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B. C. cir. 605.

B. C. cir. 605.

cir. annum 12.

cir, annum 12.

The prophet compluins

of his hard lot. A. M. cir. 3399. forth? then thou shalt tell | 9 children, I will destroy my peo

A. M, cir. 3399. 01. XLII. 4. them, Thus saith the Lord; ple, since they return not from 01. XLIII. 4. Tamuinii Prisci,

Tarquinii Prisci, R Roman., d. Such as are for death, to death; their ways.

R. Roman., and such as are for the sword, 8 Their widows are increased to to the sword; and such as are for the famine, me above the sand of the seas: I have brought to the famine; and such as are for the cap- upon them against the mother of the young tivity, to the captivity.

men, a spoiler at noonday: I have caused him to 3 And I will e appoint over them four í kinds, fall upon it suddenly, and terrors upon the city. saith the LORD: the sword to slay, and the 9 She that hath borne seven languisheth : dogs to tear, and the fowls of the heaven, she hath given up the ghost ; "her sun is gone and the beasts of the earth, to devour and down while it was yet day : she hath been destroy.

ashamed and confounded: 'and the residue of 4 And I will cause them to be i removed them will I deliver to the sword before their into all kingdoms of the earth, because of enemies, saith the LORD. * Manasseh the son of Hezekiah king of Judah, 10 Wo is me, my mother, that thou hast for that which he did in Jerusalem.

borne me a man of strife and a man of con5 For 'l who shall have pity upon thee, 0 tention to the whole earth! I have neither Jerusalem ? or who shall bemoan thee? or Ient on usury, nor men have lent to me on who shall go aside m to ask how thou doest ? ' usury; yet every one of them doth curse me.

6 - Thou hast forsaken me, saith the LORD, 11 The LORD said, Verily it shall be well thou art • gone backward : therefore will I with thy remnant, verily w I will cause

x the stretch out my hand against thee, and destroy enemy to entreat thee well in the time of evil thee; PI am weary with repenting.

and in the time of affliction. 7 And I will fan them with a fan in the 12 Shall iron break the northern iron and the gates of the land; I will bereave them of steel?

Chap. xliii. 11; Ezek. v. 2, 12; Zech. xi. 9. Lev. xxvi. Hos, xiii. 14. Or, whatsorver is dear. — Isa. ix. 13; 16, &c. - Heb. families,

-Chap. vii. 33; Deut. xxviii. 26. chap. v. 3; Amos iv. 10, 11. Or, against the mother city a bHeb. I will give them for a removing. Deut. xxviii. 25; chap. young man spoiling, &c., or against the mother and the young men. xxiv. 9; Ezek. xxiii. 46. * 2 Kings xxi. Il, &c.; xxiii. 2.; il Sam. ii. 5.- Lu Amos viii. 9. — Job. 111. 1, &c.; chap. xx. xxiv. 3, 4. Isa. li. 19. um Heb. to ask of 'thy peace. 14.- Or, I will entreat the enemy for thee. - Chap. xxxix. Chap. ii. 13. Chap. vii. 24,

11, 12; xl. 3, 4, 5.

Verse 3. I will appoint over them four kinds) is useless. I took them often at their promise, and in There shall appear four instruments of my justice. every instance they have failed. 1. The sword to slay. 2. The dogs to tear what is Verse 7. I will fan them with a fan] There is no slain. 3. The fowls of the heaven to feed on the pure grain ; all is chaff. dead carcasses. And, 4. The wild beasts to destroy all In the gates of the land] The places of public that the fowls have left.

justice : and there it shall be seen that the judgments Verse 4. I will cause them to be removed into all that have fallen upon them have been highly merited. kingdoms of the earth] This seems to have respect And from these places of fanning they shall go out into to the succeeding state of the Jews in their different their captivity. generations; and never was there a prophecy more Verse 8. The mother of the young men] The meliterally fulfilled; and it is still a standing monument tropolis or mother city, Jerusalem. of Divine truth. Let infidelity cast its eyes on the Verse 3. She that hath borne seven] She that hath scattered Jews whom it may meet with in every civili- had a numerous offspring ; Jerusalem, the parent of so zed nation of the world ; and then let it deny the truth many cities, villages, and families in the land. Seven of this prophecy, if it can. The Jews are scattered signifies a complete or full number. through every nation, and yet are not a nation ; nor do Verse 10. A man of contention to the whole earth!] they form even a colony on any part of the face of the To the whole LAND, to all his countrymen ; though he earth. Behold the truth and the justice of God! had done nothing to merit their displeasure.

