Report of Her Majesty's Civil Service Commissioners: Together with Appendices, Volumes 28-30

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Eyre and Spottiswoode., 1884

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Page 64 - ... 8. The marks obtained by each candidate, in respect of each of the subjects in which he shall have been examined, will be added up, and the names of the candidates who shall have obtained a greater aggregate number of marks than any of the remaining candidates will be set forth in order of merit, and such candidates shall be deemed to be selected candidates for the Civil Service of India, provided they appear to be in other respects duly qualified ; and shall be permitted to choose,!
Page 64 - Examination, as may be deemed necessary. 8. — The marks obtained by each Candidate, in respect of each of the subjects in which he shall have been examined, will be added up, and the names of the...
Page 16 - Where the father, or the mother being a widow, has obtained a certificate of naturalization in the United Kingdom, every child of such father or mother who during infancy has become resident with such father or mother in any part of the United Kingdom, shall be deemed to be a naturalized British subject.
Page 64 - The selected candidates who, at the final Examination, shall be found to have a competent knowledge of the subjects specified in Regulation 9, and who shall have satisfied the Civil Service Commissioners of their eligibility in respect of...
Page 65 - All selected candidates will be required, after having passed the second periodical examination, to attend at the India Office for the purpose of entering into an agreement binding themselves, amongst other things, to refund in certain cases the amount of their allowance in the event of their failing to proceed to India.
Page 64 - Any Candidate who, at any of the periodical Examinations, shall appear to have wilfully neglected his studies, or to - be physically incapacitated for pursuing the prescribed course of training, will be liable to have his name removed from the list of selected Candidates.
Page 11 - ... 67. Notwithstanding anything in this Part of this Order a Consul in Palestine may execute such non-contentious measures in relation to the personal status of nationals of his State as the High Commissioner, with the approval of the Secretary of State, may from time to time prescribe by regulation.
Page 60 - Application for permission to attend one of these preliminary examinations must be made in the writing of the candidate, at such times and in such manner as may be fixed by the Commissioners.
Page 58 - In positions where the duties are professional, technical or expert, the candidates will be required to show what preliminary training or technical education they have undergone to qualify them for such situations before they can be admitted to examination.
Page 64 - Commissioners of their eligibility in respect of age, health, and character, shall be certified by the said Commissioners to be entitled to be appointed to the Civil Service of India, provided they shall comply with the regulations in force, at the time, for that service.

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