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Of the antichristian


power in the Church.



24, 25.

A. M. 3470. fall, m to try n them, and to purge, 37 Neither shall he regard the

A. M. 3470. B. C. 534.

B. C. 534. Olymp. LXI. 3. and to make them white, even God of his fathers, u nor the Olymp. LXI. 3. Anno Tarquinii Superbi, to the time of the end : p because desire of women,

Anno Tarquinii

"nor regard Superbi, R. Roman., 1. it is yet for a time appointed.

any god : for he shall magnify R. Roman., 1. 36 And the king a shall do according to his himself above all. will; and he shall 'exalt himself, and magnify, 38 w But * in his estate shall he honour the himself above every god, and shall speak mar- god of y forces : 2 and a god whom his fathers vellous things s against the God of gods, and knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, shall prosper till the indignation be accom- and with precious stones, and a pleasant things. plished ; for that that is determined shall be 39. Thus shall he do in the most strong done.

holds with a strange god, whom he shall acChap. xii. 10; 1 Pet. i. 7.- 1 Or, by them. Chåp. vii. w Or, But in his stead.-Heb. as for the Almighty God, in 17, 19; ver. 40.-p Ver. 29. -4 Ver. 16.

Chap. vii. 8, his seat he shall honour, yea, he shall honour a god, whom, &c. 25; viii. 25; 2 Thess. ii. 4; Rev. xn. 5, 6.- * Chap. viii. 11, y Or, munitions.- - Hebrew, Mauzzim, or gods protectors.

Chap. ix. 27.-ul Tim. iv. 3. -v Isa. xiv. 13; a Heb. things desired ; Isa. xliv. 9.—Hebrew, fortresses 2 Thess. ii. 4.

of munitions. many excellent men, men of understanding, fell vic- under the pretence of greater chastity, to the discredit tims because they would not embrace erroneous doc- of God's ordinance, and Christianity itself. trines, when professed by the state.

But this was

Nor regard any god] For the mandates ard depermitted,

crees of that Church have been often in defiance of To try them, and to purge, and to make them white) God and his word; for it has magnified itself above To bring all to the pure profession, possession, and all power and authority in heaven and on earth. It practice of Christianity.

professes to hold the keys, and to open and shut heaTo the time of the end] To the time that God ven at pleasure, both to states and individuals. shall cause pure and undefiled religion every where Verse 38. Shall he honour the god of forces) d'iy to prevail. But when is the time appointed for mauzzim, or gods protectors, as in the margin ; worthis ?

shipping saints and angels as guardians, and protectors, Verse 36. And the king shall do according to his will] and mediators ; leaving out, in general, the true God, This may apply to Antiochus, who exalted himself and the only Mediator, Jesus CHRIST. above every god, called himself a god, sported with And a god whom his fathers knew not] For these all religion, profaned the temple, &c., &c. But others gods guardians, the Virgin Mary, saints, and angels, think an antichristian power in the Church is intended; were utterly unknown as mediators and invocable guarfor in the language of this prophecy king is taken for dians in the primitive apostolic Church. power, a kingdom, &c. That such a power did spring Shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with up in the Church that acted in an arbitrary manner precious stones) How literally does this apply to the against all laws, human and Divine, is well known. Church of Rome! See the house of our lady at LoThis power showed itself in the Greek emperors in the retto; the shrines of saints ; the decorated images, east, and in the bishops of Rome in the west. And costly apparel, gold, jewels, '&c., profusely used about this is to continue.

images of saints, angels, and the blessed virgin, in difTill the indignation be accomplished : for that that ferent popish churches. This superstition began to is determined shall be done.) This is the same as what prevail in the fourth century, and was established in was called in chap. viii. 19, the last end of the indig-787, by the scventh-general council ; for in that the nation ; and chap. ix. 27, the consummation ; and means worship of images was enacted. the end or consummation of God's indignation against Verse 39. In the most strong holds with a strange the Jews. And this seems more clearly expressed, god] Bishop Newton proposed the following translachap. xii. 7 : * When he shall have accomplished to tion, after justly finding fault with our common Verscatter the power of the holy people.” We see this sion : “ Thus shall he do to the defenders of Mauzzim, still subsisting in the Church of Rome ; and it was a together with the strange god whom he shah acknowsaying of Rabbi David Kimchi, “ When Rome shall ledge ; he shall multiply honour, and he shall cause be laid waste, then shall be redemption for Israel.” him to rule over many; and the earth he shall divide For the destruction of Rome and the restoration of for a reward.” The defenders of Mauzzim, these the Jews shall fall out about the same time.—Bp. saint and angel gods protectors, were the monks, Newton.

