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Sinner, who seeth not, that all these Pretences, are like the Wishes of sickly Men, that wish for this or that Fruit, or this or that Dish, and when it is brought, it is so far from curing them, that often it makes them worse, and increases their Distemper? Who sees not, that these are but Inventions, to give some Colour of Reason to thy Unwillingness, to shake off the Sins which do so easily befet thee? Who feęs not, that these are only Arguments fuggested by the Devil, to keep thy Soul from her true Food and Nourishment? And who is the Lofer all this while? Thou wouldst fain impose upon God, and make him believe, that it is not want of Will, but want of Assurance, that this serious Confideration of thy ways is necessary, that it makes thee stand out against it. And alas! the Cheat thou feekest to put upon God, ihou puttest upon thine own Soul ; ,and is thy Soul so inconsiderable a Thing, that thou makelt nothing of deluding, and circumvent

What thinkest thou, Sinner? Suppose thou didft see a Senate, or Parliament, made up of very gravę, wise, sober, judicious Men, who should unanimously give their verdi& in a cause, and determine it; and while thefe Men, after a ferious deliberation, give their Judgment in the Case proposed to them, in comes the Malefactor againit whom they have given Sentence, accuses the Decree of the Senate of Injustice, charges their Vote with a Lye, and takes a great deal of pains to make the World believe a Tale of his own making; whom wouldest thou believe,


ing it?


chat grave, wise, judicious Senate, or the Malefactor? The Senate, sure; and then,when God, Angels, and Men, the wifeft, the gravest, the learnedit of chem, do all unanimously determine, that without a serious Consideration of thy Spiritual Concerns, thou canst nor arrive to any sincere Reformation of Life, canst never know the Danger thou art in, or what thou must do to escape unqueạchable Fire; and that without it thou aro truly a miserable Man, and doeft take the way that leads to Destruction ; haft thou the Impudence to oppose thy sickly Opinion, which arises from a distempered Head, and a more distempered Conscience, to the grave, sound, and orthodox Judgment of Men, infinitely wiser than thy self? When all, with one consent, affirm, that thou art fick to death, and nothing but Confideration can recover thee; wilt thou cancel their Verdict, by prefcribing to thy self Medicines of thine own making? All cry out against thy inconsiderate course of Life, God doth not justifie it, Angels do condemn it, the Preachers of the Gospel confute it, Philosophers arraign it, thy Reason hath Arguments against it,thy Conscience chides thee for it, thy fober Neighbours reprove it

; and wilt not thou subscribe to their Sentence? What Insolence is it to think thy self more knowing, than he that knows all things? Behold, Sinner, here lies the way to Heaven, God is intreating thee to walk in it; the Devil is busie to discourage thee from it. God faith, here I will be found ; the Devil suggests, that the Sons of Anack dwell there. God wishes thou wouldft


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yield and live ;; the Devil, that thou wouldst stand out, and die. God seeks to Crown thee; the Devil to rob thee of thy Diadem. God alsures thee, that this is the Garden where thy Graces must grow; the Devil argues, that nothing but Weeds and Thistles grow there. All the dispute is, who shall have thy Soul, God or the Devil? Think, Sinner, for God's sake, think who is the Rewarder, and who is the Tormentor; who is the King that can save thee, and who is the Executioner that studies only to ruin thee. Shall not God prevail? Wilt not thou give him thy Heart? And Mall Satan go away with thy Soul? Shall he possess that Treasure, which Angels are ambitious of? For shame, let'not God go away empty; think what a condescention it is in God, to be willing to accept of fo inconsiderable a Present as thy Heart? What is thy Soul to him? What benefit doth he receive by offering thee his Bosom? If thou hast such a mind to be the Devil's Slave, whạt need God take pains to. rescue thee from that bondage? Doft thou think he cannot live without thee? Dost thou think thy being in his Heaven, doth add any thing to his felicity? Cannot he as well be glorified in thy Torments, as he can in thy Salyațion? Canhot he'make his Justice triumph over such a Itubborn Wretch as thou art ? Wherein doth his Advantage lie? May not he be Good, and Great, and Glorious; and admired by Angels, while thou friest in Hell? Thou hast very highly obliged him indeed, that he need be at all this trouble to make thee in love with his Ways! Sbouldeft not thou stand amazed at his


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Favour? Shouldest not thou wonder, that this immense and infinite Majesty will vouchsafe a gracious look to so vile a Worm as thou art? And canst thou see a God court thee, and grow coy? Doth God offer to kiss thee with the kisses of his Lips, and doft thou fcorn his embraces? Cantt thou see him caress thee, and turn away thy Face? Wilt thou prefer the motions of a lying Devil, before the Oracles of the great God of Heaven? Hadit thou rather go along with him that will murther thee, than accompany him that will encircle thy Head with a Crown of Glory? Shall God magnifie bis Mercy upon thee, and wilt thou fall in love with his Enemy? Doth God intend, by making love to thy Soul, to give a character to the World of his infinite goodness and compassion, and darest thou be lo bold as to lessen that character, by thy contempt and ingratitude ?

Behold, Sinner, God is willing to lay aside his flaming Sword; thou shalt hear of him no more in the Earthquake, or in the Storm, or in the mighty Wind, that breaks the Rocks in pieces, but in the still small voice: The voice of Boanerges shall found no more in thy Ears, he'll blow his Trumpet of War nomore, all his frowns shall be done away, he'll fright thee no more with Hellfire; if his Grace, his Mercy, his Compassion can but allure thee to bethink thy self, and close with him, and so to consider the concerns of thy Soul, as to resign thy self altogether to his guidance and direction : his Aspect shall be kind, his Countenance shall be nothing but Smiles, hịs Face shall be a perpetual Sun-shine, if


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by Confideration of thy ways, thou wilt become fénfible of thy former folly, and throw it away, and take up with him alone: If his kindly beams can thaw thy frozen Heart, if his Calm can win thee, and make thee proftrate thy self before the Lion of the cribe of Judah, Heaven and Earth shall be no longer in conspiration againft thee, and thou shalt not need to look any more for Thunders and Lightnings from that Heaven! Srand still, Sinner, and see the Salvation of God; behold, Grace and Mercy lies weeping at thy Feet; the free, the fovereign, the extenfive, che attractive Grace of God comes wooing to thy Soul, and doth befpeak thee in this manner ; Hold, hold, thou poor befotted Creature, whither dost thou run? Hear, hear, Ibring thee the joyfullest tidings, that ever were brought to the ears of Men; God will be thy Father, the Lord Jesus thy Saviour, the Holy Ghost tly Comforter, the Angels thy Compapions; thy Life Ihall be a perpetual Holyday; thou shalt be a Friend of God, an Heir of Heaven, and Co-heir with Christ, thy sins shall be all done away, thy iniquities shall be remembered no more, all the promises of the Gospel shall be all thine, God will vouchsafe to live with thee, the Holy Ghost will make thy Soul his Temple, thou shalt have strength to overcome Hell and Devils, Flames and Swords, and be more than a Conqueror, through him that loved thee, the Lord Jesus Christ: Ask a Heaven, and thou shalt have id; a Crown, and it shall be thrown into thy bosom ; a Kingdom, and it shall be thine; ask all the Treasures of Glory, and they shall


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