Verse 5. Who shall go aside to ask how thou doest ?] Verse 11. I will cause the enemy to entreat thee well Perhaps there is not a more despised nor a more de- in the time of evil] This was literally fulfilled; see graded people under the sun. Scarcely any one thinks chap. xxxix. f1, &c. Nebuchadnezzar bad given himself called upon to do a kind office for a Jew. Their strict charge to Nebuzar-adan, commander in ehief, to character is bad in society, and they are not at all so- look well to Jeremiah, to do him no harın, and to grant licitous to redeem it.

him all the privileges he was pleased to ask. Verse 6. I am weary with repenting.) With repeat- Verse 12. Shall iron break the northern iron and the edly changing my purpose. I have often, after purposing steel?] Shall our weak forces be able to oppose and to punish, showed them mercy, I will do it no longer; it overcome the powers of the Chaldeans? nuni necho

A. M. cir. 3399.

A. M. cir. 3399.
B. C. cir. 605.

Ol. XLIII. 4.

R. Roman.. cir. annum 12.

cir. annum 12.


for a

The prophet is encouraged


by promises of protection. 13 Thy. substance and thy' 18 Why is my

18 Why is · my pain per: B. e. cir 605. treasures will I give to the v spoil petual, and my wound incuraTarquinii Prisei,

Tarquinii Prisci, R. Rornan.,

without price, and that for all thy ble, which refuseth' to be heal

sins, even in all thy borders. ed? wilt thou be altogether 14 And I will make thee to pass with thine unto me. as a liar, and as waters that enemies 2 into a land which thou knowest not:

fire is kindled in mine anger, which 19 Therefore thus saith the LORD, If thou shall burn upon you.

return, then will I bring thee again, and thou 15 0. Lord, $thou knowest: remember me, shalt stand before me: and if thou P take and visit me, and e revenge me of my perse forth the precious from the vile, thou shalt be cutors; take me not away in thy long-suffering: as my mouth; let them return unto thee; but know that", a for thy. sake I have suffered return not thou unto them. rebuke..

20 And I will make thee unto this people a 16 Thy words were found, and I did eat fenced brazen 4 wall: and they shall fight them; and f thy word was unto me the joy against thee, but they shall not prevail against and rejoicing of mine heart : for 8 I am called thee : for I am with thee to save thee and to by thy name, O LORD God of hosts.

deliver thee, saith the Lord. 17 h I sat not in the assembly of the mockers, 21 And I will deliver thee out of the hand nor rejoiced; I sat alone because of thy hand: of the wicked, and I will redeem thee out of for thou hast filled me with indignation. the hand of the terrible.

y Psa. xliv. 12;: chap. xvii. 3. - Chap. xvi. 13; xvii. 4. 6 Heb. thy name is called upon me. - h Psa. i. 1 ; xxvi. 4, 5. a Deut. xxxii. 22 Chap. xii. 3. Chap. xi. 20; xx. 12. Chap. xxx. 15. - See chap. i. 18, 19:—Job vi. 15, &c d Psa. Ixix. 7. Ezek ui. 1, 3; Rey. x. 9, 10.- Job xxiii. m Heb. be not sure- _o Zech. iii. 7. Lo Ver.1.-pEzek. xxii 12; Psa. cxix. 72, 111.

