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it is, that there thou canst not be rid of these Considerations, they'll come into thy mind against thy Will; here thou didst take pains to keep them out, there thou canst not hinder them from burthening and oppressing thy Soul ; here business and mirth diverted them, there thou canst not shake them off with all the Ins dustry and Labour thou canst use; thou needit no

accuser there, these Considerations will be sufficient witnesses against thee; there, there thou'lt wish, O that I had believed the Preachers of the World! I find those Men were in the rights I find they saw more than I did, I find they were not mistaken ; if I had followed their advice, I had built my House upon a Rock; I find they spoke no more but reason, I find they exhorted me to nothing but what was safe and beneficial to my Soul. Forgive me, ye Men of God, para don my Contempt of your Zeal and Fervency, O send me some Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his Finger in Water, and cool my Tongue: If your Prayers, if your Tears, if your Intreaties, if

your Intercessions can prevail wich God, O help, help, for I perish in this Gulph! Plead with your God, solicite for me at the Throne of Grace, double, treble your Cries and Supplie cations; try whether God will have Mercy on me, who have had no Mercy on my felf. · I am frighted, I am troubled on every side; I would Stab my self, and cannot; Die, and must not ; Escape, and dare not : Pity, pity a poor miserable Worm! Will none relieve me? Do all forsake me? Do Men and Angels leave me? Is there no Body to speak Comfort to me? Is



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no Rain, and there came no Rain for three 386 The Great Law of there no Door for Consolation open ? Are all the Avenues to Mercy shut? Hear, hear ye Inhabitants of Heaven! Are you deaf to my Groans ? Are you grown Strangers to Compassion? Where is your wonted Clemency? Will no Repentance touch the Heart of God? Will no Sorrow move him ? Will no Anguish melt him? Dull Citizens of that Celestial Common-wealth! Are you so busie with Hallelujahs as not to hear these Cries? Are you not frighted by these Sobs in your chearful Melodies? Are you so taken up, that none of you can look down into these dismal Vaults ?

Look ! yonder is the bright Mofes, the Man whose Face did shine, that with his Prayers difcomfited Amaleck, and when the Alnighty would have deitroyed the Host of Israel, Itood in the

Gap, and blunted the consuming Angel's Sword! Is all his Power gone? Is the Virtue of his Prayer lost? Ah! will he not Pray, that this Wretch, this Worm,

this poor Malefactor, who would fain repent, may be set free? Where is jhat Joshua that prayed for the Sun's standing ftill, and it stood still in the midst of Heaven? Hash he no Prayer left to stop my Calamity, and to give a Truce to my Torments? Where is that Elijah, that prayed that there might be

Years and fix Months? And cannot he

pray that this Fire may go out?

A thousand fuch Cries will then be in vain! Consideration now would most certainly prevent those Cries; this would represent the groans of those wretches, in that dismal Prison, in such

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lively Characters to thy mind, that thou wouldit be restless till thou didst get into the Araight way that leads to Life ; and art not thou ready to embrace it? What Friend, what Enemy, what Devil, what Charm quenches the Fire of thy Resolutions? Doft thou own God for thy Creator and Governor, one that hath greater Reafon to command thee, than thy Prince, or Mafter, or Parents, and dost thou refuse to obey him? Doft thou believe, that whatever is in Man, and can challenge Obedience is more eminently in God; and dost thou scruple to comply with his Will? Wilt thou prove a Rebel to thy Prince, a prodigal Son to thy Father, an unfaithful Servant to the best of Masters? Why shouldīt not thou trust God with thy Soul? Why shouldst not thou run at his Call? What is it, Sin, ner, that would make thee take thy ways into serious Consideration? Would a Miracle do it? Why, thou hast as great Reason to believe, that thofe Miracles, which are recorded in the Gofpel to have been wrought for Confirmation of Christ's Saying, were really wrought, and performed, as thou hast to believe the Reality of a Miracle, if thou shouldát see one wrought beforethine Eyes. Either thou believest that those Miracles were wrought by Christ and his Apostles, or thou doft not; if thou doft not, why doft not thou examine the Circumstances to be fatisfied ? If thou doft, what need there any more Miracles? If those Miracles will not persuade thee, how should a new Miracle do it? nay, how fhould we be fure that the Sight of a new Miracle would work upon thee? How Сс2


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soon would Time wear out the Memory of it, and leave thee as careless as it found thee Thou feelt miraculous Providences every day, and yet they move thee not; that God spares such a rebellious sinful Wretch as thou art, so long, and after so many thousand Provocations, is a Miracle ; thou seest Water turned into Wine every Year, for the insipid Liquor of the Vine is changed into another taste; thou seeft how from a dry Acorn a mighty Tree doth grow, which gives Protection to Men and Beasts, and to the Fowls of the Air ; thou knowest how from that liquid Principle job doth speak of, A man cloathed with skin and flesh, and fenced with bones and finews, rises. What mighty Miracles would these be, if they were not common? And yet none of these stir thy Soul to reflect seriously, what thou must do to be faved. Would an audible Voice from Heaven do ic? Why, how couldst thou be sure it came from Heaven? And Thould a Voice come to thee from the Regions of Bliss, should God vouchsafe thee such a Melfage immediately from the Clouds as this, Return, thou backsliding finner, and I will not cause mine anger to fall upon thee ; for I am merciful, and will not keep anger for ever. Only acknowledge thine iniquity, that thou haft transgressed against the Lord thy God, and has not obeyed my Voice : Why, it would be no more but what God hath said already, it might for the present surprize and starile thee a little; but if that Precept written cannot work upon thy Soul, it's to be feared the Precepr spoke from Heaven would make no very lasting Im


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pression upon thee. Thou art sufficiently asJured, so assured that a Man of Reason cannot justly desire better grounds, that God hath spoke those words to thee already; and if God's repeating this Duty so often in his Word can do good, what hope is there, that repeated again, it would draw thy Heart away from Sin, and from the World? Would a Man's rising from the Dead, do it? Why,Christ is risen from the Dead, and is become the First-fruits of them that slept; and he doth, with all the Protestations that are fit for a God to make, assure thee, that he that believes not, that is, thews not his Faith by his Works, shall be damned ; and would engage thy mind to ruminate upon that

threatning, and to think which way thou mayest e flee, and be freed from that Destruction he

speaks of: And why wilt thou not give Credit to what he faith? Nay if thou shouldst see a

Spirit, the Ghost of one that had been thy Ac* quaintance formerly, a Ghost that should, by.

woful Experience,inform thée,thac those things, the Scripture speaks of, are undoubtedly true, and that God will proceed exa&ly, according to what he hath promised, and threatned there, it would more satisfie thy Curiosity, than advance thy Piety: And the Question still may be, Whecher it would satisfie thy Curiosity ? For it's possible thou mayest imagine, that it might be

a Deception of Sight, and so forget it, and 1 Night it, and make lictle of that Motive. Thou

confesseft Christ's Resurrection, and why he should not be believed before a Spirit, especials ly when a Spirit could say no more than he hath said, I cannot well conceive, Sino

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