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Practical Aids for Teaching and Learning the French Language. WORKS BY F. JULIEN-

Oral and Conversational Method. Petites Legons_de_Conversation et de Grammaire. By F. Julien, Ancien Elève du Lycée de Tournon; French Master at the King Edward VI.'s Grammar School (Five Ways), Birmingham. Little Lessons on the most useful topics, &c., Verbs regular and irregular, Anecdotes, Correspondence, &c. Fifth enlarged Edition. Square crown 8vo, 250 pages, with the "Phrases," price 3s. 6d. Not a Grammar, but a method of Conversational French, introducing the material for every-day talk under a grammatical form and in the shape of exercises. The aim is to teach the spoken idiom, to exercise the ears and tongue, instead of exercising the eyes merely: not to treat a spoken language like a dead language, but to imitate the manner in which we learnt our mother tongue.

"The oral and conversational method advocated by M. Julien, and which is put forward in his 'Petites Leçons de Conversation et de Grammaire,' seems an admirable one, and we cannot but think that a teacher who would use this book in the manner M. Julien directs him to use it, would find a far more satisfactory result achieved in a far shorter time than by the use of an ordinary grammar, supplemented by a conversation book, or by one of the reading books in general use."-John Bull. Phrases of Daily Use and Practice. crown 8vo, limp cloth, 6d.


Fcp. 8vo, 128 pages, price 1S. First Lessons in Conversational French Grammar, being an introduction to "Petites Leçons de Conversation et de Grammaire." "It is evidently the work of a good teacher, who not only knows his subject thoroughly, but what is rarer, knows how to impart his knowledge."-Birmingham Daily Post.

"An admirable elementary manual. It brings the rudiments of French within the capacity of the youngest pupils."-Scotsman.

English Student's French Examiner, being

a Series of Progressive Papers intended to prepare Students for the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations; the Higher Examinations; the London University, &c. Square crown 8vo, cloth, 2s.

The work of a practical teacher; especially adapted for those who are preparing for examinations."-Birmingham Daily Post.

"The work has been compiled with extreme care, and its merit is so great that once seen it will be deservedly appreciated."-Birmingham Daily Gazette.

Nearly Ready. To be published at about 2s. 6d.
Practical and Conversational Reader,
adapted also to Translation, Recitation, and
Dictation; followed by an Outline of "French
Accidence" in Questions and Answers.

Crown 8vo, numerous Illustrations, half roan,

cloth sides, 5s. Second Edition.

A School Course on Heat. By W. Larden,
M.A., Assistant Master in Cheltenham Col-
lege; late Science Scholar, Merton College,

In use at Rugby and other eminent Schools.

This book is intended to supply a want felt, as the writer believes, by many who are teaching the subject of heat to such classes as those in our public schools; the want, namely, of a suitable text book.


The attention of the Heads of Colleges and Schools is respectfully directed to this New Series of German School Books, which has been projected with a view to supply a long felt want, viz., thoroughly reliable Text-Books, edited by German scholars of the highest reputation, and at a price which will bring them within the reach of all. The series comprises :The Illustrated German Primer. Being the easiest introduction to the study of German for all beginners. Price is.

The Children's Own German Book. A Selection of Amusing and Instructive Stories in Prose. Edited by Dr. A. L. Meissner, Professor of Modern Languages in the Queen's University in Ireland. Small post 8vo, cloth, IS. 6d.

The First German Reader for Children
from ten to fourteen. Edited by Dr. A. L.
Meissner. Small post 8vo, cloth, Is. 6d.
The Second German Reader. Edited by Dr.
A. L. Meissner. Small post 8vo, cloth, 1s. 6d.
Bucheim's Deutsche Prosa. Two Volumes,
sold separately, viz.:-

Schiller's Prosa. Containing Selections from
the Prose Works of Schiller, with Notes for
English Students. By Dr. Bucheim, Pro-
fessor of the German Language and Litera-
ture, King's College, London.
Small post
8vo, 2s. 6d.
Goethe's Prosa. Containing Selections from
the Prose Works of Goethe, with Notes for
English Students. By Dr. Bucheim. Small
post Evo, 3s. 6d.

The New Volume of the Series of
Biographies of the Great Musicians
(Edited by Francis Hueffer) now ready is
MOZART. Small post 8vo, cloth, 3s.