26; xliv. 23. -4 Chap. i. 18; vi. 27.- Chap. xx. 11, 12.

sheth, which we here translate 'steel, properły signifies ence absolutely depends on the periodical rains, when brass or copper united with tin, which gives it much these fail, or fall short of their usual quantity. Somehardness, and enables it to bear a good edge.

times the rice is sown and springs up in the most promisVerse 13, Thy substancewill I give to the spoil ing manner; but the latter rains fail, and whole fields without price]: Invaluable property shall be given up of young rice wither and perish. to thy adversaries. Or, without price—thou shalt have Verse 19.. If thou return) By repentance unto nothing for it in' return,

me, Verse 15. O Lordremember me, and visit me) Then will I bring thee again) Restore thee to thy. Let me not be carried away into captivity; and it own country. But some think the words are spoken does not appear that he had ever been taken to Baby- to the prophet in reference to his ministry. He had lon. After the capture of the city he went into Egypt; greatly repined because of the persecutions which he and either died there, or was put to death by his coun- endured. The Lord reprehends him, and is about to trymen.

take from him the prophetic gift; but exhorts him Verse 16. Thy word was- -the joy and rejoicing of first to take the precious from the vile—not to attend mine heart] When I did receive the prophetic message, to the deceitful words of the people, but boldly declare I did rejoice in the honour thoù hadst done me; and I the message he had given him; not to return unto the faithfülly testified thy will to them. They have become people, but let the people return unto him. And then mine enemies; not because there was any evil in me, he should be as God's mouthhis words should apbut because I was faithful to thee.

pear to be what they were, the genuine words of God; Verse 18. Wilt thou be altogether unto me as-wa- and the people should be obliged to acknowledge them ters that fail?) Meaning either springs, which in the as such." height of summer grow dry; or, like that phenomenon Verse 20. I will make thee-a fenced brazen wall] in the sandy desert, where, by a peculiar action of the air While thou art faithful to me, none of them shall be on the rising vapours, the resemblance of water is pro- able to prevail against thee. duced, so that the traveller, deceived, rejoices that he Verse 21. I will deliver thee out of the hand of the is come, in the sandy desert, to the verge of a beautiful wicked] From the power of this evil people. lake; but the farther he travels, it is still at the same And I will redeem thee out of the hand of the terrible.] distance, and at last vanishes; and he finds the whole Out of the power of the Chaldean arivies. Every thing was an illusion, for the waters have failed. Nothing can took place as God had promised, for no word of his can exceed the disappointment of the farmer whose subsist-ever fall to the ground.


The Lord's directions


to the prophet.


B. C. cir. 604.

cir. annum 13.

On account of the evils which threatened his country, the prophet is forbidden to encumber himself with a

wife and family, or to bear any share in the little joys and sorrows of his neighbours, which were to be forgotten and absorbed in those public calamities, 1-9, which their sins should draw on them, 10-13. A fulure restoration however is intimated, 14, 15, after those calamities should be endured, 16-18; and the

conversion of the Gentiles is foretold, 19-21. A. M. cir. 3400. B. C. cir. 604. THE word of the Lord came selves, nor k make themselves A. M. cir. 3400. Ol. XLIV. I. also unto me, saying, ; bald for them :

OI. XLIV. I. Tarquinii Prisci,

Tarquinii Prisci, R. Roman., 2 Thou shalt • not take thee a 7 Neither shall men 1 tear them- R. Roman., wife, neither shalt thou have sons selves for them in mourning, to

cir. annum 13. or daughters in this place.

comfort them for the dead; neither shall men 3 For thus' saith the Lord concerning the give them the cup of consolation to m drink for sons and concerning the daughters that are their father or for their mother. born in this place, and concerning their mo- 8 Thou shalt not also go into the house of thers that bare them, and concerning their feasting, to sit with them to cat and to drink.. fathers that begat them in this land;

9 For thus saith the LORD of hosts, the 4 They shall die of grievous deaths; they God of Israel; Behold, I will cause to cease shall not be lamented; neither shall they be out of this place in your eyes, and in your buried; but they shall be d as dung upon the days, the voice of mirth, and the voice of face of the earth : and they shall be consumed gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and by the sword, and by famine; and their car- the voice of the bride. casses shall be meat for the fowls of heaven, 10 And it shall come to pass, when thoạ and for the beasts of the earth.

shalt - show this people all these words, and 5 For thus saith the LORD, 'Enter' not into they shall say unto thee, » Wherefore hath the house of mourning, neither go to lament the Lord pronounced all this great evil against nor bemoan them: for I have taken away my us? or what is our iniquity ? or what is our peace from this people, -saith the Lord, even sin that we have committed against the Lord loving-kindness and mereies.

