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seniority, by reason of a statute of the University denying degrees to any non-resident:

In performance of our said promise, and for the future encouragement of others in the like service, We do hereby signify unto you, That it is our will and pleasure that the said John Castle be by you created Master of Arts, and allowed the same seniority which, according to the custom of your University, he had enjoyed had he been resident at the usual time of taking degrees.

Given at Whitehall, the 22d day of June 1658.8

Castle, the Books indicate, had entered Trinity at the same time, and been under the same Tutor, with a very famous person, John Driden Northampt. admissus Pens." - both, namely, were admitted, “Pensioners,” in Sept. 1649.

2. That Benjamin Rogers be made Bachelor of Music, -"a Form Oliver Cromwell's Mandats,” says Baker, who has excerpted this one. To Our trusty and well-beloved the Vicechancellor and Senate of Our á

University of Cambridge.

OLIVER P. Trusty and well-beloved, — We greet you well. Whereas we are informed that you cannot, by the statutes and according to the customs of your University, admit any to the degree of Bachelor of Music unless he had some years before “been' admitted in a college: And whereas we are also certified that Benjamin Rogers hath attained to eminency and skill in that faculty: – We, willing to give all encouragement to the studies and abilities of men in that or any other ingenuous faculty, have thought fit to declare our will and pleasure, by these our letters, that, notwithstanding your statutes and customs, you cause Benjamin Rogers to be admitted and created Bachelor in Music, in some one or more of your con

· Cambridge Archives, “Grace-Book H. p. 181." Communicated by Rev. J. Edleston, Fellow of Trinity College.

gregations assembled in that our University; he paying such dues as are belonging to that degree, and giving some proof of his accomplishments and skill in music. And for so doing, these our letters shall be your warrant. i Given at Whitehall, the 28th day of May 1658.8

$ Copy in Harl. Mss. no. 7053, f. 152 (Baker M88. X. 373); – and as before, in “Grace-Book H. p. 180." -- The Originals will never turn up. In the same Register of “Graces,” or Decrees of Senate, is one (of date 1661) for burning whatsoever Mandates or Missives there are from Crom. well; whereby doubtless the Originals (whith small damage to them, and some satisfaction to the Heads of Houses) were destroyed.

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ABBOT, Colonel, in Ireland, ii. dered Antichristian, 218;
211, 279.

Spain, 346, 381.
Aberdeen Provost, at Dunbar Apprentices, riots of, i. 114,

fight, ii. 333. See Jaffray. 118, 284, 320.
Alablaster, Dr., preaches Po Ardes, Lord of, assists Or-
pery, i. 63.

mond, ii. 170; at Wexford,
Allen, Trooper, examined, i. • 190; at Ross, 193.

273; – Ludlow's mistake Argyle, Marquis, dines with
concerning, iii. 276.

Cromwell, ií. 74; Cromwell's
Allen, Adjutant-General, his letter to', 52; — his party in

account of Prayer-Meeting 1650, iii. 2.
at Windsor, i. 321-325; – Arklow, skirmish at, ii. 207.

disturbances by, iii. 276-279. Armstrong, Sir Thomas, notice
Allertoun House, Cromwell at, of, ii. 207.
iii. 63-65.

Army, King's and Parliament's,
Alured, Thomas, M. P., letter i. 119, 120; of Parliament in
by, i. 58.

1643, 146, 162, 163; New
Alured, Col. Matthew, captu Model, 194, 218; motions of

res Scots Committee, iii. 98; in 1645, 233; too near Lon-
Anabaptist, cashiered, 201 don, 266; against Parlia-
204; Cromwell's letter to, ment, 267, 268; state of in

1647, 270, 271; at Saffron
Alured, Col. John, King's Walden, 272, and App. C.
Judge, iii. 204.

iv. 336-339; Agitators in, i.
Alyth, Scots Committee extin 273, 274; will not disband,
guished at, iii. 98.

275; Rendezvous at New-
Amps, Mr. Thomas, plotting market, 275; at Royston,
at his house, iii. 194.

276; comes to St. Albans,
Anabaptists favoured by Crom 277; Manifesto and claims
well, i. 216, 217.

of, 278; Declaration against,
Antichrist, ü. 237; - de expunged, 284; advances to

signated by Cromwell, iii. London, 285; enters Lon.
217, 219; Magistracy consi don, 286; Prayer-Meeting
at Windsor Castle, 322, 323; Ayr Citadel built by Cromwell,
- against Treaty with Char- iii. 100.
les I., ii. 82, 87; Remon- Ayscough, Sir George, notice
strance, 88; at Windsor, 89; of, ii. 153, 154; — ü. 180;
in London, St. James's, &c., his house like a ship at sea,

Army, equipments of, in 1651, Augustin, Mosstrooper, iii. 11,
iii. 73.

