Popular Ballads and Songs: From Tradition, Manuscripts and Scarce Editions; with Translations of Similar Pieces from the Ancient Danish Language, and a Few Originals by the Editor, Volume 2

Front Cover
Robert Jamieson
A. Constable and Company, 1806 - Ballads, Scots

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Page 9 - O see ye not yon narrow road. So thick beset with thorns and briers? That is the path of righteousness, Though after it but few enquires. 'And see ye not that braid braid road. That lies across that lily leven? That is the path of wickedness. Though some call it the road to heaven, 'And see ye not that bonny road That winds about the fernie brae? That is the road to fair Elfland, Where thou and I this night maun gae. 'But, Thomas, ye maun hold your tongue, Whatever ye may hear or see; For, if you...
Page 188 - Awa, awa, ye ugly witch ! Haud far awa, and lat me be ; For I wadna ance kiss your ugly mouth For a' the gifts that ye cou'd gie." She's turned her richt and round about, And thrice she blew on a grass-green horn ; And she sware by the moon and the stars aboon, That she'd gar me rue the day I was born. Then out has she ta'en a silver wand, And she's...
Page 124 - When the porter came his lord before, He kneeled down low on his knee: "What aileth thee, my proud porter, Thou art so full of courtesie?" "I've been porter at your gates, It's thirty long years now and three; But there stands a lady at them now, The like o...
Page 291 - Since if my plaints serve not to approve The conquest of thy beauty, It comes not from defect of love, But from excess of duty. For knowing that I sue to serve A saint of such perfection, As all desire, but none deserve, . A place in her affection, I rather choose to want relief Than venture the revealing; Where glory recommends the grief, Despair distrusts the healing.
Page 172 - The rest they did quack an' roar ; He slew the rest around the room, And ask'd if there were any more. " Come, cover the table," said Willie Wallace, ': Come, cover the table now, make haste ; For it will soon be three lang days Sin I a bit o
Page 123 - I wish I were in my own countrie." And she has ta'en her gay gold ring, That with her love she brake so free ; Says, " Gi'e him that, ye proud porter, And bid the bridegroom speak to me.
Page 274 - Now all our neighbours' chimneys smoke, And Christmas blocks are burning ; Their ovens they with baked meats choke, And all their spits are turning. Without the door let sorrow lie ; And if for cold it hap to die, We'll bury't in a Christmas pie, And evermore be merry.
Page 354 - And dress'd mysel' fu' braw ; 1 trow my heart was dowf and wae, When Jamie gaed awa : But weel may the boatie row, And lucky be her part ; And lightsome be the lassie's care That yields an honest heart ! When Sawnie...
Page 277 - And twenty other gambols mo, Because they will be merry. Then wherefore in these merry days Should we, I pray, be duller .' No, let us sing some roundelays, To make our mirth the fuller. And...
Page 8 - But ye maun go wi me now, Thomas, True Thomas, ye maun go wi me, For ye maun serve me seven years, Thro weel or wae as may chance to be.