our God ? 6 Both the great and the small shall die in 11 Then shalt thou say unto them, Bethis land: they shall not be buried, h neither cause your fathers have forsaken me, saith the shall men lament for them, nor cut them- Lord, and have walked after other gods, and

al Cor. vii. 26.- Chap. xv. 2.- Chap. xxii. 18, 19; "Or, break bread for them, as Ezek. xxiv. 17; Hos. ix. 4; see Uv. 33.

d Psa. Ixxxiii. 10; chap. viii. 2;. ix. 22. Psa. Deut. xxvi. 14; Job xlii. 11.- Prov. xxxi. 6, 7. In Isa. Ixxix. 2; chap. vii, 33; xxxiv. 20. - Ezek. xxiv. 17, 22, 23. xxiv, 7, 8; chap. vii. 34 ; xxv. 10; Ezek. xxvi. 13; Hos. ii. 11; Or, mourning feast. Chap. xxii. 18. — Lev. xix. 28; Rev. xviii. 23. Deut. xxix. 24 ; chap. v. 19; xiii. 22; wii. Deut. xiv. I; chap. xli. 5; xlvii. 5.- - Isa. xxii. 12; chap. vii. 29, 8. -p Deut. xxix. 25; chap. xxii. 9.


them; because, having become idolaters, they conformed Verse 1. The word of the Lord came also unto me] to all the customs of the heathen. They tore their This discourse Dahler supposes to have been delivered hair, rent iheir garments, cut their hands, arms, and some time in the reign of Jehoiakim.

faces. These were not only signs of sorrow, but were Verse 2. Thou shalt not take thee a wife] As it even supposed to give éase to the dead, and appease would be very inconvenient to have a family when the the angry deities. The Hindoos, on the death of a threatened desolations should come on the place. The relation, express their grief by loud lamentations, and reason is given in the following verses.

not unfrequently bruise themselves in an agony of grief Verse 4. They shall die of grievous deaths] All with whatever they can lay hold on. prematurely; see chap. xiv. 16.

Verse 8. Thou shalt not also go into the house of As dung upon the face of the earth] See chap. feasting) Funeral banquets were made to commemoviii. 2.

rate the dead, and comfort the surviving relatives ; and Be meat for the fowls) See chap. vii. 33. the cup of consolation, strong mingled wine, was given

Verse 5. Enter not into the house of mourning] to those who were deepest in distress, to divert their The public calamities are too great to permit individual minds and to soothe their sorrows. These kinds of losses to come into consideration.

ceremonies were common among almost all the nations Verse 6. Nor cut themselves] A custom of the of the world on funeral occasions. The Canaanites, heathen forbidden to the Jews, Lev. xix. 28, Deut. xiv. the Jews, the Persians, Arabians, New Zealanders 1, and which appears now to have prevailed among Huns, &c., &c.

B. C. cir. 604.

cir. annum 13.

my law;

you favour.

The conversion of


the Gentiles foretold. A M. cir. 3400. have served them, and have and after will I send for

A. M. cir. 3400.

many 01. XLIV.1. worshipped them, and have for- hunters, and they shall-hunt them 01. XLIV. 1. Tarquinii Prisci,

Tarquinii Prisci, R. Roman., saken me, and have not kept from every mountain, and from R. Roman.,

every hill, and out of the holes cir. annum 13. 12 And ye have done 9 worse than your of the rocks. fathers; for, behold, ' ye walk every one after 17 For mine y eyes are upon all their ways: the imagination of his evil heart, that they they are not hid from my face, neither is their may not hearken unto me:

iniquity hid from mine eyes. 13 Therefore will I cast you out of this 18 And first I will recompense their iniquity land u into a land that ye know not, neither ye and their sin a double; because they have denor your fathers; and there shall ye serve other filed my land, they have filled mine inheritance gods day and night; where I will not show with the carcasses of their detestable and abo

minable things. 14 Therefore, belold, the days come, saith 19. O Lord, my strength, and my fortress, the LORD, that it shall no more be said, The and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Lord liveth, that brought up the children of Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends Israel out of the land of Egypt;

of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers 15 · But, The Lord liveth, that brought up have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein the children of Israel from the land of the there is no profit. north, and from all the lands whither he 20 Shall a man make gods unto himself, and had driven them : - and " I will bring them they are no gods ? again into their land that I gave unto their 21 Therefore, behold, I will this once cause fathers.

them to know, I will cause them to know mine 16 Behold, I will send for many *fishers, hand and my might; and they shall know saith the LORD, and they shall fish them; that ' my name is The LORD.

