Anglo-Norman poem on the conquest of Ireland by Henry the Second

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W. Pickering, 1837 - Conquête d'Irlande - 185 pages

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Page i - Of the southern tower, the upper part must have been rebuilt at the end of the twelfth or beginning of the thirteenth century, but with a certain adaptation to the earlier work, the midwall shaft being still used.
Page vi - ... MacMurrough, king of Leinster. ' Few events,' observes Mr. Wright in his Preface, ' have had the good fortune to be recorded by two contemporaries so well fitted for the task as Giraldus and Maurice Regan— one closely related to the heroes (for heroes we may truly call them) who performed the enterprise ; the other, an immediate agent of the native chieftain in whose aid it was performed.
Page lx - Hyberniae populis in celebratione paschali eatenus superstitiosi fuisse traduntur. Nam sicut quodam venerabili episcopo gentis illius referente cognovi, arbitrabantur obsequium se praestare Deo, dum per anni circulum furto et rapina congererent, quod in paschali solemnitate profusissimis tanquam ad honorem resurgentis Domini absumeretur conviviis, eratque inter eos urgens concertatio, ne forte quis ab alio immoderatissimis ferculorum prseparationibus vinceretur. Verum hanc superstitiosissimam consuetudinem...
Page vi - It happens, unfortunately, that the rolls of the reign of the second Henry are nearly all lost. In the reign of John they first begin to be numerous, and they then throw great light upon Irish history.
Page xvii - About five years before my visit, some labourers were throwing up a low ledge round the cliffs to prevent the sheep which graze there from falling over. On turning up the soil, they discovered, about one foot below the surface, the remains of fires at regular intervals on the edge of the precipices. These were supposed to be the watch-fires of the videttes which were stationed round the encampment. Some, of the freestone flags on which they were made were also found; and as there is no such stone...
Page iv - At his own desire the interpreter To me related his history, Which I here commit to memory. Maurice Regan was the man Who face to face indited to me Thes actions of the king, And of himself shewed me this history.
Page v - Que moi conta de lui lestorie, Dunt faz ici la memorie. Morice Regan iert celui, Buche a buche parla a lui, Ki cest jest endita, Lestorie de lui me mostra.
Page 155 - Q»e assembles erent les norreys 3270 E de lescoin trestut les reis Pur abatre le dongun, Le chastel e le hirefun. ' Par mei vus mande li barun Li ueil tyrel de trym hugun 3275 Qz<e tu le seez de tut aidant O tun force e sucurrant.
Page 22 - Ireland says, 9 or 1 0 knights, the whole number being about 300. Le fiz Estevene Robert premer ; Desque en Yrlande volt passer Pur Dermot li reis eider. Chevalers vaillans de grant pris Öd sei menad ix. u dis. Le un iert Meiler, le fiz Henriz, Que tant esteit poetifs ; E Milis i vint autresi Le fiz l'évesque de Sein-Davi. Chevalers vindrent e baruns Dunt jo ne sai des acez lur nuns — 1.

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