A list of the volumes already published with Press Opinions will be sent on application. Foreign Countries and British Colonies. Edited by F. S. Pulling, M.A., F.R.G.S., Exeter College, Oxford, formerly Professor in the Yorkshire College, Leeds.

Each volume contains from 200 to 230 crown 8vo pages, Physical and Political Maps and Illustrations. The price of the volumes is 3s. 6d. each. Prospectuses, with Press notices, on application.




THE IMPERIAL DICTIONARY, by JOHN OGILVIE, LL.D. New Edition, thoroughly revised and greatly enlarged. Edited by CHARLES ANNANDALE, M.A. Illustrated by above Three Thousand Wood Engravings. In 4 vols, Imperial 8vo, cloth, £5; or half morocco, £6 6s.

"A monument of patience, industry, and good work. From beginning to end it has received the same thorough and conscientious care: it is copious; it is trustworthy; it is beautifully illustrated; and it is admirably printed on good paper. Will be for many years the most serviceable and most highly valued of English Dictionaries."-Saturday Review.

THE COMPREHENSIVE ENGLISH DICTIONARY, Explanatory, Pronouncing, and Etymological, by JOHN OGILVIE, LL.D. Illustrated by above Eight Hundred Engravings on Wood. Super-royal 8vo, cloth, 25s.; half morocco, 325. "Worthy of its title, and deserving of every confidence as a standard book of reference on etymology and orthography of the English language."-Observer.

THE STUDENT'S ENGLISH DICTIONARY: Etymological, Pronouncing, and Explanatory, for the use of Colleges and Advanced Schools. About Three Hundred Engravings on Wood. Imperial 16mo, cloth, 7s. 6d. ; or half calf, ros. 6d. "This is the best Etymological Dictionary we have yet seen at all within moderate compass.-Spectator.

A SMALLER ENGLISH DICTIONARY: Etymological, Pronouncing, and Explanatory, for the use of Schools and Families. Abridged from the "Student's Dictionary," by the Author. Cheaper Edition. Imperial 16mo, cloth, red edges, 2s. 6d. ; half roan, 3s. 6d. "We know no Dictionary so suited for School as this; it supplies a want which teachers have long felt."-British Quarterly Review.

NATURAL PHILOSOPHY: An Elementary Treatise. By Professor A. PRIVAT DESCHanel, of Paris. Translated and Edited, with Extensive Additions, by J. D. EVERETT, M.A., D.C.L., F.R.S., Professor of Natural Philosophy in the Queen's College, Belfast. Sixth Edition, revised throughout, and Additions inserted bringing it up to the present time. Illustrated by 783 Engravings on Wood, and 3 Coloured Plates. Medium 8vo, cloth 18s. Also in separate Parts, limp cloth, 4s. 6d. each. Part I.-Mechanics, Hydrostatics, and Pneumatics. Part II.-Heat. Part III.-Electricity and Magnetism. Part IV.— Sound and Light.

"We heartily welcome this sixth and greatly improved edition.-Nature.

ELEMENTARY TEXT-BOOK OF PHYSICS. By J. D. EVERETT, M.A., D.C.L., F.R.S., Professor of Natural Philosophy in Queen's College, Belfast. Illustrated by many Woodcuts. Third Edition. Extra foolscap 8vo, cloth neat, 3s. 6d.

"Altogether the work is admirably adapted to the wants of teachers who really desire to give their students a solid groundwork in the principles of physical science."-Popular Science Review. HISTORY OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE. By the Rev. EDGAR SANDERSON, M.A., late Scholar of Clare College, Cambridge. With numerous Pictorial Illustrations, Genealogical Tables, Maps and Plans. Foolscap 8vo, 2s. 6d.

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"A model of terse succinct narration and lucidity of arrangement. A better manual than this for the higher classes in schools need not be wished; it is an excellent basis for the more advanced and scientific study of history.-Scotsman.

PRAXIS PRIMARIA: PROGRESSIVE EXERCISES IN THE WRITING OF LATIN, with Introductory Remarks on Syntax and Idiomatic Differences, and an Appendix on Latin Style. For the use of Junior Students. By ISLAY BURNS, M.A., D.D. Fifth Edition. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 2s. Key 3s. 6d.

"Short as it is, the learner will scarcely need any other book in order to proceed gradually to the highest kind of Latin composition.—Quarterly Journal of Education.





