First Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire as to the Best Means of Establishing an Efficient Constabulary Force in the Counties of England and Wales

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Inadequate enforcement of Civil Process 86 State of Protection on the Highways extinction of mounted Highwaymen 87 Insecurity of single Travelle...
Depredations on Commercial Property conveyed on Roads and Canals 93 to
Creation and Extension of habits of Depredation by neglect Depredations on Goods in process of Manufacture by Workmen and Servants 97 to 103 ...
Barbarous practices of the Population on the Coasts where Wrecks occur
Habits of the Population in respect to Wrecks on the Coast of Kent and on the Coasts of Hampshire and Dorsetshire
Defenceless Stateof the Lives of the Passengers and Crews from the inadequacy of Responsibility of Shipowners 126 Chief Causes and Sources of Cri...
Objects and Effects of Strikes enforced by Violence
Effects of the use of Violence to maintain Wages and State of Protection of Manufacturing Industry in a Manufacturing Town 132 to 139 Effects on ...
Effect of the absence of Protection on the Prosperity of a Town 144 Subserviency of Violence to the Interests of particular Manufacturers 145 Instan...
Interests of the Manufacturing Labourers disturbed by Illegal Violence 157 Means applicable for the Protection of Industry in Manufacturing Districts
Intended prevention of Violence by the Repeal of the Combination Laws
Exiting Force for the Prevention or Repression of Crime Early Responsibility of the Locality to the Supreme Executive for the Pre
Instances of the Enforcement of the Local Responsibilities to the Supreme Executive 177 Constitutional position of the Constabulary Force

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Page 199 - Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme; Or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evil doers, and for the praise of them that do well.
Page 382 - He had walk for a hundred sheep; and my mother milked thirty kine. He was able, and did find the king a harness with himself and his horse, while he came to the place that he should receive the king's wages. I can remember that I buckled his harness when he went unto Blackheath field. He kept me to school, or else I had not been able to have preached before the king's majesty now.
Page xii - Presents will and ordain that this Our Commission shall continue in full force and virtue, and that you, Our said Commissioners, or any three or more of you, may from time to time proceed in the execution thereof, and of every matter and thing therein contained, although the same be not continued from time to time by adjournment : And...
Page 382 - He married my sisters with five pound, or twenty nobles apiece, so that he brought them up in godliness and fear of God. He kept hospitality for his poor neighbours, and some alms he gave to the poor. And all this he did of the said farm...
Page x - Esquire, to be secretary to this our commission, and to attend you, whose services and assistance we require you to use from time to time, as occasion shall render necessary.
Page 345 - Having investigated the general causes of depredation, of vagrancy, and mendicancy, as developed by examinations of the previous lives of criminals or vagrants in the gaols, we find that in scarcely any cases is it ascribable to the pressure of unavoidable want or destitution; and that in the great mass of cases it arises from the temptation of obtaining property with a less degree of labour than by regular industry...
Page xii - We do hereby give and grant unto you, or any three or more of you, full power and authority when the same shall appear to be requisite, to administer an oath or oaths to any person or persons whatsoever, to be examined before you...
Page 370 - England shall be assigned for the keeping of the Peace, one Lord, and with him three or four of the most worthy in the County, with some learned in the Law...
Page 171 - ... indite the offenders of whom great part be people of the same country, or at least if the offenders be of another country the receivers be of places near...
Page xii - In Witness whereof We have caused these our Letters to be made Patent Witness ourself at Westminster the Fourth day of May in the First year of our Reign. By writ of Privy Seal.

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