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Temple, Sir Peter, Baronet (King's judge) . · · · · · · · ·

Buckingham. . *Temple, Thomas, Esq.. ... Huntingdon. *Terrick, Samuel, Esq. . . . . . Newcastle-under-Line. Theloall, Simon, jun. Esq. . . Denbigh. *Thistlethwaite, Alexander, Esq. . Downton, Wilts.. Thomas, Edward, Esq. ..

Okehampton, Devon

shire, *Thomas, Isaiah, Esq. · · · · ·

Bishop's Castle. *Thomas, John, Esq. . . . . . Helston.. Thomas, William, Esq. (disab. '44). Carnarvonta *Thompson, George, Esq. · ·.::

Southwark. *Thornhaugh, Francis, Esq. (dead '48) . . . . : : :,:

East Retford. *Thorpe, Sergeant Francis (King's

Richmond, Yorkshire. · *Thynn, Thomat, Esq. ...

Saltash. Thynne, Sir James Knight:(disab.) Wiltshire, · Toll, Thomas, Esq. . . . . .

Lenn. *Tolson, Richard, Esq. ...

Cumberland. . Tomkins, Thomas, Esq. (disab. '44) Weobly. *Trefusis, Nicholas, Esq. . . Cornwall. Trenchard, John, Esq. (King's judge) Wareham, Doretshire. *Trenchard, Sir Thomas, Knight : Dorsetshire. : Trevanion, John, Esq. (disab.; killed at Bristol) . . . . . . . .

Lostwithiel. Trevor, Sir John, Knight:.... Grampound. *Trevor, John, Esq. ...... Flintshire. *Trevor, Sir Thomas, Knight .. Tregony. Trevor, Thomas, Esq. (till P44, then void) . . . . . . :

Monmouth. Tufton, Sir Humphrey, Knight . . Maidstone. Tulsey, Henry, Esq. (dead '44). Christchurch, Hants. "T Turner, Samuel, M.D. (disab. '44) · Shaftesbury. *Twisden, Thomas, Esq., in: ...

Maidstone. Upton, Arthur, Esq. (died '41) i'. Clifton, Dartmouth,

Hardness (united). *Upton, John, Esq..

Fowey. i . Uvedale, Sir William, Knight (disab.) Petersfield. *Vachel, Tanfield, Esq. . .

Reading. . Valentine, Benjamin, Esq. .... St. Germains. so'm

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Vane, George, Esq. (disab.) DC. Kellington. I Vane, Sir Henry, Knight .... Wilton.. b lehoi Vane, Sir Henry, jun. Knight V Hull. id new Vassal, Samuel, Esq., merchant . . London. ib udgini *Vaughan, Charles, Esq. ... Honiton. *Vaughan, Edward, Esq. col. Montgomeryshire. Vaughan, Sir Henry, Knight (disab.) Carmarthenshire. ) Vaughan, John, Esq. (disab. '45) . Cardigan. Itown Venables, Peter, Esq. (disab. '44). Cheshire. be *Venn, John, Esq. (regicide): London. troyting', Verney, Sir Edmund, Knight Marshall alone'reig va 10

(killed at Edgehill, Oct. '42, where he bore the King's standard) . Wycombe. This res : Verney, Sir Ralph, Knight (disab. '45) Aylesbury. Vernon, Henry, Esq. (not duly) Andover. Vivian, Sir Richard, Knight (disab. '44) . . . . . . . . . . .

Tregony. . 99 DAY. *Walker, Clement, Esq. ... Wells. an atas Walker, Robert, Esq. (disab. '43) . Exeter. Uit 10 Waller, Edmund, Esq. (in place of

Lord Lisle; disab. 43): ... St. Ives, Cornwall... *Waller, Thomas, Esq. ... Bodmin. mohad Waller, Thomas, Esq. (not duly). . New Windsor.91osd Waller, Sir William, Knight (instead in the b oiteit,

of Vernon; one of the 11) . Andover. 1.299did; Wallop, Sir Henry, Knight (dead '44) gaisa *Wallop, Robert, Esq. (King's judge) Andover. 7 stir!?. Walsingham, Sir Thomas, Knight Rochester.dol sild Walton, Valentine, Esq. (regicide). Huntingdonshire. Tini *Warmouth, -, Esq. (void);

Newcastle-on-Tyne. 7. Warton, Michael, Esq. (disab. 44). Beverley. Warwick, Philip, Esq. (disab. ’44) (Romneyl, but prefer

Orlai paared) Radnor.cluid r' Wastell, John, Esq. ....... Malton. olasqqill 30 Watkins William, Esq. (void in '44) 2.8 Monmouth. tomi,, *Wayte, Thomas, Esq. (regicide). Rutlandshire. Rib *Weaver, John, Esq. (King's judge) Stamford.githbt. Weaver, Richard, Esq.(dead Nay 42). Hereford." *Weaver, Edmund, Esq. (after 46) - Herefordexotgaimh bin Webb, Thomas, Esq. (expelled '42, to

monopolist) . ... Romney.".'. !iis


Wenman, Thomas, Lord Viscount, in Ireland ... . Ligi'