4 Chap. vii, 26. - Chap. xiii. 10. - Or, stubbornness. z Isa. xl. 2; chap. xvii. 18. Ezek. xliii. 7, 9.-Psa. + Deut. iv. 26, 27, 28; xxvii. 36, 63, 64, 65. -u Chap. xv. 14. xviii. 2.

Chap. xvii. 17.

d Isa. xliv. 10; chap. ii. 11; I. v Isa. xliii. 18; chap. xxni. 7, 8. - w Chap. xxiv. 6; xxx. 3'; -- Isa. xxxvii. 19; chap. i. 11; Gal. iv, 8.

- Exod. xv. xxxii. 37.- Amos iv. 2; Hab. i. 15. --- Job xxxiv. 21; 3; ehap. xxxii. 2; Amos v. 8. - Or, JEHOVAH; Prov. v. 21; xv, 3; chap. xxxii. 19.

Psa. Ixxxiii. 18. Verse 12. And ye have done worse than your fathers) = Verse 19. The Gentiles shall come] Even the days The sins of the fathers would not have been visited on shall come when the Gentiles themselves, ashamed of the children, had they not followed their example, and their confidence, shall renounce their idols, and acknowbecome even worse than they..

ledge that their fathers had believed lies, and worshipVerse 13. Will I cast you out of this land] See ped vanities. This may be a prediction of the calling chap. vii. 15, and ix. 15.

of the Gentiles by the Gospel of Christ's if so, it is a Verse 14.. The Lord liveth, that brought up] See light amidst much darkness. In such dismal accounts Isa. xliii. 18.

there is need of some gracious promise relative to an Verse 15. The land of the north] Chaldea : and amended state of the world. their deliverance thence will be as remarkable as Verse 20. Shall a man make god's unto himself ?) the deliverance of their fathers from the land of Can any be so silly, and so preposterously absurd ? Egypt.

Yes, fallen man is capable of any thing that is base, Verse 16. I will send for many fishers-for many mean, vile, and wicked, till influenced and converted hunters] I shall raise up enemies against them some by the grace of Christ. of whom shall destroy them by wiles, and others shall Verse 21. Therefore, behold, I will this once] I ruin them by violence. This seemş to be the meaning will not now change my purpose. They shall be visited of these symbolical fishers and hunters.

and carried into captivity; nothing shall prevent this : · Verse 18. The carcasses of their detestable-things.) and they shall know that my name is JEHOVAH. Either meaning the idols themselves, which were only Since they would not receive the abundance of my carcasses without life; or the sacrifices which were mercies, they shall know what the truě God can do in made to them.

the way of judgment.


CHAPTER XVII. This chapter begins with setting forth the very strong bias which the people of Judah had to idolatry, with

the fatal consequences, 1-4. The happiness of the man that trusteth in Jehovah is then beautifully contrasted with the opposite character, 5-8. God alone knows the deceitfulness and wretchedness of the heart

He is cursed who


trusts in man.

B. C. cir. 604.

Ol. XLIV. 1.

cir, annum 13.

for ever.

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_m Job xx. 17.

Ivi. 13.


of man, 9, 10. The comparison of a bird's hatching the eggs of another of a different species, which will soon forsake her, is highly erpressive of the vanily of ill-acquired riches, which often disappoint the ouner, 11. The prophet continues the same subject in his own person, appeals to God for his sincerity, and prays that the evil intended him by his enemies may reverl on their own heads, 12–18. The remaining part of the chapler is a distincl prophecy relating to the due observance of the Sabbath, enforced both by promises

and threatenings, 19–27. A. M. cir. 3400.

THE sin. of Judah is written :5 Thus saith the LORD; · Curs- AM. cir. 3400. Ol. XLIV. 1. with a 4 pen of iron, and ed be the man that trusteth in Tarquinu Prisci,

Tarquinii Prisci, R. Roman., with the point of a diamond : man, and maketh k flesh his arm, R. Roman.,

cir, annum 13. it is o gråven upon the table of and whose heart departeth from their heart, and upon the horns of your altars; the LORD.