priests, and bishops ; of whom it may be truly said, Verse 37. Neither shall he regard the God of his “ They were increased with honour, ruled over many, fathers] That God who sent the evangelists and and divided the land for gain." They have been hoapostles to preach the puré doctrine. These true fa- noured and reverenced almost to adoration; their thers of the Christian Church, and their God, this jurisdiction was extended over the purses and conChurch has not regarded, but put councils, and tradi- sciences of men; they have been enriched with the tions, and apocryphal writings in their place. noblest buildings and largest endowments, and the

Nor the desire of women] Both the Greek and ta- choicest lands have been appropriated for Church lands. tin Church, in their antichristian enactments, have dis- These are points of such public notoriety, that they couraged, and in several cases proscribed, marriage, require no proof-Newton.



The final overthrow of


the king of the north. A. M. 3470.

knowledge and increase with l 42 He shall stretch forth his A. M. 3470. B. C. 534.

B. C. 534. Olymp. LXI. 3. glory : and he shall cause them to hand also upon the countries : Olymp. LXI. 3. Anno Tarquinii

Anno Tarquinii Superbi, rule over many, and shall divide and the land of Egypt shall not Superbi, R. Roman., 1. the land for c

R. Roman., 1. gain.

escape. 40 d And at the time of the end shall the 43 But he shall have power over the treaking of the south push at him : and the king sures of gold and of silver, and over all the of the north shall come against him like a precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans whirlwind, with chariots, fand with horsemen, and the Ethiopians shall be m at his steps. and with many ships; and he shall enter into 44 But tidings out of the east and out of the countries, & and shall overflow and pass the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall


forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly 41 He shall enter also into the hglorious i to make away many. land, and many countries shall be overthrown: 45 And he shall plant the tabernacles of his

these shall escape out of his hands, k even palaces between the seas in " the glorious Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the chil- holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, dren of Ammon.

and none shall help him. Heb, a price. - Ver. 35. Psa. Iviii. 9; Prov. i. 27 ; x. Isa. xi. 14. - Heb. send forth.- Exod. xi. 8; Judg. iv. 25; Isa. xxi. 1; xl. 24; xli. 16; Ixvi. 15; Zech. ix. 14.- Ezek. 10. -n Psa. xlviii, 2; ver. 16, 41; 2 Thess. ii. 4.-o Or, good xxxvii. 4,15; Rev. ix. 16.- -8 Ver. 10, 22.- Or, goodly land ; ly. -p Heb. mountain of delight of holiness. 91 Mac. vi. 8-16; ver. 16. — Heb. land of delight, or ornament.

2 Thess. ii. 8; Rev. xix. 20. Verse 40. At the time of the end shall the king of emperors, to permit the caravans, with the pilgrims for the south push at him] These kings are to be under- Mecca, to have a free passage. stood in reference to the times of which the prophet Verse 42. He shall stretch forth his hand] Hespeaks. While the kingdoms of Egypt and. Syria the Ottoman emperors, have stretched forth the hand, were subsisting, the king of the south and the north not only on European, but also upon Asiatic and Afriapplied to them exclusively : but they did not exist at can countries. Egypt has not escaped ; it is a prothe time of which the prophet speaks ; therefore other vince of the Turkish government, as are also Fez, southern and northern powers must be sought. These Morocco, Algiers, and many other African countries. we may find in the Saracens, who were of the Ara- And as the prophecy says they “ got power over the bians, who came from the south, headed by the false silver and gold, and the precious things of Egypt," so prophet Mohammed, who pushed at himmade war it was; for when Selim conquered Egypt, A. D. 1517, on the Greek emperor Heraclius, and with amazing he took all its spoils ; and the immense sums drawn rapidity deprived him of Egypt, Syria, and many of from it to the present day, and the wretchedness of the his finest provinces.

land in consequence, are almost -incredible. And the king of the north] The Turks, who were The Libyans and the Ethiopians) The Cushimoriginally Scythians, seized on the remains of the unconquered Arabs, all sought their friendship; and Greek empire ; and in process of time rendered them- many of them are tributary to the present time. selves masters of the whole. They are represented Verse 44. But tidings out of the east and out of the as, coming like

whirlwind, with chariots, and with north shall trouble him] This part of the prophecy is horsemen; their armies being chiefly composed of allowed to be yet unfulfilled; and what is portended, cavalry

the course of prophetic events will show. Were we And with many ships) With these they got pos- to understand it as applying to Antiochus, then the session of many islands and maritime countries ; and news might be of the preparations which he heard, were so powerful in their feets, that they entirely de- that the provinces of the east, and Artaxerxes, king feated the Venetians; and at last their fleets became of Armenia, on the north, were intending to rise up of the utmost consequence to them in besieging, and against him. But if the Turkish power be underafterwards taking, Constantinople, A. D. 1453, which stood, as in the preceding verses, it may mean that they hold to the present day. So they entered into the Persians on the east, and the Russians on the the countries, and overflowed, rendering themselves north, will at some time greatly embarrass the Ottomasters of all Asia Minor and Greece.

