Steele, R. B.: Some forms of complemental sentences in Livy.
Prentice, W. K.: Fragments of an early Christian liturgy in Syrian inscriptions.
Allen, J. T.: On the so-called iterative optative in Greek.
Wheeler, B. I.: Herodotus's account of the battle of Salamis
Perrin, P.: The Nikias of Pasiphon and Plutarch.
Hempl, G.: The Duenos inscription.
Proceedings of the thirty-fourth annual session, Schenectady, 1902.
Proceedings of the Philological Association of the Pacific Coast, San Francisco,

1903. – Volume XXXIV.
Moore, F. G.: Studies in Tacitean ellipsis : descriptive passages.
Goodell, T. D.: Word-accent in Catullus's galliambics.
Brownson, C. L.: The succession of Spartan nauarchs in Hellenica I.
Prescott, H. W.: Magister curiae in Plautus's Aulularia 107.
Miller, C. W. E.: Hephaestion and the anapaest in the Aristophanic trimeter.
Radford, R. S.: The Latin monosyllables in their relation to accent and quantity.

A study in the verse of Terence. March, F. A. : Three new types. Proceedings of the thirty-fifth annual meeting, New Haven, 1903. Proceedings of the fourth annual meeting of the Philological Association of the

Pacific Coast, San Francisco, 1902.

1904. — Volume XXXV.

Ferguson, W. S. : Historical value of the twelfth chapter of Plutarch's Life of

Pericles. Botsford, G. W.: On the distinction between Comitia and Concilium Radford, R. S.: Studies in Latin accent and metric. Johnson, C. W. L.: The Accentus of the ancient Latin grammarians. Bolling, G. M.: The Çāntikalpa of the Atharva-Veda. Rand, E. K.: Notes on Ovid. Goebel, J.: The etymology of Mephistopheles. Proceedings of the thirty-sixth annual meeting, St. Louis, 1904. Proceedings of the fifth and sixth annual meetings of the Philological Association

of the Pacific Coast, San Francisco, 1903, 1904.

1905. - Volume XXXVI.

Sanders, H. A.: The Oxyrhynchus epitome of Livy and Reinhold's lost

chronicon. Meader, C. L. : Types of sentence structure in Latin prose writers. Stuart, D. R.: The reputed influence of the dies natalis in determining the

inscription of restored temples. Bennett, C. E.: The ablative of association. Harkness, A. G.: The relation of accent to elision in Latin verse.

Bassett, S. E. : Notes on the bucolic diaeresis.
Watson, J. C. : Donatus's version of the Terence didascaliae.
Radford, R. S. : Plautine synizesis.
Kelsey, F. W.: The title of Caesar's work.
Proceedings of the thirty-seventh annual meeting, Ithaca, N. Y., 1905.
Proceedings of the seventh annual meeting of the Philological Association of the

Pacific Coast, San Francisco, 1905.

The Proceedings of the American Philological Association are distributed gratis upon application to the Secretary or to the Publishers until they are out of print.

Fifty separate copies of articles printed in the Transactions, ten of articles printed in the Proceedings, are given to the authors for distribution. Additional copies will be furnished at cost.

The “Transactions for" any given year are not always published in that year. To avoid mistakes in ordering back volumes, please not the

year of publication, but rather the year for which the Transactions are desired, adding also the volume-number, according to the following table :


The Trans.


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1892 «

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The Transactions for 1869 and

1870 form Vol. I. The Trans. for 1871

II. 1872


IV. 1874

V. 1875

VI. 1876

VII. 1877

VIII. 1878

IX. 1879

X. 1880

XI. 1881

XII. 1882

XIII. 1883

XIV. 1884

XV. 1885

XVI. 1886

XVII. 1887


1888 form Vol. XIX. 1889

XX. 1890

" XXI. 1891 “ XXII.

“ XXIII. 1893

“ XXIV. 1894

66 XXV. 1895

« XXVI. 1896

“ XXVII. 1897 " XXVIII. 1898

« XXIX. 1899

- XXX. 1900

“ XXXI. 1901

“ XXXII. 1902 “ XXXIII. 1903

“ XXXIV. 1904

6 XXXV. 1905


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The price of these volumes is $2.00 apiece, except Volumes XV, XX, XXIII, and XXXII, for which $2.50 is charged. The first two volumes will not be sold separately. A charge of fifty cents each is made for the Index of Authors and Index of Subjects to Vols. 1-XX, and to Vols. XXI-XXX.


Back volumes will be bound in the style of this volume for thirtyfive cents each by F. J. Barnard & Co., 17 Province St., Boston, Mass., provided at least twelve volumes are sent at a time, and the cost of transportation both ways is paid by the owner. All parcels should be plainly marked with the name and address of the sender, and the binders should be notified at the time the unbound volumes are sent in order that the sender may be identified. Libraries

may obtain bound copies of the annual volumes at twentyfive cents per volume in addition to the regular price.

REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF COMPLETE SETS. Single COMPLETE SETS of the Transactions and Proceedings will be sold, until further notice, at a reduction of 20%.

It is especially appropriate that American Libraries should exert themselves to procure this series while it may be had. It is the work of American scholars, and contains many valuable articles not elsewhere accessible ; and, apart from these facts, as the first collection of essays in general philology made in this country, it is sure to be permanently valuable for the history of American scholarship.


Over one hundred volumes, including the best works of

modern foreign literature

This series has long been favorably known because of the practical and scholarly editing and the unequaled mechanical execution of its volumes. To make these books still more noteworthy, important changes have recently been made in the style of binding and in the prices. In addition to all the excellent features which have long characterized the series, the books now offer the advantages of a greater attractiveness in appearance, a better adaptation for school use, and a considerable reduction in price.

RECENT ADDITIONS TO THE SERIES Frenssen's Gravelotte (Heller).

Féval's La Fée des Grèves (Hawtrey). Thiergen's Am Deutschen Herde. Jaques' Intermediate French. Heine's Poems (Eggert).

Pailleron's Le Monde où l'on s'ennuie Riehl's Die Vierzehn Nothelfer (Price). (Raschen).

Labiche and Martin's Le Voyage de Müller's Deutsche Liebe.

M. Perrichon (Spiers). Hillern's Höher als die Kirche (East- Selections from Maupassant (Schinz). man).

One Hundred Fables of Fontaine Manley and Allen's Four German (Super).


Bahlsen's The Teaching of Modern Languages

By LEOPOLD BAHISEN, Professor of the Realschule VI, Berlin, Lecturer on

Methods of 'Teaching French and German in Teachers College, Columbia University, 1902-1903. Translated from the German by M, BLAKEMORE EVANS, Instructor in German in the University of Wisconsin. Svo. Semiflexible cloth. 97 pages. With portrait,

Intended primarily for teachers of French and German in secondary schools, this suggestive work can also be used with profit as a text-book or as collateral reading in “methods" courses in normal schools and universities.

Studies and Notes in Philology and Literature

Volume X. The Arthurian material in the Chronicles, especially those of Great

Britain and France. By ROBERT HUNTINGTON FLETCHER, recently Assistant Professor of English in Washington University, St. Louis. 8vo. Paper. 313 pages.

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