New Volume of THE LAND AND THE BOOK; Or, Biblical Illustrations drawn from the Manners and Customs, the Scenes and Scenery of the Holy Land. By W. M. Thomson, D.D. With 130 Illustrations and Maps. Imperial 8vo. 714 Pages. Cloth extra, richly gilt. Price 21s. This New Volume, like the previous one, on "Southern Palestine and Jerusalem," is complete in itself.

Previous Volume.

SOUTHERN PALESTINE AND JERUSALEM. With 140 Illustrations and Maps. Imperial 8vo. 592 pages. Cloth extra, richly gilt. Price 21s.

The Pictorial Illustrations are entirely new, prepared specially for these works from Photographs taken by the Author, and from Original Drawings. They have been drawn and engraved under his superintendence by Artists in London, Paris, and New York.

THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE. Historical and Descriptive. By John Geddie, F.R.G.S., Author of "Lake Regions of Central Africa," &c. With 2 Coloured Maps. 528 pages. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. Price 6s.

THE CZAR. A Tale of the First Napoleon. By the Author of "The Spanish Brothers." Crown 8vo, cloth extra.

Price 5s.

THE SIEGE OF TROY AND THE WANDERINGS OF ULYSSES. By Charles Henry Hanson. With 97 Illustrations from Designs by Flaxman and other Artists. Post 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges. Price 4s.

STORIES OF THE DAYS OF KING ARTHUR. By Charles Henry Hanson. Author of "The Siege of Troy and the Wanderings of Ulysses." With Illustrations by Gustave Dore. Post 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges. Price 4s.

RALPH'S YEAR IN RUSSIA. A Story of Travel and Adventure in Eastern Europe. A Book for Boys. By Robert Richardson, Author of "Almost a Hero," &c With 9 Engravings. Post 8vo, cloth. Price. 3s. 6d.

THE CHILDREN OF ABBOTSMUIR MANSE. By the Author of "Nelly's Teachers." Post 8vo, cloth extra. Price 3s. 6d.


A Tale of the Canadian Forest. By Mrs. Trail. Author of "In the Forest," &c. With 32 Engravings. Post 8vo, cloth extra. Price 3s. 6d.


A Book about Boats and Ships.

Pictorial and Descriptive. By R. M. Ballantyne and R. Richardson. With 38 Illustrations. Post 8vo, cloth extra. Price 3s.

RECENT EXPEDITIONS TO EASTERN POLAR SEAS. 1. Voyage of 2. Voyage of the Tegethoff. With 12 Engravings and 2

the Hansa and the Germania.
Charts. Post 8vo. Price 2s.

THE NEW SONG, and other Sermons for the Children's Hour. By the Rev. James Stalker, M.A. Post 8vo, cloth extra. Price 2s. 6d.

New Edition, Revised and Enlarged.

A MANUAL OF BIBLE HISTORY, in connection with the General History of the World. By the Rev. W. G. Blaikie, D.D. Post 8vo, cloth. Price 3s. 6d.

T. NELSON & SONS, London, Edinburgh, and New York.


The Student's Manual of Scientific Terms.

Pronouncing, Etymological, and Explanatory. Chiefly comprising terms in Botany, Chemistry, Natural History, Medicine, and Veterinary Science. By the Rev. James Stormonth, author of the Etymological English Dictionary. Crown 8vo., pp. 480, price 7s. 6d. 1879.

The Works of Thomas Reid, D.D. With Notes and Supplementary Dissertations, By the late Sir William Hamilton, Bart., Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, University of Edinburgh. This Edition also contains the conclusion of the Supplementary Dissertations, Preface, &c., compiled from the late Sir William Hamilton's Papers, by the Rev. H. L. Mansell, D.D., LL.D. Eighth Edition, 2 vols. 8vo., £1, 10s.


Dr. Melvin's Latin Exercises. As dictated by the late James Melvin, LL.D., Rector of the Grammar School, Aberdeen. To which are prefixed dissertations on a variety of Latin Idioms and Constructions. Ry the Rev. Peter Calder, A.M., late Rector Grammar School, Grantown. Tenth Edition, 8vo., cloth, 3s. 6d. 1882.

Dr. Melvin's Latin Exercises. (Supplementary Volume), containing the Latin to the Exercises, with English Notes and Copious Index. By the Rev. Peter Calder. A.M. Fourth Edition. Revised by the Rev. James Pirie, M.A., B.D., 8vo., price 3s. 6d. 1882. "As a help to tuition the work deserves to be known and used. Classical Teachers and Tutors may gather from them materials for useful instruction and for furnishing a variety of lessons in Elementary Latin Composition."-Literary Gazette.