Arnald. See Levellers.
Array, Commission of, i. 120,

121, - see St. Albans; in Baas, M. de, intriguer, App. C.

Eastern Association, 132. iv. 377.
Artists in 1651, iii. 42-44. Bacon, Nathaniel, author of
Arundel, John, Cromwell's lete Burton's Diary, iv. 18n.

ter in behalf of, App. C. iv. Baillie, Robert, on Scots De-

mands, i 106, 107; Appren-
Ascham, Anthony, slain in tices in Palaceyard, 114; —
Spain, iii. 380, 395.

flies from Glasgow, iii. 6; is
Ashburnham, Mr., notice of, at Ferth, 17; sees Cromwell
iii. 208.

in Glasgow, 62.
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, fortified, Baillie, General, at Preston
i. 143.

fight, ii. 17, 22; perplexed,
Ashe, John, M. P., notice of, 27; surrenders, 27, 34.

ii. 83, 86, 87; Cromwell's Balder, Allegory of, i. 11.
letter to, 83.

Baltimore, Lord, and Mary-
Ashton, Col., at Preston, ii. 30. land, iii. 274.
Ashton, Sir Arthur, Governor Bamfield, Col., spy, i. 262; -

of Tredah, ii. 165; killed, iv. 4.

Banks, Mr., on Cromwell, i.
Assembly, General, answer 17.

Cromwell, ii. 308; his letter Bannockburn, Cromwell at, iii.
to, 309, not allowed to sit, 72.

iii. 99. See Divines. Barbadoes, delinquents sent
Associated Counties, origin of, to, iii. 317.

i. 124, 136; raise an Army, Barbarous nations, records of,

i. 5.
Astley, Sir Bernard, taken, i. Barbone, Mr. Praisegod, ac-

count of, iii. 141.
Astley, Sir Jacob, last of roya- Barebones's Parliament, üü.
list generals, i. 245.

142, 178..
Axtel, Col., regicide, iii. 271. Barclay of Urie, Scotch Qua-
Aylesbury, Rupert at, i. 138. ker, iii. 36.

Barkstead, Col., a Major-Ge- Beacham, Margery, case of, iii.
neral, iii. 341 n., 405 n.

332, 333.
Barlow, Mrs., and Charles II., Beard, Dr., schoolmaster, i.
ii. 191.

34, 63, 66.
Barnard, Robert, Justice of Bedford, Earl, chief of Puri-

Peace, i.66,125; his descend- tans, i. 112; General of Par-
ants, 126; Cromwell's letters liament horse, 123.

to, 125, 141.
Barnet, Col., Wogan at, ii.

Bedford, Level, i. 96; - iii.

Barton. Col., in Scotland, ü. Bennet, Richard Cromwell's

letter to, iii. 274.
Basing House described, i. Berkley, Sir John, tutor to
235; taken, 236-241.

Duke of York, iv. 4.
Bastwick, Dr. John, in pillory,

Berners's, Lord, ancestor, i.
i. 93; – his Widow provided. 249.
for, iy. 134.

Berney, Sir Richard, fined. i.
Bates, Dr., sent to Cromwell 135.
in Scotland, iii. 67.

Berry, Captain, slays General
Battles: Edgehill, 23d Oct. Cavendish, App. C. iv. 321,

1642, i. 124, Grantham, 13th 324; Major, at Preston fight,
May 1643, 145, 146; New ii. 27; 2001. voted to, 37; -
bury (first), 20th Sept. 1643, Colonel, a Major - General,
164; Winceby, 11th Oct. jïi. 341n. —, in favour of
1643, 175; Marston Moor, Kingship, iv. 133.
2d July 1644, 186; Cropredy, Berwick summoned by Crom-
30th June 1644, 194; New-* well, ii. 51, 55.
bury (second), 27th Oct. Bethel, Major, at Bristol siege,
1644, 195; Naseby, 14th i. 229.
June 1645, 212, and App. C. Bible, Dr. Walton's Polyglott,
iv. 328-331; Langport, July App. C. iv. 372.
1645, App. C. iv. 333; - Biddle, Mr., Socinian, iii. 270.
Preston, 17th Aug. 1648, ii. Billingsley,' butcher, in Ger-
16, and App. C. iv. 343; - ard's plot, iii. 205.
Dunbar, 3d Sept. 1650, ii. Biographers of Cromwell cri-
326-342, and App. C.iv. 358; ticised, i. 14. See Heath,
Worcester, 3d Sept. 1651, Noble, Ludlow, Banks,
| iii. 87-95.

Maidston, Kimber, Forster,
Baxter, Richard, opinion of Harris.

Edgehill battle, i. 124; - Birch, Col., at Bristol siege, i.
unfriendly to Cromwell, iü. 226, 229.

Birch, Dr., prints Hammond's
Carlyle, Cromwell. IV.



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