man government. And how completely has this been Verse 41. He shall enter also into the glorious land] fulfilled ; first, by the total destruction of the Egyptian Entirely subdue Judea.

fleet, by the combined fleets of England, France, and And many countries shall be overthrown] Aleppo, Russia, in the Bay of Navarino.; and, secondly, by Damascus, Gaza, and many other cities were forced to the total overthrow of the Turkish army by the Russubmit to them; and they hold them still.

sians, in the years 1828 and 1829, when the sultan But these shall escape-Edom and Moab, and the was obliged to accept any conditions that the emperor chief of the children of Ammon.] These and other of Russia was pleased to give ! (N.B.—The former Arabians they have never been able to subdue. They part of this note was written for the first edition of this still occupy the deserts ; and receive a yearly pension work, printed in 1825.] of forty thousand crowns of gold from the Ottoman Verse 45. He shall plant the tabernacles] He shall The righteous shall arise


to a glorious resurrection. make a last stand in Judea, and there shall his power chapter to the end of ver. 30 all is very clear and be smitten.

plain, relative to the Grecian, Syrian, and Egyptian He shall come to his end, and none , shall help him.) histories ; from the thirty-first verse to the end, the All his confederate and tributary kingdoms, states, and mode of interpretation is not so satisfactory, in its provinces shall desert him, and leave that government application to the times since Christ. Yet possibly to come to a shameful end.

these alone may be intended ; though the whole might In the interpretation of this chapter I have gene- be, with considerable ease, applied to the remaining rally followed Bp. Newton, in his most excellent Dis- part of the Syrian and Egyptian history. It is a sertations on the Prophecies, consulting other eminent wonderful piece of prophecy, and of great utility to authors occasionally. From the beginning of the the cause of Divine revelation.


A. M. 3470.
B. C. 534.

The proper conclusion to the great revolutions predicted in this and the following chapters is the general

resurrection, of which the beginning of this chapter (if to be literally understood) gives some intimation, 1-3. Daniel is then commanded to shut up the words and to seal the book to the time of the end, 4 ; and is informed of the three grand symbolical periods of a time, times, and a half, twelve hundred and ninety days, and thirteen hundred and thirty-five days, 4-12; at the end of the last of which Daniel shall rest and stand in his lot, 13. It is generally thought by commentators that the termination of the last period is the epoch of the first resurrection. See Rev. xx. 4, 5. A. M. 3470. B. C. 534.

AND at that time shall • Mi- life, and some to shame fand Olymp. LXI. 3. chael stand up, the great everlasting contempt.

Olymp. LXI. 3. Anno Tarquinii

Anno Tarquinii Superbi, prince which standeth for the 3. And they that be h wise

Superbi, R. Roman., 1. children of thy people: band shall shine i as the brightness of R. Roman, 1. there shall be a time of trouble, such as never the firmament; and they that turn many to was since there was a nation even to that righteousness as the stars for ever and same time : and at that time thy people shall ever. be delivered, every one that shall be found 4 'm But thou, O Daniel," shut up the words, d written in the book.

and seal the book, even to the time of the 2 And many of them that sleep in the dust end : many shall run to and fro, and knowof the earth shall awake, some to everlasting ledge shall be increased.


a Ch. x. 13, 21. _b Isa. xxvi. 20, 21; Jer. xxx. 7; Matt. xxiv. 15. Isaiah lxvi. 24; Rom. ix. 21.- -8 Chap. xi. 33, 35. 21; Rev. xvi. 18. -c Rom. xi. 26.—- Exod. xxxii. 32 ; Psa. Or, teachers. - Prov. iv. 18; Wisd. in. 7; Matt. xiii. 43. Ivi. 8; lxix. 28; Ezek. xiii. 9; Luke. x. 20; Phil. iv. 3 ; Rev. James v. 20. -11 Cor. xv. 41, 42. wm Ch. viii. 26; ver. 9. iii. 5; xii. 8.- Matt. xxv. 46; John v. 28, 29.; Acts xxiv. n Rev. x. 4; xxii. 10. Lo Ch. x. 1; ver. 9.


