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JAMES ADAM BURSARIES.-Three in number, founded by the Rev. James Adam, minister of Cumbrae, who died in 1830. They are appropriated to students in the gown classes, and tenable for four years. appointing to one of the Bursaries, preference is given to the kindred of the founder, and in appointing to another to students of the name of Adam. The appointment is vested in the Earl of Glasgow, the Professor of Divinity, and the Minister of Cumbrae. Value, about £11 per annum each.

Bursars-Basil Jackson, 1880; Alexander H. M'Ilraith, 1880; William G. Galbraith, 1882.

ADAMSON BURSARY.--Founded by the Rev. David Adamson, minister of Fintry, in 1674, is appropriated to a student in Philosophy, son of a freeman in one of the Seven Incorporate Trades of Stirling. It is tenable for four years by a student entering the Greek Class, for three years by a student entering the Logic Class; and the appointment is vested in the Convener Court of Stirling. Value, the free proceeds of the capital, which now amounts to about £500.

Bursar-William Thomsou, 1882 (3 years).

ANGUS AND MEARNS BENEVOLENT SOCIETY'S BURSARIES.-Two in number, founded in 1860, by the Glasgow Angus and Mearns Benevolent Society. Value, £15 per annum each. They are tenable for four years in the Arts Classes, and are open only to natives, or sons of natives, of the counties of Forfar and Kincardine, who are desirous of obtaining a University education, but whose circumstances are such as to render them unable to accomplish it without the aid of a Bursary.

Applications to be made not later than 1st September in each year to Mr. Stuart Spence, 49 Virginia Street, Glasgow.

(Two vacancies.)

AYRSHIRE MASONIC BURSARY.-Founded in 1874. Fund raised by subscription among the different Masonic Lodges in Ayrshire. Open to the sons of Freemasons, members of an Ayrshire Masonic Lodge, and awarded by competition to a student of the first year. No candidate eligible who is not educated or resident in Ayrshire, or who is upwards of eighteen years of age. Tenable for four years, or during Arts curriculum of Bursar, but not tenable along with another Bursary; the Bursar to pass the Departmental Examinations for M. A. Value, interest of Mortified Fund, and annual subscriptions, not exceeding in all £25 a year.

Applications to be made to Mr. Robert Wylie, Provincial Grand Secretary, Mother Lodge, Kilwinning.


BIGGART MEMORIAL BURSARIES.-Ten in number. Value, £25 per annum each. Founded in 1876 by Mr. Thomas Biggart, of Baidlandhill, Dalry, Ayrshire, in memory of his son, Thomas Biggart, an alumnus of Glasgow University, who died in 1874. The Bursaries are open to competition at the annual Bursary and Preliminary Examination to students who are entering on the Arts Course at the University of Glasgow, with a view to the ministry of the United Presbyterian Church, and are designed to enable such students more easily to pursue that curriculum and obtain, as far as practicable, the Degree of Master of Arts. The Bursaries are tenable for four years.

The Bursary Fund consists of the sum of £6,000, invested in real estate in Scotland, and the surplus revenue may be applied to prolong the tenure of any of the Bursars for a fifth year, or to the granting of additional Bursaries on the same conditions as are applicable to the others.

The Bursary is payable by equal moieties on the second day of February and at the close of the Winter Session; and the Bursar, on applying to the Principal for a precept for the second moiety, is required in each year to produce, besides the usual certificate from the Professors, a certificate signed by the Chairman and Clerk of the Theological Committee of the U.P. Synod, to the effect of his being recognised by that Church as an accepted student, pursuing his studies with a view to the ministry therein.

Bursars-Peter C. Bryce, 1880; Andrew M. Smith, 1880; James Gray, 1880; William Johnstone, 1881; Charles F. Fleming, 1881; Malcolm Smith, 1882; Robert Greenshields, 1882; Alexander Paterson, 1882. (Two vacancies.)

BLACK BURSARIES.-Founded by Mrs. Janet Black-widow of the Rev. William Black, D.D., minister of the Barony Parish, Glasgow,— who died in 1876. Mrs. Black, by her Settlement, made provision, inter alia, for the institution of two Bursaries in Arts, each of the annual value of £20 or thereby. The Bursaries are open to competition to

students entering on their first session in the University; and the Bursars are required to attend the qualifying courses for a Degree in Arts.

Bursars-Andrew Davidson, 1881; Charles S. Horne, 1882.

BLACK QUARRY SCHOOL BURSARY, -Founded in 1876 by the Trustees of the Blackquarry School, Port Dundas, Glasgow. The Police Board of Glasgow having acquired the school compulsorily under "The Glasgow Police Acts, the Trustees resolved to apply the proceeds, after payment of all claims upon the Institution, in founding a Bursary in the University of Glasgow. The Bursary is open to competition to students in the Faculty of Arts on their first entering the University, under the same regulations as those of the competition Bursaries in the University, and is tenable for four years, subject to the condition that the Bursar shall attend the qualifying course for the Degree of M.A. Value, the annual income of a sum of £420 (about £15).

