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Materia Medica.
Medical Jurisprudence.
Practice of Medicine.

Materia Medica.
Clinical Surgery.
Clinical Medicine.

Dr. James Gow Black, Otago, Chemistry.
Mr. M. Coughtrey, M.B., Otago, Anatomy.
Mr. H. E. Clark, Glasgow,
Dr. John Dougall, Glasgow,
Dr. Wm. J. Fleming, Glasgow,
Dr. Alex. Lindsay, Glasgow,
Dr. A. Wood Smith, Glasgow,
Dr. James Stirton, Glasgow,
Dr. James Morton, Glasgow,
Dr. John Clark, Glasgow,
Dr. Hocken, Otago,
Dr. Gillies, Otago,
Dr. A. M. Buchanan, Glasgow,
Dr. Robert Perry, Glasgow,
Dr. James Maclaren, Glasgow,
Dr. Robert Scott Orr, Glasgow,
Dr. Eben. Watson, Glasgow,
Dr. James Finlayson, Glasgow,
Dr. Alex. Paterson, Glasgow,
Dr. D. N. Knox, Glasgow,
Dr. J. C. Renton, Glasgow,
Dr. A. G. Miller, Edinburgh,
Dr. Joseph Bell, Edinburgh,
Dr. William Craig, Edinburgh,

Dr. J. O. Affleck, Edinburgh,
Dr. B. C. Waller, Edinburgh,
Dr. F. W. Moinet, Edinburgh,

Dr. John Barlow, Glasgow,
Dr. Samson Gemmell, Glasgow,
Dr. H. Aubrey Husband, Edin.,
Dr. Byrom Bramwell, Edin.,
Dr. H. C. Cameron, Glasgow,
Dr. G. P. Tennent, Glasgow,
Mr. D. C. M'Vail, M.B., Glas.,
Dr. James M. Milne, Glasgow,
Dr. W. L. Reid, Glasgow,
Mr. A. E. Maylard, Glasgow,
Dr. Wm. MacEwen, Glasgow,
Mr. D. Newman, M.B., Glas.,
Mr. John Glaister, M.B., Glas.,
Dr. Neil Carmichael, Glasgow,
Dr. Eben. Duncan, Glasgow,

Clinical Medicine.
Clinical Medicine.
Clinical Medicine.
Clinical Surgery.
Clinical Medicine.
Clinical Surgery.
Systematic Surgery.

Clinical Surgery.
Materia Medica and
Practice of Medicine.
Materia Medica and

Practice of Medicine.
Medical Jurisprudence.
Practice of Medicine.
Clinical Surgery.
Clinical Medicine.
Practice of Medicine.

Forensic Medicine.
Materia Medica.
Medical Jurisprudence.




The object of the Society is to discuss, by means of essays and debates, theological and ecclesiastical questions. The membership of the Society is open to all students attending the Divinity Hall of the University.

Honorary President.

Professor W. P. Dickson, D.D.
President-William Granger, M.A.

Vice-President-Francis Anderson.

Secretary-Patrick H. Aitken, M.A.


John B. Cumming, M.A.

Charles P. Blair, M. A.

Hugh Duncan, M.A.
W. Wallace Wilson, M.A.

(With two other members to be elected in November.)


The principal business of the Society is the prosecution of Medical Research by Dissertations and Debates.

All Medical Students and Medical Men of one year's standing are eligible for Ordinary Membership, which may be obtained on payment of the Annual Subscription of Two Shillings and Sixpence.

All Qualified Medical Practitioners of more than one year's standing are eligible for Extraordinary Membership.

Meetings of the Society are held in the Forensic Medicine Class-Room every Friday Evening during the Winter Session at 7 P. M.

Honorary President.

Professor Bayley Balfour, M.B., D.Sc.


Robert Beith, M.B., C.M.


Senior R. Bruce Young, M. A.

Junior-J. Innes Dunlop.

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Edmund Law Lushington, LL.D., D.C.L., Emeritus Professor of Greek in the University.

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The Society meets weekly during the Session for the discussion of Literary, Philosophical, and Political Subjects.

All Students of the University are eligible for ordinary membership, which is obtained by payment of the annual subscription of one shilling. The Roll shall be closed each session January 15.

(Constituted Nov., 1881.)

Honorary President.