Oxfordshire. Wentworth, Sir George of Wooley,

Knight (disab. '42, Yorkshire peti

tion) . . . . . . . . . . Pontefract. Wentworth, Sir George, Knight

(Strafford's brother, disab. '44) . Pontefract.. *Wentworth, Sir Peter, K.B.(King's

judge). ...... Tamworth. Wentworth, Lord Thomas (Earl of :

Cleveland's eldest son; to House of

Peers, 25 Nov. '40, by writ). ...Bedfordshire. *West, Edmund, Esq. .:... (Wendover, but prefer

red) Buckingham

shire. *Weston, Benjamin, Esq. (King's judge) ;;

Dover. Weston, Nicholas, Esq. (disab

cdicar 42: for Goring's business)

Portsmouth. ; Weston, Richard, Esq. (disab.) .' Stafford. *Westrow, Thomas, Esq. ..... Hythe (Cinque Ports). Whaddon, John, Esq. . . . ...

Plymouth. Wheeler, William, Esq. ... Westbury, Wilts. Whistler, John, Esq. (disab.); . i. Oxford. Whitacre, Lawrence, Esq. (Borough

being restored to its rights) . Okehampion, Devon. Whitaker, William, Esq. (dead '46) Shaftesbury.. ... White, John, Esq. (died '45). :;:. Southwark. . . ! White, John, Esq. (disab. ’44) 6. Rye.; *White, William, Esq. (Secretary to Sir T. Fairfax) ... .. Pontefract.

Hampshire. Whitlocke, Bulstrode, Esq. (in place of Hippesley)

Marlow. .. . Whitmore, Sir Thomas, Knight

Bridgnorth : . Widdrination sip Themise ünichi

(Rushworth, ii. 179) .. . . Berwick.. : Widdrington, Sir William, Baronet

(disab. 42; killed at Worcester). Northumberland. *Willes, Henry, Esq. .... Saltash.

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Whitehead, Richard, Esq. innen

Williams, Sir Charles (dead '41) . . Monmouthshire. Wilmot, Henry, Esq. (expelled,

Army-plot '41; made Baron '43): Tamworth. *Wilson, Rowland, Esq. (Alderman of London; King's judge) ;:,:

Calne. Windebank, Sir Francis, Knight

(Secretary; fled '41) '.:. Corfe Castle. Wingate, Edward, Esq. i

St. Albans. *Winwood, Richard, Esq. . . . New Windsor. Wise, -, Esq. (died before '41). Devonshire. Wogan, John, sen. Esq. (dead '44) Pembrokeshire. *Wogan, Thomas, Esq. (regicide). Cardigan. Woodhouse, Sir Thomas, Baronet. Thetford. Worsley, Sir Henry, Baronet. .. Newport, Wight, Wray, Sir Christopher, Knight(dead Great Grimsby. '45)

Lincolnshire. Wray, Sir John, Baronet .... Great Grimsby: ; *Wray, William, Esq. .... Bridgwater. Wroth, Sir Peter, Knight dead '44) *Wroth, Sir Thomas, Knight (King's Bridgwater. judge). .:'...

Droitwich. *Wylde, Edmund, Esq.(King's judg Wylde, Sergeant John.

Worcestershire. Wyndham, Edmund, Esq. (expelled ; 41, monopolist) . . : . . Bridgwater. *Wynn, Sir Richard, Knight . i . Carnarvonshire. Wynn, Sir Richard, Baronet (dead --49) . . . . . . . . . .

Liverpool. Yelverton, Sir Christopher, Knight'. Bossiney. Young, Sir John, Knight ... Plymouth. Young, Walter, Esq. i'.i.. Honiton.



THE Committee Lists of the Eastern Association are taken from Husband's second Collection, * where, in three successive general Acts, dated 1st April 1643, 7th May (and 1st June) 1643, and 3d August 1643, followed by a few partial amend ments and enlargements for specific places, at different dates,

- the Committees of all Parliamentary or Anti-Royalist Counties and principal Boroughs, as settled at that stage of the contest, are named. Earlier and earliest Committees are in Husband's First Collection ** and elsewhere; but these, as transient. and now abrogated combinations, do not concern us here.

The Committee of April is named for managing the Sequestration of Delinquents' Estates; those of May and August for raising money by other methods, chiefly by Weekly Assessments, and each has its specific Act and instructions, but as the essential business of all these Committees was to carry on the War by furnishing the sinews of war, and as, with trifling variations, the same persons sat on all, it may well be imagined their functions, even to the members themselves, became gradually much blended; and for us they have become inextricably blended, or not worth the huge labour of attempting to extricate and distinguish Committees, all, essentially of Finance and general Administration; appointed, we may say, to care generally that the Parliamentary Cause suffer no damage by lack of money or otherwise, - against whom, and their despotic procedure, rise loud complaints and denunciations in the old Pamphlets of a royalist or neutral stamp. An assiduous hand, searching on my behalf through every corner of these Lists and Supplementary Lists, as they lie in bewildering disorder, scattered over the vast surface of Husband, - has pain

* Collection of all the Public Orders, Ordinances &c. of Parliament, from March 1642-3 to December 1646: Printed for Edward Husband (Lon. don, folio, 1646).

** An exact Collection of all Remonstrances, &c. &c. (London, small 4to, 1643): Printed for Edward Husbands (sic.) p. 891 &c.

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