Bursar-William Riddell Watson, 1881.

BRAND BURSARIES.-Mr. Robert Brand, son of the late Mr. Robert Brand, coalmaster, Wishaw, by his Trust Disposition and Settlement, dated 28th June, 1873, directed his Trustees "to pay to the Senatus of the University of Glasgow the sum of £2,000, the income of said sum to be applied in payment of three Bursaries in Arts for the behoof of students in the University, who shall be studying with a view to the ministry of the United Presbyterian Church." Mr. Brand died on 3rd July, 1873, but, in consequence of litigation, it was not till January, 1875, that the bequest, amounting, with interest, to the sum of £2,121, 7s. 5d., was paid by the Trustees to the Senate. The Bursaries, which are tenable for four years, are of the annual value of about £26 each, and are awarded by public competition to students entering their first or second session in the Faculty of Arts; the Bursars to graduate as M.A. at the end of their course.

Bursars-* William Orr, 1879; James Cameron, 1880; David R. Hume, 1882.

BROWN BURSARY.-Founded in 1697 by Colonel Brown, of Maryland. Tenable for four years. Value, £5 per annum (increased to £6, 13s. 4d. by addition from Students' Bursary Fund). The Patrons are the Principal and Professors of the University, who now award it by competition.

Bursar-* James A. Hogg, 1879.

BROWN (SALTCOATS) BURSARY.-Founded in 1872 by Mr. Matthew Brown, of Braehead, Saltcoats, sole acting Trustee and Executor under the Trust Disposition and Settlement of his kinsman, Mr. William Brown, junior, of Parkhead, Saltcoats, who died 13th February, 1871, and in fulfilment of the intention of his said kinsman. Value, the yearly proceeds of a sum of £300 presented to Mr. William Brown at a

* Vacant through lapse of time.

public banquet held in his honour, and which he had set apart to be applied for the foundation of a Bursary in connection with the University of Glasgow. Tenable for four years by a student in Arts. Preference is given in the first place to one who is either a native of the town of Saltcoats, or at the time a permanent resident in Saltcoats, provided he shall be found, on such examination as the Trustees may prescribe, properly qualified by his education for entering the University; whom failing, such a one, qualified as aforesaid, as has been by birth, residence, or relationship connected with Saltcoats; and failing such, then a student whom they shall find on public examination to be best qualified and most deserving of such nomination.

Patrons-Mr. Matthew Brown, Mr. Gavin Fullarton, of Kerelaw, Stevenston, the Ministers of the parishes of Ardrossan and Stevenston, the Chairman of the Stevenston Parochial Board, the Senior Justice of the Peace, Saltcoats, the Principal of Glasgow University, and the heirs male of Mr. William Brown, jun. Applications to be made to Mr. Jas. Campbell, Saltcoats.

Bursar- Alexander M'Nab, 1879.

BROWNE (AYRSHIRE) BURSARIES.-Two in number, tenable for four years, and each of the annual value of about £17, 10s., founded in 1871 by Mr. Hugh Browne, residing at Darvel, in the County of Ayr, who for this purpose, and in memory of his brother, the late Dr. Alexander Browne, of Buenos Ayres, mortified to the University the sum of £1,000. The Bursaries are awarded by competition. Candidates must be natives of the County of Ayr, or must have been educated for not less than four years in a school within the said County, and must be entering on their first session at the University.


Bursars-- William Clark, 1879; Carmont Gallacher, 1881.

BUCHANAN BURSARY.-Founded in 1866, in recognition of the eminent services of Robert Buchanan, LL.D., as Professor of Logic and Rhetoric in the University, during the long period of forty years. It consists of the free annual interest and proceeds of a sum of £314, 8s., raised by subscription, and is now given in the form of prizes. (See under "Buchanan Prizes.")


BUCHANAN BURSARIES.-Founded by the late Robert Buchanan, LL.D., Ardfillayne, Dunoon, formerly Professor of Logic and Rhetoric in the University of Glasgow, by codicils to his will, dated 26th December, 1871, and 26th March, 1872, in which, as a token or expression of his gratitude and respect to the University of Glasgow, with which as a student, or Professor, or Member of the University Court, he had been connected for the space of fifty years," he bequeathes the sum of £1,000 for the purpose of founding a Bursary or Bursaries for students in the Faculty of Arts, on the conditions that may appear to the Senatus best for the interests of the University. The Senate have resolved to apply the annual proceeds to the support of two Bursars in Arts, each to hold his Bursary for three years, subject to the usual condition of attending two of the classes of the curriculum in each session; the Bursars to

* Vacant through lapse of time.

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