Professor Annandale's Abstracts of Surgical Principles. Part I.-Inflammation, Mortification, Ulcers, Healing of Wounds, Granulation, and Cicatrisation. Part II.Tumours. Part III.-Dislocations. Part IV. Fractures. Part V.-Diseases of the Joints. Part VI.-Diseases of the Bone, Periosteum, and Medullary Membrane. Bound in cloth, 7s. 6d.

Dr. Joseph Bell's Manual of the Operations of Surgery. For the Use of Senior Students, House Surgeons, and Junior Practitioners. Illustrated. Fifth Edition. Revised and Enlarged. Price 6s.


Part I.-Upper

Dr. D. J. Cunningham's Dissector's Guide. For the use of Students.
and Lower Limb and Thorax. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 4s. 6d. Part II.-The Abdomen
With 56 Illustrations. Price 6s. 6d.
Part III. Preparing.

Dr. Henry's Posological and Therapeutical Tables. Containing the Doses, Actions, and Uses of Medicine. Index of Diseases, with appropriate Remedies. Poisons, with their Symptoms, Antidotes, and Tests. Price 2s.; interleaved, 2s. 3d. Second Edition. 1882. "It is an admirable work."-Professor Harvey, Aberdeen.

"A complete Multum in parvo."-Edinburgh Medical Journal. "A very useful Pocket Manual.-Chemist and Druggist.

Hospital Note-Book. With Instructions " How to take Medical and Surgical Cases." Oblong Fcap. 8vo., price 6d. Temperature and Pulse Charts, 8d. per doz. Specimens free.

Hints for Hospital Nurses. Arranged by Rachel Williams, of St. Mary's Hospital, London, and Alice Fisher, of Addenbrook's Hospital, Cambridge. Illustrated. Small 8vo., 2s. 6d. 1877. "In so far as this little work deals with those matters which a nurse ought really to know, it is a praisworthy production; some of the earlier chapters are really excellent."-Lancet.



Royal 4to, full-bound cloth, titled, price 7s. 6d.



Adapted to the requirements of the London University Science and Art Department, and for use in Schools.

Containing 24 Plates with 423 Coloured Figures and Diagrams, with Accompanying Text giving Arrangement and Explanation, Equivalent Terms, Glossary and Classification.

By D. M'ALPINE, F.C.S., Honourman of the Science and Art Department, Lecturer on Biology and Botany, etc., Edinburgh.

And A. N. M'ALPINE, B.Sc. (Honours) London, Professor of Botany and Natural History, etc., Edinburgh.

'We have the greatest pleasure in recommending this beautiful work to all schools where science is taught."-The Educational Times.

Imperial 4to, full-bound, cloth, gilt, price 10s. 6d.


Adapted to the requirements of the London University Science and Art Department, and for use in Schools and Colleges.

Containing 24 Full-Coloured Plates, with 231 Figures and Diagrams, with Accompanying Text giving Practical Directions, Explanations, Equivalent Terms, etc., etc. By D. M‘ALPINE, F.C.S., Honourman of the Science and Art Department, Lecturer on Biology and Natural History, Edinburgh.

Also Part II. Invertebrata, containing 16 Full-Coloured Plates, price 7s. 6d. "There can be no doubt but that this Atlas will form an important addition to the working student's books."-Nature.

"They form an invaluable guide for preparation in subjects for dissection required in the London University and other examinations."-The Schoolmaster.

"Mr. M'Alpine's atlases are also exceedingly moderate in price, considering the amount of work which they represent. and persons beginning the study of Zoology will do well to provide themselves with them."-Dublin Journal of Medical Science.


Royal 4to. full-bound, cloth, price 15s. each vol., or 30s. both bound in one.



Each Volume contains 26 Full-Coloured Plates and Explanatory Text. Apart from its utility as a Student's book, the "Botanical Atlas" will find a place as one of the Gift-books of the season.

"Altogether the Botanical Atlas' is, both in conception and execution, one of the most important and valuable scientific works that has emanated from the press within recent years. The Glasgow Herald.

"With this work students will be almost as independent as though they had a large flower-garden and a tutor at their command.-Dundee Advertiser.


16 South St Andrew Street, and Easter Road, Edinburgh,


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