ries in the Gospel kingdom of Jesus Christ. This Verse 1. And at that time Michael shall stand up] also may be applied to the case of holy and useful Michael the archangel, as has already been observed, men, particularly the faithful ministers of the Gospel, was ever reputed the guardian of the Jewish people. in the day of judgment. See the parallel texts in the

Every one that shall be found written in the book] margin, and the notes on them. All that truly fear, love, and obey the Lord. On the Verse 4. Shut up the words, and seal the book] phrase, “ written in the book, the book of life,” &c., When a prophet received a prediction concerning what see the passages in the margin, and the notes on those was at a considerable distance of time, he shut his passages.

book, did not communicate his revelation for some time Verse 2. Many of them that sleep in the dust of the after. This Daniel was commanded to do, chap. viii. earth] This prophecy has been referred to the future 26. See also Isa. xxix. 10, 11; Rev. xxii. 10. restoration of the Jews. It will be also true of the Among the ancients, those were said to seal, who in state of mankind at the general judgment. .

the course of their reading stamped the places of Verse 3. And they that be wise] Those who are which they were yet doubtful, in order to keep them thoroughly instructed in Christ's word and doctrine, in memory, that they might refer to them again, aš shall shine—shall be eminently distinguished in the not yet fully understood. This custom Salmasius, in Christian Church by the holiness of their lives, and his book De modo Usurarum, p. 446, proves from the purity of their creed.

Hesychius. And they that turn many to righteousness) They Many shall run to and fro] Many shall endeavour who, by preaching Christ crucified among their breth- to search out the sense ; and knowledge shall be inren, shall be the means of converting them to the creased by these means; though the meaning shall Christian faith'; shall be as the stars-bright lumina- not be fully known till the events take place : TERN

A. M. 3470.
B. C. 534.

B. C. 534,

Daniel is informed of the


result of these wonders. 5 Then I Daniel looked, and, 9 And he said, Go thy way,

A. M. 3470, Olymp. LXI. 3. behold, there slood other two, Daniel : for the words are closed Olymp. LXI. 3. Anno "Tarquinii

Anno Tarquinii Superbi, the one on this side of the P bank up and sealeda till the time of

Superbi, R. Roman., 1.

R. Roman., 1. of the river, and the other on that the end. side of the bank of the river.

10 Many shall be purified, and made white,

, 6 And one said to the man clothed in linen, and tried ; but the wicked shall do wickedly: which was upon the waters of the river, * How and none of the wicked shall understand; but long shall it be to the end of these wonders ? the wise shall understand.

7 And I heard the man clothed in linen, 11 And from the time e that the daily sacriwhich was upon the waters of the river, when fice shall be taken away, and the abomihe u held up his right hand and his left hand nation that 6 maketh desolate set up, there unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety for ever w that it shall be for a time, times, and days.

a half ; » and when he shall have accomplish- 12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh ed to scatter the power of a the holy people, all to the thousand three hundred and five and these things shall be finished.

thirty days. 8 And I heard, but I understood not : then 13 But go thou thy way till the end be: said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of for k thou shalt rest, 'and stand in thy lot at these things?

the end of the days.


pHeb. lip:

-4 Chap. x. 4.-Chap. x. 5.- Or, from Rev. ix. 20 ; xxii. 11. _d Chapter xi. 33, 35; John vii, 17; above. - Chap. viii. 13. -u Deut. xxxii. 40; Rev. x. 5, 6. viii. 47; xviii. 37.— Chapter viii. 11 ; xi. 31.

Hebrew, Chap. iv. 34. w Chap. vii. 25; xi. 13; Rev. xii. 14. to set up the abomination, &c.—_6 Or, astonisheth. - Verse

-y Luke xxi. 24 ; Rev. x. 7. — Chap. viii. 24. 9.-i Or, and thou, &c.- Lk Jsa. lvii. 2; Rev. xiv. 13. . Verse 4. - Chap. xi. 35; Zech. xiii. 9.__ Hos. xiv. 9; ' Psa. i. 5.

