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In these prodigious times when everything
Figures revers'd, from Journalist to King,
When every power, from Emperor to Pope,
Cries out for what will hang 'em all- more rope!'
When freaks as senseless as the world e'er saw
(Beyond the reach of wit, and rule, and law,)
Like Egypt's hailstones in great storms descend-
Till wisdom breathless asks-where will it end?

When Peace at all price' is the cry of some,

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While others sallying from the frozen North

With Thor's own Hammer' in their hands burst

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When wars and horrid rumours load the sky,
AndStates of Siege' make game of Liberty;
When every landmark is by force displac'd,
And wise old saws are utterly disgrac'd ;-
When knaves on thrones, on horseback beggars sit,
Alike conspicuous for their want of wit;
When Free Assemblies torn by Party strife,
Clutch at the shadow to forget the life,
The life of nations-that means more no doubt
Than this Fool in a place and t'other out;'
When every righteous tie that binds a man,
And every law since this strange world began,
Cut down like corn before the sickle, pales-
And all their cunning earth's chief masters fails;
While looking on sits England's palsied form,
That mocks at Fate, and gibbers in the storm;-


Shall I not lift my voice? If men were dumb,
The very stones would raise a threat'ning hum!
The very ghosts of those who whilom bore
Britannia's banner safe from shore to shore,
Would burst the tomb, and gathering on the

Mock at their puny sons who pause to think!

Ye reckless change-mongers who deem it praise. To leave the straight and follow crooked ways! Whose song must ever end as it begun, In prophecies of Peace where Peace is noneBehold your handiwork !—nay more, behold The robber gloating o'er your cherish'd gold! Into the tottering scale his sword he flingsAnother lesson on the faith of kingsAnother warning to the fools that doat

Another crime for history to quote :

For, wolf at heart, when passion blows the flame, Savage or civiliz'd, man's still the same

And what brought England to this rueful plight? So ready once in a good cause to fight? Insensate blindness, and the cuckoo cry For Peace disarm'd, and mad Economy! With everything to lose and nought to gain, The prudent few lifted their voice in vain! When to destruction in great mobs men run, Who shall arrest the wild stampedo? None! Behold your work-Philanthropy! and then Smile, if you can, ye Peace at all price' men! 'Twas by your arts, your din from day to day, You stole the wits of Englishmen away; Pull'd down our trusty bulwarks stone by stone, And left us powerless, friendless, and alone.

The days were once when England's word could give

Strength to the Slave, and bid the hopeless live; From wasted limbs the shacklebolts withdraw, The lamp of Freedom, and the Queen of Law

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