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treatises, in which the whole chain of inquiry and demonstration is carefully presented, link by link, and the successive portions firmly connected upon irrefragable principles. While students who have recently terminated a scientific course, whether in our universities or other institutions, public or private, may, I would fain believe, find in this Common-place Book an abridged repository of the most valuable principles and theorems, and of hints for their applications to practical purposes.

The only performances with which I am acquainted, that bear any direct analogy to this, are Martin's Young Student's Memorial Book, Jones's Synopsis Palmariorum Matheseos, and Brunton's Compendium of Mechanics; the latter of which I had not seen until the present volume was nearly completed. The first and last mentioned of these are neat and meritorious productions; but restricted in their utility by the narrow space into which they are compressed. The other, written by the father of the late Sir William Jones, is a truly elegant introduction to the principles of Mathematics, considering the time in which it was written (1706); but as it is altogether theoretical, and is, moreover, now becoming exceedingly scarce, it by no means supersedes the necessity, for such I have been induced to regard it, of a Compendium like that which I now offer to the public.

In its execution I have aimed at no higher reputation than that of being perspicuous, correct, and useful; and if I shall be so fortunate as to have succeeded in those points, I shall be perfectly satisfied. OLINTHUS GREGORY.

Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, October 1st, 1825.

In this new edition I have corrected a few errors which had escaped my notice in the former impression. I have also made a few such additions and improvements as the lapse of time and the progress of discovery rendered desirable; and such as will, I hope, give the work new claims on public approbation.

July 1st, 1833.

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Floating bodies, buoyancy, Farey's self-acting flood gate
Specific gravities, Coates's hydrostatic balance, tables of specific
gravities and weights of various substances

Rules for weights of leaden pipes, and rims of cast-iron fly-


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Definitions: motion and effluence of fluids

Motion of water in conduit pipes and open canals, over weirs,
&c., with various tables

Table of rise of water occasioned by piers of bridges and other

Contrivances to measure the velocity of running waters
Effects of the old London bridge on the tides, &c.
Watermills: undershot, overshot, breast, Barker's

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Equilibrium of air and elastic fluids

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