* Or, part.


the seal shall be broken, and the sense become plain. interim, the great work of God's providence and grace This seems to be the meaning of this verse, though shall be carried on in the salvation of men, who, in another has been put on it, viz., “ Many shall run to the midst of trials, temptations, and difficulties, shall and fro preaching the Gospel of Christ, and therefore be purified and made white--be fully saved from religious knowledge and true wisdom shall be increas- their sins. ed.” This is true in itself; but it is not the meaning

None of the wicked shall understand] Because they of the prophet's words.

are wicked, and will continue in their sins, the eyes Verse 5. Behold, there stood other two] Probably of their understanding shall be closed, and their hearts two angels. We know no more of them, unless they hardened ; so that they shall not see the light of the be the same as those called saints, chap. viii. 13,glorious Gospel. which see. The river was most likely the Tigris. But the wise] Those who open their hearts to

Verse 6. The man clothed in linen] Gabriel, in a God, that he may pour in his light, shall understand human form. Thus he is represented, chap. x. 5. the things that make for their peace.

Verse 7. Which was upon the waters) By this Verse 11. From the time that the daily sacrifice description, he was standing on the water. This is shall be taken away) See the notes on chap. xi. 25–27. very similar to the description of the angel, Rev. x. The abomination that maketh desolate set up! I 5, 6, and in the seventh verse there seems to be a believe, with Bp. Newton, that this is a proverbial reference to this prophecy, “a time, times, and a phrase ; and may be applied to any thing substituted half.” See the note on chap. vii. 25.

in the place of, or set up in opposition to the ordiVerse 8. I heard, but I understood not] Could nances of God, his worship, his truth, &c. Adrian's not comprehend what the time, times, and half time temple, built in the place of God's temple at Jernshould refer to. These make three years and a half salem, the church of St. Sophia turned into a Mohamof prophetic time, answering to one thousand two medan mosquè, &c., &c., may be termed abominations hundred and sixty years.

that make desolate. Perhaps Mohammedanism may Verse 9. The words are closed up] The prophecy be the abomination; which sprang up A, D. 612. shall not be understood, but in its accomplishment ; If we reckon one thousand two hundred and ninety and then the depth of the wisdom and providence years, ver. 11, from that time, it will bring us down of God will be clearly seen in these matters. See on to A. D. 1902, when we might presume from this

We must wait “ till the time of the end ;" calculation, that the religion of the FALSE PROPHET and this, it appears from the following calculations, will cease to prevail in the world ; which from the will not arrive before the TWENTIETH CENTURY. We present year, 1825, is distant only seventy-seven years. here see the reason why these prophecies are at Verse 12. Blessed is he that waiteth] He who im. present so imperfectly understood. God has sealed, plicitly depends on God, expecting, as his truth cannot them,

fail, that these predictions shall be accomplished in Verse 10. Many shall be purified] During the I due time.

ver. 4.

Daniel is assured he shall


stand in his lot at last.

And cometh to the thousand three hundred and five | darkness. We have not chronological data ; and and thirty days.) This is seventy-five days more “the times and seasons God has reserved in his own than what is included in the three years and a half, or power.” the time, times, and a half in the seventh verse; and Verse 13. But go thou thy way till the end be] as we have met with so many instances of prophetical Here is proper advice for every man. 1. Thou hast days and years, this undoubtedly is another instance ; a waya walk in life, which God has assigned thee ; and as a day stands for a year, this must mean a walk in that way, it is thy way. 2. There will be an period of one thousand three hundred and thirty-five end to thee of all earthly things. Death is at the years, which period is to bring all these wonders to door, and eternity is at hand; go on to the end—be an end, ver. 6. But we are left totally in the dark faithful unto death. 3. There is a rest provided for relative to the time from which these one thousand the people of God. Thou shalt resl; thy body, in the three hundred and thirty-five years are to be reckoned. grave; thy soul, in the Divine favour here, and finally If, however, we reckon them from the above epoch, in paradise. 4. As in the promised land there was a A. D. 612, when Mohammedanism arose, they lead lot for each of God's people, so in heaven there is a lot us to A. D. 1947, when the fulness of the Gentiles for thee. Do not lose it, do not sell it, do not let thy shall be brought in ; and thus a final closure of vision enemy rob thee of it. Be determined to stand in thy and prophecy be made, as then 'all the great events own lot at the end of the days. See that thou keep relative to the salvation of men shall have taken place. thé faith ; die in the Lord Jesus, that thou mayest Wars and contentions will probably then cease over rise and reign with him to all eternity. Amen. the whole world ; Jews and Gentiles become one fold,

MASORETIC Notes. under one Shepherd and Bishop of souls; and the triune God be properly worshipped and glorified, from

Number of verses in this book, 357. generation to generation, over the face of the whole

Middle verse, chap. v. 30. earth. But all these conjectures may be founded in

Masoretic sections, 7.

Finished correcting for the press, March 1st, 1831.-A. C.


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