2 Whilst their children remember their altars 6 For he shall be like the heath in the and their d groves by the green trees upon the desert, and m shall not see when good cometh; high hills.

but shall inhabit the parched places in the 3'O my mountain in the field, • I will give wilderness, "in a salt land and not inhabited. . thy substance and all thy treasures to the spoil, . Blessed is the man that trusteth in the and thy high places for sin, throughout all thy LORD, and whose hope the Lord is. borders.

8. For he shall be Pas a tree planted by the 4 And thou, even thyself, shalt discontinue waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the from thine heritage that I gave thee; and I river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but will cause thee to serve thine enemies in the her leaf shall be green ; and shall not be careland which thou knowest not: for 5 ye have ful in the year of drought, neither shall cease kindled a fire in mine anger, which shall burn from yielding fruit.

9 The heart is deceitful above all things, a Job xix. 24. Heb. mail. Prov. iii. 3; 2 Cor. iii. 3. * See Isa. xxxi. 3. Chap. xlviii. 6. Judg. iii. 7; 2 Chron. xxiv. 18; xxxiii. 3, 19; Isa. 1. 29 ; xvii. 8; : Deut. xxix. 23. Psa. ii. 12; xxxiv. 8; cxxv. l; cxlvi. 5; chap. ii. 20. Chap. xx. 13.

- Heb: in thyself. 6 Chap. Prov. xvi. 20; Isa. xxx. '18:-__ p Job viii. 16; Psa. i. 3.—-Or, Chap: xv. 14.- Isa. xxx. 1, 2; xxxi. 1. NOTES ON CHAP. XVII.

tainous country, Deut. iii. 25 ; but Jerusalem itself Verse 1. The sin of Judah] Idolatry.

may be meant, which is partly built upon hills which, Is written with a pen of iron} It is deeply and in- like itself, are elevated above the rest of the country. delibly written in their heart, and shall be as indelibly Verse 5. Cursed be the man that-trusteth in man) written in their punishment. Writing with the point This reprehends their vain eonfidence in trusting in of a diamond must refer to glass, or some vilrified sub- Egypt, which was too feeble itself to help, and, had it stance, as it is distinguished here from engraving with been otherwise, too ill disposed towards them to help á steel burine, or graver. Their altars show what the them heartily. An arm of flesh is put here for a weak deities are which they worship. There may be refer- and ineffectual support. And he who, in reference to ence here to the different methods of recording events the salvation of his soul, trusts in an arm of flesh-in in those days : -1. A pen or stile of iron, for engrav- himself or others, or in any thing he has done or sufing on lead or wood. 2. A point of a diamond, for fered, will inherit a curse instead of a blessing. writing on vitreous substances. : 3. Writing on tables Verse 6. He shall be like the heath in the deserl] of brass or copper.

4. Writing on the horns of the wywys kearar; or, like a blasted tree, without moisture, altars the names of the deities worshipped there. This parched and withered. is probable.

Shall not see when good cometh] Shall not be senIn several parts of India, and all through Ceylon, sible of it: the previous drought having rendered it an iron or steel pen is used universally; with these thè incapable of absorbing any more vegetable juices. natives form the letters by incisions on the outer rind A salt-tand] Barrèn; and therefore unfit to be inof the palm leaf. Books written in this way are very habited. durable. This pen is broad at the top, has a very fine Verse 8. As a tree planted by the waters) Which sharp point, and is sharp at one side as a knife, to shave is sufficiently supplied with moisture, though the heat and prepare the palm leaf. A pen of this description be intense, and there be no rain ; for the roots being now lies before me.

spread out by the river, they absorb from it all the Verse 2. Whilst their children remember] Even the moisture requisite for the flourishing vegetation of the rising generation have their imagination stocked with tree. idol images, and their memories with the frantic rites Shall not see when heat cometh] Shall not feel any and ceremonies which they saw their parents observe damage by drought, for the reason already assigned. in this abominable worship.

It shall be strong and vigorous, its leaf always green ; Verse 3. O my mountain in the field] The prophet and shall produce plenty of fruit in its season. here addresses the land of Judea, which was a moun- Verse 9. The heart is deceitful] asa spv


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