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JANUARY, 1860. . . . APRIL, 1860.


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TV.— 1. The Celt, the Roman, and the Saxon; a History

of the Early Inhabitants of Britain. By Thomas

Wright, Esq. London: 1852.

2. Treatise on the Local Nomenclature of the Anglo-

Saxons, as exhibited in the Codex Diplomaticus

sEvi Saxonici. Translated from the German of

Professor Heinrich Leo. London: 1852.

3. An Account of the Danes and Norwegians in

England, Scotland, and Ireland. By J. J. A. Wor-

saae, For. F. S. A. London. I vol. 8vo. London:
1852, . . . . . .356

V. — Civil Correspondence and Memoranda of F. M. the

Duke of Wellington: Ireland, from March 30. 1807,

to April 12. 1809. Edited by his Son. London:

1859, . . . . . .394

VI. — L'Eglise et l'Empire Romain au TVTM Siecle. Par le

Prince Albert de Broglie. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris:

1856—1859, . . . . .422

VII.— 1. An Inquiry into the Genuineness of the Manu-

script Corrections in Mr. J. Payne Collier's Anno-

tated Shakspere, folio, 1632-5; and of certain

Shaksperian Documents likewise published by Mr.

Collier. By N. E. S. A. Hamilton. 1860.

2. The Shakspeare Fabrications: or, the MS. Notes

of the Perkins Folio shown to be of recent Origin.

By C. Mansfield Ingleby, Esq., LL.D. 1859.

3. Mr. J. Payne Collier's Reply to Mr. N. E. S. A.

Hamilton's Inquiry. 1860, . . . 452

VTH. — 1. On the Origin of Species by means of Natural

Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Rices in

the Struggle for Life. By Charles Darwin, M.A.

8vo. 1859.

2. On the Tendency of Varieties to Depart Indefi-

nitely from the Original Type. By Alfred Russel

Wallace. (February, 1858.) Proceedings of the

Linnsan Society, August, 1858, . . . 487

[And other Works.]

IX. — 1. La Suisse dans la Question de Savoie. Lausanne:


2. Memoire sur les Rapports entre la Suisse et la

Savoie neutralisee. Berne: 1859, . . . 533

CONTENTS Of No. 225.


Art. I.—1. Effects of Arts, Trades, and Professions, and of

Civic States and Habits of Living, on Health and

Longevity; with Suggestions for the Removal of

many of the Agents which produce Disease and

shorten the Duration of Life. By C. Turner

Thakrah, Esq. London: 1832.

2. Contributions to Vital Statistics, being a Develop-

ment of the Rate of Mortality and the Laws of Sick-

ness, from original and extensive data; with an

Inquiry into the Influence of Locality, Occupations,

and Habits of Life on Health; an Analytical View

of Railway Accidents ; and an Investigation into the

Progress of Crime in England and Wales. By F. G.

P. Nelson, F.L.S. Third edition. London: 1859.

3. On the Health of Nightmen, Scavengers, and Dust-

men. By William Augustus Guy, M.B., Cantab.

Journal of the Statistical Society. Vol. H. Part I.

4. On the Duration of Life in the Members of the

several Professions. By William A. Guy, M.B.,

Cantab. Read before the Statistical Society of the

British Association for the Advancement of Science,

11th September, 1846.

5. On the Duration of Life among the Families of the

Peerage and Baronetage of the United Kingdom.

By William A. Guy, M.B., Cantab. Journal of

the Statistical Society, March, 1845.

6. Die Metallurgischen Krankheiten des Oberharzes.

Von Dr. Carl Heinrich Brockman. Kbniglich-Han-

noverschem Hof-und Bergmodicus zu Claustlml,


7. Papers relating to the Sanitary State of the People

of England; being the Results of an Inquiry into the

different Proportions of Death produced by certain

Diseases in the different Districts in England. Com-

municated to tho General Board of Health. By

Edward Headlam Greenhow, M.D.: with an Intro-

ductory Report by the Medical Officer of the Board,

on the Preventability of certain kinds of premature

Death. 1858 1

II.—The History of Herodotus, a new English version,

edited with copious Notes and Appendices, &c. By

George Rawlinson, M.A., late Fellow and Tutor of

Exeter College, Oxford; assisted by Col. Sir Henry

Rawlinson, K.C.B., and Sir J. G. Wilkinson, F.R.S.

4vols.8vo. London: 1859,' ... 32

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