William Jack, LL.D., Professor of Mathematics.
President James M. Hamilton, M. A.
Senior Vice-President-Duncan Macartney, M.A.
Junior Vice-President-Robert Beith.

Secretary-J. Norval Murray.
Treasurer-Peter Mackenna.

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The object of this Society is to discuss subjects of general interest by means of Essays, Debates, and Criticisms.

The membership of the Society is open to all students born in or connected with the county of Ayr.

The Society meets fortnightly during the Session.


The object of the Society is the study of the languages and literatures of the East.

All Students of Oriental languages are eligible for election to the membership.

The Society meets twice a year-in the months of April and October.


President-Rev. Professor James Robertson, D.D.
Vice-President-Mr. R. B. Pattie, B.D.
Corresponding Secretary-Mr. William Kean, B.D.
Recording Secretary-- Mr. Peter Donaldson, B.D.
Treasurer-Mr. A. C. Watson, B.D.


The above Society has concluded its third year of work, and is more vigorous than ever. The results of the study during last winter have exceeded those of the two former sessions. The Annual Concert, which took place under the patronage of the Principal and Professors, in the Lower Hall of the Museum on March 28th, was highly successful. The accompaniment was orchestral. A meeting will be held in November to arrange for next winter's work. The practisings have hitherto been held in the Lower Hall of the Museum on Friday or Saturday evenings. The Society is open to all present or former members of the University. All Students interested in music are invited to join the Society.

President-Professor John Young, M.D.

J. Crawford.

J. B. Kidston.

N. MacLehose, M.B., C.M.
D. M'C. Marr, M. A.
W. C. Muir.

W. Pattullo, M.B., C. M.
W. F. Quaife, B. A.

D. A. C. Reid.

R. B. Young, M.A.
R. W. Wallace, M.A.

Librarian-W. Stafford.

Secretary-W. F. Somerville, M.A.

Treasurer A. Williams.
Conductor-Mr. Montague Smith.


Adam, James, Bursaries, 139

John, - 158

Adamson, Bursary, 139
Anatomy, Course in, 74



Class Certificates of Merit, 1882-3, 237
Certificates in Department of, 1882-3,

Examination Questions in, 1882-3, 296,

Angus and Mearns Ben. Soc. Bursaries, 139
Arabic-see Oriental Languages
Architecture, Naval, and Marine Engineering,
Appendix II.
Ardkinglass Bursary, 164

Blackstone Examination Prizes, 190, 252, 253
Botanic Garden, 95

Botany, Course in, 79


Class Certificates of Merit, 1882, 240
Certificates in Department of, 1882-3,

Examination Questions in, 1882-3, 295
Vacation Exercise, 1883-4, 308
Boyd Bursaries, 159

Boyd and Sanders Bursary, 159
Brand Bursaries, 141, 197
Breadalbane Scholarships, 173, 200
Brisbane Bursary, 162
Brown Bursary, 141, 197

Examination Questions in, Brown or Ettles Bursary, 159, 197

1882-3, 282
Armagh Bursaries, 166, 197
Arnott Prizes, 188, 201, 224

Arnott and Thomson Demonstratorship, 52
Arts, Faculty of, 38, 43, 97, 98, 105, 106,
108, 139, 164, 166, 196, 203, 214, 217, 242,
254, 257, 266, 302, 307

Degree in-see Degrees
Masters of, 1882-3, 214
Preliminary Examinations in, 106
Pass List, 1883, 107

Entrance Examination in, 108, 109
Literate in, Certificate of, 105
Assessors, 15, 30

Assistants to Professors, 17, 32
Astronomy, Practical, Course in, 54

Examination Questions in, 1882-3, 266
Class Prize List, 1882-3, 245
Ayrshire Masonic Bursary, 140, 197
Ayrshire Society's Bursaries, 167

Bachelors of Divinity, 1882-3, 211
Bachelors of Laws, 1882-3, 211
of Law, 1882-3, 211

of Medicine, 1882-3, 212

of Science, 1882-3, 216

Baxter Bursary, 164

Biblical Criticism-see Divinity and Biblical

Biggart Memorial Bursaries, 140, 197
Bishop's Bursary, 144

Black Bursaries, 140

Theological Bursaries, 158, 197
Theological Fellowship, 182

Blackquarry School Bursary, 141

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